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OMG!!! Did you see us on TV Monday?!? Obama spoke to us and I swear he looked right at me!!! And he mentioned gay stuff and assured us we'll be protected!!!

Yeah but no laws yet, no repeal of DADT and DOMA, and I still can't get married in DC or Wisconsin. Promises, promises - heard all that before. Monday's event was sort of like getting poked on Facebook: it's a cute gesture but doesn't amount to much. Uruguay lifted their ban on gays serving in their military and they have gay marriage too for chrissake. It's time to change things here too.

So sorry hun, I'm not gonna get off on a hat tip or a smile in my direction again, anymore. Nice words are not laws. I need some laws removed, and some laws in my favor. Otherwise it's just a whole lotta gas comin' out of the White House and Captiol Hill as usual. We've seen this act before from Smilin' Wille, remember? Do you think we have the memory of a gnat? (Obvious Answer: "yes") No more gAyTM until we get laws in the books! UPDATE: here's a brilliant response to Monday's cocktail party in a letter to Salon.

Anyway, on to woofy things. My agents and I suspect the Natural Beer Man may be Battlestar Galactica veteran actor Ty Olsson. It's hard to be sure with the low quality of video imagery that we have available. I'll appreciate any additional intel or even a personal visit from Natural Beer Man if possible.

this is a koboldAnother beard:personality type test. My favorite is the Chinstrap - "The name's Bag. Douche Bag."

Me and the D&D gaming geeks are featured in a Butt Magazine interview. The direct link is pretty tame but the site isn't the best one to be viewed at work.

From my favorite naturalist blog Bug Girl, learn how to seduce fireflies in your backyard. And did you know it's National Pollinator Week?

What to do over the 3-day holiday weekend? Personally, I want to go to a crab feast somewhere. I'm told there are good places over on Kent Island. Anyone have any suggestions? I want that picnic-table with brown paper on it, Old Bay sort of Maryland experience. I haven't done that in a while, but it's what I must do in lieu of a lutefisk boil.

Other than that, those different kind of homos at The New Gay have planned some down-home Taint on Thursday 7/2, Homo/Sonic at the Black Cat on Friday the 3rd, and Mixtape on Saturday 7/4.

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Natural Beer ManI'm in love with the Natural Beer Man, part of a marketing campaign for Australia's Natural Beer. More Natural Beer Man here.

How are you? No really, how are you doing? A recent Wall Street Journal article about how Facebook brings us together - but not really. While some share too much, others need a good old fashioned phone call so you really know what's up.

Starting my housing search, if at least to monitor the going rates for rentals as I'm not planning on moving until September, but this summer is flying by. Anyway, Skwurl forwarded me what looked like a sweet deal on Craigslist, but when I responded to the ad, my e-mail bounced back. Then when I checked the ad I saw that it had been flagged for removal. When I talked to Skwurl about it, he said that sometimes when other rental searchers find a good place and get in contact with the landlord, they flag the ad so it can't be viewed by others, ostensibly to block competitors. That's pretty low. Let's hope I'm faster than the slimeballs.

MissStonewallRiot.jpgHappy Pride for some more of you in other cities, and it's also the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City. Here's one reporter's perspective in the New York Times, and another account on Joe.My.God. An New York Times op-ed illustrates the changes - and not changes - since then and now.

I have a 24th level stone tanker on the Protector server of the City of Heroes game named Miss Stonewall Riot. I have some backstory in the character's info, with the sassy heroine offering her perspective from 40 years ago on June 28th, 1969.

Although that server's activity is nearly dead, Miss Stonewall Riot will live on to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City. Many of the younger players don't quite get the references, but they are struck by her passionate account of the event. Her battle cry is "For Judy!" and on her character background profile she says:

"Sweetie, if you don't know what the Stonewall Riots were, you better check the Internets. I'm an original fighter from back in the day, you know? And I kept fighting, not just for us, but for everyone. See, the fight never ends, now does it honey?"

Riot is the only known hot tranny mess tanker in Paragon City.

This weekend I met up with Martini Gurlatalova and friends at Nellie's then we went to go shopping for some gay clothing at Universal Gurl. I got a couple of slimming tee shirts and a pair of cargo shorts that were approved by a scrutinizing Martini. She was there to make sure my perky butt was showing its best, and I hope it does.

