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April 30, 2007


An ode to Manhunt and other online hookup sites:

ThisTall2ride.jpgMasc/musc/mil, masc/musc/mil,
Every time I read it I feel sorta ill.
Makes me think that I've kinda had my fill
of gays requiring guys to be 'masc/musc/mil'.

"Masc" stands for "masculine"
- it's really hard to find.
But a guy who's happy as-is
has a more contented mind.

"Musc" means "muscular"
which rymes with "crepuscular."
She wants us all to fuss for her
but her hole is too pustular.

"Mil" is for "Military,"
which we have a lot to spare,
in DC, and The Beltway,
they all have buzzcut hair.

But good guys come in all types
so don't limit your choice,
you'll miss out on the one guy
you passed with a femme voice.

I guess I shouldn't judge
but not to point out names:
They write: "No Fats, No Fems, No Fakes -
and most of all: NO GAMES!"

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April 29, 2007

weekend project

horseshoe project
I have two horseshoes I'd like to preserve. The smaller one was found in northern Kyrgizstan 10 years ago when I was hiking from Almaty, the former capitol of Kazakstan, to Kyrgizstan. I found it when we ascended from the Tien Shan mountains into Kyrgizstan.

The larger one was found off of highway 80 in Virginia, while I was peeing on the roadside (too far from a rest stop). I did not pee on the horseshoe.

Through some contacts I learned from Gretchen Voeks, a conservator at the National Parks Service Western Archeological and Conservation Center in Tucson, AZ, who specializes in the preservation of metal and stone. Her recommendations for my horseshoe project are as follows:

- If the horseshoe has been exposed to salt water then electrolysis is the proper method;

Sorry, don't want to deal with electricity.

- If no salts are involved then a 10% solution of Coca Cola or Citric Acid should be used, then rinse thoroughly;

I'm currently doing this.

- Coat the horseshoe with tannic acid;

Umm...where the hell do I find tannic acid?

- Finish with “butchers wax” or “bowling alley wax”.

I'll improvise with Doc Martens shoe tenderizing oil.

I may later display them in a shadow box or some other intensely gay method of making rusty horseshoes look fabulous.

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April 25, 2007

Crack Attack in tha 'hood

9pm on a Wednesday night, the DC MPD shining the Crack Lantern on Westminster Street, just off of 10th St., NW DC.
Westminster & 10th Streets, NW DC
I guess there's been some crime on that street or something. I'm glad my bedroom isn't on that side of the block, as its a really bright light.

Mike Rowe is hung:
Mike Rowe is HUNG!
Thanks Texkenobi.

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April 24, 2007

white-throated sparrows

A family of white-throated sparrows has been hanging around in my backyard lately, eating seeds and drinking from my 'pond'. They make chipping noises but also sound like a chickadee, with a festive 5-note song.
White-Throated Sparrows
I've never seen this bird in The District before, possibly because bird populations vary from year to year by species. Perhaps this is a 'big' year for the white-throated sparrow.

Went out with the two woofers from Tuscon and Skwurl last night to JRs for a bit. It was too crowded for me, but I'm happy to report there was no poop smell there like I've smelled before. You people read my blog, you respond accordingly, and I'm happy. Thank you for refraining from pooping at JRs - because I know it when you dealt it.

One blog can make a difference.

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April 22, 2007


It was a lovely weekend and I got to give two woofers from Tucson a brief tour of the 'hood:
Here's John in front of the two marble sphinxes (or sphinges, pl.) that seemingly guard the entrance of the Scottish Rite Masonic building on 16th & S Streets, NW DC. The one on the right of the door (with its eyes half closed) is a symbol of Wisdom. The one on the left (with its eyes open and alert) is a symbol of Power. Each sphinx weighs 17 tons and was carved out of a solid piece of stone quarried at Bedford, Indiana.

It finally got sunny and warm around here this weekend after a record-breaking cold April that made Mordor look like a vacation spot. There's all kinds of birds in my 'backyard', including a sparrow that sounds like a chickadee. It's got stripes on it's face and a bit 'o yellow towards the beak, but I have yet to identify it, and it sings like a chickadee (not the common 'chick-a-dee-dee' song but it's territorial song). The birds are always in and out of my backyard going for the water in the 'pond'. The other morning I also saw some kind of thrush going through the backyard. There's also a Carolina wren out there too, which looks like something between a small cactus wren, or a large house wren. I'm not yet as versed with eastern species as I was with midwest species - there's a lot around here that look the same so I find local species hard to identify.

