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I am not planning on partying on New Year's Eve. I partied enough over Christmas break. Plus I was over vomit on the dance floor or in bars a long time ago. Crowds and puke are just not my thing. Instead a few of us will go out for a quiet evening at a local restaurant, and if anyone wants to puke they can do it on each other in the privacy of their own home. New Year's Eve to me is synonymous with vomit, as there's always someone in the house who drinks too much and throws up before the clock strikes twelve.

2008 was a crazy, but generally positive year for me. I visited a lot of new places and got a better job. I lost a friend but gained and strengthened many friendships too. 2008 was notable for good pop music too, in my opinion. Many great albums and tracks came out just in time, as I was about to give up on it entirely.

Here are some highlights from 2008:

U Street at night, Manhattan deathmarch, an evening with TJ and Scott Bakula, going to Ft. Lauderdale with Matt, Kylie's new album, rage-inducing lemon meringue pie with Homer, I built a treebox, Celtic Festival, Brett visits DC, 1st trip to Ireland, sorghum, new job, Kieran visits DC, water polo woof, Fire Island weekend, OMG I'm in MetroWeekly, South Carolina, Touch My Body, evil sex sorcerers, Miss Adam's Morgan pageant, Hercvles & Love Affair, sinkholes and manatees, 2nd trip to Ireland, gay blogger conference.

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refreshed!I've been messing around with the backend of this here blog, fixing and reorganizing and deleting. I've deleted all my archives from 2001 up to November 2007. The weight of all those entries and comments associated with them was bogging down my blogging from an administrative point of view. That and I just didn't feel comfortable with all that personal stuff from so much time up there. I have saved the content and hope to commit it to print for my personal use and rememberance.

A few important technical issues:

  • I reorganized and reclassified the blog links to the right. You might not agree to where I put you, but hey I'm no librarian so I organized them as I saw fit. My single list was just getting too big so I thought it would be a good idea to break some down into categories. They should show up as drop-down menus - let me know if they don't work for you. You should be seeing a drop-down list of plain 'ol blogs, artsy-fartsy blogs, gay & punditry blogs, nature blogs, shaw & dc blogs, and dead blogs. The last list was created for those old skool blogs who no longer post entries, but have a body of work that is still worth a visit. That is where I will put YOUR BLOG if you don't frikkin' update soon.
  • I see from my server log stats that some of you are only bookmarking category pages. Don't you like the rest of what I write, other than entries categorized under 'woof'? When you link to or bookmark this blog, please use this base URL:
  • http://www.jimbo.info/weblog
    Any other URL (web address) will only link to some of the entries from this blog, but not all of them.
  • I've been told the RSS feed and trackbacks don't work. Then I'm told they do work. What case is true for you? The problem may never have been fixed, or maybe it only works for some of you. If it works or does not work, please leave me a comment as to what system/browser/interface you're using, and under what conditions it does or does not work. Hopefully we'll figure out how to fix it.
  • Webmistress: you may delete that massive "archives" folder on the server, and any old stuff up to November 2007. Thanks!

I had a very nice holiday and birthday weekend with a lot of debauchery, but am generally refreshed despite this malingering cough I picked up somewhere. Judging from the complaints about weather delays and choruses of screaming children on the airlines, I don't regret avoiding travel this time of year.

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NOTICE: I'll be givin' the blog an overhaul/makeover/enema today, so please be patient.

Bleh - what an inauspicious birthday. No drama in the years between 35 and 40, just kinda bleh. I'm holding out well though. I've still got some constitution left in me, and the career's going well. Not exciting at the moment, but interesting.

Tonight we went out to Nellie's and then to Town to celebrate ME and my place on this earth and amongst you mere mortals. I didn't last long though as I'm fighting some kind of pheghm monster inside of me that keeps producing gelatinous globs of slime-based life that I do not want in my body. It does not want to be in me either and keeps coming out of its own volition. Hauk.

On Christmas day eve we went out to Taint and the music was awesome. OMG Neneh Cherry. On Christmas day we had dinner upstairs and the demi-glace on the brussels sprouts wasn't bad at all. Christmas eve with the Baltimore Bears was lots of fun and they had delicious microbrew and lovely food of course as you would expect from Bears.

The real Christmas miracle is that I somehow have not gained weight this week. It must be all the running around that negates all the binge feeding with Bears, and coughing up phleghm. Yes, my weight loss is via my lungs and their expectorations.