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My neighbor in Shaw, DJ Timothy Mykael (a.k.a. OMG DJ TM™), will be spinning this Friday, June 26 at Secrets from 9pm-3am. Secrets is a bar where mostly naked men waggle their external genitalia to an audience. It is located at 1824 half street sw in washington, dc 20024.

Jeez, rough week with the MetroRail crash and three celebrities passing away. Today I transfered at the station near the crash site and people were quieter than usual. The Red Line was running north and south from that point but was very slow. I think I'll avoid it for a while.

So this cheatin' governor thing: crimeny, you don't have to quit your job just because you're a slut, as long as you weren't travelling to Argentina on the state's time and budget. His worst offense is being a hypocrite, because now we should apparently define traditional marriage between a man and a woman and a woman from Argentina. The GOP now should STFU about "Traditional Marriage." Well, they shoulda shut their pieholes about it a while back. That red herring has been thrown around far too long. I would prefer my civil servant representatives to take care of the business of governing rather than judging.

Anyway, from my emergency management point of view - what was this guy thinking being from a coastal state after the start of the hurricane season? Being out of touch as the state's leader for several days? I don't care if it was for some delicious poontang - you just don't do that sort of thing as a governor of a hurricane-prone state. Always have an emergency plan in place and let your loved ones and consituents (all of them!) know where you are during times of crisis or potential disaster.

I'm always fascinated by these scandals - whether they are straight or gay. I have a theory that I'm sure has a paper or study related to it. Kind of a cognitive dissonance sort of thing. I think on the surface they seriously didn't think they would be caught, despite their public visibility. But deep down I think they want to get caught for one reason or another. Maybe all of us have a destructive streak in us when there's something in our lives we don't have the balls to overtly correct. Maybe he no longer loved his wife or his situation, and a part of him didn't care that he was being reckless with his travels and his job. Making "a mistake" and fucking everything up is sometimes easier than making the hard decisions that create those necessary changes in your life.

Or maybe he's just a horndog who thinks people are stupid and wouldn't have found out about such things. I have another theory that people with a high sex drive are also more apt to become leaders or politicians. There's probably something to that as well.

Of course you can ask me my position on this later, after I'm the one who has been cheated on.

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How can you own property around here and not know how to spell the name of where you live?

"$1390 / 1br - Distinguished 1 bedroom (Ledtroit Park)"

$1390 for a 1 bedroom at 2nd and V? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Perhaps I am the imbecile for not being the property owner. Chalk it up to commitment issues. Plus, my first priority is to pay off the credit card bill, something I'm having good progress with lately. I will not add debt to previous debt, that's dumb. And I hear tell it's good to have a deposit before you buy something. Something about fiscal responsibility and more stable loans or something. Anyhow, despite the market being in my favor for a change, I'm still not ready to buy.

penicillium_conidia_X_400.jpgBut I am ready to move. With the warmer weather and monsoon season upon us, the basement mold is in full bloom. Last night when I stuck my head in the closet I got an instant headache. It's definitely not healthy in there. Dehumidification from air conditioning will help alleviate the chronic dampness of the basement soon. I do have a dehumidifier and it's always hard at work.

And things outside the place are going from bad to worse. The pee smell coming from the vacant squatter property next door has also intensified with the warmer weather, and we have an brand new batch of hoodlums on the block who like to play music outside on their boombox until Midnight on Monday or Tuesday night. We call the cops and the cops drive by and flash their lights and the hoodlums turn down the music, but then they turn it back on when the cops leave (cops don't get out of their cars in Shaw). And with the old batch of hoodlums, they're still dealin' on the corner, nothing has improved in the two years I've been there, it's only gotten worse. There's a constant din and reek of cherry blunts at any given hour.

So this time I have more time to be selective about where I want to live: NW DC, generally North of N, South of V, West of 12th and East of 22nd. I'm tired of the urban pioneer spirit bullshit and want to live among people who can wipe their own asses and otherwise pick up after themselves. I'd rather not have a roomate but I may not have a choice. I am good with plants and animals, and am especially good with landlords/roomates who are out of town a lot or at their partner's house. But no smokers or people not done with their partying phase.

I must be resolute on one thing: no more basements. People with seasonal depression problems should not live in basements. Must. Have. Sunshine. I'd like to have space to garden outside but that's also negotiable.

