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refreshed!I've been messing around with the backend of this here blog, fixing and reorganizing and deleting. I've deleted all my archives from 2001 up to November 2007. The weight of all those entries and comments associated with them was bogging down my blogging from an administrative point of view. That and I just didn't feel comfortable with all that personal stuff from so much time up there. I have saved the content and hope to commit it to print for my personal use and rememberance.

A few important technical issues:

  • I reorganized and reclassified the blog links to the right. You might not agree to where I put you, but hey I'm no librarian so I organized them as I saw fit. My single list was just getting too big so I thought it would be a good idea to break some down into categories. They should show up as drop-down menus - let me know if they don't work for you. You should be seeing a drop-down list of plain 'ol blogs, artsy-fartsy blogs, gay & punditry blogs, nature blogs, shaw & dc blogs, and dead blogs. The last list was created for those old skool blogs who no longer post entries, but have a body of work that is still worth a visit. That is where I will put YOUR BLOG if you don't frikkin' update soon.
  • I see from my server log stats that some of you are only bookmarking category pages. Don't you like the rest of what I write, other than entries categorized under 'woof'? When you link to or bookmark this blog, please use this base URL:
  • http://www.jimbo.info/weblog
    Any other URL (web address) will only link to some of the entries from this blog, but not all of them.
  • I've been told the RSS feed and trackbacks don't work. Then I'm told they do work. What case is true for you? The problem may never have been fixed, or maybe it only works for some of you. If it works or does not work, please leave me a comment as to what system/browser/interface you're using, and under what conditions it does or does not work. Hopefully we'll figure out how to fix it.
  • Webmistress: you may delete that massive "archives" folder on the server, and any old stuff up to November 2007. Thanks!

I had a very nice holiday and birthday weekend with a lot of debauchery, but am generally refreshed despite this malingering cough I picked up somewhere. Judging from the complaints about weather delays and choruses of screaming children on the airlines, I don't regret avoiding travel this time of year.

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dead Barrett was hereBirdwatching this weekend wasn't a total washout, but let's just say there have been more exciting wildlife excursions in the past. I don't know where all the birds were - the most unusual things we saw were the yellow-bellied sapsucker and a red-bellied woodpecker. And lots of tufted titmice. If I can say anything about this year, it's been a big year for tufted titmice - they're everywhere. Anyway, first we went to the Mount Olivet Cemetery to look for birds, where I discovered that there were lots of Irish people in The District, many of whom died in the 1900s. Who knew? There were many Irish names on the gravestones - dying is one thing the Irish seem to do well.

Then we headed over to the National Arboretum where Michael and I were assigned to cover the hill with the Azalea Collections where we spotted tons of tufted titmice. The excitement became too intense so we had to leave after an hour.

After a long disco nap, I headed out on a social deathmarch with Skwurl and Gurl, starting at Nando's in Gallery Place for some delicious pollo a la braza. Then it was off to Nellie's, then to Town where my self-esteem took quite a beating as it should! We eventually ended up at Blowoff for some furry debauchery. Joe.My.God was here for the weekend and took naughty photos of everyone but he hasn't posted them yet.

Photos from this year's Santa Speedo Run in Boston, courtesy of b'bob:

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Miss Lwaxana TroiMajel Barrett Roddenberry, widow of "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry, died today at age 76. She was an actress on the original Star Trek show as Nurse Christine Chapel, was the voice of the computer in Next Generation and other spinoffs, and played the infamous Lwaxana Troi on Star Trek: Next Generation. Lwaxana was Deanna Troi's outgoing Betazoid mother who was basically a drag queen with a thing for Captain Picard. She is not a blood relative as far as I know, but she will be missed.

Happy Holidays from McKenzie the English Pointer - now the official live mascot of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (my alma mater). The beautiful two-year-old English Pointer was adopted from a shelter in Michigan, where she was rescued from a scheduled euthanization. McKenzie is a cute doggie! The English Pointer (a hunting dog) is our mascot because my university was a land grant college originally intended as a training institution for state game wardens who often put the dogs to work out in the field.

