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October 24, 2007

give the gift of fur this year

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It is the CFC Combined Federal Campaign season again here in the land of bureaucrats and politicians. Just another reminder that you can focus your giving to smaller organizations with less overhead. That way more of your money will be spent towards the cause you feel strongly about, rather than it being sucked into a huge organizational void and into the pockets of overpaid directors and CEOs. Some of my local favorites include the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue; Books, Bears & Bonnets; and PFLAG.

This Moveable Type blog interface is still on the fritz: I can't approve (or even see) comments and can only blog via Flickr. So keep your comments at bay for the time being and be patient.

Whoo-hoo! It's raining! It's been raining all day, a nice drizzly soaker for the trees. The air smells considerably fresher in the city.

As I quickly approach my 2,000th blog entry, I contemplate blogicide as well. Plus it would be fun to blame Eric as the cause of a mass blogicide in the blogosphere. But seriously, after eight years I'm running out of things to write about, and a lot of it has been a lot of bitching lately. Cathartic as it is, I have work to do too. The past couple of days have been remarkably productive, especially during a crunch time. That and it bums me out that The Washington Post calls a five-part news story a 'blog' when I know they know better than that. (Blogs allow commentary, and are not just a static news story). I fear the age of the narcissistic/voyeuristic relationship between slackers at work and the overly open may be coming to an end.

Click here to hear a hungry pig!

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October 23, 2007


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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No Comment

Dogs Need Korn Too
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My ability to post and approve comments via the Moveable Type user interface seems to be down at the moment, possibly due to a malicious SPAM comment script (my guess). Just testing trying to post via Flickr, with a cute pic of boxers eating corn.

Don't freak if your comments don't go through, we're workin' on it. Thank you for your patience.

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October 22, 2007

good times

Crimeny - you'd think after a week since the Packers beat the Redskins at Lambeau Field in Green Bay that the locals would be over it. I didn't even think about the significance of wearing a Green Bay Packers shirt out on the street last night, and forgot there was a Redskins game that day. So as I'm walking around Eastern market I hear hisses and boos from rabid Redskins fans. Bitter, bitter people. Crazed like purple Baltimore Ravens fans I guess.

Watering HoleThe vital match this weekend was a nail-biter and a heartbreaker, with a final score of 25-27. While we were the leaders in points scored in our division as of last week, I don't quite understand why we don't have a likelihood of getting into the playoffs. The officials have been silent on this matter, so perhaps there is still hope. Winning Saturday's match would have sealed the deal, however.

It was a nice Saturday to be outside, and later that day the South Africa Springboks beat England to win the rugby world cup in France. Blowoff was a crazed event, and I saw lots of friends and got to catch up with many people. We were blessed by an appearance of our coach's wife who dove right into the Saliva Pit after asking politely where it was. Good times.

Some nice things about DC:

- lots of concerts and events;
- free museums!
- a new U.S. Botanic Garden;
- Lactaid is available at most major grocery stores.

Team Photo from this Saturday:
2007 Renegades Team Photo
I don't think I'll have time to throw together a costume for Halloween this year. Just too busy with work and stuff, and well, I just feel busy. Charlene takes a long time to prepare, and I haven't had much luck with a kung-fu Shao-Lin type of costume either. I haven't even had time to dig out the plastic pumkin purse for trick-or-treating. I will have plans to be out of my house on Halloween. From past experience, the neighborhood kids come to trick or treat in no costume, say "Gimme candy!," and leave without saying thank-you. I seem to skip Halloween every other year, and this is an 'off' year.

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October 18, 2007

women are indeed allowed in the saliva pit

Last night the little spot in my head flared up where I got multiple sinus infections in college while I was taking scuba class. As I ascended up the water column during a test while my sinuses were clogged, something burst and I bled profusely through my nose. (You shouldn't go scuba diving with a sinus infection, fyi) From then on it always hurts a little when the air pressure is changing quickly, so I expect some rain to come through soon. Hopefully it won't dissipate into humidity and dust like all the precipitation has this fall.


This week in my favorite new advice column Ask Bob: women not allowed at Blowoff?!? Horsefeathers! I mean, at the last Blowoff there were a buncha lesbians monitoring fluid exchange in the Saliva Pit. I had no problem with it and they seemed to be enjoying themselves too. There's fun for everyone there - Saturday, Oct. 20, at the 9:30 Club.

