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We got very muddy on Saturday, but it was worth the wins. While my ball handling (or simply ball-getting) skills needed help in the slippery mess, I had a few good ruck clearings as flanker. Apparently this match was integral in getting us into the playoffs for the first time, which is a milestone that happens on our team's 10th anniversary season. Woot!

After hand rinsing and double-washing my game clothes, I spruced up to go and catch some Olivia Newton-John at Omega. There I learned that O.N-J's career was strong long before Grease, which I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I was ignorant of. She was part of a duo with Pat Carroll, who eventually married John Farrar, who wrote songs for both Grease and Xanadu. I was schooled and humbled big time by VJ Tre's masterful video archivism.

Here is a very young and furry-chested Cliff Richard, a longtime collaborator with O.N-J, singing "If I Could Talk to the Animals," circa 1968:

After watching the O.N-J video extravaganza, I went to a housewarming party attended by a few friends of mine who have been on a very successful track with Weight Watchers. But one of them fell off the wagon and went berserk after getting some cake frosting on his face. I think the sudden intake of carbs and points through his skin was too intoxicating to handle all at once, and he began to spread the frosting all over his face, moaning in exstacy. I decided that was a good moment to leave.

mike roweDIrty Jobs hunk Mike Rowe has been voted number one gay fantasy by readers. This time he accepts the distinction with grace.

I really liked Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn starring Emile Hirsch, and am looking forward to seeing both of them in the biopic Milk. It's directed by Gus Van Sant and comes out in theatres on November 26, and also stars Josh Brolin and James Franco. It's bound to be good. You can view the trailer here, and even download it to your iPhone! Feel free to talk about your experience with the trailer on your iPhone in the comments section, on your own blog, or on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

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Photography exhibit of hypermasculine gay men by Blake Little: The Company of Men.

"I...wanted to show a particular type of masculine gay male that I appreciated and related to but that I did not see photographed anywhere else; an alternative to stereotypes or what is usually seen as the physical ideal of a man in the mainstream."
Sometimes I wonder if the gays don't typically shoot for extremes after coming out and experiencing a bit gay life: extreme flamey, extreme butch, extreme muscles, extreme fashion, and so on. Perhaps this is a way to flag each other for the purposes of recognition in a predominantly mainstream heterosexual society.

Study suggests our political views may be based on physical responses to external stimuli:

The research, published in the journal Science, indicates that people who are sensitive to fear or threat are likely to support a right wing agenda. Those who perceived less danger in a series of images and sounds were more inclined to support liberal policies.
In other words, shocking imagery and fear tactics help guide the vote of a particular group of voters, a campaign tactic that continues to succeed.

Woofsters Seann Scott and Paul Rudd are co-starring in a new film. I'll probably go see it even though I can't think of a good Seann Scott movie, I always pay money to see them. I guess I'm succeptible to external stimulus and hypermasculine appeal in cinema marketing.

This weekend I played in a fun match in which I got to play a new position called hooker. The hooker is nestled deep within a scrum and is in charge of helping to guide the ball out the back end of a scrum to the scrumhalf. It's technically difficult and often painful, as you're in the front of the scrum that butts up against the opposing scrum, which contains the weight of 8 big guys up against you. Today my shoulders ache. It was kind of fun, and there's room for improvement in the position.

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...but this time I think I'll pass on the Manhunt subscription renewal. Sure, the website company denounced their Republican founder (then the McCain campaign snubbed said founder's donation), but I'll just let my subscription run out. I'll consider my cancellation back pay for the months I wasn't aware of who created the site. Besides, my monthly grocery bill increased to just about equal to a month's membership fee, and a girl's gotta eat (food, before cock).

Plus I don't think I could handle reading another profile that says a guy is "normal," "sane," or "non-scene." I'm like so "scene" there's a website for it. And please, are you ever really sure a guy you hook up with the help of a website is truly sane just because he says he is? And I don't consider myself "normal" either - please buff and heal my 7th level tiefling warlock on the new Facebook Dungeons and Dragons Tiny Adventures application, thanks.

That Mariah Carey song has been in my head all week. You know, the one where she says "I will hunt you down." It was funny on Monday, but now it won't purge out of my head. I went to rugby practice last night with the hopes I'd get knocked unconscious and lose all memory of "Touch My Body," but the only thing that happened was more people touched my body, threw me on the floor, wrestled me around, then played with me some more. So that didn't help. Heavy Metal Josh says the new Metallica album rocks. Maybe that will help get her out of my head.

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