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September 30, 2007

Niagra Viagra 3000 Unit

I took it easy this weekend and got a lot of sleep. The pond pump died so I went to Frager's Hardware to get a new one. The model seemed to be the same, but when I installed it, it turned out to be the Niagra Viagra 3000 Unit, and gave the goldfish quite a workout until I rearranged the flow to a less violent spout. I don't want the pond to be like a salmon spawning channel. But now all is well, and the flow and warm submerged pump should keep it from freezing over the winter. I gotta get the guppies out as they won't survive, but the cheap, hardy dime store goldfish will.

An amoeba is probably eating your brain right now.

Alexyss K. Tylor - Spiritual Sexuality Part 4 update from Brian. Do you have a problem performing oral sex? Alexyss provides solutions with a retro Max Headroom-style background. "Do you like cherry? I love cherry."

Cookie MonsterMegadeth with Heavy Metal Josh was fun. He was glad the opening band didn't sound like "Cookie Monster Metal," which I assume means that they didn't sound like Cookie Monster singing "For Whom the Bell Tolls." I for one would like to see Cookie Monster do some metal. I also learned there is a rivalry between Megadeth and Mettallica fans. From the brief review of songs I listened to beforehand, they were right-on with the music, and very sincere in their performance. There was a hot, fireplug guy in the mosh pit who looked like a 5'4" Matthew Fox with a shaved head, muscles and tatts. That made it worth every penny.

Annie Lennox on Oct. 25 at the Lisner Auditorium for $125?!? It's expensive being a gay these days. I'll have to think about that one for a while...

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September 28, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: Razor

Battlestar Galactica: Razor airing Nov. 24, wherein we learn exactly how Admiral Cain, the captain of Battlestar Pegasus, got so damn cranky. Was it the bowl-cut that made her become such a tyrant?

I am brought down by a low-grade cold - I'm not congested but am tired and sore all over. Our weekend match is against the Marines at Quantico, and not to be missed, but I might have to duck out this time.

And then there's a Megadeth concert at the 9:30 Club on Sunday. I promised Josh I would go. Poor straight Josh doesn't have any heterosexual metalhead friends, so I was invited even though my knowledge of Megadeth music is limited at best. Metal concerts are fun though, and Josh turns into a 14 year-old when he goes into the mosh pit. Mosh pits are cute.

Another shooting heard 'round the hood at the Shaw Shooting Range this week, with some down-home old-fashioned gay bashing thrown in for good measure last weekend. Mari has some contact info for the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit should you need to give them a call in a jiffy.

The 'Lost Boys' as I call them down at the other end of the block were notably absent last night - no trace of them at all but the shoes dangling from the trees, which is apparently some kind of early Christmas tree decoration I guess. Anyway, that house is getting more and more haunted-looking each passing day with broken windows and junk piling up in the lawn. I wonder how you find out if squatting is going on, or if a property is even owned? It's a shame that such properties go completely to pot when there are good people out there willing to live in and improve a home. Here in DC it is apparently better to let a house rot down to the foundations, or to burst into flames, than to let it fall into the hands of well-meaning - but "outsider" - homeowners I guess. Change is hard and improvements painful in such a dysfunctional city.

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September 27, 2007

it's marketing thursday!

What if the sea threw the garbage back at us? A neat Smirnoff advertisement on Coolz0r, a blog about neat marketing stuff.

And from fellow scruff-obsessed Otterdoc, some weird French ad featuring ever-scrufftastic Seann William Scott staring down a lion:

OMG Duran Duran’s RED CARPET MASSACRE on Broadway at New York’s Barrymore Theatre on 47th Street, November 1 – 12, 2007. I may need to go to offset going to see Megadeth this Sunday at the 9:30 Club.

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September 26, 2007

back from the beach

First off, I thinned out my water garden iris in the pond. Soaking up the previous cesspool nutrients has been good to them this summer. If you have an aquatic garden with lots of sun, and space for a pot about the size of a KFC bucket, this iris could be yours! Contact me if you meet the prerequisites and we can talk about when you can come pick up the extra iris.

Have you downloaded the new Duran Duran single 'Falling Down' yet? It sounds nice. Simon hasn't lost his voice, that's for sure.

