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ScoreboardBen.jpgWhile I am loathe to link to that blog that has never reciprocated a mutual link, I must draw your attention to that blog's recent entry about my future husband Ben Cohen.

However, I am concerned about Ben. He's starting to become "ripped" and I don't like that look on him. I like my rugby-playin' Ben with a 'lil bit of something to hold onto. I'm not talking morbidly obese, just not emaciated like how Seann Scott and Ryan Reynolds have become lately - more like how Scott Caan has been looking , you know? Anyway, I'm off to make a sandwich for Ben because he's looking too skinny.

The sad thing is here in gay DC if you mention you like that sort of thing on guys, everyone assumes you're into morbidly obese guys because in DC there is no in-between, only extremes. And when I mentioned how I liked that look on one particular date he ran away and cryed himself to sleep. Apparently I crushed his self-esteem for months after that. Sorry, but I think it looks good on you, but next time I'll just say "I think you're attractive" because we are not allowed to express our true feelings or thoughts to other gays in DC, only the most diplomatic and inoffensive statements are allowed else psyches are devastated.

Besides, if you are a normal person with a normal work/life schedule, you may not be able to maintain that ripped look. Sure, some gays do, often from a strict low-carb diet and full exercise schedule, but keep in mind not everyone defines that as perfection. But I'm ripped like that right now because I've been moving and packing shit every day and am out of food and stressed out so I'm totally starving but at least I'm ripped and I won't cry myself to sleep tonight. I'll just be awake from starvation. Come to think of it, the only other time I've ever been ripped was when I was unemployed, depressed from a breakup and totally stressing about paying rent. So in that case that healthy ripped look wasn't necessarily an indicator of mental health.

Season 3 of Isabella Rossellini's 'Green Porno' is out, more clever and educational than ever. These video shorts about sex in the natural world are funny and highly informative.

Like salmon, eels from Europe's freshwater streams go out to sea to spawn. But scientists could only guess where they went. But recent innovations in tracking technology may solve this old anadromous mystery.

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SteviePointer.jpgWhile I went to my recent graduate classes on a campus adjacent to the main University of Maryland flagship school, I learned yesterday from my advisor that I am not officially a Maryland Terrapin. Upon hearing the news I was crushed - the school I got my degree from is an adult education satellite institution within the University of Maryland system that has no mascot. But it is not technically part the University of Maryland - College Park campus - it's just a campus that happens to be next to UMD proper. However, I did work at the main UMD campus for 4 1/2 years, so perhaps I am a Terp in spirit - but still not officially an alumnus even though I took a few courses on the main campus.

I'm pretty sure I'm not yet a Redskin, but I no longer feel the need to identify with the Packers either. The Ravens are nice but I don't live in Baltimore. The only thing I'm sure of is that I am still a Pointer. The mascots of the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point (where I got my undergrad degree) are German shorthair pointer dogs named Stevie and Stephie Pointer. My alma mater was a land grant institution that trained game wardens back in the day, so a hunting dog was an appropriate choice. UWSP recently adopted a live mascot named McKenzie. We probably have a battle cry but I will choose to just say "WOOF!" because I say it a lot anyway, particularly when my honey pot is on fire. I just noticed that they now have a women's hockey team! Go Pointer Grrrlz! No doubt the stout Polish girls of Central Wisconsin make sturdy adversaries on the rink.

Official Dungeons and Dragons soft drinks are now available. I haven't tried them yet so I can't say how they taste. Flavors include Potion of Healing, Sneak Attack, Bigby's Crushing Thirst Destroyer, Dwarven Draught, and my personal favorite Eldritch Blast. Purchases include a free drow assassin miniature while quantities last.

The Alice in Wonderland trailer has me excited for the latest Tim Burton creation.

Check out the images at the bottom of the article about a vile parasitic isopod that replaces the fish's tounge with itself.

Here is a nice image gallery of summer scene photos taken by photoman Dan from San Diego. I think they're nice.

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