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April 20, 2007

hot bearded Fox Mulder in new movie

"The TV Set," is the story of a TV pilot as it goes through the Network TV process of casting, production and finally airing. But I want to see it because it features David Duchovny with a wuuufy beard:
David Duchovny
That and it also stars SIGOURNEY WEAVER! She's actually quite funny in other roles that don't involve xenomorphic aliens that bleed acid.

Jocko is blessed by Her Unusualness. He has been sainted with the True Colors, St. Jocko of True Colors.

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field report from Homer

Homer called me from the Minneapolis airport en route to his hometown and reported that he went to the MPLS airport A&W to sample some of the local cuisine, batterfried cheese curds:greasy and salty

Next time you go through there, it's the only A&W Root Beer store in the food court, and it looks like this:mmm...cheese curds

Another interesting cultural trait of the Midwest is that anglo Caucasians perform manual labor in middle America. Looking back at those pictures I took a few years ago made me hungry for cheese curds and Caucasian manual laborers. I'm looking forward to going back home this summer.

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April 18, 2007

"So...what do you do?"

Oh jeezus christ people. Calm down.

It's been most inconvenient," said Dacrie Brooks, a public relations professional attending the annual convention of the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas. "I've been using (my BlackBerry) for all my communications because I don't have access to my laptop between meetings. It's been a challenging day because I'm missing things left and right. That's not fun."

God forbid you would be away from your e-mail for a few hours - but aren't you supposed to be communicating with live, real, organic-type people at the convention? I'm guessing she's the type who checks the 'berry obsessively in the middle of conversations. I'm so sorry you all had to suffer so much for an evening.

I keep forgetting to write about something that actually doesn't annoy me, I think since so many anoying things interrupt my thoughts all the time. The question that so many people find dreadful - "So...what do you do?" - really doesn't bother me that much. Yes, it is a question that is often overused in this region, but it is a question I had to seriously ask myself not so long ago.

In the midst of the dot-com era I worked as a website designer, and still do for limited amounts of time. But while I was doing it full-time and earning good money, I hated it most of the time. Then I bounced from one all-tech job to another, still hating what I was doing, but couldn't figure out why. Finally at the last job I hated so bad my boss even told me I hated it (which I denied at the time) I sought out the help of two fabulous and wise career counselors in exchange for launching their first business website.

While I had read through the infamous self-help book What Color is Your Parachute I knew I needed more personal advice from people who knew my situation and the town I was in. So after a few career counseling sessions I redirected my career path towards people and communicating, rather than web coding. It helped me better enjoy the 40+ hours that was part of my life.

While some do use the question as a method of appraisal in social settings, when asked what I do for a living I instead choose take it as a query into what I try to enjoy and excel at during a major portion of my life. I figure if you do something for that amount of time you might as well enjoy what you're doing and get paid for it too.

Of course my personal, home, social and recreational lives are just as important as my work life, and I try to balance them in equal portions. But I give people a break using that question in social situations since it's an easy avenue into a basic conversation. We all work, or most of us do, and answering it won't kill you. One only hopes that people asking it are actually interested in the other portions of my life too, since those aspects of a person's life are just as important as their work life. While my job doesn't identify me as a person, it does constitute a significant part of me, so I perceive the question as valid.

After the break is a simple exercise I did under career counseling that you can use to evaluate your gifts, passions, and values. Prioritize a short list of each, evaluate these items, and use your answers to direct your career search or development. I thought it was pretty useful and simple to conduct. As my career counselor said, "You're paid to use your gifts on things you're passionate about, in an environment that fits your values."


