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052809MWcover_Jake NodarThis week's Metro Weekly cover features Jake Nodar, one of the stars of Discovery Channel's Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment. MWs editorial director Sean Bugg reveals more on his blog. I wish I knew about that reality show - I coulda been a contender!

Hot chicken with poultry, Cajun Bear with poultry. Can't stop with the poultry obsession.

Cougars set to invade DC. Will they eat all the Jennifers alive? Let's hope so.

Speaking of cougars, yesterday was Stevie Nicks' birthday (61), and tomorrow is Kylie Minogue's birthday (41). That left me in a canyon of OMG for the week.

From Phillip in the U.K., rooks (a European relative of the raven, crow and jay) are clever birds.

From Boobob: Portland, Oregon - the Beardiest City in America. Check out the slideshow, and I'm a fan of the dudes on pages 2 and 5.

Youk has some competition for goatee supremacy from Tim Redding of the New York Mets. He used to pitch for the Nats. How did I miss this?

I hit the ground running after such a relaxing weekend with early work days on Tuesday and Wednesday with a load of work plopped on my desk, and my last summer night class starting at 7pm and going until 10. It's nowhere near any convenient MetroRail stops and the commute back home late at night sucked big time.

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Wednesday MegaWoof: hot Dr. Bob Cargill - safe for work if you can handle his smouldering hotness, scroll down the link for his sultry beardy press pics.

I now have a Twitter account. It's interesting, but I'm still kinda old-fashioned and find even "simple" text messaging to be cumbersome. Twitter is simply annoying to me. I don't care what you're thinking every minute of the day, and I don't think you need to know what I'm thinking every minute of the day either. Instead, I prefer to serve it to you by the slice via blog entries, rather than intravenously throughout the day.

But I do see the usefulness of Twitter for information that actually matters, like the stuff I do for work. When I first set up my personal account on Twitter I discovered that my agency is the only disease- or emergency-management related Federal agency that does not have a Twitter account. And someone else is Twittering about the news I'm supposed to be sharing with the public and the press. How embarrassing. I mentioned to management that at the very least we should have an account to start building a cadre of followers, and use Twitter as a notification system for when we update our website press release page. And if an emergency were to actually happen, we could be ready with this simple notification system. We could have it set up in 10 minutes, but I've been told to wait. How frustrating and pointless. While we're at it, let me throw my toolbox in the dumpster and run around naked and screaming.

Anyway, let's escape to a fantasy world, shall we? I finally went to see Star Trek at an undisclosed location where the shows do not sell out. I thought the casting was brilliant, but the story was kind of busy at times. I mean how many times can you weave time travel into a plot? And let's blow up yet another homeworld while we're at it. But the action was fun, and I really liked Bones and the new kung fu serious Sulu.

I am debating on going backpacking at my usual trails in the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area weather and cam. Some weather reports predict foul skies, some do not, but when you're up there and the weather is shitty, it's really shitty. Plus I've been there enough times to be able to blow off a trip if the weather promises to be uncomfortable. Still on the fence about it, we'll see.

Here is another sober, non-sensational story about H1N1, a disease which has made an acquaintance of mine a little famous in Peru. I advised him to get in touch with his Senate/House representatives and with the U.S. Embassy in Peru, lest they decide to make him into a political tool in some way.

One of my favorite advice columnists, Dr. Andrea Bonior also has some mental health tips for those of you worrying about H1N1 in her Baggage Check column.

Popular gay clothing store Universal Gurl was robbed by brazen theives who were caught on camera. I think they need some 300+ pound doormen who know how to tackle a skinny kid. Choose a single target, bring him down, and waterboard the thief later. His friends will not stick around to retrieve him and he will talk. But that's just me. I do like to buy my package-enhancing colored cotton underwear there, and a pair of tight-butt jeans I purchased there years ago is still in good shape.

Surprise! Newt Gingrich didn't know what the fuck he was talking about regarding the Uighurs. The Uighurs respond to the Gingrich douchebaggery.
Ruby Rhod
And finally this animated graphic, simply because I loved Chris Tucker's "Ruby Rhod" character so much in the film The Fifth Element.

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GLOV.jpgOn Tuesday May 19th, 2009, GLOV (DC's GLBT Anti-Violence Task Force) is holding a candlelight vigil and march to raise awareness about hate crimes against the GLBT community and to renew focus on the murder of Durval Martin to hopefully bring in new leads and help MPD close this case.