I'm back from the beach with Delicate Flower, Clay and Martini Gurlatalova. The weather was cooperative and it was a nice getaway. Here's a few more photos:
Everyone brought their dogs:
Lemme tell ya children: the secret to eternal youth is to avoid excessive drinking, smoking and sun. There are a lot of beach residents with that leathery look that I should avoid since I tend to stay out of the sun when I can.

I managed to do some birdwatching and took photos here and there:
Lawrence Bruno Nero Dallaglio was not at the beach. I just thought this photo was hot:
Lawrence Bruno Nero Dallaglio
I loves my ornery Dadtastic English ruggers. However, I haven't been watching much of the Rugby World Cup lately.

The black eye sure was a conversation starter at the beach. People normally don't approach me in public otherwise. Ironically the meaner, black-eyed look somehow allows a conversational 'in' that people would not consider otherwise. No complaints here. I'll have to get beat up more often.

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September 24, 2007

A&F test roll

Another short posting from the beach:
A&F Test Roll
I have been serving as Norwegian Gayherd all weekend, honing focus among the gossip- and cocktail-crazed gays, who often forget about sleeping and good nutrition in their quest to adhere to the strict beach schedule. Beach A followed by Beach B and then we have to go to Aqua for pre-dinner cocktails followed by dinner followed by post-dinner cocktails. I find it all very exhausting, so I try to keep them well watered and fed.

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September 23, 2007

Hi from Rehomo Beach

Hi from Rehomo! We're having a lovely time. Not much connectivity here, more pictures later.

All Along The Watchtower

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September 21, 2007

The Saliva Pit is OVER!

OMG The Saliva Pit at Blowoff is OVER since it was mentioned in this week's print edition of MetroWeekly's Hearsay column. HearSay has a blog now, fyi.

The feature story 'Where to Live' about living in The Domestic District makes no mention of Shaw! I'm hurt...grab a lead pencil and write a bit about the lead flying through the air around here...perhaps it might sound something like this:

A walk along Q Street, NW, going east towards New Jersey Avenue will take you past several not-so-haunted houses, and you're sure to have an interesting chat with the gregarious cluster of young men always orbiting around the corner of 5th and Q. Be sure to say hi! They'll say something back at you, most assuredly. If you're a microbrew fan, try to test your knowledge of malt liquor brands littering the curbs as you peruse the bucolic dwellings on the sycamore-lined street.
There's a new bad boy music venue at Titan's Ramrod this Sunday night:

Sunday September 23, 2007. 3-7 PM
$5.00 Cover Includes 1st Drink Free
$2.00 Domestic Drafts
$2.00 Smirnoff Flavors
Free Clothes Check
@ 1337 14th Street NW
Track list by Mr. Mixtake online here.

The identity of an American mummy found buried in an iron coffin in Columbia Heights has been determined.

I got elbowed in the face tonight...those damn new rugby kids and their flailing elbows...
I'm going to have a black eye at the beach this weekend! It could go in my favor depending on where I go...

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September 20, 2007

extreme sub bottom fisting pink sashed fuscia hanky leather boy nutria/capybara seeks same ONLY!

I am about to make some generalizations that will probably get some people upset...

On an innertubing trip this summer I noticed something that kind of stuck in my mind the past couple of months. As all of us were waiting for the shuttle bus to take us to the river, I noted that the only people there with freaky ripped John Basedow abs were the other gay couple in line. The rest of the people registered at least some level of body fat. Eventually I wondered why some of us choose to live with such strict standards. How much time do those people spend running each week? Fat naturally deposits around the tummy, yet for too many people it is the percieved as THE indicator of absolute fitness. Lack of fat there has nothing to do with your cardiovascular fitness, but the gays seem to be obsessed with abs and the Apollo's Belt. I can run, tackle, hit and be hit for 80 minutes, yet I still have a little somethin' to grab around the waist (woof). But despite my true cardiovascular fitness, this is anathema to more than a few gays in tha gay ghetto.