- connector ("Jimbo makes the people come together")
- graphics / desktop publishing / web work
- creativity / writing - I love (creative) writing and am told I write well
- information organization - I make great travel planning packages for work trips
- facilitation / planning - must...control...situation
- communication / speaking - no fear of public contact, but can be drained by it
- leader (president of college organizations, always organizing trips and similar events)


- environment / natural world / wildlife
- making/creating things
- rugby
- outdoors / backpacking
- sci-fi / fantasy
- urban decay / rising crime rate / urban affordability


- regular routine so I know whats coming
- variety / diversity of tasks
- no outrageous commute (downtown DC or Metrorail accessible)
- happy, educated, bright coworkers (I absorb the vibes around me too easily)
- mid- to small- sized company, nonprofit or association
- coworkers receptive to my skill advice and expertise
- equal pay for equal work - senority should not be the biggest determinant for salaries...production should
- my work can be accomplished in a 40-hour work week, within 8 hours each day
- when necessary (and only then) one must work late on occasion
- food and sleep should not be sacrificed for work
- my home/social/active life is just as important than my work life
- coworkers are just that...all should be equal in the workplace, and function as a unit or a team
- while professionalism is important, workplace stoicism is silly...your work persona should not deviate much from your normal persona...I want to work with people, not automatons
- flexible work schedules
- casual attire at work
- making good money

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OMG Stevie Nicks feat. Prince on "Stand Back"

Now I understand why I like Stevie Nicks' "Stand Back" so much - because Prince had a hand in it. "Stand Back" is the love child of "Little Red Corvette." From the track notes on the 'Crystal Visions' CD:

"I had just gotten married and was driving with my husband to the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara for our honeymoon. We were both big Prince fans and "Little Red Corvette" came on the radio. I started humming "Stand Back" along to "Little Red Corvette" The entire song just wrote itself right then and there...I got Prince's number and called to tell him I had written a song to the melody of his song. I never expected to get him, but he answered! He came down and played keyboards on the song that night. Then he just got up and left as if the whole thing happened in a dream."
Prince's musical influence is far-reaching and powerful indeed.

Here's Jimbo's Subway State Guest·Room i·Tunes track list:

Deee-Lite Theme, Deee-Lite 2:09
When You Come Back Down, Nickel Creek 3:49
Amie, Pure Prairie League 4:20
Violet (Acoustic Version), Seal 4:52
My Own Two Hands, Ben Harper & Jack Johnson 2:59
Baby, What a Big Surprise, Chicago 3:05
Honeymoon Express, Wendy & Lisa 3:46
She's Always In My Hair, Prince (12" Version) 6:32
No Man's Woman, Sinead O'Connor 3:01
Planets of the Universe, Stevie Nicks 4:46
Stand Back (Vocal Club Mix), Linus Loves featuring Sam Obernik 7:14
Love at First Sight, Kylie Minogue 3:59
It Takes Two, Robe Base & DJ E-Z Rock 5:01
Nasty Girl (Peter's Reconstruction), Inaya Day 9:48
Crazy (James Michael Mix), Alanis Morissette 3:39
Proud, Heather Small 4:19
Jump, Madonna 3:58
The Man With the Child in His Eyes, Kate Bush 2:39
Vienna (Pop One! UK Remix), Scott Bolton 6:05
Funkytown (Long Version), Lipps, Inc. 7:49

Yeah, it's like a soundtrack for a lesbian coffee shop that serves as teen roller rink by day, but that's me.

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April 16, 2007

just some things from the Internets

Here are a few things I found on the Internets about Virginia's gun control laws, concealed versus open weapons, and having weapons on educational institutions:

In Virginia there is no state requirement that there be a waiting period for gun sales beyond the "instant check" in federal law. Police are not given any additional time to run a criminal background check to make sure the gun buyer is not prohibited from acquiring firearms. There is no "cooling off" period to help prevent crimes of passion.

Virginia allows unlicensed open carry of a handgun that has a capacity of twenty rounds or less, unthreaded barrel and no collapsible stock. (Most handguns fall under this category). Open carry is defined as the gun's true nature is not hidden from general view, or the act of publicly carrying a firearm in plain sight.

Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) holders are exempt from: one gun a month rules; rules regarding open carry firearm restrictions; General College Carry Restrictions; Gun Free School Zone act, CHP holders are allowed to have guns on school grounds in their personal vehicles as long as they stay in the car.

"Accordingly, it is my opinion that the governing boards of Virginia’s public colleges and universities may not impose a general prohibition on the carrying of concealed weapons by permitted individuals. Pursuant to specific grants of statutory authority, however, it is my opinion that colleges and universities may regulate the conduct of students and employees to prohibit them from carrying concealed weapons on campus."

The Honorable R. Creigh Deeds
Member, Senate of Virginia
January 4, 2006

As I watched the very sad 10-o'clock news this evening I thought about the recent Virginia concealed weapons law, whether there is any point in having a weapon on a campus, and the ease of purchase of handguns during times of passion. The story still is unfolding, the event is tragic, but for some reason people are thinking about gun control laws a lot more this time. Perhaps these tragedies are happening far too frequently?

