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Again, please don't change your URL bookmarks and stuff like that. I'm still waiting for Webmistress to point stuff in the right direction....

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I'm signing off of Facebook and Twitter for a while until the iHysteria settles down. Apparently there's some new Apple product release that Mac/Apple/iTurd fans are hyperventilating about. Please STFU about such things, it bores us.

Oh, speaking of iProducts, somebody wrote another cell phone etiquette list that no one will pay attention to, and somebody came up with a new term: the iPhone effect. That's when one iPhone user pulls out his noisome device, then the rest in the group pull out theirs too effectively ending all eye contact and socialization.

Yep, that's about how it goes in any DC social situation. Manners mavens are even starting to suggest that people not look up or perform a information searches during phone conversations or social settings due to the inevitable cascade of rudeness and antisocial behavior that follows. Comments (30) on my rant about iPhones, gays and Grindr make me think that this problem is concentrated in DC due to extreme techism/wonkiness, and perhaps moreso in my personal peer group. Last week I attended a party where only 1 of 20 people were fixated on his handheld device, as opposed to 50% of my peer group at any given time.

This week Dawkins raises a good point about hypocritical Christians disapproving of Pat Robertson's comments soon after the Haiti earthquake. Scathing! It is a fine rant as rants go.

ceilingcattn.jpgWould you rather have rats in your walls, ceiling cat staring at you through a hole in the drywall, or a lesbian judge listening to your calls from the attic?

The New Gay is hosting another Homo/Sonic party featuring regular DJs Zack and Michael, and special returning guest Natty Boom (of the Anthology of Booty) for a night of ass-shaking, booby swinging, indie, goth, electro, retro, disco, booty pop and beyond. Their parties are coed, trans-inclusive and straight friendly. It's on Friday, January 29 @ The Black Cat, 1811 14th St, NW 9:30 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. All Ages, $10.

But I'm conflicted yet again because OMG DJ TM TM will be spinning at Apex for their Winterland event at the same time as Homo/Sonic. What to do? A "Princess Appearance" will suffice.

Are you using reusable grocery bags more than you normally would due to DC's new 5-cent bag tax? Apparently it's working to reduce plastic bag consumption. Personally, I need those bags for the lunch I pack, so I've been running out a lot lately. I guess I'll have to get more from the Anacostia River.

I did hear about the prisoner in Wisconsin who was barred from playing Dungeons and Dragons out of concern that the game promotes the formations of gangs. But the judge has the entymology all wrong. D&D doesn't promote the formation of gangs, it promotes the formation of parties. Duh.

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NineSisters.jpgI think it's time for another screening of Xanadu.

"A story about a girl who makes dreams come true."

Xanadu Megamix. Another non-O.N-J megamix.

"I'm Alive"

Electric Light Orchestra + Don Bluth animation (pre- or post-Dragon's Lair?)

Thanks to Brettie for the incredibly obscure image of the album cover that's the front for O.N-J's character in the film.

Where on earth did you find that?

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The blinky animated .gif of Bubbles was even bothering me so I had to write another post to push it down the queue. I know I did a good job when I end up annoying myself with something I created. I'm proud of that.

(RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)² + (OOH)(LA)²

The New Gay StaffThe New Gay staff won't stop pestering me to pimp out their events and I forgot to add it to the last post, so here goes:
DJ Natty Boom will be on hand at the Black Cat mainstage on Saturday, Jan. 2 to help spin some of the best indie, goth, rock, alternative, electro, retro and other music that is still somewhat unknown therefore tolerable to TNG staff until some common person hears about the band and then it's no longer cool.

There will be early morning birdwatching that day, so I don't know if I'll be in any condition to go out that evening. The initial birdwatching census was rescheduled due to the Snopocalypse*. My plans for New Year's Eve are pretty tame, just dinner out with friends. I long ago tired of going out to clubs and having to leap over that inevitable curdling puddle of vomit dropped before the ball did. Like my bearded buddy Xanthos says, "NYE is for amateurs." I save my party points to spread throughout the year.