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I've received a number of messages of concern related to the MetroRail Red Line tragedy. I'm fine and thanks for asking. I do take the Red Line a few times a week to go to my chiropractor appointments or to the gym. It's a transfer point for me on many trips. But most of the time I'm just on the Green Line (that has its own share of problems) and yesterday was a normal Green Line day for me. It's a tragic accident and I'm amazed at how the roof of those cars just peel off like a shrimp shell when hit.

These notes from passiveaggressivenotes.com crack me up. I think the carnivore note is especially hilarious because whoever made it took pains to carefully mock the design as well.VeganCarnivore.jpgroommate2.jpgIt is often these kinds of righteous anti-meat declarations that turn people off to vegetarianism. What you put in your mouth is your business, and someone passing judgement on that had better be sensitive about it or expect a backlash. Enviro and vegan types need to consider how they market their ideas just like everyone else.

Guilt-free environmentalist Josh Dorfman has an interesting solution to such challenges:

"Prophecies of doom and gloom or trying to appeal to a moral imperative, those tactics appeal to a very small minority that change their behavior," Dorfman said in an interview. "I'm interested in implementing change for the great majority."

I have often said the same thing. Being judgey or sounding like Chicken Little every minute of the day will not change minds in the long run. In fact it will more often turn people off completely. Same thing goes with daily messages from gay activists - you can't demand immediate participation NOW every single day. That will lead to burnout. Not everyone is an activist or as passionate as you are, and activists need to remember that when they try to deliver their messages. Most people are in the middle somewhere and aren't raging like you are 24/7.

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'stache 1For a few days this weekend I had a 'stache. I was even asked if I was in law enforcement. I kinda like it but didn't want to deal with the critique and review at work. Plus my whole point in shaving was to cool off quicker, and I could still feel the caterpillar's warmth on my upper lip. I do not need additional warmth these days. Anyway, it was about a week too late - I should have had my 'stache for Pride weekend, because a mustache is so wonderfully gay.

Anti-pride prude Max Mutchnick, co-creator of "Will and Grace" (and the show's minstrel gay character Jack) neets to invest in a new buttplug, if we could only fit it up his tight ass. Jeez, it's a frikkin' party, and as Joe.My.God writes:

They wish we were invisible.
We're not.
Let's dance
How many ways does it need to be argued that we still need a party if not for the simple reason that douche bags all over the world are constantly saying we're pedophiles, zoophiles, etc. They either would like us to be quiet and/or to ultimately eliminate us. Those of you hiding behind the picket fence can either join the party or retreat and please STFU. Jon adds his own opinion here.

My home pond, garden and other things about the house have so far been unmolested by either hoodlum or varmint this summer. I remember Mari's theory that in ghetto-ass neighborhoods with a gang, change is very upsetting and you'll get shit vandalized or otherwise tromped on during the first year, but after a year has passed they get over it and your change becomes part of the landscape. I think her theory is right. But I worry that the same theory could also apply to romantic potential. If you live in a town as a single person long enough, do you also eventually become an unnoticed fixture in the social landscape as a person? I've been here long enough that I often wonder if people see me and just think "Oh her again..." and then walk on by like Dionne Warwick. I often wonder if it would help if I were fresh meat elsewhere. The meat is still fresh, it just hasn't been tasted thoroughly.

Pride of Pets winnerThis weekend was much calmer than the hectic Pride weekend, and I had a great time at Taint where a small group of us was treated to a fun rap duo from Baltimore named AK Slaughter. Imagine if MTV's Daria was rapping, with a DJ spazzy gay running the turntables. Clever lyrics and a lot of fun energy, I wish them success.

On Sunday I helped out with the Pride of Pets fun dog show put on by PETS-DC in DuPont Circle. A bomb threat off of the Circle proper delayed the show, but it went onward once the mysterious package was identified as safe. Woofs all around.

This in-depth exposé of the abusive practices of the creepy, culty church of Scientology is worth a thorough read. My problem with their proselytizing on the sidewalk of R and 20th is that wary tourists tend to give them a wide berth, avoid walking on the sidewalk and then walk on the road to avoid the cultists. Some day someone's gonna get run over by a car trying to avoid their cultiness. And the avoiding sane people will then walk in the bike lane that I use. I understand the tourists are trying to avoid getting Thetan cooties, but it's irritating. Regardless, "Tom Cruise Kills Oprah" cracks me up EVERY TIME.

At first I thought the film 2012 was an ill fated sequel to 2001, but it's a movie about armageddon! I'm looking forward to it.

