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Snowfall begins last night, click to embiggen:
Feb. 9, 2010
And I took a photo today:
Feb. 10, 2010
Today's snowfall has bumped the snowfalls of 2009/2010 to the top of the record chart for all-time winter snowfalls in DC.

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SkiCub.jpgI had a good time on the slopes and wilds of Pennsylvania this weekend. The irony was that as the Snopocalypse IV blizzard raged on in the DC area, absolutely no snow hit central PA at the resort. Although the manufactured snow was sufficient and I got a lot of good runs in down the slopes. I had intended to go another day, but the night out on the town in Moosic proved to be too much. The locals were happy that we were all there though and there was rampant shirtlessness throughout the evening. I did not get any pictures of me on the slopes as I did not want to damage my new camera (named "My Precious"). I managed to win an award for being the "Cutest Ski Cub" of the weekend, even though I am actually a Snowboard Cub.

Last night on the ride home the roads out of Pennsylvania were OK until we got into Maryland. As we drove through the Baltimore area the highways were mostly a single lane. You could see dozens of cars off the side of the road entombed in snow. We passed one dude in an SUV with Georgia plates. No one with Georgia plates has any business driving in these conditions!

Work was canceled today, which was fine because I'm still unpacking, laundering and nursing a lingering cold. And they say more snow is still to come. OK I officially declare this winter to be ridiculous. Perhaps we'll be off work tomorrow too? I will be hitting the Refresh button on this site a lot tonight.

The bar that we went to in Moosic, PA was called the 12 Penny Saloon. For once I was not the arbiter of shirtlessness, but joined in on the fun:
While some headed to the slopes for another day of skiing, I went bowling instead. I got a few strikes but my form went downhill by the last frame:
Here's some cute scruffy German (Swedish/Dutch?) guy getting hit in the face while he sings a ballad:

Meanwhile the Swedes are off the hook, including 53 year-old Dolph Lundgren channeling Elvis, Bruce Lee and Sheila E all in one opening act.

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I spoke with TJ the other day on the phone, and I'm told he's OK but otherwise very busy:
I've had the chance to follow a little bit of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell hearings and listening to some of the politicians take their ridiculous stands on the issue in order to preserve their votes just steams me up. That and the usual comparisons to gays to social ills like alcoholism and tattoos. Still, there were a few sober folks standing up for the removal of the policy, which is long overdue to be removed. It angers me that our insistence to be equal taxpaying citizens always seems to be on trial, whether it's for marriage or the ability to serve our country like other Americans.

And more figureheads are proposing criminialization of the gay within our national borders as opposed to exporting the idea to Uganda. It's almost too ridiculous to take seriously, but their statements show their true colors. They won't be happy until we're put away, and they will try to thwart any incremental steps towards equality no matter what compromises they say they'll agree to, like full marriage vs. civil partnerships. Every day it becomes more apparent that they really don't want us recognized as legitimate human beings. We will always be perceived by such people as less than they are.

Perhaps the closing of Lambda Rising after 35 years serving the gay community was premature:
It almost seems like the forces against us are more vicious and mobilized than they were when I came out in the 90s, I hope in reaction to them realizing that more good people understand that we are human beings.

Our fourth snowstorm approaches, and they say this one is gonna be a doozy. But I hope to be out of town by the time it hits, as I'll be off to the Poconos mountains near Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania for some snowboarding with this group. Hopefully it will go better than the last time I went on a big group outing. This time I'm gonna focus on the powder, not the meat market and maybe I'll have a better time. Sadly I'll be missing the Tom Goss (also from Wisconsin!) and Matt Alber concert here in DC. Both are mighty woofy and talented.

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I stole this image off Joe.My.God's blog some time last summer. The photo makes me smile:
NYCMarriageRallyMay26 026.jpgI just purchased my tickets for the 20th Night of 1,000 Stevies event at Highline Ballroom on May 14th. I'm not yet sure I'll be going in Stevie Nicks drag, but I am going to start work on the greatest sequined rhinestoned silk-gauzed tambourine mankind has ever seen. It's going to be a fucking artifact when I'm done, I promise you all.

