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August 13, 2007

I'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go?

Later this week I take off to Wisconsin to visit the family for a week. It's much nicer to visit in August when the weather here is harsh but much nicer there. I gave up on going home over the Christmas holiday season as the weather there is awful and travelling that time of year is no fun.

I think the departure could not come a moment too soon. While I did get away to NYC to see Xanadu on Broadway earlier this summer, I was sick as a dog at the time and of course any trip to that city will never really feel restful to me. I need a break from cities. Cities can drive you crazy if you don't leave them on a regular basis. Anyway, there hasn't been many vacation trips this summer, and one is long overdue, if even to Wisconsin. Besides, it's Korn Fest weekend there and there will be batterfried cheese curds at the beer tent. And there will be a lot of classmates from high school to catch up with there as well.

Some people get a little anxious about seeing old classmates or going home. I missed my 1, 5 and 10-year class reunions, but had a great time at my 15th class reunion. It was interesting who had changed, who didn't, and who I ended up having really engaging conversations with. One guy was an outstanding football and track jock who I never hung out with who dropped out of school early, but I ended up chatting with him about all sorts of things. Anyway, both of my older brothers will also be in town, and I'm looking forward to going fishing, riding on the bike trail, and taking the dogs down to the river bottoms (northern word for 'sloughs' or 'swamps') for a hike. I hope to take a lot of photos of places and things while I'm there.

I'll have to review my old high school yearbooks, as I'm terrible with names, and did not recognize a few people last time I was home. Early-onset Altzheimer's I believe, or the wages of my time as a party boy. I'll also have to remember that people there will call me 'Jimmy'. People spontaneously started calling me 'Jimbo' as soon as I moved here, and I still have no idea why. I neither encouraged the practice nor promoted it, but got used to it eventually.

At this weekend's party, Gurl, in another fit of drunken honesty, pointed out that my hair and beard looked darker, and asked if I had dyed either. (I think it was just that I was sitting in a dark corner.) While I loves swooning at the Just For Men beard models every time I pass that section in the grocery store, I plan on embracing my Daddyhood when it comes, and do not and probably will not dye my beard. There are a few grey hairs on the chin and temples - you just have to look close enough.
my beard: no artificial coloring
Gay men tend to freak out about aging, but all it takes is a tubing trip down a river to see that our perspective is a bit skewed, probably by all the marketing targeting the gay community showing young, emaciated men who look like they need a decent meal. While waiting in line for the bus to take us upriver for the tubing trip, I noticed that heterosexuals often have body fat, and that not everyone is ripped and cut like a Colt Model. And it wasn't a problem from my perspective.

Posted by jimbo at August 13, 2007 7:22 PM


Apparently there aren't enough redheads to sell JustForMen to, or redheads never go gray.

Posted by: homer at August 13, 2007 8:24 PM

I know what you mean about going gray on the beard. My dad didn't turn gray until he was in his 60s and so far what's left of my hair only has a few silver ones. But my beard is turning white under my lip. I don't mind it too much, but the bf thinks I look like a billy goat, so every once in awhile I throw a little Just for Men on it. It only lasts about a week or so, though.

Posted by: fstclss at August 14, 2007 12:40 AM

I have quite a few in my side burns and only the random wry one in my goatee.

I'm happy to see your scruff is back though. Grrr!

Posted by: moby at August 14, 2007 2:52 AM

I'm still about dodgy about my age; not because of the age itself but that it's me being that age! I still don't see myself as being as old as I am.

As for gray, mine has stayed in my mustache and beard area (don't have 'em but i can see their color when i don't shave for a couple of days) I only have a couple of gray strands on my head.

Posted by: Lee at August 14, 2007 2:57 AM

Well, I'm 29 and I already have quite a few grey hairs in my stubble. Nothing to die from. Really.

"I noticed that heterosexuals often have body fat, and that not everyone is ripped and cut like a Colt Model" - this information needs to be spread through the gay community.

Posted by: Barry at August 14, 2007 4:17 AM

No gray, no play.

Posted by: Ohio Tom at August 14, 2007 6:46 AM

So how was Xanadu? :-)

Posted by: colaboy29 at August 14, 2007 9:29 AM

So many of my friends died in their 20s and never saw 30 (nevermind 40 or 50) that I'm not minding getting older at all - in a way I'm doing it for them and each birthday is an accomplishment.

Posted by: Andy at August 14, 2007 11:48 AM

Well, I can't see any gray on you. I did try JFM once for Halloween. I wanted to make my beard black for a costume. It didn't do a thing. I dunno, maybe it only works on gray. I have no gray in my beard or head, yet. But interestingly, my chest has turned very salt & pepper over the last year. I am like you, I embrace the aging process. I think it makes us sexier.

Posted by: diamondfistwerny (Steve) at August 14, 2007 11:52 AM

i doubt if you have early-onset Alzheimers. it's probably just "CRS". mine is terminal though. CRS? Oh, yeah - Can't Remember Shit! everyone has it. some just don't admit it.

hope the weather breaks by the time you get here. the midwest has been having a good old-fashioned hot, humid summer with lots of clouds and rain.

have fun...

Posted by: mike/ at August 15, 2007 8:37 PM

I would like to examine your beard up close for stray grays. I'm not seeing very many in the photo.

Posted by: davidmc at August 18, 2007 10:07 PM

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