Dammit, Chaka-Kahn is supposed to be performing at H2O in town for Howard University Homecoming, and A Year With Frog and Toad (my favorite gay couple) will be at the Strathmore. But tonight is the last practice before a very important match on Saturday, and I need to desperately grasp on to the last remnants of my masculinity the best I can, so I need to be at practice. Anyway, we're top-ranked in our division in the local union, which is very exciting because we've had some really challenging years, with some matches where we did not score a point, or others where we got up to a hundred points scored against us. These days we're not only competitive, but we're winning. The match will be at an idyllic farm in Poolesville, and I hope to get some photos.

I will be going to see Annie Lennox next week with the same bunch with whom I saw Emily, Amy, and Cyndi . It's kind of wierd how all the same artist's names end in the diminutive case. Annie better frikkin' sing because the ticket was a pretty penny.

In order to remain completely superficial and continue to degrade myself by constantly putting physical beauty on a pedistal, here is a random picture of some hot guy with a gun:
No, I don't know him and I can't remember where I found the pic and I can't refer him to you.

Happy thoughts - happy, rainier times in Homer, Alaska at the end of the rainbow:
Rainbow's End in Katchemak Bay, Homer, Alaska.
I worked there in 1993, and visited again a few years ago when the photo was taken.

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October 17, 2007

Larry Craig is a big fat lying homo

This morning I was watching pieces of hott Matt Lauer's uncomfortable interview with creepy lying bathroom cruising Senator Larry Craig. It was so sad I was cringing in empathy for his wife. Senator Craig's whole family is going through a media circus in order to maintain Larry's feeble grasp on the lie that he has maintained for so many years. And it's so obvious he's a creepy lying bathroom troll, everyone knows it, and yet he is working so hard to drag his family down with him into the urinal. Craig says, "I don't approve of that lifestyle," even though he has been repeatedly caught in the seediest acts of the lifestyle he denounces. Fuck you too, Larry.

This compartmentalization, or cognitive dissonance, is common in DC. What people legislate during the day is quite different than what they do at night. Someone recently cursed me (for wearing bad footwear) to constantly have to date only uptight clean cut Republicans, but the joke is not far from the truth. You really have to watch out for these guys in this town - closetedness and tha down-low situation are at near epidemic levels in DC. Fortunately I have fairly good filters to detect such bullshit in people I date.

Conversely, an out-of-the closet acquaintance of mine was beaten by three people at the Georgia Ave./Petworth Metrorail station this week. He was in work clothes, is European, kind of slight, and a bit fey in his appearance - which of course can be interpreted as gay by certain ignorant and hateful groups of people in DC. He was not robbed, and I suspect he was beaten by these three people for sport. He's a very nice guy and this attack was seemingly random, possibly motivated by how he looks and acts.

The news of this attack, and the escalation of the cries of 'FAGGOT!' from down the block (and sometimes outside of my window) kind of makes me want to obtain a gun. I am convinced people act out what they think, and what they say reflects what they're thinking, so I take these words seriously. But guns are actually pretty heavy, and I'm sure the day I choose to leave my gun at home I'll get mugged. I'd really rather not have to carry a gun in my gym bag all the time. Knives are lighter I guess. I have a nice serrated gardening knife with a comfy rubber handle that might work better.

Gays are an easy target by those whose rights or position as a minority group are higher than the homos'. Everyone feels better with a heirarchy in place. Our moving into transitional neighborhoods is merely a symptom and one of the first stages of gentrification - but we're not the cause of gentrification. But ignorant people who are terrified of change and difference need a scapegoat, in a town where scapegoating and unloading responsibility is old hat. So it's far easier for these people to take it out on some other group. To blame gays and hate gays because they're the first sign of change. Fear of change leads to anger - anger leads to hate - hate leads to suffering and all that said Master Yoda. Even the local churches have perpetuated this hate and continue to do so.

With the awareness that I am designated as a target in my neighborhood, maybe I should think seriously about getting a gun. I used to know how to shoot a B.B. gun, .22 and a .375 H&H Magnum rifle when I worked in Alaska. But the latter is a rifle intended for killing big game but certainly an effective thought.

The calls I've made to the DC Metropolitan Police Gay & Lesbian Liason Unit have gone unanswered. And by the time I've been jumped the cops will be too late. Time to be proactive I guess. I'm not gonna go down hanging off of a fence.
thinking about guns...

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October 15, 2007

2007-2008 Ben Cohen calendar now available

from the Ben Cohen calendarThe 2007-2008 Ben Cohen calendar - a wonderful gift idea for your friend who plays rugby who also loves cute scruffy furry-chested rugby players.

