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I'm signing off of Facebook and Twitter for a while until the iHysteria settles down. Apparently there's some new Apple product release that Mac/Apple/iTurd fans are hyperventilating about. Please STFU about such things, it bores us.

Oh, speaking of iProducts, somebody wrote another cell phone etiquette list that no one will pay attention to, and somebody came up with a new term: the iPhone effect. That's when one iPhone user pulls out his noisome device, then the rest in the group pull out theirs too effectively ending all eye contact and socialization.

Yep, that's about how it goes in any DC social situation. Manners mavens are even starting to suggest that people not look up or perform a information searches during phone conversations or social settings due to the inevitable cascade of rudeness and antisocial behavior that follows. Comments (30) on my rant about iPhones, gays and Grindr make me think that this problem is concentrated in DC due to extreme techism/wonkiness, and perhaps moreso in my personal peer group. Last week I attended a party where only 1 of 20 people were fixated on his handheld device, as opposed to 50% of my peer group at any given time.

This week Dawkins raises a good point about hypocritical Christians disapproving of Pat Robertson's comments soon after the Haiti earthquake. Scathing! It is a fine rant as rants go.

ceilingcattn.jpgWould you rather have rats in your walls, ceiling cat staring at you through a hole in the drywall, or a lesbian judge listening to your calls from the attic?

The New Gay is hosting another Homo/Sonic party featuring regular DJs Zack and Michael, and special returning guest Natty Boom (of the Anthology of Booty) for a night of ass-shaking, booby swinging, indie, goth, electro, retro, disco, booty pop and beyond. Their parties are coed, trans-inclusive and straight friendly. It's on Friday, January 29 @ The Black Cat, 1811 14th St, NW 9:30 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. All Ages, $10.

But I'm conflicted yet again because OMG DJ TM TM will be spinning at Apex for their Winterland event at the same time as Homo/Sonic. What to do? A "Princess Appearance" will suffice.

Are you using reusable grocery bags more than you normally would due to DC's new 5-cent bag tax? Apparently it's working to reduce plastic bag consumption. Personally, I need those bags for the lunch I pack, so I've been running out a lot lately. I guess I'll have to get more from the Anacostia River.

I did hear about the prisoner in Wisconsin who was barred from playing Dungeons and Dragons out of concern that the game promotes the formations of gangs. But the judge has the entymology all wrong. D&D doesn't promote the formation of gangs, it promotes the formation of parties. Duh.

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It's been another insane busy week, but I just wanted to report that today I established telephone contact with TJ who is "on the ground," and it appears that he is in good health.

OMG I just read that the dude who owns everything on Fire Island is selling everything to some twink. Fire Island is DOOMED!

Hate me if you will, but I think newly elected Kennedy replacement Scott Brown is kinda hot, then and now. I think the Democrats need to grow a pair of cojones and deliver what they promise instead of offering watered down wimp-ass compromises. And the Repubs need to be less crazy. What we now have in Washington is a crazy eunuch making pissy legislation.

The incredible crystal caverns of Cueva de los Cristales - I can't believe these caverns are real! Visit The Iron Ammonite for more on this amazing natural wonder.

Florida home to "diverse array" of non-native wildlife, including this 6' monitor lizard living at Air Reserve base.

The Safeway I occasionally get my groceries at has been shut down due to a vermin problem (probably rats). Eeeew! Please keep your garbage lids on tight, and don't leave trash out on the curb.

Caprica debuts this Friday on SciFy. I'm not sure if I'll catch it but lemme know how it goes.

I think I am going to buy a Nikon CoolPix P90 soon.

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I had a nice hike today on the Maryland side of Great Falls, which is on the Potomac upstream from DC. The weather offered a nice break from our genuinely wintry weather, it was with good company, and the hike was a great workout too:
Great Falls 1
It's been a busy week at work as apparently we're trying to finish and start up everything now that we've returned to work from the holidays. Next time remind me to take a generous holiday break so I don't try to fool myself into finishing too many things while everyone else is away.

I hosted a friend from out of town this weekend so I missed a lot of the Mid-Atlantic Leather activities. That's OK because I was thinking about pulling back a bit anyway. Tomorrow I may try to stop by a fundraiser for a neighborhood leader in my old 'hood, who is trying to offset some legal fees incurred when he tried to get some positive things done in the neighborhood against the will of a long-time grandstander. Apparently it is better to use up city administrative time and police presence than to work for positive change in some neighborhoods.

Congrats to 'Glee' for winning a Golden Globe last night. I can't wait for more of the show when it starts up again in the spring. Here's a nice candid photo of one of the actors from the show, Matt Morrison.

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  • penicillium_conidiaAuto-tuned vocals
  • Sarah Palin
  • Put your fucking iPhone away
  • Mold
  • Heterosexuals with litters over a half-dozen
  • Carpetbaggers
  • Magic underpants (2nd year in a row!)
  • Lady GaGa parodies
  • Farmville gift notifications
  • Jaded gays at Kylie Minogue concerts

AlCa.jpgI'll have to admit, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus has been given a reprieve due to 'Party in the U.S.A.' and has been lifted from the 2009 banned list.

But I am happy about:

  • Glee
  • Yet more 'staches
  • The prospect of gay marriage in DC
  • A raise
  • Not living in a basement
  • Personal debt down to levels I will soon pay off
  • Sam Worthington and his woofy neck scruff
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gc.jpgCongratulations to scruffy Grant Cleveland for winning this year's MetroWeekly Coverboy of the year at age 39. That's awesome for two reasons: 1.) because he's not in his 20s, and 2.) he has natural unshorn body hair (well it's clipped here and there, but still...). Could it be that the Age of the Smoothie is over? Is natural body hair finally coming back? My prayers might be answered. But then again every time I get my hopes up I see a guy with ridiculously sculpted eyebrows and then I become sad. Anyway, 2 out of the 3 finalists for the contest had scruff and that's a good thing.

Today on Twitter @MyTrainerBob Harper from The Biggest Loser asked "What do u think about my full beard?" I had to respond positively of course.

Tomorrow morning I'm supposed to go on the annual Audubon Society's winter bird census, but snow is predicted so of course everyone is in extreme panic mode. Thankfully I have enough toilet paper so I'm not gonna die. But Tomorrow's Headlines from WhyIHateDC might read: "D.C. Paralyzed by Snowstorm. 'Divine retribution' for gay marriage says local pastors" or "White House Buried in Historic Snowstorm as Obama Attends Global Warming Summit."

If we don't all die of snow inhalation before then, I have been invited to dine at TJ's house on Saturday evening. TJ doesn't leave his house much anymore, so that's about the only time we get to see him, and we cherish those moments. He's sorta become a lot like Willy Wonka, who never left the factory until everyone won the golden tickets. I think he's getting plowed by Oompa Loompas on a regular basis too.

Our awesome mayor Fenty just signed the bill supporting gay marriage. Now all we have to do is clear it through Congress. There will be hell to pay if some obstructionist Republican prick blocks it. Not only is this next step a big gay issue, but it is also an issue for the citizens of the District of Columbia's ability to rule ourselves, which is just as important to me.

I went to see 'Invictus' last night starring a much-beefed up Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela. It was a great story and I learned quite a few things I didn't know about the Springboks and South African politics. It was a great sports movie far less preachy than Clint Eastwood's 'Gran Torino'. Between that film and 'District 9', this year South Africa clearly wins the World Cup of movies.

And I got my H1N1 shot today but now my kids will die of autism because Jenny McCarthy & Kirk Cameron said so.

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