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I stole this image off Joe.My.God's blog some time last summer. The photo makes me smile:
NYCMarriageRallyMay26 026.jpgI just purchased my tickets for the 20th Night of 1,000 Stevies event at Highline Ballroom on May 14th. I'm not yet sure I'll be going in Stevie Nicks drag, but I am going to start work on the greatest sequined rhinestoned silk-gauzed tambourine mankind has ever seen. It's going to be a fucking artifact when I'm done, I promise you all.

So last night's Grammy Awards show was more entertaining than previous shows. Well, at least the first half of it was, but the second half was a snoozer and I felt embarrassed for some of the performers. Like the aforementioned Stevie. Girl, who was that off-key performer you were singing with? They kept mentioning that other artist and I've never heard of her and I certainly wasn't impressed. And she keeps getting awards and I don't understand why. Gaga was as crazy as expected, and her duet/medley with Elton John was brilliant, but she's gonna have to shift her disco-schtick soon as it's getting predictable. And why did Beyonce have to ask for United Nations peacekeeping troop assistance in her coreography? And why don't she ever perform 'Single Ladies' live? Is it too hard to perform live? And gurl don't you ever, EVER touch an Alanis song ever again! That was heresy.

The big surprise hit of the evening was Pink and her aerialist act - WHILE SHE SANG. That was amazing, simple, beautiful and elegant with no shocking pyrotechnics, costumes or U.N. troops. While everyone was trying to out-fierce The Ga, Pink came in quietly and took the evening by suprise. GO TEAM PINK.

Plans are in motion to migrate this blog to a new content management system, most likely Wordpress. I've enjoyed Moveable Type over the years but their comment SPAM defenses have weakened of late. I've been flagging dozens of SPAM messages every day and they just won't let up. They make the occasional real comment from crazy fake bloggers seem like a cakewalk, but I just can't take it anymore. I might just start from scratch if migrating the content is a pain. I will have to re-block aforementioned blog comment crazies again, but since they don't seem to understand the concept of Internet Protocol address tracking it's not much of a problem.

Rugby practice starts on Tuesday, February 23rd. It's gonna be cold, but this year we have secured the use of Cardozo High School's artificial turf field for the season. So it won't be hard, cold mud. The faster backs don't care for the artificial turf as it does leave horrible burns if you wipe out running at a fast pace. But I like it because it's a nice, soft pitch to play on most of the time. Start training now if you're interested. A strong core body and/or some decent cardio support are a must. Here's the info:

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Rock Art 3Vacation: FAIL. Can we do the past week over again? I did manage to have a nice hike in the Valley of Fire (photos interspersed between rants and rambling paragraphs) with some teammates on Friday, and later that night a few of us enjoyed the LE RÊVE aquatic spectacular at the Wynn Las Vegas, but when I returned to my hotel after the show I got hit with a bad case of the chills, followed by alternating fever and cold sweats for the rest of the evening. Skip the Evil Veterinarian thinks it was food poisoning, but the congestion in my head and full-body soreness makes me think it was the flu that had me in bed all day Saturday. So I missed the match that we had all gone there to do, which they won without me.

Thankfully I was rested up enough to travel back in moderate health by Sunday, but managed to leave my wallet somewhere at the Denver Airport. It still hasn't turned up but at least nothing was charged on my cards. I'm now in the process of replacing everything that was in the wallet, including my work/government credit card, the lack of which has complicated planning for an upcoming work trip to Kansas City. So it's been a crappy week.
Valley of Fire 5
Having had the flu on vacation reminded me that the states I traveled through were both featured as the final battlegrounds in Stephen King's 'The Stand'. Anyway, we stayed in the craptastic (but affordable) Tropicana, which I don't recommend at least until they complete their renovations and temporal updates to pull their building out of the late '60s. The hotel currently hosts Wayne Newton and 'Let's Make a Deal' weekly filming.