Commentary on yesterday's entry centered mainly on the heated debate about how to properly prepare apple pie filling, which has nothing to do with Ben Cohen but I found it amusing.

Download weekly cooking podcasts at The Splendid Table from American Public Media.
from the Ben Cohen calendar

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October 14, 2007

masc buds chillin'

First off I need some leads & advice on the following:

- A friend new in town is looking to rent on Capitol Hill / Eastern Market, he's trolling Craigslist and all that of course but any leads are appreciated;
- A rugby teammate in DC is interested in entering the International conflict mediation field and is looking for entry level positions directly related to that line of work;
- I need to kick this reused IKEA dresser out the door as it's barely survived 4 too many moves and is falling apart now that the blessed loss of humidity in the air no longer keeps the particleboard construction together. I'm on the lookout for a new dresser about chest high and torso wide. For this and the above issues, drop me an e-mail at Jimbo3DC@aol.com;
- I want to bake an apple pie again soon. My crusts are fine and it cooks well, but my apple filling is always runny. I use peeled, cored and chopped apples. What's the trick with corn starch to make it less gooey? Add your two cents in the comment area.

Oh Noooo! Mr. Hands left me to take care of his new pet giant katydid:
Oh Noooo!
Today Orally Oriented Josh was nice enough to offer up some space in a car to take me and some masc chill buds out to Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. It was a very nice mental health escape from the city.
masc buds chillin'
We didn't hike for long, but were sure to take in the scenery and silence along the way.

Here's Rob, Josh, TJ and myself somewhere off of Skyline Drive:
Skyline wayside
On Saturday we played a friendly match against the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences rugby team and had a good time. I got to play more than I expected, as a slow wing and a more fun position called a flanker. Between that and all the hiking, sunshine and fresh air I got today, I'll sleep well tonight.

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October 11, 2007

gotta be tuff with the scruff

Goddammit: Buffy the Vampire Slayer sing-a-longs cancelled by Fox.

...Fox has pulled the license for ALL their TV shows from theatrical exhibition. This is effective immediately, and of course includes Buffy and “Once More With Feeling”.

From the ShawNeighborhood listserv:

I just heard what sounded like 10 gunshots somewhere north of where I am (6th &P NW )at about 2:55 pm, followed by lots of sirens- sounds like police sirens as well as fire engines and or ambulances. Anyone have any information?
Clearly, it was the 12th-Annual Shaw Skeet Shooting Tournament sponsored by the North Capitol Rod-and-Gun Club of Washington, DC. Fish fry to follow and there'll also be live entertainment (polka band!) under the beer tent. See you there.

Oh wait, I thought I was in Wisconsin.

"Gotta be tough with the scruff": MANtage by Barats and Bareta:

Cute with Chris has nice scruff today.

Not scruffy, but nice flattop - Brandon Stokley (Denver Post / Portrait by Cyrus McCrimmon):
Brandon Stokley, Denver Broncos
The Broncos interviews: Brandon Stokley, by Mike Klis, Denver Post Staff Writer.

Kinda reminds me of Howie Long back in tha day:
Howie Long locker
Redskins vs. the Packers this weekend at Lambeau steppe. It will be a no-brainer. Scruff will prevail:
old man Favre

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Happy National Coming Out Day

OMG it's National Coming Out Day!

I came out when I was good and ready, not necessarily on Oct. 11. But it's good to be out. The air is fresher and I don't feel the need to express my sexuality in an airport bathroom - I can do that in a gay bar, and it's sooo liberating.

I came out after I explored my sexuality during a summer study abroad trip in Europe waaay back in 1990 or so. The first half of that summer I studied forestry management in the Black Forest of Germany, and pollution studies in Poland (a GREAT place to study pollution, fyi). The rest of the summer I whored around in Köln, Oslo, Amsterdam and London, and came back wondering why Stevens Point, Wisconsin didn't have festive, open-air gay bars like those other cosmopolitan cities. I didn't feel like readjusting from megacity gay life to semi-rural gay life, so just stayed out. That and I felt like the secret life I was beginning to live was alienating me emotionally from my family and close friends.

Coming out wasn't as hard as the anxiety of planning to come out, or the anxiety build-up of how I thought people would react. For a while after coming out I was trying to manage people's reactions, then I just gave up and let them roll how they would. But in most cases relationships strengthened rather than soured. There is something about truth and honesty that makes people believe in you more. I think it's also known as integrity. People respect that in a person.