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Yaaay, snorkeling!Ryan Reynolds you hot fucker!I love snorkeling.

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Despite recent small and temporary advances in securing some rights that might make us kind of equal to heterosexuals, many bloggers, pundits and organizations are still cranky about this week's progress. How many qualifiers did I put in that first sentence? About 5. Anyway, how could we be so ungrateful after being thrown such a delicious, juicy bone?

Because it's just a dry, stale Scooby Snack, that's why. And most of us recognize it as such. It turns out Obama isn't our almighty savior who would bring us his promises in a heavenly downpour - instead we're getting it drop by drop. And do you know how piecemeal feels deep down inside? Kinda shitty actually. It only draws attention to and amplifies the inequality. Oh sure fine you can have this and that but not those rights. You're not good enough yet. Your partnerships are not like ours, and we don't think you should have what we have just yet.

While I was working at the University of Maryland, some benefits were extended to same-sex partners - like library use and fitness center privileges. But not the big HB, or Health Benefits. What was offered was a nice gesture, but in the end made me feel kinda shitty inside. So we got to play on the playground and go get our summer reading, but our partnerships are not deemed worthy enough for grownup benefits like health care. Maryland is workin' on fixing those discrepancies, but still. Partial benefits only reveal that our legislators think that we are only partially human.

The other point I need to make is that those of us who watched this presidential act of failed promises from Clinton for eight years aren't fooled this time around. This time we need more than words or an occasional nod in our favor. We need solid laws and legislation that protect us, and the revocation of some stupid old laws that make no sense. This time we're watching to make sure y'all keep up with your promises. Sure, it's not all on the shoulders of the President, but Obama did make an awful lot of promises to the gays, and the gays were strongly in favor of Obama and many of us worked very hard to get him into power. It's payback time Bubba, and we're keeping score this time, much like a jilted lover who is overly cautious the second time around. We've learned from past mistakes, like La Roux says:
hot skruffy lad

"Been there, done that, messed around
I'm having fun, don't put me down
I'll never let you sweep me off my feet
I won't let you in again
The messages I've tried to send
My information's just not goin in."

This time, baby, I'll be Bulletproof.

John Aravosis over on AMERICAblog has been serving up the rage on this topic very well, and Father Tony has some pretty rad ideas on the subject.

It's really hard to seriously blog with the Peas playing in the background, courtesy of Bravehound's latest offering for the summer featuring: Robyn / Frankmusik / La Roux / Röyksopp / M.I.A. / Sophie Ellis Bextor / Santogold / Basement Jaxx / Black Eyed Peas / Imogen Heap / Lykke Li / The Killers / U2.

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I didn't get to do half of the things I wanted to do during Capital Pride, but I had a great time this weekend.

Different Drummers

Something strange happened - in addition to Pride that is. My negative aspects were somehow dispelled to the four winds and settled into the hearts of my friends. I was so blissful that even on Friday night in a hot overcrowded bar with Jennifers and empty bottles littering the floor I still managed to have a good time. My viscid bitterness sunk into Skwurl's soul (or what's left of it) and will probably permanently stain it. My righteous indignation possessed Gurl's withered heart, causing her to pout nearly all weekend. My seething rage seeped into Burl's blood, a force he could barely contain for days. And finally my insecure paranoia gripped Bubbles' mind, for there was nowhere safe from his hidden enemies.Chad, Bitter, and IndignationIt must have been a spell misfire or a poorly conjugated conjuration. Regardless, I had a good time this weekend and even got a decent tan. But although my spirit had somehow been cleansed, the Green Aura of Desperation clearly remained, because I couldn't get laid to save my life despite a town full of horny, flirty homos. I got plenty of nice comments, but comments don't compare to a good scruffy make-out session.ManhuntRuPaul was kind of disappointing. Gurl, despite your long tenure at drag fabulousness, you still occasionally have to work it like you said we were supposed to back in 1993. I hear tell Martha Wash clearly outdid RuPaul at the Pride festival main stage. I only caught the last half hour of the Pride parade, but I hear the Freddie's Beach Bar float was awesome, while the Results float was a merely a flatbed loaded with twitching flesh.Tims.jpgThe above photo was taken in the enclosure where they corralled the drag queens and DJs. I got to hang out in the DJ booth with the Tims.