I hope your holidays have been as cherished and warm as mine.

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There's a new Paul Rudd film called "I Love You, Man," about a guy who is on the hunt for a Best Man. In one scene locks lips with Thomas Lennon (Lieutenant Jim Dangle, "Reno 911") who thinks Rudd's character is looking for a date.

DC is already a ghost town, but there are a few things to do here and there. On Thursday there's the All-Star Christmas Day Jazz Jam at the Kennedy Center, and on Friday you can hear Golem, a six-piece Eastern European folk-punk band is “where Eastern Europe meets the Lower East Side.” Golem, not Gollum.

I'm staying in town, but have been quiet about my plans. If you brag about how you're going to stay in the District and chill out over the holidays, people with pets will approach you to perform babysitting duties. Then you end up spending your vacation time running around all over town taking care of animals the whole weekend, when you originally intended to just chill out. So it's best to stay quiet this time of year.

GRRRR!I'll be having a very hairy Christmas Eve at the annual Baltimore Bear Party tonight. I've been explicitly told that it is not officially a "Bear" party, but bitches please, you've never seen that many large people of facial hair under one roof. Speaking of fur in a warehouse, Joe.My.God posted his photos of his visit to DC to debauch at Blowoff.

Tomorrow we're having Christmas dinner upstairs. Hopefully the two Seans will negate each other. One is the type to spend three days formulating just the right demi-glace so it is absolutely perfect on top of the Cornish game hens. The other is content with Stove Top stuffing. Hopefully the result will be something in between the two extremes. Hopefully it will not be too intense. I've learned to fear the gays on the holidays, as they often go over the top.

The moustache is brought to its logical conclusion. Thanks Fitz!

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dead Barrett was hereBirdwatching this weekend wasn't a total washout, but let's just say there have been more exciting wildlife excursions in the past. I don't know where all the birds were - the most unusual things we saw were the yellow-bellied sapsucker and a red-bellied woodpecker. And lots of tufted titmice. If I can say anything about this year, it's been a big year for tufted titmice - they're everywhere. Anyway, first we went to the Mount Olivet Cemetery to look for birds, where I discovered that there were lots of Irish people in The District, many of whom died in the 1900s. Who knew? There were many Irish names on the gravestones - dying is one thing the Irish seem to do well.

Then we headed over to the National Arboretum where Michael and I were assigned to cover the hill with the Azalea Collections where we spotted tons of tufted titmice. The excitement became too intense so we had to leave after an hour.

After a long disco nap, I headed out on a social deathmarch with Skwurl and Gurl, starting at Nando's in Gallery Place for some delicious pollo a la braza. Then it was off to Nellie's, then to Town where my self-esteem took quite a beating as it should! We eventually ended up at Blowoff for some furry debauchery. Joe.My.God was here for the weekend and took naughty photos of everyone but he hasn't posted them yet.

Photos from this year's Santa Speedo Run in Boston, courtesy of b'bob:

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Miss Lwaxana TroiMajel Barrett Roddenberry, widow of "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry, died today at age 76. She was an actress on the original Star Trek show as Nurse Christine Chapel, was the voice of the computer in Next Generation and other spinoffs, and played the infamous Lwaxana Troi on Star Trek: Next Generation. Lwaxana was Deanna Troi's outgoing Betazoid mother who was basically a drag queen with a thing for Captain Picard. She is not a blood relative as far as I know, but she will be missed.

Happy Holidays from McKenzie the English Pointer - now the official live mascot of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (my alma mater). The beautiful two-year-old English Pointer was adopted from a shelter in Michigan, where she was rescued from a scheduled euthanization. McKenzie is a cute doggie! The English Pointer (a hunting dog) is our mascot because my university was a land grant college originally intended as a training institution for state game wardens who often put the dogs to work out in the field.

Skwurl: Doing anything exciting this weekend?

Jimbo: Duh. Here's a hint: it starts with the letter 'B' and is filled with hairy men, and it's not my butthole.

Skwurl: omg Hahahahahaha, that was good

Next month's Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend is occurring the weekend before Obama's inauguration. Most of the leather queens reserved their hotel spot a year ago, so the event participants are not expecting any hardships due to the influx of so many visitors.