Skwurl: Doing anything exciting this weekend?

Jimbo: Duh. Here's a hint: it starts with the letter 'B' and is filled with hairy men, and it's not my butthole.

Skwurl: omg Hahahahahaha, that was good

Next month's Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend is occurring the weekend before Obama's inauguration. Most of the leather queens reserved their hotel spot a year ago, so the event participants are not expecting any hardships due to the influx of so many visitors.

And all those visitors will have to poop somewhere. The National Park Service is peppering the National Mall with over 5,000 port-a-johns in preparation for Inauguration Day.

And for you new members of Congress arriving after that day, welcome to D.C., now come out already (if you were closeted). Let's not have another Mark Foley or Larry Craig debacle, OK?

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I went to see the fim Milk this weekend and it was a good movie with many parallels to the more recent Proposition 8 struggle. Particularly the part where Harvey goes to the owners of the Advocate for endorsement and they're too conservative to support him. If a movement has become institutionalized but activism is still necessary, the instituion is probably impotent. Anyway, Sean Penn was great as Harvey Milk, and worthy of his Oscar nomination, but James Franco gets two thumbs up for rockin' the Castro Clone 'stache so well. I was old enough to remember that look, and I still like it. And it's so good to see the young'uns workin' the stache these days.

Things we do back home to stay warm in the winter: burglar in LaCrosse, Wisconsin steals laptop, cat, tube of lube and jar of Vaseline. Me-ow!

that windswept gender-neutral lookHere's the new symbol identifying the gender-neutral changing facilities at the George Washington University's Lerner Health and Wellness Center. I e-mailed the link to symbol, flag and sign fan Sheepy and he responded: "It has a windswept look to it."

Italian rugby union team models Dolce & Gabbana Underwear. Click on the video link for more.

Gingko berries stink in the streets of DC.

7 gadgets that make you look like a jerk. The iPhone is a glaring omission from the lineup. I'm guessing the article was written on an iPhone by the author.

News about the Stargate Universe show on the SciFi Channel.

Here's my limited edition Battlestar Galactica "Last Supper" print:
Behold and Despair
Behold and despair, bitches - it's mine!

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Wellington MonumentI'm tired and worn out from the return flight, but I had a nice time in Dublin over a long Thanksgiving break. My lovely host Kieran was a wonderful cook and tour guide and all-around great to be with. Pardon my tired writing but I wanna get it down while it's somewhat fresh in my mind and before a busy week starts up.

I got a tour of Dublin's huge Phoenix Park which featured the President's House and Wellington Monument, both of which bear a remarkable resemblance to similar structures in DC. You've already seen the photo of ancient Newgrange which we saw on Saturday. It was amazing to be so close to an ancient structure, and we got a simulation of what winter solstice is like within the tomb. However, I was happy to get back out again and let some more tourists file in, it was a wee bit claustrophobic in there...

Leinster vs. DragonsLater on we watched the Leinster vs. the Newport/Gwent Dragons rugby match. Leinster won 29-13 in a very chilly game. I had expected the crowd to be rowdy, but they were fairly subdued, maybe it was the cold. I had a hot whiskey drink to stay warm chased down by a Guinness. One thing I like about rugby is that it's usually a finite 80-minute affair, not trailing along like baseball and American football. Rugby is continuous play, and stops when it should unless there's a double-triple-dog-dare tiebreaker, which is rare. Later on we went out to Panti Bar for a few more with the Dublin boys and had a great time.

I didn't think we'd have time to see the Book of Kells and The Long Room Library at Trinity College, but we managed to fit it in somehow. I really thought The Long Room looked a lot like the Jedi Academy library as seen in the last Star Wars flick, but I'd have to review the film to confirm that.

That's a wrap, I'm off to bed. More photos here.

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