So last night's Grammy Awards show was more entertaining than previous shows. Well, at least the first half of it was, but the second half was a snoozer and I felt embarrassed for some of the performers. Like the aforementioned Stevie. Girl, who was that off-key performer you were singing with? They kept mentioning that other artist and I've never heard of her and I certainly wasn't impressed. And she keeps getting awards and I don't understand why. Gaga was as crazy as expected, and her duet/medley with Elton John was brilliant, but she's gonna have to shift her disco-schtick soon as it's getting predictable. And why did Beyonce have to ask for United Nations peacekeeping troop assistance in her coreography? And why don't she ever perform 'Single Ladies' live? Is it too hard to perform live? And gurl don't you ever, EVER touch an Alanis song ever again! That was heresy.

The big surprise hit of the evening was Pink and her aerialist act - WHILE SHE SANG. That was amazing, simple, beautiful and elegant with no shocking pyrotechnics, costumes or U.N. troops. While everyone was trying to out-fierce The Ga, Pink came in quietly and took the evening by suprise. GO TEAM PINK.

Plans are in motion to migrate this blog to a new content management system, most likely Wordpress. I've enjoyed Moveable Type over the years but their comment SPAM defenses have weakened of late. I've been flagging dozens of SPAM messages every day and they just won't let up. They make the occasional real comment from crazy fake bloggers seem like a cakewalk, but I just can't take it anymore. I might just start from scratch if migrating the content is a pain. I will have to re-block aforementioned blog comment crazies again, but since they don't seem to understand the concept of Internet Protocol address tracking it's not much of a problem.

Rugby practice starts on Tuesday, February 23rd. It's gonna be cold, but this year we have secured the use of Cardozo High School's artificial turf field for the season. So it won't be hard, cold mud. The faster backs don't care for the artificial turf as it does leave horrible burns if you wipe out running at a fast pace. But I like it because it's a nice, soft pitch to play on most of the time. Start training now if you're interested. A strong core body and/or some decent cardio support are a must. Here's the info:

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I'm signing off of Facebook and Twitter for a while until the iHysteria settles down. Apparently there's some new Apple product release that Mac/Apple/iTurd fans are hyperventilating about. Please STFU about such things, it bores us.

Oh, speaking of iProducts, somebody wrote another cell phone etiquette list that no one will pay attention to, and somebody came up with a new term: the iPhone effect. That's when one iPhone user pulls out his noisome device, then the rest in the group pull out theirs too effectively ending all eye contact and socialization.

Yep, that's about how it goes in any DC social situation. Manners mavens are even starting to suggest that people not look up or perform a information searches during phone conversations or social settings due to the inevitable cascade of rudeness and antisocial behavior that follows. Comments (30) on my rant about iPhones, gays and Grindr make me think that this problem is concentrated in DC due to extreme techism/wonkiness, and perhaps moreso in my personal peer group. Last week I attended a party where only 1 of 20 people were fixated on his handheld device, as opposed to 50% of my peer group at any given time.

This week Dawkins raises a good point about hypocritical Christians disapproving of Pat Robertson's comments soon after the Haiti earthquake. Scathing! It is a fine rant as rants go.

ceilingcattn.jpgWould you rather have rats in your walls, ceiling cat staring at you through a hole in the drywall, or a lesbian judge listening to your calls from the attic?

The New Gay is hosting another Homo/Sonic party featuring regular DJs Zack and Michael, and special returning guest Natty Boom (of the Anthology of Booty) for a night of ass-shaking, booby swinging, indie, goth, electro, retro, disco, booty pop and beyond. Their parties are coed, trans-inclusive and straight friendly. It's on Friday, January 29 @ The Black Cat, 1811 14th St, NW 9:30 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. All Ages, $10.

But I'm conflicted yet again because OMG DJ TM TM will be spinning at Apex for their Winterland event at the same time as Homo/Sonic. What to do? A "Princess Appearance" will suffice.

Are you using reusable grocery bags more than you normally would due to DC's new 5-cent bag tax? Apparently it's working to reduce plastic bag consumption. Personally, I need those bags for the lunch I pack, so I've been running out a lot lately. I guess I'll have to get more from the Anacostia River.

I did hear about the prisoner in Wisconsin who was barred from playing Dungeons and Dragons out of concern that the game promotes the formations of gangs. But the judge has the entymology all wrong. D&D doesn't promote the formation of gangs, it promotes the formation of parties. Duh.

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