And all those visitors will have to poop somewhere. The National Park Service is peppering the National Mall with over 5,000 port-a-johns in preparation for Inauguration Day.

And for you new members of Congress arriving after that day, welcome to D.C., now come out already (if you were closeted). Let's not have another Mark Foley or Larry Craig debacle, OK?

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Coach ScottChristmas came early today when a half-dozen of my dutiful Seann William Scott informants sent me many links to screenshots of him with a 'stache, in a jockstrap, with a coach's whistle. My only disappointment is that the chest fur police got to him before filming, despite the hopeful trends promoting the fully-furred male. Most of today's entry links are NSFW.

Scott Caan (son of James, Chaka and Noonien Singh) with a beard, bit 'o back fur and low-hangin' bull balls changing clothes after surfing. It makes me feel like these kids.

Hot drummer from a band called Pnau.

Clever girl with muscular dystrophy auctions off her hot ginger twin brothers for charity.

From Sean in Minnesota: Someone to keep you warm during all these snowstorms.

Markie spotted a Cooper's Hawk here in Shaw. They're definitely uncommon in The District. A friend of Homer's was taking pictures in the desert and took some amazing photos of a bobcat. In these photos you can really see how a cryptically colored coat can help camouflage this wily critter! Bobcats are crepuscular, meaning they are usually active at dawn and dusk.

Early this Saturday I'll be going on another Christmas Bird Count (census) with the DC chapter of the National Audubon Society and will hopefully get some good photos. Last year was cold, and this year it will be the same. Today I spotted a small flock of tufted titmice right outside my workplace.

George Bush is pretty good at dodging. I guess he's good at something.

Muppet Wiki. The archivist spent WAAAAAY too much time writing this extensive and accurate guide.

Finally, from Dingo: a fascinating family tree of electronic music. Linnaeus would be proud. Click on all the samples to learn more about the evolution of this diverse music style. My favorites are New Jack, Dirty South, Crunk and Ghetto Tech.

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An article from the Washington Post about a fatal stabbing in Columbia Heights, and two fatal shootings in Shaw early this week. One of them was a gay man whose credit cards, cash, cell phone, and jewelry were still in his possession when his body was found.

DC's Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence (GLOV) reminds you:

** Do not walk alone, especially at night - and don't let your friends walk alone. Consider cabs and bikes.

** DO NOT WALK DRUNK OR IMPAIRED - you increase your risk of being targeted.

** If you go the bars, look out for others - if you see someone walking alone, or you see someone walking drunk, please intervene. You might save their lives.

** If you feel threatened, call 911 immediately - don't be embarrassed - it is better to be safe.

** Do not engage, negotiate, or antagonize. Maintain as much distance as you can with potential attackers. Stay in well-lit, well-traveled areas.

** Report any incidents to the Police (911 or to the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit at 877-495-5995).

** Please also report to GLOV, even if you are not comfortable reporting to the Police: report@glovdc.org.

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I went to see the fim Milk this weekend and it was a good movie with many parallels to the more recent Proposition 8 struggle. Particularly the part where Harvey goes to the owners of the Advocate for endorsement and they're too conservative to support him. If a movement has become institutionalized but activism is still necessary, the instituion is probably impotent. Anyway, Sean Penn was great as Harvey Milk, and worthy of his Oscar nomination, but James Franco gets two thumbs up for rockin' the Castro Clone 'stache so well. I was old enough to remember that look, and I still like it. And it's so good to see the young'uns workin' the stache these days.

Things we do back home to stay warm in the winter: burglar in LaCrosse, Wisconsin steals laptop, cat, tube of lube and jar of Vaseline. Me-ow!

that windswept gender-neutral lookHere's the new symbol identifying the gender-neutral changing facilities at the George Washington University's Lerner Health and Wellness Center. I e-mailed the link to symbol, flag and sign fan Sheepy and he responded: "It has a windswept look to it."

Italian rugby union team models Dolce & Gabbana Underwear. Click on the video link for more.

Gingko berries stink in the streets of DC.

7 gadgets that make you look like a jerk. The iPhone is a glaring omission from the lineup. I'm guessing the article was written on an iPhone by the author.

News about the Stargate Universe show on the SciFi Channel.

Here's my limited edition Battlestar Galactica "Last Supper" print:
Behold and Despair
Behold and despair, bitches - it's mine!