I think coming out for personal reasons is just as important as coming out for the good of gay society. More healthy, happy, open gay people mean a better perception of who we really are. Being closeted is a kind of emotional constipation, and when you finally drop that big load in the psychic toilet, you finally feel sooo good inside, and you're pretty much regular thereafter.

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October 10, 2007

Burning the Ground

Photo sent to me from Cobban at Lopaka Lounge - an illustration of why we hate those little stickers they put on the apples these days.

For slow or clogged drains I highly recommend Rooto brand drain opener - but please follow the directions. As I write my leg burns from some backsplash, I'm kind of high, and mosquitoes are dying as they try to enter through my open doorway. My beloved basement spiders are all dead (Lloth is not amused) and the burning poison gas cloud roiling out of my home drove away the raccoons too. As I poured it in the clogged drain a burning brown geyser shot up from the drain, but it's no longer clogged. Rooto can be purchased at Logan Hardware.

It's the 17th Annual Reel Affirmations International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival weekend, organized by my former roomate. One of the featured films is Circle of Friends, featuring Bob Mould, on Saturday, October 20 at 11:45 AM in the delightful Lincoln Theatre Only $10, plus a free drink! The festival runs Oct 11 - 20.

As Halloween approaches, size does matter: I watched Lords of the Gourd: the Pursuit of Excellence on PBS the other night. Mark Lewis' The Pursuit of Excellence, a series of four one-hour films, celebrates the ambition, determination and passion of those who pursue distinction in slightly unconventional fields. In Lords of the Gourd, viewers encounter offbeat and endearing growers who tend, pamper and coddle their plants as if they are children, coaxing them to grow to unnatural size.

OMG a blog dedicated to Olivia Newton-John: More Than Physicial from DJ Paul-T, who also gives us Burning the Ground, an 80s and 90s remix blog. Thanks for the link, Stebbins!

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October 9, 2007

some things that sux donkey dix

I guess I'm not done venting...here are some more things that sux donkey dix:

- Those little labels on apples and pears that I often miss and subsequently eat. The same goes for the tissue between layers of sliced swiss sandwich bread.

- America On-Line (AOL).

- Web 2.0. Bitmaps of anything. Photoshop abuse. Poorly resized images. Feeble ISO settings on the digital camera.

- Winning the Amazing Race but spending all your prize money on carving up your face, even though you were hot before you got half your face removed.

- Fake blogs. Fake bloggers. Weekly unbelieveable fake blogger made-up drama. Those who believe them.

- Whoever ate all my Nilla Wafers.

- Raccoons in the city, but not Raccoon City.

- Heroes on Monday night, me without TiVo, with boring night class in the same time slot.

- Extreme narcissism, navel-gazing and self-absorbtion on Flickr:

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October 8, 2007

goddammit, people part IV

Goddammit archives: 12/1, 12/8, and 12/15, 2006.

Goddammit, people: don't put your fucking empty Chipotle cups or your bag of dog shit in my garbage can on trash day - the garbage men don't pick it up unless it's in a trash bag, and I'll eventually have to put away your greasy-ass wrappers, sticky Chipotle cups, or reeking bag of dog shit in a trash bag later myself. My garbage can is not there for you, it's there to be emptied.

Goddammit, people: checking up on my blog may make you feel like you're catching up on what I'm up to, but bitches, y'all got my phone number, and that celly hasn't been ringing a whole lot lately...

Who the fuck ate all my Nilla Wafers?

Goddammit, people: write down the Difficulty Class of your spells before you cast them, have the Player's Handbook open to that spell's page for reference in case a question comes up, and will you stop stacking your goddamn d6s into monoliths, you fucking geek!?

Goddammit, people: I don't care how long you played football - this is rugby, and you throw the ball with two eyes (contact with your receiver) and two hands. In the 8 years I've been playing this game, I have never, ever, seen a blind pass thrown with one hand work to completion. Listen to me you fucking douche bag: I've been at it longer than you so keep your sass to yourself and STFU or you will never, ever get the ball thrown at you again.

Goddammit, people: what the fuck kinda networking site won't let me update my profile!? No, I don't want to go into

Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites
to diggle with the settings, goddammit. And no, I don't want to join another networking site, thanks. I don't care if all the cool kids are doing it....

