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More perspective on the flu: in February I wrote about two flu-related deaths in Maryland. While that news made the Washington Post, it didn't get the media coverage that this recent H1N1 outbreak is receiving.

With all the recent news to rant about, I neglected to mention the passing of Bea Arthur.
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I remember watching Golden Girls at my grandpa and grandma's house as a child, somehow feeling affinity for the characters. I didn't know then that the characters were really a bunch of gay men.

Happy news: Arlen Specter switches parties. The narrow-minded GOP tent is shrinking fast.

I was invited to write for DC's Bilerico Project but was stumped about what to write about for a while. Reports of the death of gay nightlife have been greatly exaggerated was all I could come up with. Former personal bloggers getting "legit" gigs often have the same problem - it seems once we're actually assigned something to do, a writer's block comes up. I'll try to brainstorm for more Bilerico-friendly entries in the future.

OMG I'm in MWs 'Scene' photo gallery.

Wednesday Woof: New York Rangers hockey dude Paul Mara sporting a fine playoff beard, and Portugese Formula One driver Tiago Vagaroso da Costa Monteiro with natural, unadulterated eyebrows and a crisp goatee. Click to embiggen:Paul MaraTiago Monteiro
Attention gay men: please stop sculpting and overtrimming your natural, masculine eyebrows. Drag Queens and the monobrowed are exempt from this request.

I've officially left the 90s and am phasing out my AOL account to my Gmail e-mail account. AOL was becoming too buggy and rife with annoying, blinky ads. Goodbye, AOL chat rooms. It was fun while it lasted.

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pipersI don't know what clan these pipers were from but they were happy to pose and I liked their tartan colors. Click to embiggen.

We had a good time playing rugby on Saturday at the Celtic Festival of Southern Maryland at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum in Prince Frederick, MD. I got some playing time in but it was gawdawful hot out. As I predicted this year we're going directly to summer, no spring for you this year. Fortunately I got to eat the biggest roast turkey leg I've ever eaten in my life before it got hot and I played rugby, so I was lucky not to throw it all up. Good times.

That evening me and TJ met up with Sheepy and his beau for a meet 'n greet at Nellie's. But none of us remembered to bring our digital cameras to take photos and post them to our blogs or Facebook, so the event never really happened.

I'm not sure if this is legit or not, but at Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage appears to be a one-stop shop for your most vital needs.

Youk's beard now has a Twitter account. The owner of the beard also delivered an impressive walk-off homer vs. the Yanks.

Star Trek is coming soon, and is getting good reviews.

You can now get your homophobia straight out of the pump at the gas station in Rim Forest, California.

Anyhow, plenty of kiltage was to be seen at yesterday's outing, and the Chesapeake Bay was sparkling in the sunshine:
Caber Toss 1

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Today we played a match against our old foes North Bay and had a nice day at the park:
Mike Alex
Busy weekend as the final mother of all papers is due in a week, and must be mailed out soon, so I'm glad I got out in the sunshine. Next weekend we'll play at a fun tournament at the Celtic Festival of Southern Maryland where many roasted turkey legs will be had. I had a good time at last year's event.

Here Kitty Kitty,” a documentary on the controversy over killing feral cats in Wisconsin.

Uncensored All Access Web Cam American Bald Eagle Porn.

Wendy and Lisa interview in Out Magazine.

Eight police officers serving with Scotland's largest force listed their official religion as "Jedi" in voluntary diversity forms. And here's an encounter with a princess and a wizard in the forest.

Crack will mess up your brain, and so will breakfast cereal - INTERIOR CROCODILE ALLIGATOR:

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I hope everyone had a nice Easter brunch yesterday:
Seafood! Nom, nom, nommmmm....
This little one has the wisdom that will help you stay out of such predicaments:

Hopefully that poor polar bear won't have to clear out his colon after the incident.

The intruder is apparently not the first human to have wandered into this polar bear enclosure, and human incursions into animal space at zoos happen all over the world. Some of the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act include ensuring the safe separation of humans from animals for the sake of the animals, because humans obviously don't know any better. I mean, what kind of zoonotic diseases has this poor bear been exposed to?

Seriously though, with humans becoming more and more separated from wildlife and nature due to the spread of urban/suburbanization, these stupid incidents will continue to happen. Most people think animals are cute and furry and that we can somehow establish a spiritual connection with animals. On the contrary, animals indeed want to establish a vital connection - between you and their stomach.

Anyway, here's a great story about a gay organization that achieved its goals and closed up shop.

"If the gay community truly wants to achieve equality, it will have to overcome a victim mindset that is slowly becoming obsolete."

Adidas Super 14 Jersey Swap interactive ad. Great for hours of fun.

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gothtalk.jpgOur new DM survived the monumental D&D 4th edition conversion, but with 9 players I'm sure his head was about to explode at any minute. At the last minute I switched my character idea from half-elf to gnoll. She's a refugee from Thay with infernal warlock powers and a dash of shaman spirit summoning ability. Her name?

Bayoncé Giselle Gnoll

From Boobob: here's the real reason why Terminators transport naked.

From Phil in the U.K. - Why David Tennant and Russell T. Davies are leaving Doctor Who.

George Jetson Memorial Picnic AreaThis weekend I toured the furry varmint Sean around town and was finally able to locate the space age architecture at the George Jetson Memorial Picnic Area outside the Robert C. Weaver Federal Building, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. I had been looking for it for years and finally stumbled across it last week while trying to find my meeting place for work.

Then we headed over to the Tidal Basin near the Thomas Jefferson Memorial for some Cherry Blossom Festival scenery. Since it was Friday during the day the crowds weren't so bad, but with the weather as glorious as it was the crowds thickened over the weekend.

I'd never actually spent much time in TJ's Memorial, but was struck by the potent words found inside:

"I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions. But laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors."

So like, was he saying that our laws, like for marriage and recognition of gays, should change with the times and that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and all that? Crazy talk!

Krod MandoonThen after a bite to eat we headed over to the Smithsonian Institution's Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery where we learned about the Tale of Shuten Doji, a wicked flesh-eating oni (ogre) who enslaved maidens but was ultimately slain by a crew of brave samurai.

On Saturday the team played the Gotham Knights at Cardozo, followed by good times at Stoney's on P Street. I wanted to drag Sean out to Madonnarama at Town but was too burnt out by then to get into the groove. Staging at Nellie's wore me out as there were crowds of people watching something having to do with the Final Five or something like that. Didn't they see the BSG finale a few weeks earlier like everyone else?

Some silly fun to look forward to from Comedy Central: Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword of Fire, starring a woofy Sean Maguire (Meet The Spartans, Dangerfield, EastEnders) and Matt Lucas from Little Britain.

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