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Cookie MonsterStumped on what to bake for the holidays? Check out the pretty pictures of holiday cookies - with recipes - in this entertaining WashingtonPost.com photo gallery. It's basically cookie porn. Click and salivate.

Cookie wizard Hareg Messert makes her mark at Chez Hareg bakery in Shaw.

Hot firemen with cute rescue dogs on the Sunset Strip. Please support hot firemen and adopt a pound puppy.

GWAR: still slayin' 'em after 20 years. They're performing this Sunday at the 9:30 Club. If you haven't seen them in concert, you should.

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Silver Bells: it's Christmas time in the city.Today was apparently "Day Without a Gay," Join the Impact's disappointing follow-up effort*, as 2nd albums usually are. I took a day off yesterday to catch up on sleep and do chores, but came into work today. I'm not particularly busy right now at work, and I do emergency management and calling in gay is not an option when there is a crisis. Plus I don't have much leave time accrued yet. To make up for it I will flame out or act like Rip Taylor and throw confetti around at work or something like that.

* Have you ever noticed a band with an awesome debut album often has a shitty follow-up album? The rule applies to organizations as well.

I came across an interesting discussion between characters in a novel that touches on the subject of "the sanctity of marriage." The Man of Property (1906) is part of a novel sequence known as The Forsyte Saga, by John Galsworthy:

"The core of it all is property, but there are many people who would not like it put that way. To them it is 'the sanctity of marriage tie'; but the sanctity of the marriage tie is dependent on the sanctity of the family, and the sanctity of the family is dependent on the sanctity of property. And yet I imagine all these people are followers of One who never owned anything. It is curious!"

Curious indeed...I've always thought the gay marriage case needs to be framed as a financial issue. Rich gay couples don't need to worry about the benefits of a civil union or marriage because they can arrange privately constructed legal contracts to protect their property in times of crisis or divorce. Medium to low-income gay couples don't have these legal backup systems at their disposal. So for example when the disgruntled parents of a deceased same-sex spouse legally come in to take the couple's furniture, the widow(er) has few options to fight the loss of their accumulated assets. Mary Cheney or Elton John don't have to worry about being married, because they probably got a lawyer to take care of co-ownership, financial and property issues. The rest of us groundling gays are shit out of luck without the protections that marriage grants to a couple.

From eschew: "Coming out was the hardest thing I ever did," says gay rugby union referee Nigel Owens. I'm kind of surprised that it took this long for a ref to come out. To my knowledge there are at least two g/l/bi/tr refs in our local rugby union, although I don't know to what degree they are "out." Still, rugby is kind of gay, and the players know that, so coming out shouldn't be a problem. But coming out is a challenging personal trial where external factors are blown out of proportion in the tortured mind of the closeted gay. I'm so glad I did it way back in 1990. I can't imagine carrying around 20 years of baggage, and that sort of emotional baggage can become incredibly heavy on the soul over time. Wendy and Lisa - White Flags of Winter ChimneysComing out is like taking a huge mental dump, with the massive toilet-cracking turd being psychic rather than made of poo. Go ahead, sit on the porcelain seat of life and take that dump. You'll feel better afterwards, I promise.

OMG run, don't walk over to Wendy and Lisa's site to order or download their new album, which came out yesterday. It's not as heavily produced as their former albums, but it is definitely good stuff. So far I like Invisible, You and I, Salt & Cherries (Sounds like Bob Mould) and Viste, a popular camp song apparently performed for their children? FYI: I read on their Facebook page that they are both quite heterosexual, the whole lesbian schtick being Prince's idea to sow controversy way back in the Purple Rain days. So nice that you would want to market gays and lesbians to boost your brand, Princey-poo, now that we know how U really feel. Douche bag glyphy-man, it is over between us.

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I'm amazed I survived last week. The two days after I returned from Ireland I was the biggest bitch in DC from jet lag and leprechaun separation anxiety. And I swear I didn't eat any tainted Irish pork during my trip. The pork I ate was safe, thick and delicious. I savored every bit of hot Irish pork as much as I could, and I feel great about it.

Upon returning to the U.S. I was met with appointments every night of the week, and a looming big fat final paper for my public relations techniques class, finished in much haste last night. There was also the National LGBT Blogger and Citizen Journalist Initiative seminars and events to go to, thanks to a kind and thoughtful invite from Mike Rogers of the infamous outing blog BlogActive. Due to a very busy schedule I was only able to attend about 1/3 of the seminars, but it was worth it and I got to meet a lot of passionate and fun bloggers.

