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Tucson.jpgWoo-hoo! I'm going to Tucson again over spring break. I initially wanted to go visit my brother in Portland, Oregon, but even with a leftover travel voucher for $300 or so, tickets were still prohibitively expensive, sometimes up to $1,000! As it was, the ticket to Tucson was more than $100 more than last year's price. Airline flights are becoming expensive, yet service and reliability has decreased. Someone's profiting I suspect.

I hope to get up to Phoenix again for some margaritas with the girls, maybe do some snowboarding north of Tucson, but most of all get some more sun. I can't complain this winter, it's been a good year for getting some extra rays.

DJ Kitty Cat scratches Purple Rain album.

Scruffy college pole vaulter. I pole vaulted in high school too!

Deamy Crown Prince Haakon of Norway in recent interview with NBC News.

Leaders Meet To Address Gang Violence In Shaw Area.

"They're fighting simply for a sense of direction. They're fighting just to be a part of something. They're fighting so people will be concerned about them," says Tyrone Parker with the Alliance of Concerned Men.

Shooting each other for attention? I think that's a stretch. No one is forcing the trigger to be pulled, there's a lot to do in DC, and a lot of it is free. So far they've only been shooting each other, but someone outside of this "part of something" is going to get shot in the crossfire some day.

But at least there's been police presence keeping watch lately. On Friday night I spotted District Commander Larry McCoy (with requisite cop 'stache) at the 7-Eleven on Rhode Island. Last night I got home late from work and counted five police cars, lights a-flashin', while walking home from the subway station. I also smelled horse poop too so a mounted unit was nearby as well. And the crack lighting unit has been at the Shaw station for at least a week.

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The Old Spice Hair/Body Metrics Profiler, totally ripped off from my Body Hair Index(BHI) I created years ago.

Jason Eaton, cavemanEaton's $5000 haircut. Caveman rugger Jason Eaton sheds his locks for charity.

Catherine Tate & David Tennant of Dr. Who in a comedy sketch for last year's Comic Relief. "Bite me, alien boy!"

Wouldn't it be awesome if Project Runway's Tim Gunn was the voice of the new KITT Car on NBC's Knight Rider?

For all you communicators and graphic designers out there: Make the Logo Bigger - the song. From the muscial "We Need a Logo!" For those of you not in the profession, a request to "make a logo" makes graphic designers universally cringe. A logo is not the sole means of identity branding. Consistent use of carefully chosen fonts, colors and language is sometimes all that is necessary. Supervisors and bosses tend to ask for a logo for every program, initiative and event without much understanding of the multiple ways in which something can be branded. If communicators created a logo for everything, a brand is lost when the target audience is bewildered by a storm of logos.

Burmese pythons could colonize one-third of the USA, from San Francisco across the Southwest, Texas and the South and up north along the Virginia coast, according to U.S. Geological Survey maps released Wednesday. Soon, cheesy giant snake sci-fi movies will be a reality. I'm calling J-Lo and Ice Cube for some help against the snakes when this day comes.

File Under 'Bad Idea': Lots of Craigslist chatter last week about the new nightclub Town Danceboutique scanning the barcode on the back of driver's licenses and IDs to check birthdates with a handheld device, shown at left. Some patrons were not amused, although the practice seems to have stopped this week according to some of my sources. Joe.My.God tells me that this practice is about to become city law for all bars in NYC that have a doorman, initiated by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Town management responded with an assurance that the information collected on the devices was not being recorded, used for marketing purposes, nor was the use of the device a requirement for entry. Patrons could choose to have their ID cards visually verified for date of birth.

Personally, I cringe to think that this could practice become law in any city. A bouncer or doorman's scrutiny is all that is necessary in my opinion. It's creepy stuff that gets us incrementally closer to a nanny state that knows far too much about what we do and where we go.

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I made it back from Florida in one piece, with no help from Midwest snowstorms that delayed the flight. Good thing I got lots of sleep on the vacation, as there wasn't much to be had last night.

Karen Black?coconutsFortunately I had the foresight to buy the book version of I Am Legend, which was a bit different than the movie. I liked the movie but after reading the story it was clear the moviemakers felt the need to produce an Americanized version of 28 Days Later, with just a nod to the work by Richard Matheson. The edition I bought also had a collection of his short stories, and I was surprised to find what inspired the Trilogy of Terror movie classic featuring Karen Black as a woman besieged by a Zuni Warrior fetish doll. The short story version is called "Prey" if you want to look it up. That movie adaptation was a lot closer to the original than the Will Smith film, which I still liked.

Some more covers, the first compliments of Michelle: Carolyn Scott & Rookie the golden retriever do Sandra Dee and Donnie Zuko at the Eukanuba Doggie Dance-Off. America's got talent but O.N-J's blood curdles.

Douche Bag John Rocker as Creed lead singer Scott Strapp feat. Hose Cansenco on backup.

Tired, trapped, but tan on the Tampa airport shuttle for a short time:
Tampa Shuttle

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office posterI'm having one of those Fox Mulder weeks - except in reverse. Do you want to believe? It looks like you need to. Go ahead, believe if you have to. It seems to make you feel better.

I speak the truth but trust no one.

Speaking of Fox Mulder, while I don't have a dog, I do live a dog's life vicariously through those tear-jerking Pedigree® dog food commercials narrated by David Duchovny.

Top 3 tear-jerkers:

This entry is brought to you by Pedigree® brand dog food and David Duchovny's agent.
David Duchovny

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