Goddammit, people: the whole purpose of an online hookup website is so I can shop with extreme prejudice - if you don't have a face pic I won't spend that much more time looking at your wares. And no, I don't want to e-mail exchange to get them later. If you don't have a face pic you are retarded, closeted, or both.

SuperSquirrelGoddammit, people: you ask me to pimp your venue, campaign, business, or program, follow it up with a "Thank You" or buy me a beer at least. No more pimpin' anyone else's shit but mine. Not even O.N-J or Battlestar Galactica - and I mean it.

Goddammit, when is it going to rain? I'm sicka this dry sticky dusty summer bullshit. Mondays don't always get me down, but we sure could use a rainy day or two.

Goddammit, people: update your frikkin' blogs! Like with an entry or something. At least complain about something. Duh.

Just venting, thanks!

UPDATE: OMG Skwurl called me today, and he hadn't even read my passive/aggressive comment about keeping up and catching up. Awww.

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October 6, 2007

"normal" - we're all in the same fish tank

In the next couple of weeks Congress might pass HR 2015, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would protect Americans from workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. But a substitute bill has been introduced as HR 3685, which would not stop discrimination based on gender identity.

There has been a lot of good discussions on various blogs both for and against both versions of the bill, and also rumbles of dissent within the organizations that some feel represent the LGBTwhatever community.

xiphophorus_helleri.jpgAs I look over at the swordtail fish in my aquarium, and the guppies in my pond, I recall the stuff I learned about the sexual diversity of fish in college ichthyology class. Depending on the ratio of males to females, age and sexual maturity of the fish in my aquarium, some of them change from female to male, or back again. Other kinds of fish change from male to female when they reach a certain size so they can produce more eggs, which requires more energy and mass to produce than sperm. We even have tranny bass in the Potomac. Some juvenile (but sexually prepared) salmon and sunfish males come to court the females at their nest, pretending to be female as the larger mature males don't always recognize them as competitors. The smaller (but quicker) tranny sunfish or salmon then zips in to the nest, deposits the sperm, and zips out again before the larger males know what's happened. There are a vast range of sexual strategies in the animal world, and most of them are to the benefit of the species as a whole. Quick and tranny, or big and butch? It's not always clear which will work best for the next generation.

Humans are not as subject to hermaphroditism and sex change as fish, but there are hermaphrodite and tranny people out there just as I have tranny fish in my aquarium. Look at the gays - we're different, we were born this way (I think so anyway), and there's a reason why we are this way. Our sexual difference may not be as advantageous depending on the culture, but somehow we happened this way.

I believe transsexuals and hermaphrodites happened that way too. Some people are born one sex but in their mind they know they should be another sex. The 2003 HBO film Normal is about a seemingly "normal" Midwestern factory worker who stuns his family and community by revealing he wants a sex change operation. The acting delivered by Jessica Lange and Tom Wilkinson show the painfully awkward situations that the main character was in, and the film turned my thoughts around on what a transsexual has to go through to deal with what he or she thinks is the right thing to do. Cue it on your Netflicks subscription some time, especially you Heroes fans, as the daughter in the family is played by a young Hayden Panettiere (Claire, the cheerleader).

enda_ad_150x200px.gifAnyway, I want to bring to your attention a community-wide campaign that hopes to keep 'gender identity' protection in bill HR 2015. The campaign, Accept No Substitutes, a parody of Splenda, the artificial sweetener, asks visitors to sign a petition "to tell Congress to support the original ENDA and accept no substitutes!" Your support will help Congress continue to build support for the original ENDA. The well-intended substitute just won't do.

Washington DC's 20th Annual High Heel RaceI know the addition of 'trans' may endanger the survival of the bill, but like homos, trans (and especially hermaphrodites) people can't help being what they are or what they think they need to be, and are subject to workplace discrimination because of their situation. There is a continuum of sexualities amongst humans: most people are dimorphic (straight), some people are gay or lesbian, and a few people are a little in between all of those options. I believe we're all in the same boat - or in this case sharing the same community aquarium.

Besides - you'll have to answer to Charlene if you have a problem with it.

Charlene says: "Thaynk Yew!" for your support on this matter.

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October 4, 2007

OMG O.N-J has a new X-Mas album

Try to check out the new ABC television show 'Pushing Daisies' - it's a sassy, smart whodunit with a supernatural twist. It was great fun to watch with a knockout cast, featuring Emerson Cod (Boston Public), Swoosie Kurtz (Broadway, everything else) and Ellen Greene (Little Shop of Horrors, Heroes). It is promise of a clever future in television programming so catch it now before it's cancelled.