And that's the problem - reaching such a difficult standard is impossible for some, so I think they give up and go 180 degrees in the other direction - the Bear Community - waay over at the other end of the spectrum. "If I can't be ripped I'm going to be obese instead, and stick it to those skinny queens!" Or some guys will go for the outrageously puffy 'roided out look (nice zits). At any point on this triangle, the gays always go overboard and to the extreme. Meanwhile the rest of society is somewhere in the middle.

nutriaAnd the same thing goes for leather or sex. You can't seem to be just have a kink you like to engage in from time to time, you have to be a Supreme Sub Bottom Boy Sex Pig Fistmaster 2002-2005 Mr. DC Overlord Heavily Invested in the Sash Community Purple Croc-Wearing Capybara/Nutria Indentured Servitude Slave leather gay person (looking for same ONLY!) - with a bar code. Sexual moderation seems to be a rarity as well. It's not enough to get it once every couple of weeks, some people feel insecure if they don't get it three times a week - or thrice daily for that matter. I think sometimes The Gays need to pop their head out of the 'hood for some perspective from time to time. I'm not saying straight is right, I'm saying moderation is the key in a lot of things. While life is changing with the predicton of a post-modern gay, we still tend to excessively pigeonhole and too often go to extremes. That is all. That is my opinion. Be moderate, be yourself, don't be a label or an image of what some magazine says you should be. And stop running/eating so much.

"Bitch, I Stole Your Purse," by Wendy the Ho.

Charlene wouldn't put up with that crap.

"The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" is now scheduled for May 7, 2010. Production will begin next summer, instead of January. The second film in the franchise, "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian," is scheduled to open May 16.
Sadly, we won't see the return of the delicious villian Jadis, played by TILDA, TILDA, TILDA Swinton, until a couple of prequels later. As I recall we learn about her origin in one of the books about teleporting pools, I forget which book. My favorite in the series was Voyage of the Dawn Treader for some reason. I was bored to tears with the Silver Chair.

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September 19, 2007

Ariel, Thundarr and Ookla respond to the crime issue in Shaw

Ariel Hey, did you hear about the lead problem in Shaw?
Thundarr Demon Dogs! Lead in the water is bad for your health!!
Ariel It's not lead in the water, it's lead flying through the air.
Thundarr Lords of Light! That's bad for your health too.
Ookla >: [

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September 18, 2007

cue stereotypic downtrodden caucasian fife music

Nellie's Sports Bar gets a shout-out from Matthew Yglesias in The Atlantic online today. Does a gay sports bar mark the advent of the end of straight culture? I personally don't think Nellie's is going to undermine the fabric of heterosexuality any more than I have undermined the fabric of the gay blogosphere for almost 10 years now. Foodie review of Nellie's in the Washington Post.

Speaking of anniversaries, real-live hunky muscledawg-porn-crazed blogger Jocko celebrates his 7th, and mentions the upcoming release of a live-action Iron Man movie feauring Robert Downey, Jr. as the troubled Tony Stark. It is perfect casting considering both the actor and the character have a history of struggles with substance abuse. I'm looking forward to seeing the film. It's been a good time to be a former comic book geek.

AerLingus.jpg I got my plane tickets the other day from Aer Lingus to get over the pond to Dublin for the next Bingham Cup big gay rugby tournament in June 2008. FYI: Lingus has a promotional special at the moment, having recently established new service out of Dulles last month. The next Bingham Cup is gonna be a smash, with lovely mushy peat-based pitches this time. Book your tickets today!
We will be getting jiggy over there, I assure you.

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September 17, 2007

Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture 'Dazzler'

DazzlerI suppose since now that the Spice Girls have gotten together, Xanadu has been made into a real musical, and a Transformers live action film have been made, all my wishes really have come true this summer. It was a good summer for wishes and dreams.

Well, almost all of them. Wouldn't a live-action Dazzler (some-time X-Men team member) movie be awesome? Who do you think would play the best Dazzler? Heidi Klum? (too old by now). If we only had a time machine we could go back and get Farrah Fawcett, pre-Charlie's Angels to play her. Here's a blogger who is obsessed with Dazzler (Thanks John), and the Marvel Team-Up of the Ambiguously Gay Duo and Dazzler.

From Eoghan in Northern Ireland: rugby player's day job as florist. And he's cute too!

My nose is doing better, thanks! I was a little aggro at Blowoff from time to time. I forget how a good game can really keep you high on whatever it is that makes you aggro. I have to watch it in crowded spaces or I want to get people out of my way. Regardless, I had a nice time, but didn't want to mack all that much in the Saliva Pit as I was worried about bumping my nose again and starting a gusher.

My connection to the datasphere has been severed:
Cable 1
Thankfully the siezures have stopped. I still have Internets, but only get Fox and NBC clearly now on TV. It looks like a car's bumper hit the cable, as there's been digging and construction next door. Gonna have to call Comcast to get it fixed. Anyone got a funky wrench to undo fused cables?
Cable 2
More gunshots reported (and I heard it) early Sunday morning at around 2:45am.