But before I freak out and demand complete bans on all incendiaries, handguns and explosives, I think back on my time on a very gun-friendly campus in Wisconsin, where class attendance was unofficially waived during deer hunting season, students had rifles in their dorm rooms, and high-powered rifles were waiting out in their cars in the parking lots, ready for the hunt. I shared housing with these people, I was openly gay, and at anytime someone could have blown my brains out.

Everyone had guns where I grew up. They were part of the household landscape. You took your gun safety course and you went out and got some low-fat meat for the winter. There were accidents, and the state had its own shooting tragedy in 2004, and a follow-up incident in early 2007.

There are degrees of gun control laws, some more effective than others depending on the time and place. Sane people don't shoot other people, but there should be some challenges in obtaining a handgun, semiautomatic or automatic weapon. And it should be legal to question the purchase of one. Nobody needs to have a gun at their side for a swagger into Dodge anymore, and if we need to take up arms against an internal or external oppressor, the oppressor probably has better weaponry anyway. A handgun won't do much good against a dirty bomb, LAW rocket or a loaded chopper.

So I'm feeling kind of fuzzy on a lot of points here, but at this time I do know that there is no good reason to have handguns around on a campus, people shouldn't be able to buy multiple guns at a one-stop shop, and that you should be able to lawfully stop someone carrying an open weapon on a campus. As for The District, that's another entry altogether...

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April 15, 2007

the rats in the air ducts are peering at me again

Blog postings will be scant until May, I think. I've been uninspired lately, deadlines looming at work, and a lot of other stuff seems to have started up in life as spring tries to assert itself. I think the moving thing is stressing me out. I've thrown away a number of household items absentmindedly. Garbage in one hand, tool/utensil in another, and I'm trying to do 6 things at once and I throw both handfulls away. I know I'm stressed out when I do that. And the rat nightmares have started up again. I always wake up in the middle of the night during times like this with fleeting memories of large red-eyed rats peering at me from ventilation ducts. But I don't have any ventilation ducts, and most of the rats I see in DC aren't that big. Freaky dreams, anyway.

I tend to have very strong symbolism in my dreams, and I take dream interpretation somewhat seriously. A current search of a few sites basically says that something is eating me up inside:

"To see rats in your dream, signifies feelings of doubts, guilt and/or envy. You are having unworthy thoughts that you are keeping to yourself but are eating you up inside. To hear rats running, or gnawing in the walls, shows that you have been wasting your time and should move on to greener pastures."
Or something like that. I'm workin' on it.

My absentmindedness of late led to a disappointing situation today where I had organized a group of friends to go see another friend perform at the brand spankin' new Atlas Performing Arts Center on Capitol Hill. Sadly, I had purchased 8 tickets for Saturday, but told everyone we would meet for a performance on Sunday, and the show was sold out. Big time bummer.

So I think I should step back from any extraneous organizing or commitment for a while. My mind is kind of addled lately. I had already been in the process of doing so but this weekend confirmed the need for a stronger commitement to noncommital.

But I did get outside for some sun before this nor'easter parked its soggy ass on the area Saturday night and today. The team won another match and I got to play for a bit in the B-side game. I like how my tits look in this photo, taken by SuperStar OMG Brettie:
Inside Center
The formation to the right is called a 'scrum' and us skinnier guys just standing around are called 'backs'. I played a position called 'inside center'.

Here's me and Matt chittering away on the sidelines:
Matt & Me
Photos by SuperStar OMG Brettie.

Blowoff was fun, but I was only there for a short time before I started to pick up Mr. Bartender like a sack of potatoes and carried him around. Between that and Saturday's match my back is a wreck. I did not see the famous and hot manatee while I was there.

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April 12, 2007

domestic partnership benefits between the coasts

HRC take note: here is the voice of middle America on the issue of same-sex partnership benefits. The county where I was born in Wisconsin just voted to extend same-sex partnership benefits for county employees. Now back in November the state voted against gay marriage, at a larger margin for the amendment than Virginia.