My thoughts on Vegas are that it is an amazing place and the main strip is a marketing wonder of the world designed to suck every penny out of your pocket. That's not necessarily a bad thing, and if you like gambling it's a fun place. But I simply don't get gambling. I tried slots and Blackjack but I still don't get it. Why aren't these gambling people satisfied playing World of Warcraft? I'm just not designed for Vegas, but I did like the climate. The breeders on the team had a great time though, as I believe Vegas is the heterosexual capitol of the world. Here is a photo of several aforementioned heterosexuals, and one homosexual. Can you spot the homo?
Valley of Fire badasses
I must highlight my super-homotastic skills of observation at the LE RÊVE show, where I noticed the appearance of a character during the performance who just didn't seem to fit into the obtuse storyline. I said to my neighbors "OMG that's Kelly Ripa!" and they all nodded their heads to keep me quiet. "Calm yourself, excitable homo," they probably thought to themselves. But when I got home I did a little research and found out that she was in Vegas filming a few Regis and Kelly episodes that weekend, and Kelly had indeed made a cameo at the show. Do not doubt the ultra-keen combination of my laser-enhanced vision and entertainment knowledge ever again!

The trailer for Real World DC is out. I hate myself for wanting to watch some of it.

We had quite the gayla this week at the White House, and everyone is aware that David Geffen's 24 year-old boyfriend is kinda hot. But when can we stop calling Gayle King "Oprah's Best Friend"?

From BooBob: Austin based singer/songwriter Bob Schneider is this week's Hot Bearded Talented Guy of the Week:
Is there lust after Favre? Apparently so in Aaron Rodgers, who is much more of a facial hair chameleon than that other guy ever was.

Bear and nerd hygene: brush your teeth like a Spartan & get geeky-clean with some d20 designer soap.

Two excellent covers this week, a very sweet twist on Cece Peniston's 'Finally', and an incredible 'Muppet cover of Bohemian Rhapsody'. My favorite part is Janice's kick ass guitar solo.

Urban "foodies" are now making hunting hip. I think it's more of the gun being a hipster accessory than anything. But whatever it takes to get people to appreciate the outdoors and our connection with nature.

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Wednesday Woof Rerun: Washington Capitals' Brooks Laich and a buncha hot rugby players. Some of the above photos were taken by San Diego Dan, who has a new batch of nice photos to share, this time alternating photos of bodybuilders and zoo animals. Here's one of my favorites from San Diego Dan:
On Thursday I will travel to Las Vegas with the rugby team where we will play the Sin City Irish in a friendly rugby match to top off the season. It should be fun, and the day before the match I'll be hiking with some of my chill laid-back masc str8 buds in the nearby Valley of Fire. And to balance it all later that evening me and The Gays will go out to experience the aquatic spectacular LE RÊVE.

Friends in photos: Skwurl playin' Ultimate frisbee with his naturally masculine, chill laid-back buds, and Josh's 'stache progress.

You can donate to Josh at the link provided and try to bribe him to keep it in the name of prostate cancer research. I have been trying for years to get him to keep wearing his 'stache to no avail. Perhaps a donation will help.

To the left is a video about a 'stached Speedo and chain-wallet guy. Somewhat safe for work.

All of the above links should keep you busy while I'm gone, right?

"No. Not now. Not ever. Do you hear me? I will use every cannon, every bomb, every bullet, every weapon I have down to my own eye teeth to end you! I swear it! I'm coming for all of you!!!" - President Laura Roslin
laura-roslin-im-coming-for-all-of-you.jpgNo more Mr. Nice Gay in DC - activist Phil Attey channels Colonial President Laura Roslin with the new outing tool It's in response to another attack from the Catholic Church, this time they threaten to withdraw support for sheltering and the homeless in The District of Columbia. In other words, the Catholic Church in DC would rather hate on the gays than do Jesus-like activities such as feeding hungry people.

I really, really don't get it. Can't they see it makes them look really un-Christian? Anyway, there are bound to be closeted self-loathing homos in any Catholic heirarchy, otherwise they wouldn't be attacking the gays so vehemently. In general, emotionally secure straight people have other things to do than to go after homos. So Phil is taking a wise step and going after these fucktards. There may be somewhat open gays embedded in there too, but they have been far too quiet. It's time to strike back at this institution and tear down the hypocrites who have nothing better to do than to hate on that which they secretly admire, but openly loathe.

I have committed to going to Provincetown for a week in August with Dreamy Ron again. It should be a fun time. The last time I went there I met lots of nice people, as it seems easier to meet people when I'm on vacation - even if they're from the same city. In one instance there was a gay couple who lived on my block who couldn't even give me a simple nod as they walked their dogs by me, but when I met them in Provincetown I couldn't get them to stop talking. I don't get it...why do you need to be less social in your home environment, but then act in such a friendly way only while on vacation? My problem is that I assume the latter should be the norm, and it isn't in DC which drives me nuts. I'm naturally friendly but my outgoing nature isn't often met with warmth in this city.