This is getting ridiculous. That makes 3 in a week plus 2 arsons nearby. The crack lighting (as opposed to track lighting) was set up over the weekend at 5th and R to try and scare away the gunhappy.

I'll bet Dazzler could kick their asses.

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September 15, 2007

pastoral pitch

Today we played an A-side and B-side match against a team from Chambersburg, PA, which was apparently somewhere near Camp David. The weather was lovely and I got to play scrumhalf:
We won both matches. Chip played too, and at the ripe age of 50, he still looks radiant, even after a match:
Skip & Jimbo
Zoom in to see my bloody nose. I got elbowed in the face in a tackle which sent me into a little rage, but I got over it and he was nice about it. I just don't have that much more nose to break, so I get really pissy when someone hits it. Luckily, it was not broken, just bloody. Blood tastes really gross when it slides down the back of your throat, mixed with snot, fyi.

Cornfields surrounded the pitch, which was nice and soft. The scene was quite pastoral:
Note the excellent positioning of the Renegades back line at left in this photo:
It was 40 degrees cooler than last week's match, and it made all the difference, especially with no humidity. A nice day to play rugby.

The temperature should be dropping down to the 50's this evening. Since my soul wasn't sucked out of my body from high humidity today, I have the energy to go out to Blowoff tonight. Should be a fun debaucherous time in the Saliva Pit.

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September 13, 2007

a brand alalysis of the 5-N-O Crew marketing efforts

Every determined business needs good branding, and the 5-N-O Crew of Shaw is no exception, as seen here on the footsteps of the Haunted Crack House at 446 Q Street, NW DC:
5-N-0 was here
Look for their new and improved tags all around 5th and Q today! Dime bags available as low as $12.95 - act now!

I figured the owner of 446 Q was absent, dead or cracked out of her gourd. One industrious commenter said the owner of the troublesome property is Miss Ida M. Carter who lives at:
Hamilton, Ohio 45011-4916

I wonder if she knows her tenants live in a haunted house with broken windows and dealers constantly out front?

And today, more gunshots were heard (there were also some on Monday) as there was a shooting at the corner of 5th & P, well within range of the school, and school is in session. Shell casings were found and the street was roped off. Apparently the police were there within a minute.

One thing is certain after joining some of my neighborhood news and gossip listservs: I am no where near as angry as some of my neighbors are about shit going down in Shaw. There are some bitter, angry homeowners out there. I think I am allowed a certain emotional distance by virtue of being a renter. I can always easily leave (within rental contract restrictions of course). That's the nice thing about being a renter. But I do give a shit, just not quite as much as some property owners, apparently.

Still, some of the things I'm reading on there are pretty outrageous. I've noticed that there is a certain accepted level of cultural barbarism in Washington, DC that would not be tolerated anywhere else in the country. And the DC-born or long-timers are completely unaware of this. In any smaller or more functional city, crime, vagrancy and gangs would be wiped off the street in a week. But the locals don't know that, they just think the status quo is how it should be. And this is where the conflict and anger comes from. Might I suggest a Peace Corps-like exchange program for the native DC residents so they can see how things can be in other cities? I think some perspective would do wonders for the attitude.

In other news, a study shows what bicyclists in The District already: drivers are largely ignoring the cell phone ban in DC. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly been run over by motorists on their cell phones, and they are sometimes unaware that they even came close to me at all.

Dear Prince: I love you very much, and you've been a wonderful genius freak ever since I was a kid and you're STILL badass. No one can touch you, and even on an ensemble stage you clearly rule. Lately I've been catching up on rare and obscure videos from your musical past on YouTube. I understand that you are angry that your intellectual property is being distributed there without credit or $$$ to you, and want it taken down. But will such a wide and obscure collection ever again be so easily available to the not-necessarily-obsessed fan? I don't want to have to go to Germany to buy a DVD of the unreleased video versions for one of your B-sides. I will gladly go to your website, pay a little, or do what needs to be done, but please ensure I can see these gems again some time, OK? That's the cool part about YouTube, is that the obscure is available.