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rupaul.jpgCapital Pride weekend is upon us and there is so much to do, if you're queer and bored and can't find something fun to do there no hope for you. You'd have to be a pretty unimaginative and disgruntled angertwink to not be able to find something to do. Even our gaming group is celebrating gay nerd pride by playing Dungeons and Dragons on Sunday. For a few of us it's more like Dungeons and Drag Queens.

Speaking of drag queens, RuPaul is the headliner act at both Town on Friday night and at the Capitol Pride Festival main stage closing number on Sunday, preceded by Miss Martha Wash of Weathergirls fame. She's the diva who was the actual vocalist who belted out "EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!" in that C&C Music Factory song "Gonna Make You Sweat."

I would contend that the hottest pick for the weekend will be Pride After Dark at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. The Saturday evening event features a multi-DJ venue, booze and of course a very artsy backdrop. If you're too hip for that, there is the Pride version of Mousetrap, featuring DJs Zach and Michael of the Black Cat's Homo/Sonic, joining longtime DJ Mark Zimin for a night of Britpop and indie dance tunes. And at around the same time as the above two events there will be an off-the-hook Pride edition of Blowoff and a Black Eyed Peas CD release party at Omega as well. I am torn between all these options. Of course The Bears have their own parallel universe concave version of pride with a Bear Event Roundup for Capital Pride. Free nachos are not included in this package.

IGFLA.JPGAnd then next Tuesday, June 16th, The New Gay will be working with the International Gay and Lesbian Footballers Association (IGLFA) to throw a dance party at Town called Kick. IGLFA's world championships will be held in DC from June 14 to 21st, which means that athletically-minded men and women will be coming in from all over the world to play soccer and enjoy the capital. This is a pretty big deal by the way. Anyway, the party will be held on Tuesday, June 16th, at Town Danceboutique, at 2009 8th St., NW. It is an 18+ event open from 9 - 2.

Whew! There are a zillion other things going on that I'm sure I missed, but the above events are what I'd like to go to, but that doesn't mean I will be able to, sadly.

If you're not proud or angry enough about today's State Of The Gay, this video piece from the New York Times interviewing the partner of a gay soldier will change your mind. It's a very gut-wrenching testimonial showing the negative effects of the foolish and unfair Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, brought to you and me by Bill Clinton and perpetuated by Barack Obama. The interview asks the question, "If your partner of 15 years died in combat, and your existence as his partner can't be validated due to secrecy, who notifies you if he dies during his tour of duty overseas?" The answer is "No one, because you don't deserve that kind of respect from the government like opposite-sex partners do." The interview painfully illustrates how our government views dedicated gay servicemembers and their partners as creatures who are not quite as human as straight people. Thinking about it really steams me up.

On a brighter note, here's an interview with hottie actor Mike Doyle who may hold the Hollywood record for number of dying or dead scenes in movies and television roles. He is happy to announce his next character is actually going to survive! I think one thing he could aspire for is to die as a Red Shirt Ensign in the next Star Trek film. That is the ultimate pinnacle of character death in any television or film role. Red Shirt Must Die.

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Wednesday Woof: the facial hair worn by the Cal State Fullerton baseball team categorized by facial hair type.

Bug Girl outlines the bizarre ongoing kerfuffle from the agrochem industry over the new White House organic garden. The spin/pitch from the agrochem lobby is so retarded and difficult to rationalize (amateur effort) I suspect they put a bunch of chemists in charge of the public affairs and marketing department. Bad move, people. Public affairs is not beginner's voodoo, and obviously not just anyone can pull it off. But it is clear you've hired a bunch of 'tards for the task. Get offa Michelle's case and hire some real communications specialists, you cheap chemmy bastards.

Anyway, ever the even-keeled invertebrate pundit, Bug Girl offers some insight:

"There are lots of benefits to eating locally grown food, and we all could benefit by eating healthier, less processed food. It’s not a black/white, death/life dichotomy. Organic is not our savior, and Pesticides are not Satan."
LithophaneLeeae.jpgGay Pride Bug News: a new pink moth has been discovered in Arizona. Are they sure it wasn't Homer in his Sugar Plum Fairy costume? Pictures of the official 2009 Gay Pride Moth here.