On December 16, 2008 Durval Martins was shot and killed while walking home at the intersection of 11th and Q streets, NW in DC’s Logan Circle neighborhood. Local community leaders will be in attendance to raise awareness, enlist community support in finding those responsible and condemn hate-biased violence. Durval’s identical twin brother, Pedro, will be there to join us. We ask that you come, too – bring friends, neighbors, colleagues, and families -- and please wear white to show your support.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 19, 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (estimated)

WHERE: Introductory remarks at Reeve Center Courtyard (Corner of 14th and U streets, NW). Procession will head South on 14th street, East on Q street, end at 11th and Q streets, NW and end with a moment of silence at corner of 11th and Q streets, NW (the site of Durval Martins’ murder).

WHAT TO WEAR: Attendees are encouraged to show solidarity by wearing white.

- - -

There's a great photo essay with audio in the New York Times about a straight player who joins his gay brother on the Gotham Knights rugby team to bond.

Happy Syttende Mai! Perhaps on this day in observance of Norway's independence we can learn how to be frugal like this country that has bucked today's economic woes.

Newt Gingrich thinks he knows everthing about Central Asia's Chinese Muslim minority, the Uighurs. During my Peace Corps experience several of my students and friends were Uighur - not all of them are Islamist militants.

Tree Box FailToday me and Mari went to see The Garden at the E Street theaters. The documentary film is about a community garden that gets displaced, and the gardeners try their best to preserve it through activism and legal routes. Mari and I are likely to face similar resistance in our chicken anarchy efforts.

On our way back home from the movie, we noticed that the McDonald's at 9th and E Streets NW had nailed a sign to the tree in their treebox advertising that they maintain the flowers outside their store. They get an A for effort for maintaining the treebox, but a FAIL for nailing the sign to the tree. Nails in the trunk or damage to the bark can open a route for disease entry into a tree.

We may lose our favorite bearded city administrator Dan Tangherlini to the Obama cabinet.

I'm loving this new track Bulletproof from a group called La Roux from the U.K.:

It reminds me of a resurrection of New Order, old Eurythmics, and Erasure. Fun, bouncy electronica.

Kenneth in the 212 has some good advice for Madonna in light of Kylie's arrival to North America this fall:

"YOU'RE NO FUN ANYMORE. Do I really want to shell out 200 bucks to watch you do the same old hypersexual dance moves with your same old 20 mixed-race bisexual dancers (all in unison, now!) while hanging off a cross or showing some other tired "political" or otherwise "shocking" video AGAIN -- all while you REFUSE to sing perform the songs your fans want to hear most??"
Having been to a Madonna concert I can tell you that her shows are all about her - you can almost feel the invisible wall that protects her. Whereas Kylie is a SHOWGIRL!

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The Beltsville Small White turkeyMy neighbor Mari is obsessed with chickens, and I think she really, really wants a chicken coop in the city. But in many cities having chickens is illegal, but so is pot smoking or sales and distribution, or tax evasion, or illegal squatting, all of which happen on my block on a daily basis and neither the city nor the cops don't do a thing about it so the authorities can suck it! I'm gonna start setting up a poultry facility or an aquaculture farm some day soon. I call for CHICKEN ANARCHY IN THE CITY!

I am still obsessed with Homer's chicken, named Henny-Penny. BrettCajun is another blogger with chickens, but you don't often see pictures of his chickens because that would take up valuable blogging space of Brett pictures, of which there are many on his blog.

Other poultry obsessive links:
Build a stealth coop, community chickens, poultry now urban hipster chic, WaPo Chicken article and image gallery, Just Food: The City Farms.

A fascinating article from The City Paper about our very own Beltsville Small White turkey, the progenitor of most of today's turkey stock. This special bird is apparently a world poultry heritage line that people are trying to preserve.

This is a tilapia, which can also be grown for food:
It looks like it will be a very quiet weekend for me, with the exception of Blowoff on Saturday night. Everyone is out of town, not that my phone was ringin' when they were in town...I am getting tired of communicating with people solely through Facebook. We have voices people, let's use them and the fingers Zod gave us to dial the frikkin' phone!