I'm going to the beach next weekend with Martini and Clay. I suspect the discourse on the drive over to Rehomo will be like in this movie:
The Adventures of Priscilla

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September 12, 2007

Bust up the Grid Bugs & assault the I/O Tower

Thanks for all the suggestions and advice on dealing with the close gathering of similarly-dressed troublesome youth on the corner. FYI, there were gunshots heard down that way on the corner of 5th and Q on Monday evening. I thought it was fireworks (I can never tell the difference). I've been witness to one crack related shooting in my lifetime and I don't want to see another one. It's not pretty, but a lot more bloodless than you'd think. FYI, it's best to walk to Howard University Hospital than to wait for an ambulance or taxi to rescue you. You'll die before they arrive, so it's best to go on foot.

I think at the core of my downer post on living on the wavefront of gentrification is that it's always the same shit, which I'm getting tired of. At two former addresses it was the same process: 1.) problem property; 2.) people get pissed off; 3.) people get together; 4.) problem property goes away by some method.

Light CycleIt's not an issue of how the youth will be moved elsewhere, it's a matter of when. I am confident the menace will be removed. It's not that I don't think something can't be done, I'm just tired of the process, tired of living in lower-rent areas, due mostly because of my income. But down the long road I'm working on the advanced degree, getting more experience at work, which has some promise of allowing a bigger salary, so that I may one day live away from such bullshit. I don't think it's my job to have to deal with this shit, but I can if I have to. Sadly, I live in a city where the cops can't seem to get their shit together to bust a crack-dealing gang without the help of local citizens. They know they are criminals, they know their only destination is jail, so they're just gonna party until that day comes.

Tron GeekAnyway, OMG there's a remake/follow-up to Tron in the works! Link thanks to Martina Gurlatalova, the rice gene queen, who freaks out every time I link to her.

Did you know that Bruce Boxleitner is married to Melissa Gilbert?

Over the weekend somebody told me I was "emotionally distant". A few years ago somebody told me I was "needy". I can't please everyone.

Chris Crocker has all the answers one really needs in life. Get ready for a chorus of Chicken Littles who are freaked out that such a femme guy "misrepresents the community!!!" He puts himself out there, no one elected him leader of all femme gays. Personally, if I became President of the United States of America with Oprah Winfrey as my VP, Chris Crocker would be my Karl Rove.

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September 10, 2007

Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!

OK, I'm in a GOOD MOOD today, all right? Saturday was a bummer post, but I feel better now because I did this with my D&D friends yesterday:

"Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!"

And here's the sequel:

In other dork news, Gurl and some of the other geeks went to the Maryland Rennaissance Faire and they spotted a smokin' hot Mr. Tumnus. I did not go, but it looks like they had fun.

The final dorky news item for the day is that the Buffy sing-a-long will return Nov. 16 & 17 again at the Avalon Theatre. Return engagement to a sell-out city, plus a NEW D.C. Cast. Tickets on sale soon. Thanks to AZLee for the tip. Could somebody else organize the whole gang of geeks going out to it this time?

I am looking forward to a trip to Rehomo Beach later this month with Martini Gurlatalova and possibly a hot ginger bear from the Atlanta Bucks rugby football club. I hope he's not the one I kneed in the anus as punishment for dirty play during the last match we played. I guess I could try to find out if his anus is OK.

It's not even 11am on Monday, and I'm ready for a cocktail.

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September 8, 2007

time for another neighborhood meeting

Today I played some rugby in the September sun, but it wasn't so fun. The temperature was above 90, and so was the humidity. Not fun weather for rugby. After about 20 minutes I felt like I was gonna die. My preferred temperature regime for playing is from like 50-60 degrees or so. I know - I was whining earlier about how fast this summer has gone, but just to let you know, I'm over that now, and am ready for cooler weather.

Anyway, I played a position called flyhalf for the first time today, which I guess our temporary coach thought I had played before. I had played positions on either side of flyhalf, but never flyhalf. It involves a lot more decision making than in other positions I prefer to play, and I don't think I get the ball out to the wing fast enough. Plus it was frikkin' hot and no fun cuz of the weather, and I'm not in shape. More practices will help.

On a different note, I've noticed that since I moved here in June, there is a near-constant presence of young men hanging out at the end of the block, at the corner of 5th and Q, usually outside 446 Q St., NW. A neighbor I spoke with this evening tells me this has not always been the case, and Q street was purportedly a quieter place. But that's what happens on the wavefront of gentrification - things change yearly or even seasonally. Sort of like after a cultural wildfire has passed with destruction, growth, and regrowth - this seems to be an ugly time for this part of the 'hood.