From the comment section in a Dan Savage piece:

"The year 2009: Straight people want no strings sex, and gay people want to get married."
Word. TJ documents yet another tale of typical jimbo righteousness and indignation in the face of social wrongs at the end of this entry. The Lettuce Nazi part is funny too, but I'm telling you it's not just me. My brother and several of my friends from Wisconsin "get that way" when someone is doing something "wrong" in our eyes. It's just how we roll where I'm from. Besides, how would they know they are wrong if nobody calls them out on it? I'm doing society a favor.

Anyhow, I still enjoyed the film, and highly recommend Drag Me To Hell, just not at Gallery Place or Union Station movie theatres. The movie features a good story and great performances from all the actors.

Last night at a birthday dinner, a friend mentioned he had a "W.W.J.D.?" moment the other day. "WWJD?" stands for "What Would Jimbo Do?" at a moment in your life that could possibly call for public righteousness. In his case, he noticed someone had left their HRC umbrella at the door of a gay establishment. Considering my HRC rant the other day, you could predict I would do one of the following:

  1. Exclaim loudly to the entire establishment that some douche bag left their HRC unbrella by the door.
  2. Lie in wait near the door and castigate the owner when he/she returns.
  3. Vandalize it / throw it in the trash.
  4. Take a cell phone picture of it and send it to Twitter with a snarky remark.
And the real answer is: none of the above! Especially if it was a really nice big golf umbrella and it was raining outside at the moment. See, the douche already bought the umbrella at the HRC store or got it with his membership, so the damage is done. His money has already gone to the production of an umbrella and/or to outrageous overhead costs instead of to direct activist action or social change. My first impulse would be to steal his umbrella if it was still there at the end of the night, since it's raining out and I like big umbrellas. But then the guy would probably just buy another umbrella anyway I suppose. So unlike what most people think, I'm Chaotic Good as opposed to Lawful Good, a Ranger instead of a Paladin as most would assume.

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meg.jpgI finally got to watch ‘Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus’ on Friday with friends and it was possibly the most brilliantly cheap and deliberately awful monster movie I've ever seen - and that says a lot. Miss Deborah Gibson was scintillating in her role as an Asian-loving marine biologist, and the two headline gargantua were genuinely spiteful and mean. Did you know that an enraged prehistoric megalodon shark can leap into the air - above the cloudline - and take a bite out of a large passenger jet?

Anyway, not only is Deborah Gibson a STAR, but she has a blog and recently attended a Prop 8 rally.

On that note, I'd like to draw your attention to the latest wave of HRC-related criticism and commentary from Andrew, Chris and That Other Bugg Gurl. A journalist has accused HRC of backdoor deals and deliberate delays on various gay rights efforts, which HRC denies. Meanwhile the gays are becoming impatient with the Obama administration who promised the world and haven't yet delivered, much like Bill Clinton did.

I say we grow impatient with both HRC and the President and stop waiting for them to deliver. They are not delivering, so we must make our demands heard and act ourselves. Our major organizations are spineless and ineffective in addition to being a financial drain. Unless you're content with galas and balls that allow you to have your gay prom of course. I think it's way past the time for these things to happen. And I think HRC is premature in thinking they're so adept with the system that they are an effective, active participant in the legislative process. Clearly they are not.

I have a whole tirade about this that I'll deal with in another entry, but it has to do with the levels of awareness, knowledge, attitudes, skills and participation any movement can have on a particular topic. We are past the awareness stage with most people, they know what the issue is, and many have decided upon their attitude about the topic. Some gays and groups have the right skills to demand change, but we are certainly not yet an effective and active participant in our government institutional processes. We are not part of that game yet.

Our efforts need to focus on changing people's attitudes, and that involves sharing our stories with our friends, neighbors and coworkers, and being out. We're beyond the point where screaming is effective, so we need to talk instead of shout. Once we get more allies and it is uncomfortably apparent by the administration that it's time to change, they will. But right now they're not necessarily compelled to change much of anything, despite what our major money-sucking organizations may say. Our major organizations are content with where we are, and so is the Obama administration. Are you content with how things are?

While I'm on this roll, while national marches are fun, I thought the Join The Impact protests were much more effective at the state level than a national march could be. If there is a march here in the fall of coruse I'll go, but I'd rather see more local efforts which I think brings the story closer to home more effectively than a march in Washington ever could.