Why is everyone hatin' on 2009, or the last decade for that matter? OK maybe the last decade started off bad then got worse with 8 years of Bush fucking everything up, but we survived. 2009 wasn't that bad. I would post a retrospective of the year but reviewing the past year's entries and linking to them and writing about my feelings about them takes time and you'll have to wait.

BUT I must mention that the BUTT Magazine interview with our Dungeons and Dragons gaming group did make the "Best of 2009" list of their online content. The BUTT link is probably Not Safe for Work. The story didn't make the 'zine's print edition but the online story was popular.

BrettCajun is a Bitter Old Swamp HagAnyway, back to hatin' on things. Now I'm no ray of sunshine but ever since I moved out of a basement and into a bedroom that faces the rising sun, I have been in a slightly better mood, and friends have noticed that. Perhaps a little dark magic was involved in some kind of mood transposition spell, or I dumped my negativity into the Mississippi river and it flowed down to New Orleans where some poor mangy nutria slurped it out of the mud.

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes: and leap!

It's time to try
Defying gravity
I think I'll try
Defying gravity
And you can't pull me down!

* FYI we never got the "thundersnow" the weather forecasters promised.

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So I finally broke down and purchased a Verizon Motorola DROID smartphone. My ancient Verizon Razr cell phone was dying, with the battery running out quickly and an occasional black screen of death on the thing. It was probably over four years old anyway. But since Grindr is not yet available as an app for the DROID, my new purchase is basically worthless.

psycho blinky animated holiday .gif of Bubbles NOM NOM NOM NOMBut when I have pulled it out amongst the iPhone crowd I've heard regular confessions that the iPhone's AT&T network connectivity sucks, and iPhone users have been regularly annoyed by dropped calls. This fills me with joy, as I have never been dropped on the Verizon network. Neener-neener, you smug iPhone users. That said, I don't recommend you ever try to get Verizon to install a land line in your home. Verizon is good for wireless, but horrible for land line installation and support.

Anyway, when I first got a demo of the DROID I learned that it interfaces with Gmail and Facebook quite well, and since I had a Verizon product beforehand, it was very easy to transfer my phone contacts to the DROID. And then I noticed it seamlessly integrated my Facebook contacts with my phone contacts, so when I call up a name from my contacts list, options for calling, texting or messaging on Facebook come up. Very nice.

It has lots of other apps that are useful but I'm still learning how to use the thing. So far I have only been able to make it play the Transformers transform noise when a notification comes in. I do plan on pulling out my DROID at inappropriate times during holiday gatherings, movie screenings, funerals, weddings, at nice restaurants, and in the middle of intimate verbal converstations. I may not be looking at anything in particular, but I hope to destroy all non-digital social interaction because now I can.

I had a nice birthday gathering at Nellie's the night before my actual birth date, which was on Monday. Going out drinking on a Sunday pretty much wiped out the early part of this week though, but my old bones are recovered by now. Anyhow, at one point in the evening Clickboo started giving me the spins on a bar stool, and I said "WHEEE!" and then threw up and everybody laughed:
Photo by M.V. Janzen. I took some photos he took of my friend Bubbles and made an old fashioned annoying animated .gif, which is that irritating blinky image at the above right that I uploaded for no reason other than to induce seizures in my readers.

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  • penicillium_conidiaAuto-tuned vocals
  • Sarah Palin
  • Put your fucking iPhone away
  • Mold
  • Heterosexuals with litters over a half-dozen
  • Carpetbaggers
  • Magic underpants (2nd year in a row!)
  • Lady GaGa parodies
  • Farmville gift notifications
  • Jaded gays at Kylie Minogue concerts

AlCa.jpgI'll have to admit, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus has been given a reprieve due to 'Party in the U.S.A.' and has been lifted from the 2009 banned list.

But I am happy about:

  • Glee
  • Yet more 'staches
  • The prospect of gay marriage in DC
  • A raise
  • Not living in a basement
  • Personal debt down to levels I will soon pay off
  • Sam Worthington and his woofy neck scruff
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