I observed that most bloggers can't sit still for more than 10 minutes or so without messing with some device, particularly Eric Leven. He's a hyper Ritalin sponge, jumping around the room like a cricket in a microwave. But that's OK because he's woofy. I also got to hang out with Joe.My.God and Father Tony, and also met little Buffalo bearcub buffawhat Nate and Blabbeando, who always takes good notes. I said hello to Miss Pam's House Blend, and met Michael and Zack from The New Gay who were part of a discussion panel about group blogging.

On Saturday we had lunch with the Victory Fund International Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference attendees and I got to hear openly gay U.S. Congressman Barney Frank speak, and later a panel led by Miss Pam House Blend on winning coalitions for the common good. Later that afternoon I listened to Mike Stark of Calling All Wingnuts, Scott Schmidt of Boi From Troy, and Mr. Mike Rogers discuss using the web as a power tool in the fight for equality.

Fast forward to acting as the A/V geek for our rugby team's 10th anniversary dinner. It was good to see many of the Old Skool Renegades and gurls, and celebrate a good season and kick off another decade of gay(ish) rugby. The event was held at the American Legion hall on Capitol Hill, where the bartender was mighty generous with his pours. I had three tumblers of whiskey only slightly tainted by Coke. By the end of it I forgot to grab my camera, projectors and laptops as I headed out into the haze in my drunkedness.

But I was remarkably chipper the next day for some more gay blogger conferencing, with some media presentation training from Joel Silberman, and public relations tactics with Cathy Renna. Then I rushed to an unnecessarily long rugby team annual meeting where I got voted in again to be on the team board of directors. I will reprezent.

So I've now been sucked into the socialist gay agenda "scene" and am a mindless automaton beholden to the will of HRC. Seriously though, I did learn a few new tricks and am confident the gay bloggers out there are a passionate bunch and are out there to help and make positive change, so stay tuned!

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  • Banned in 2008-2009Hannah Montana (two years in a row!)
  • Alaska
  • iPhones
  • The name "Kayleigh"
  • Plumbers
  • Photos on Facebook of you drinking in a bar
  • Large sunglasses
  • Magic underpants
  • MetroRail and Metrobus temperatures above 90 degrees in winter
  • "The Sanctity of Marriage" (thanks Homer)
  • Bailouts
But I am happy about:
  • The return of the 'stache
  • Proper pronunciation of the word "nuclear"
  • Citywide smoking bans in bars and restaurants
  • Pop music
  • Caprica (Thanks Lee)
  • Grace Jones
  • Furry little leprechauns
  • A new President
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Wellington MonumentI'm tired and worn out from the return flight, but I had a nice time in Dublin over a long Thanksgiving break. My lovely host Kieran was a wonderful cook and tour guide and all-around great to be with. Pardon my tired writing but I wanna get it down while it's somewhat fresh in my mind and before a busy week starts up.

I got a tour of Dublin's huge Phoenix Park which featured the President's House and Wellington Monument, both of which bear a remarkable resemblance to similar structures in DC. You've already seen the photo of ancient Newgrange which we saw on Saturday. It was amazing to be so close to an ancient structure, and we got a simulation of what winter solstice is like within the tomb. However, I was happy to get back out again and let some more tourists file in, it was a wee bit claustrophobic in there...

Leinster vs. DragonsLater on we watched the Leinster vs. the Newport/Gwent Dragons rugby match. Leinster won 29-13 in a very chilly game. I had expected the crowd to be rowdy, but they were fairly subdued, maybe it was the cold. I had a hot whiskey drink to stay warm chased down by a Guinness. One thing I like about rugby is that it's usually a finite 80-minute affair, not trailing along like baseball and American football. Rugby is continuous play, and stops when it should unless there's a double-triple-dog-dare tiebreaker, which is rare. Later on we went out to Panti Bar for a few more with the Dublin boys and had a great time.

I didn't think we'd have time to see the Book of Kells and The Long Room Library at Trinity College, but we managed to fit it in somehow. I really thought The Long Room looked a lot like the Jedi Academy library as seen in the last Star Wars flick, but I'd have to review the film to confirm that.

That's a wrap, I'm off to bed. More photos here.

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