I've lived in other countries and cultures and consider myself pretty tolerant of a lot of things. I pass between straight and gay culture daily. I don't mind potsmoking either, but I can tell there's always something extra in those blunts. I've also tried not to feel threatened by a group of youth with seemingly no visible source of income, who don't work or go to school, who all wear the same color clothes. I've let the noisy evenings (often screaming across the street) and street parties that go on until 2am slide. Luckily, I don't have a car, but I would try to park elsewhere if I were you. Anything in their purview seems to be considered their posession, and they will sit and spit on it as they choose.

But when I have hear the word 'faggot' spoken in my direction when I walk home from work every day it starts to bother me. Usually I let that slide in most occasions too. But I don't want to go home and feel threatened every day. It's a bad feeling.

So I'm thinkin' it's time to tap into the neighborhood meetings again, just to see what's being done, or what I can do. Even though I've been a renter, I've gone to neighborhood meetings at my past two addresses. It helps to knock heads and get together and talk sometimes. I know that if a particular address gets enough police complaints or reports logged against it, some kind of warning or eviction notice can be made. I've seen the owner of this property out in his garden (which is very nice) but I'm guessing he's either asleep, passed out, or doesn't care by nightfall, when the crowd starts to gather and the problems begin. One neighbor claims to have seen drug dealings going down at that end of the street. I haven't seen a deal go down myself, but can smell pot all the time from that direction, which like I said doesn't bother me normally, but when it's accompanied by daily street parties, noise, garbage and threatening behavior, it's time for more things to change on the wavefront.

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September 7, 2007

jimbo.info: destroying the very fabric of gay blogging since 1998

Squirrel catapult: I need one of those for my raccoon/crackhead problem.

I want this product badly: The Washlet! The website is clever and well-made.

The Celtic Highland Games are this weekend in Bethlehem, PA. Also Celtic this weekend is the Maryland Rennaissance Festival.

OMG Music Video: Annie Lennox - "Dark Road" She is so fabulous I'm going to explode.

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September 6, 2007

The Nines

Movie still of Ryan Reynolds from the film The Nines.

The Nines
The Nines consists of three short films, each featuring the same actors in different — and sometimes overlapping — roles.

Thanks to boobob for the link. I think I might want to see that film.

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September 4, 2007

Jedi Bear Throwdown

DC vs. Baltimore in the Jedi throwdown of the century!
The Jedi Bears of DC
More here, from Jeff's blog, originally by Ruphus.

Betty White is sick of your shit:
Betty White is sick of your shit
Want to see something really gross? Check out how to remove botfly larva from your back. Not for the squeamish or easily nightmared. I couldn't even watch it 1/8 of the way through. I've read naturalist's accounts of similar removals - it's probably where the author of Alien got his inspiration.

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September 3, 2007

last free weekend of sunshine

It was the last weekend before a month of weekends with Saturdays taken up by rugby and graduate course studying, and I took full advantage of it by sleeping in, working out, long bike rides and lots of time playing City of Heroes. Here's some photos I took at some of the many gardens down on the National Mall, which are remarkably free of tourists, even on such a lovely weekend:
Monarch 1
Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) on Lantana 'Tiddley Winks Red' Vervain Family - Verbenaceae. United States Botanic Garden, Bartholdi Park.
National Garden
The new United States Botanic Garden National Garden.
Solanum 3
Solanum quitoense, 'Naranjillo', Solanaceae family, from Equador. Taken at the Enid A. Haupt Garden in Washington, DC near the Smithsonian castle.

These are spines – a modified stipule or sharp branchlet found in a leaf axil or on the margin of a leaf; as opposed to a thorn – a sharp outgrowth from a stem other than at a node; a modified stem.

I forgot to bring my camera on the bike trail, so no pictures of the Potomac and all that.

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September 1, 2007

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Terps vs. Villanova at College Park, MD. Terps won 31-14.
Go Terps!
I'm not that big of a football fan but got a free ticket to go with a colleague. I like the experience more than the actual football game.

The weather this weekend is fantastic, and my schedule very open - tomorrow I'm gonna go for a bike ride up the C&O Canal towpath along the Potomac, and maybe try to catch the last bit 'o sun that we're allowed for DC.

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