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March 25, 2007

the return of the king

picacho puffs
So on my way up to Phoenix I stopped at the ostrich farm in the shadow of Picacho Peak at Homer's suggestion, completely unaware that the area was the location of the most westward Civil War battle, the Battle of Picacho Pass. A gentleman who shares my name was a union cavalryman Lieutenant James Barrett of the 1st California Cavalry, whose life ended because he had an itchy trigger finger. So I went into the ranger station and said, "OMG! My name is James Barrett too!" to which the hot daddylicious ranger said, "...and his body was never recovered." So like I said, "I have returned." And he was scared.

Anyway, that was trippy. The boys in Phoenix were lovely hosts and they are adorable together, and they make fine square hamburgers on the grill too. And big 'linky love' to Darren, "All Preparation and no 'H'" in Phoenix!

I am back in Tucson for a few days before I return to DC Tuesday night. The weather here has been lovely and I'm happy to report I have a rosy tan to my face. Aaaah...sunshine.

Posted by jimbo at March 25, 2007 11:17 PM


I'm dying for nice weather here in NYC. I can't wait for spring to get some color on my face...that way people won't think I've got hypothermia anymore! :-)

Posted by: patrick at March 26, 2007 9:49 AM

Hopefully the rosy tan will keep your spirits up after all that Homerlishis fun you had. Travel safe.

Posted by: rodger at March 27, 2007 5:20 PM

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