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RossFord.jpgDon't forget the Renegades will start play at 1pm this Saturday on the field behind the National Holocaust Museum versus our pals from North Bay, alumni, whores and fans are encouraged to come to this set of matches. There will be a b-side match featuring moi (starting around 2:20pmish) and possibly some visitors in town for the National Equality March. It should be a good day for rugby at a unique pitch with fantastic scenery on and off the field. Keep in mind there will be no Green Line service at L'Enfant Plaza that day due to track maintenance, so plan your travel accordingly. Perhaps the 14th Street bus line might work better.

This week there was a very nice feature article, photo gallery and video in the Washington Post about the Baltimore Washington Eagles Australian Rules Football Club. Aussie rules is nearly a different game than the rugby I play. I was once told by my coach that I should not even watch Aussie Rules rugby as it will confuse my rugby league technique. Anyhow the article was part V in a nice series on "Our Lives Through Sport: A Look at How the Games Played by Washington Residents Help Define Our Region."

I've only begun to scratch the surface of the very Twitter-friendly rugby community, but came across this gem of a desktop image associated with U.S.A. Sevens rugby. Best rugby blog/site name ever? Scrum of the Earth.

Rugby-friendly Ximena Hartsock was rejected from the D.C. parks and recreation director position this week by a sad coalition of racist and sexist city council members playing games with the mayor. Certain council members who should know better raised concerns that she would form a Latino-only coalition of recreation interests, among several ugly accusations. Basically we need to send the eternal victimist Marion Barry back in time to the late 1960s where he can whine and moan and be a hypocrite all he wants. The only games being played should be on the diamonds, fields and pitches in this city, and not in that council chamber on this particular topic. Hartsock understands this city's recreation needs and her rejection from the position is a tragic loss to the kids and players in this city To date she has been the acting director of the DCPR and has been doing a good job. But the city council does not reward efficiency or good work. It only opens its ugly, rotten mouth to spout vile statements and waste time. The only loser in this match are the residents and taxpayers of the District of Columbia.

D.C. United bares all, including a clipped and shorn Ben Olsen. Ben, why'd you have to do that? Goddammit you can't find decent fully grown pelt in this clean-cut town. I'm starving for fur.

Was it murder or an accident at the 14th Street "Pee Palace"? It sounds like it coulda been a poppers-induced fall down a steep flight of stairs. These narrow DC rowhouses have very narrow and steep stairs. Or he slipped on a puddle of cum.

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ScoreboardBen.jpgWhile I am loathe to link to that blog that has never reciprocated a mutual link, I must draw your attention to that blog's recent entry about my future husband Ben Cohen.

However, I am concerned about Ben. He's starting to become "ripped" and I don't like that look on him. I like my rugby-playin' Ben with a 'lil bit of something to hold onto. I'm not talking morbidly obese, just not emaciated like how Seann Scott and Ryan Reynolds have become lately - more like how Scott Caan has been looking , you know? Anyway, I'm off to make a sandwich for Ben because he's looking too skinny.

The sad thing is here in gay DC if you mention you like that sort of thing on guys, everyone assumes you're into morbidly obese guys because in DC there is no in-between, only extremes. And when I mentioned how I liked that look on one particular date he ran away and cryed himself to sleep. Apparently I crushed his self-esteem for months after that. Sorry, but I think it looks good on you, but next time I'll just say "I think you're attractive" because we are not allowed to express our true feelings or thoughts to other gays in DC, only the most diplomatic and inoffensive statements are allowed else psyches are devastated.

Besides, if you are a normal person with a normal work/life schedule, you may not be able to maintain that ripped look. Sure, some gays do, often from a strict low-carb diet and full exercise schedule, but keep in mind not everyone defines that as perfection. But I'm ripped like that right now because I've been moving and packing shit every day and am out of food and stressed out so I'm totally starving but at least I'm ripped and I won't cry myself to sleep tonight. I'll just be awake from starvation. Come to think of it, the only other time I've ever been ripped was when I was unemployed, depressed from a breakup and totally stressing about paying rent. So in that case that healthy ripped look wasn't necessarily an indicator of mental health.

Season 3 of Isabella Rossellini's 'Green Porno' is out, more clever and educational than ever. These video shorts about sex in the natural world are funny and highly informative.

Like salmon, eels from Europe's freshwater streams go out to sea to spawn. But scientists could only guess where they went. But recent innovations in tracking technology may solve this old anadromous mystery.

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