The fascinating part of the article is when you scroll down and read the discourse in the wildly unmoderated comments section. Most of it is from the heart, but very misguided and ignorant. Many anonymous commenters against the new contract that extends same- and opposite-sex partnerships to LaCrosse County employees are voicing a lot of basic misunderstanding about the law itself:

- A misunderstanding of the legal aspects of a long-term partnership - that is, proving or providing documentation that you've lived with someone for some time and have shared expenses - that partnership is not just having a roomate;
- A lack of awareness that it is for county employees only and does not extend to private company, state or federal employment;
- Ignoring the preexisting benefits enjoyed by married couples that same-sex couples do not, and cannot, receive legally in the state, leading to the circular argument that unmarried couples should not get benefits;
- Presumption that same-sex partners are unworthy of partnership benefits, or that they are at a higher risk of disease and thus draining the healthcare or benefits pool;
- Ye Olde Argument that because gays are immoral that they deserve no recognition or benefits;
- Equating residency with a pet with residency with a same-sex partner. e.g. a gay human has the same value to them as a cat.

In short, all of the above misunderstandings and biases are very basic points of awareness and knowlege about homos, marriage, and partnership benefits. These basic foundations that relate to the issue of gay marriage, partnership benefits and fairness are lost to a lot of these people - because the knowledge and awareness has not been fed to them through awareness or education campaigns before the legislation has been introduced. From the activists and organizations here in Washington, the cart is often put before the horse.

And frankly, heterosexuals have a right not to get married too, but after a while and shared expenses, should be getting the same benefits as married couples. In the office next door to me is a world-renowned scientist who has a long-term opposite-sex partner, but they are not married for whatever reason. And its their business not to get married if they don't want to. But it is relatively easy for opposite-sex partners to get these benefits with a visit to the justice of the peace, but impossible for most same-sex partners.

Anyway, like I've written before, I think there is a lot of basic groundwork that has to be put down before the general populace between the coasts and outside of major metropolitan areas can grasp the idea of same-sex partnership benefits or even marriage. They don't know us, don't know the difference between the benefits of marriage versus a ceremonial wedding, and are frightened and unnerved by the idea of same-sex unions. Pushing legislation that people don't understand about a group they don't understand is progressive and helpful to gays, but more often premature and damaging.

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April 11, 2007

Cell Phone Assholery & The Art of The Cat Factory

Sorry I've been in such a good mood lately with no rants to share, but I've been saving up all my bile and hatred, like an infected zit ready to pop.

I am tired of you and your fucking cell phone. You nearly run me over on the street every day, not looking where you are going. You interrupt person-to-person conversations by answering your fucking phone in the middle of it all. You're loud, you're obnoxious, and most of all, terribly boring.

Speaking of assholes, the owner of the now-infamous Cat Factory (previous entry), at 1819 10th St., NW now has to contend with removing grafitti, as well has cleaning up the neighborhood junk from his yard:
The Art of the Cat Factory
While the artwork is interesting, the property has been a local haven for illegal dumping, and the car to the right has its window smashed open. Derelict housing attracts crime, and is kind of a shame when there's people out there who would like to own a home, when others let good property decay and serve as a neighborhood hemorrhoid. The tag in black to the right of the 'PEAR' tag says: "Inca Ocho Amen '07" - not as cute as the Swann Street Spook, however.

Here's a picture of me wondering why America is so obsessed with blonde women in peril. Why do the paternity results of a dead bimbo and her plastic surgery tragedy of a trick constitute headline news?
Riding on the Green Line
I put a 'housing wanted' ad on Craigslist and was pleasantly surprised to get about 4 responses in 24 hours. Much more efficient than scanning newspaper ads. But beware, one of the responses was a scam!

Geek makes City of Heroes online version of each of his friends.

There are some good things in the world, however. Like when a mama tiger loses her cubs, but still loves her adopted piglets. But it makes me wonder what tiger milk-fed pork tastes like.

Or the Xanadu sing-a-long at the P-Town Film Festival this year on June 13-17. I'll gladly pimp the event if I get housing sponsorship. It's going to be a busy year for me, with the Buffy sing-a-long, Night of a Thousand Stevies, and now this. Who said being an obsessed stalker was easy?

A special shout-out to John at Continuity.nu for getting me the Kylie Minogue fashion exhibition coffee table book "Kylie - The Exhibition" BEST. BOOK. EVAH. Will somebody in DC please sponsor this travelling exhibition? I am begging you.