Heroes, on the other hand, suxed donkey dix last night - the only interesting part was watching Claire experiment with her powers by scissoring off her pinky toe. As for the rest of the storyline or characters, I didn't care that much. It must have been a filler episode, hopefully to prepare us for a more exciting future episode.

There was another critter incursion into the pond last night, but this time Sean said he witnessed hearing some creature "splashing around" in there when he came home from work, but was unwilling to investigate further into the matter. I asked him if it was human-sized, and he at least confirmed that it was not so big, more like the size of a breadbox. How do I stop a raccoon or possum from doing what they do?

John got Spice Girls tickets for their show in L.A. The Spice Girls are not coming to DC. I'm sending out my unit of pink special forces ninja assassins to slay John and retrieve the tickets for me.

Olivia Newton-JohnOlivia Newton-John will be releasing a new Christmas CD, available November 1st at Target. Between O.N-J, Chaka-Kahn and Annie Lennox, it's hard to keep up with our divas these days. Thanks to Daniel for the tip. You can download your own O.N-J Xanadu desktop wallpaper from Daniel's collection here. Full track list from the album after the break.

Rough trade pic posted because I liked it. Note the subtle curl of fur at the collar.

A MOTHER'S CHRISTMAS WISH ( Featuring Jim Brickman )
SILENT NIGHT ( Featuring Jann Aren )
ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT ( Featuring Michael McDonald )
INSTRUMENT OF PEACE ( Featuring Marc Jordan )
A GIFT OF LOVE ( Featuring Barry Manilow )

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October 2, 2007

is your hose long enough?

Damn, the rugby pitch was dusty tonight - I blew out a mess of grey snot when I got home. We need a nice tropical system to sit its soggy ass on the region for a few days of rain. There's even been a fall streetbox arborculture alert from the Shaw Neighborhood Listserv:

As our trees go into winter dormancy, it is critical that they are well irrigated before the leaves fall off this fall. Otherwise, they will probably not leaf out in the spring and the trees will die. PLEASE WATER YOUR TREES WITH 20 GALLONS OF WATER (ONE FULL GATORBAG) ONCE A WEEK FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS - THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL TO HELP ENSURE THEIR SURVIVAL THROUGH THE WINTER. If your neighbors are away and your hose is long enough, please water their trees as well.
Is your hose long enough? Please check and water as suggested.

I missed the neighborhood ECCA meeting on Monday, but apparently according to some of my readers' comments the other day my time was better spent in my boring Statistical Methods lecutre: Homophobic ECCA Pres. & Board Mock Gay Citizen. Apparently the board is run under unctuous circumstances. And not only are public computers mysteriously missing, laptops are not allowed at the meetings! I know people can be obnoxious with cell phones and BlackBerrys, but go to any modern classroom or meeting and you'll find them everywhere.
ECCA: Keeping Shaw in the Dark Ages.

Simple Rules for Peaceful City Living by DurbanBud. This morning I was almost run over by a truck who did not yield to the pedestrian with the right of way. Every day I am reminded that I'm far more likely to die in a car accident than being shot in Shaw. It's kind of a comforting thought I guess.

Superhero presidential candidate casting call, written by someone well-versed in both comic hero histories and candidates. My favorite was Al Gore as Galactus: lurking out there somewhere, feeds off the destruction of the planet to maintain his massive girth.

From BooBob - brand new Seann Scott scruffage from the film SouthlandTales:
Seann Scott
Perhaps Seann William Scott could be assigned to foot patrol in Shaw. That would be very nice.

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October 1, 2007

hooray for active old men

First order of business: there is an East Central Civic Association of Shaw (ECCA) meeting tonight (Monday) at 7pm at the Third Baptist Church at 5th and Q St., NW. Light refreshments served! Sadly I have class tonght so I can't be there.

Hooray for scruffy old men like Brett Favre (37 - "my age!") who became the NFL's all-time leader in career touchdown passes this weekend:
old man Favre
Yes, my little gaylings and angertwinks, there is life after you pass 25. Sometimes a very rich life full of accomplishments and joy.

I'm still surprised I had such a good time at the Megadeth concert last night. It was a refreshing change from the urban rut I've been in I guess. Dipping into different crowds and worlds is good for you and gives useful perspective. Do something you wouldn't normally do this month. I have an outfit for you that will help - her name is Charlene Hilton.

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