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fierce.jpgI don't have much to say this week, other than if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it.

"Single Ladies" (Put a Ring On It) on DJ Bravehound's blog. This song is sticking to the inside of my skull like an Alien facehugger. Can't get it out of my head. And the video is spectacular. Beyonce has outdone herself. But what is up with that cyber-hand bling? Is Beyonce the 13th Cylon? I want to be Beyonce for Halloween. Or maybe the Crazy McCain Rally Lady.

And Bravehound is hot. See also his remixes, this one starts out with Robyn. We love Robyn because she's a pixie and she's Scandinavian.

We won another match this weekend. 6 and 1 this season in our division. I half expected to play in the A-side match, since we've had so many injuries and illnesses this season. But I had a fun time as scrumhalf in the B-side match against a buncha hotties. I set up some nice plays and got a few of the more headstrong forwards to listen to me for a change. My voice can be very commanding if I want it to be.

Damn it's cold outside at night. We have several million guppies from our front and back ponds that could go to a good home. All they've been doing over the summer is breeding as guppies do. It's too cold outside for them to survive in the pond, but the goldfish will be fine. If you would like a couple thousand, just ask.

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Bonobos hunt and kill other primates for food. Bonobo plays Pac-Man (at end of clip).

Giant "goonch" catfish are eating people in India.

YOUKFun with Flash: Sarah Palin's Oval Office.

My high school classmate Travis takes pictures and they end up on Andrew Sullivan's blog.

Bruce Willis looks like Bob Mould.
Bruce Willis beard rage.

Youk's new beard.

No 'mo 40oz. from tha likka stow.
BTW: they boarded up slumlord's house today. They trimmed and cleaned up around the place, but it still looks derelict. I hope nobody got boarded up inside.

Attacks by teen groups rising in D.C. and nation.

Freedom fighter from V gives birth to reptile kids. A classic.
"Is she normal?"
"As far as I can tell..."

Wait for it....

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My Blair Witch ProjectThe sorghum plants in my treebox are dying off, having served their purpose in feeding the birds and looking weird in the city. So today on my day off I thought it would be fun to take some of their stalks and make one of those spooky Blair Witch Project crosses that scared the kids in the movie. So I tied some dried stalks together and brought them out back to add some lily pond algae and water plants to it. It looks kinda greasy now, but might look spookier in a few days when the algae dies and sets.

It was a busy weekend with two sets of gays in town for a visit. Darth Jersey and his Sith adept came in to visit and check out Gaylaxicon, which turned out to be a wash. Cobban and Ray from beyond Tucson were also here to visit relatives and see the sights.

On Friday we went out to Cobalt with the Sith for some drinks and to swoon over the hot manager Dean. Saturday morning I had a neighborhood meeting to address the slumlord property at 424 Q Street, NW, owned by the notorious scam artist and slumlord Vincent Abell (scroll down to Slumlord #5 in the article). The property is across the alley from my place, and has started to receive new tenants who use the front window to get in and out. It's been vacant for some time now, and attracts garbage and the kids from down the block who like to hang out on the porch of 424 Q and litter. And everyone likes to use the alley and area under the porch for an open-air bathroom. The party never stops on Q street, but things are being done although it will take time.

Swiss Miss and CheerleaderLater that evening I met up with friends to attend the Miss Adams Morgan pageant in support of Miss Arizona, Bon-Bon Guacamole. While I could not stay long enough to see her talent piece, the portions of the show I did see were top-notch, and they even served Oreo cookies to people at all the tables. There was lots of fun drag but remarkably few Sarah Palins in attendance. Maybe people don't think she's that funny anymore. I don't think we'll be seeing Salsa Juarez or Charlene Hilton this Halloween as I seem to do it every other year or so. It's been a busy fall and I just don't have either of the girls in me at the moment.

Although Gaylaxicon was very underwhelming, at the pageant we did get to see two famous and hot Viper fighter pilots from Battlestar Galactica, Helo and Apollo. They both deserve a Battlestar Galactica PC for pulling off the look so well. Sorry, there is no iPhone version of this device, so you won't be able to tell everyone you got one and it broke. Can you spot the Cylon impersonator in this photo?
which one is the skinjob?
The fantastically cheesy 1983 sci-fi series V is set to return to ABC soon. Yaay, let's eat some guinea pigs!

Here's Scott and a friend dressed up as cowboys. Scott's 'stache is REAL! I encouraged him to keep it.
Later on we took all the visiting gay pairs out to Blowoff for some woof 'n roll, and then brunch the next morning at Trio's. After all that hosting, I was worn out:
Today I slept in and took my time.

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I just got my 401k statement in the mail today.
Loss this quarter: -$1,513.63, loss this year (so far): -$2,717.17.

Anyway, let's add some levity with a Friday Woof to Watch Out For. I was scolded last time for not including a very important woof and reigning Goatee Overlord, Kevin Youkilis of the Boston Red Sox. Indeed it was a huge oversight and I apologize to everyone (especially Red Sox fans) for not including Youk. I think he needs to add the letter 'f' to end of the word on his shirt in this pic:
"I'm not shaving until I have to put gas in my new Civic Hybrid"

I thought this photo of Chris Cooley and Colt Brennan was festive:
The Redskins are doing well this season, so they have reason to frolic like that.

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"Nuclear" - nu-klee-ur. Nuclear bombs, nuclear power, nuclear families. Say it fucking ten times right, goddammit. NOT nu-kyoo-lur. Why can't anyone get it right? If you're going to try to prohibit the escalation of nuclear bombs, be a proponent of nuclear energy or promote the nuclear family, at least get the word right.

Vote O'Bama/O'Biden in '08! I'm voting the Black Irish party ticket.

The word "maverick" shall heretofore be banned in 2009 and beyond until further notice. I don't want to hear that word again. Also, I do not want a "normal Joe Six-Pack American" in the position of vice presidency. I'm more comfortable having that type of person delivering my UPS packages, or fine-tuning my car. Or did she mean she wants a vice-president with six-pack abs? That would be hot.

Palin was charismatic and often smooth in her delivery, and to many viewers, that's all that matters I'm afraid. But at least Biden didn't have verbal diarrhea like he sometimes does, and he knew his facts and had a few good zingers. I hope he came off as more competent. Still, I worry and I'm going to be a mess until November.

Now back to our regularly scheduled woof: Eastern European/Russian freestyle wrestling fur photo gallery.

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It's Major League Baseball World Series playoff time, and the two teams I'm rooting for have already lost the first day of the tournament. The Milwaukee Brewers are a surprise entry, but the Chicago Cubs certainly get points for most woofy team. I mean like, they're an entire team of bearcubs. Here's some woof to watch out for if you're not necessarily paying attention to the game:

LA Dodgers' Casey Blake, from Des Moines, Iowa, befur and after:
Casey BlakeCasey Blake

Chicago Cubs 2nd baseman Mark DeRosa and pitcher Ryan Dempster:
Mark DeRosaRyan Dempster

I'm sad the Nationals didn't make it into the playoffs, but at least they're not playing against another team with a lame mascot, like say, a sheaf of grain.

In other woof news, check out the cover of the October 2008 issue of Men's Fitness. In a rare act of woof, the normally smooth-centric mag features adorable furry ginger broken-nosed monkey-eared UFC light heavyweight champ Forrest Griffin. Links to blog entry with not-so-safe-for-work right-sidebar ads to naughty gay sites.

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