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April 9, 2007

OMG Stevie Nicks Rocks

Night of 1,000 Stevies promo posterI just might have to go to this:

FRIDAY MAY 11, 2007
$25 (plus Box Office charges)
On Sale Now at SmartTix.com or 212 868 4444

Ronald Anacelteo, a schizophrenic who resides in a Denver psychiatric hospital, believed that Stevie Nicks was a witch who could cure him of his homosexuality. Anacelteo, of course, said he had no plans to hurt Nicks when she visited the Mile High City for a concert. He just wanted to kidnap and impregnate her.
- Coverage on Stevie's little stalker problem in 1998.

Crystal Visions: The Very Best of Stevie Nicks was released March 27, and I'll have to say it's a wonderful greatest (and some new!) hits album. Do people buy albums anymore? If you do, this one's a good buy, and you can opt to purchase the video compilation as well.

DJ Tre played most of the tracks at Omega on Saturday night, and I was amazed at how many I'd forgotten. That girl's got a lotta songs to share. The newest is a song with Cheryl Crow entitled 'Sorceror'. The CD even includes a fine Deep Dish remix of 'Dreams', and my favorite would have to be 'Landslide', with an incredible backup from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Anyhow, it's so good it's enough to make me into a stalker too:
Full track and video list after the break. I hope you enjoy it:

Crystal Visions - The Very Best of Stevie Nicks (CD / DVD)
- released March 27, 2007

CD (16 tracks):
1. Edge of Seventeen 5:29
2. I Can't Wait 4:36
3. Sorcerer 4:55
4. If Anyone Falls In Love 4:07
5. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Tom Petty) 4:03
6. Silver Springs (with Fleetwood Mac) 4:46
7. Dreams (with Deep Dish) 3:47
8. Rhiannon (Live) 7:02
9. Rooms On Fire 4:35
10. Talk To Me 4:10
11. Landslide (Live with The Melbourne Symphony) 4:14
12. Stand Back 4:48
13. Planets Of The Universe 4:46
14. Rock And Roll (Live) 4:03
15. Leather And Lace (with Don Henley) 3:55
16. Edge Of Seventeen (Live with The Melbourne Symphony) 9:12

DVD (13 tracks):
1. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Tom Petty)
2. Edge Of Seventeen
3. Stand Back (Scarlett Version)
4. Stand Back
5. If Anyone Falls In Love
6. Talk To Me
7. I Can't Wait
8. Rooms On Fire
9. Whole Lotta Trouble
10. Sometimes It's A Bitch
11. Blue Denim
12. Every Day
13. Sorcerer (with Sheryl Crow)

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April 8, 2007

death, resurrection, rebirth, or maybe just oblivion

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince of a Thousand enemies. And when they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you; digger, listener, runner, Prince with the swift warning. Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed."

- the Black Rabbit, from the book and animated film Watership Down.
Blackberry, from 'Watership Down'

Rabbits can sometimes be sad or frightening. I've created a set on my Flickr account with more than a few examples. I was surprised at how many scary bunny images are out there.

Happy Easter.

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April 6, 2007

OMG Stevie Nicks CD Release Party @ Omega

Get your NicksFix on at 8pm this Saturday the 7th when Omega hosts a Stevie Nicks CD release party at 2122 P St., NW (rear entry - tee hee!) featuring the smoove Steviesque spins of DJ Tre:
Stevie Nicks Flyer
While having coffee with Darin in Phoenix, he offhandedly mentioned that Miss Nicks lived there, and I almost shot latte out of my nose when he said it. But I hadn't the time to stalk her between all the margaritas they forced me to drink.

While last week's lovely weather brought out the cherry blossoms, a thunderstorm and colder weather forced the petals off the trees, so the blossoms are done. But here's a closing pic of this week's pretty scenery at the tidal basin and Thomas Jefferson Memorial:
Thomas Jefferson Memorial & Cherry Blossoms
Photo by Steve Thomas.

I forgot to mention that I went to JRs last night to meet up with Carl and Skwurl to celebrate Skwurl's board of squirrel jury hearing or something. Thankfully none of them pooped in the upstairs bathroom. I'm saying this because I would know, since now that the smoking ban has been in full effect, anytime some queen poops in that upstairs bathroom and I'm there, I can smell it. With my mutant super-scent ability, I can smell it within seconds, and the smell kinda comes down the stairs at about the same speed as the guilty-looking perpetrator of poop ('poopetrator'?). And you were wearing a white and kelly-green Adidas track suit and a jaunty hat, fyi. For Zod's sake and for all of us, save it for your home toilet.