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meg.jpgA few more blogs died in the past few weeks. R.I.P "Art Is For Losers" and "Glennalicious." Blogicide is sad. (correction: AIFL is not dead, it just moved)

Thankfully, Miss Deborah Gibson is still blogging, and is in an incredible new movie called ‘Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus’. The confluence of elements in this film is almost too much to bear. I would probably explode if Crystal was fighting Alexis in the water over the carcasses.

I went to the theaters yesterday with the intent to see Star Trek , thinking on a Tuesday night it wouldn't be crowded. It was sold out. So I went to see Wolverine instead, which was good fun. Jackman was good in his role, Wolvie and Sabretooth's dad was hot, but the guys I'm hot for in movies always die within minutes. I LOVED Gambit and of course Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds shines in any movie he's in, but as you know I'm a bit biased. If a Deadpool film is really in the works, I'm all for it.

I'll see Trek soon enough I'm sure. Meanwhile it's been fun observing the internecine geek war between Trek traditionalists, Next Gen Trekkers and the new Reboot Fanatic faction. Nerds everywhere are crying, pulling their own or others' hair out and are generally outraged. Count Lileks in as a Reboot faction member:

Engineering should look like Engineering, with a big throbbing warp core with lights that go up and down and catwalks all around it, because if there aren’t any catwalks there’s nothing from which people can be catapulated, screaming, when the ship is attacked.

Hip citydwellers challenging chicken ordinances. Retailers can't throw enough discounts at customers these days.

Finally, after two years the iris in the front pond has sent up some flowers:
Pond Iris

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The Trouble With Quibbles: With Films Like 'Star Trek,' Overzealous Fans Exert an Unhealthy Pressure on Moviemakers. A brilliant essay on the downfalls of extreme nerdery.

Norwegians set to descend on Westby for Syttende Mai. Syttende Mai means "May 17th," the Norwegian celebration of independence from the evil Danes.

It turns out the flu that's been going around isn't really Mexican, it's full name being "swine influenza A (H1N1) triple reassortant virus, A/Wisconsin/87/2005 H1N1." It originated in Wisconsin in 2005. Finally, a sober and scientific review of this recent outbreak in Newsweek:

It is the manner of human beings to seek blame during times of fear. Fingers are now pointing, either at the entire pig species Sus domestica, or at the nation of Mexico. Such exercises in blame are not only scientifically ill founded, but are likely to prompt government actions that, at the very least, are useless and, at worst, harmful for efforts to control a pandemic.

The author is Laurie Garrett, a science writer with a science background, and the only writer ever to have been awarded all three of the Big "Ps" of journalism: The Peabody, The Polk (twice), and The Pulitzer. It's a long article but well worth your time to read.

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I woke up again with full-body soreness as if I had played a rugby match the night before. But I had not played a match, nor had I worked out. It's the bed, I realized. I've the same mattress for a long time, and I suspect it's time for a replacement. I've been waking up more and more sore every month, and the longer I sleep, the more tired and achy I feel. Not the way sleep is supposed to be I suspect.

So I finally bit the bullet and decided to shop for a new mattress this weekend after some research. On this journey I discovered the most informative single-topic blog I've ever read in my life: I gotta tell ya, if you have a question about mattresses, it's on this blog. It must be written by people in the mattress industry or something, but you don't need to go anywhere else for information, it's all on

Price was no matter by this point, I'll pay whatever I have to for comfort and rest. But I lucked out with a big fat sale at Macy's, and they couldn't throw enough discounts at me either. They met my criteria being metro-accessible with free delivery. When I got there Uncle Fester helped me select the right one. I was shocked to find that even their low-end Aztec Sacrifice™ Basalt Slab model was more comfortable than my own. I ended up selecting the Simmons Beautyrest, which arrives Friday. I can't wait to get a decent night's sleep. I knew something was up when I thought the pull-out couch at Stephen's house with the backbreaking support rod was more comfortable than my own bed.

I missed “Expedition Grizzly featuring Casey Anderson,” on Sunday. Casey is kinda woofy, so I hope he doesn't get eaten by the bears.

More hotness: that Old Spice Centaur commercial model's name is Scott Bailey. I gotta get my ass over to Narnia soon...anyone have an old musty wardrobe filled with fur coats that's kinda drafty?

Nice pit shot. Sadly, he's beardless, but I'm still gonna go see it. I hear he saves the film with his smartass remarks, as he did in Blade III.

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