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For some reason lately I'm gettin' a lot of hate about being a chiropractic patient. The fact is I have a bad, misaligned lower back. The misalignment causes me to throw my back out about once or twice a year. It hurts when that happens. But when I go in for regular adjustment appointments, the frequency and severity of the muscle spasms decrease. More adjustments = less pain-causing events. The equation is that simple. Plus I feel better after an appointment, and I'm more limber and flexible, and for some reason my weight lifting muscles can lift more too. So hate all you want. It's sort of like being gay except my insurance covers chiropractic appointments - it feels right so I keep doing it, so kiss my recently adjusted ass, chiro-haters.

Anti-hate clergy are making a statement in support of gay marriage in DC, opposing statements made by the antis, many of whom are from Maryland and have no business messin' around in DC politics anyway. It makes me feel good to hear that not all clergy are haters and that some are standing up and opposing the haters publicly.

hurricaneMany of you weather-obsessed queens will hate me because I went to this cool hurricane data and tracking training this week brought to us by some cute meteorologists from the National Hurricane Center. So not only was the training interesting but the instructors were cute too, which helped hold my attention ALL DAY. There was so much information to share I'll avoid writing about it here today, but let it be known that your hurricane forecasting and tracking is in good hands, and they're cute too. Forecasting is increasingly more accurate every year due to new types of modeling, new sampling and monitoring technology, and general meteorologist cuteness which enhances the data.

Oh, I have another angle to my family picnic/gay pride festival analogy. Gay Pride festivals are even more like your family picnic because there's always a relative at the picnic who you'd rather not talk to or gets drunk and takes off their shirt and farts or something. Gay Pride is like that too - some of the people there embarrass you but you have to deal with it because they're still family. The point to either event is to have a good time so relax, angry angertwinks.

In addition to chickens, it's now cool to have bees in the city. It's also busy bee intern season here in the Beltway, and they're already clogging up the escalators and yakking away loudly on the Metro and otherwise being observed doing many stupid things. INTERNS PLEASE SHUT UP! And I don't want to hear "like" after every other goddamn word either. And stop wearing flip-flops to work. I hope an escalator eats your flip-flops: "'Nom-'nom-'nom mmm...flip flops..."

A promo photo for the new 5-part miniseries, Torchwood: Children of Earth, airing in July. Hair care product overload:
Torchwood: Children of Earth promo
I don't watch Torchwood much but sans BSG I gotta get my geek on somehow, and I hear it's kinda gay.

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I don't have much to say this week, nor will I rant lest I be accused of being bitter. I had a very busy weekend and we had our last rugby tournament of the season where I got a fabulous harlequin jersey out of the deal. While the weather was great, I was reminded why I do not play rugby into the summer. When I got home I was talking to a friend on the phone who asked me, "Are you drunk?" The answer was "no" but I sounded drunk because I was all worn out from too much sun. I had not consumed any alcohol, but probably didn't drink enough water. Summer temperatures drain my brain. I stick to biking and running in the summer.

hurricaneAtlantic hurricane season begins this week and goes until November 30. I'm using this event as an opportunity to bring back the annoying animated '.gif' image to the Internets. I miss those days when everyone's personal web page had an annoying animated gif. Web 2.0 needs annoying animated .gif images.

levi001This month's issue of GQ includes an interview with tundra hillbilly Levi Johnston, and a nice quiet chat with angry, bitter actor Christian Bale.

Absolutely unsafe for most workplace viewing but totally hot: Picnic Warriors.

OMG it's June already and that means only one thing: tons of bitter blog rants and articles in the gay press about the pointlessness of Gay Pride festivals and parades. Personally, I see Pride festivals as another excuse to eat roasted turkey legs and cotton candy. I see it as a family reunion of sorts where I tend to see people I haven't seen in a long time and I have nice chats with them. Plus RuPaul is performing this year.

There are many reasons for Pride festivals and parades. If anything, why not have a parade? They're fun and people throw candy right at you! I must note that it is a straight guy on our gay-welcoming rugby team who is coordinating the gay pride festival booth presence this year. We need more participation like that.

There was a massive fish kill at the National Zoo's Amazonia exhibit last week. It almost mirrors the massive fish kill in my front pond over the weekend when I tried to use algicide. I swear the bottle said it wouldn't kill the fish.

I went to a new chiropractor yesterday, and the added bonus is that he's kinda hot. I think he's Jersey Italian, always a nice breed of male. He didn't wrench my back the way my old chiropractor did, but I do feel a difference from the adjustment, and it's good to be back to some regular spinal-wrenching.

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