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April 5, 2007

Oreo. Cookie Dough. Amaretto.

Listen, bitchaaz: none 'o you bitchazz could possibly understand my joy when I heard not just the edit, but the remix of the song that opens the classic 80's film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - Breakaway by Big Pig...OMG the REMIX of it!!! It sounds kinda like Siouxie but more diva house but most a youse young bitchazz wouldn't understand. Anyway, I have been searching the world, from Alaska to the bitter cold steppes of Central Asia for this track, this soundtrack, and I hear it at the frikkin' Green Lantern!?! So I summoned all my Charisma power and 10 years of workin' it in DC and approached the DJ to ask - no, beg - him for a copy of that track. I'd do anything for it. Anything!

And I don't know what they're saying in the chorus of the song, but it sounds like they're saying: Oreo. Cookie Dough. Amaretto.

Does anyone understand me on this topic?

Apparently the chorus goes like this:

No wonder I like the lyrics.

If you need anything from me today, you're going to have to speak to my administrative assistants Mr. Bunny & Mrs. Peep:
a peep or two into my work life

That is all. Have a nice Easter.

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April 4, 2007

The 300 Hottie Factory

The 300 was bloody good fun, with cheesy lines delivered with full-testosterone action by Gerard Butler as King Lionidas. My favorite Spartan was Leonidas' short, scruffy, blond sidekick and narrator Dilios, played by David Wenham who sadly lost one of his baby blues in the battle, but kind of talks too much. But he's like a bard and narrator, so I guess I'll have to put up with his monologues in bed. TJ liked one of the cowardly Arcadians who looked like Jake Dakota's dad, apparently. While all of The 300 had nice scruff, their buff humps were not covered by fur, but still fun to look at.

So apparently Xerxes was a giant drag queen, with an army of Africans, Mongol-looking people, and lots of mean deformed people too. And he was probably the reason the Dire Rhinoceros' went exctinct since he used them in battle but the Spartans killed them all. Oh, and he had wizards with grenades, and the Spice Girls were in his orgy entourage too.

Everyone in Leonidas' army was cut, buff, bearded but with no body hair to speak of. They also had incredibly big mouths, and roared a lot too. Not that's a bad thing. And that's how The 300 went.
Rock Creek Parkway tunnel
I was taking pictures the other day and here's one of my favorite rushes - biking through the tunnel on the Rock Creek Parkway near the National Zoo. You're supposed to walk your bike through it but that's no fun.

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April 3, 2007

those crazy catholics

Bong hit or yellow hanky action?
Saint Yellow Hanky
You be the judge.

Karen Black?OK, so who's Karen Black? I guess I have to see 'Trilogy of Terror' as she's some kind of gay icon or something. Fill me in, gays. Apparently I'm supposed to know who she is by both the Bored of Gay Approval and the Sci-Fi/Horror Council of Elders.
Saint Yellow Hanky

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April 2, 2007

hauck a loogie

Badger and Skwurl* finally went running today amidst the clouds of cherry pollen filling the skies of Washington, DC. On his bike ride to meet Skwurl on the National Mall, grumpy Badger saw at least four tourists hauking up thick yellow loogies. Cherry pollen is devastating to some people, but Badger only has issues with mold. Nevertheless, both Skwurl and Badger's teeth were sticky with cherry pollen from the air. Ewww.

Today with the help of some Flickr addicts, I learned how to use the self-timer on my camera:
good morning
Early tomorrow morning I'm going on a bike ride adventure with OMG DJ TM™ to see if we can photograph migrating alewives and blueback herring in Rock Creek. We'll bike as far upstream as Pierce Mill to check out the new fish ladder that's been installed to allow the fish to go further upstream. I think anything that swarms or migrates en masse is cool - I think OMG DJ TM™ is just in it for the exercise.

Geek Alert from Chris: Tolkien Jr. completes the Lord of Rings book series with The Children of Húrin. Having read The Silmarillion, the new book should be a great read for you Tolkien geeks out there.

*In the tradition of Ernie & Bert, Frog & Toad, and Fred & Barney, Badger & Skwurl will be my first children's book, featuring the adventures of a hyper squirrel named Skwurl and his reluctant and surly companion Badger.

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