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March 19, 2007

human cognition probably takes place at an automatic level

Photo by OMG DJ TM™ of me and my dearest friend Jon being freaks together, as we do so well:
Me and my dearest friend Jon being freaks together

So like TJ finally calls me back, albeit on the busiest work day of the year, miraculously catching me in the office in a brief moment of lucidity from the day's madness...

Phone: ring, ring...
Jimbo: (hysterical work phone voice) "Hello! This is Jim!!!"
TJ: "OMG so like what happened at Blowoff?!?!"
Jimbo: "Umm...wouldn't you like to know, betch..."
TJ: "Oh yeah, I was in hibernation after eating some blueberries and didn't make it out of bed that day..."
Jimbo: "Yeah well nothin' really happened...I was really drunk and was hitting on this hot friend of Tos' named Jed but I think he was scared of me..."
TJ: "Well, you sounded drunk on the phone..."
Jimbo: "I was a little loud I think...the Spring Aura of Desperation is in full effect."
TJ: "So, like did anyone ask about me?"
Jimbo: "Yeah, and I told them you were dead to me."
TJ: "Well yeah but like I mean did anyone ask about me?"
Jimbo: "In passing, but Carl had Ruphus cornered the whole time at my house so I didn't really talk to either of them much, Clickboo was drunk...and Skwurl had some kind of Brazillian sugar cane Aztec buttcrack juice he made us all drink. Chrisafer and Bubbles and Aaron and Josh were there but I don't think they made it to Blowoff after my house...and a bunch of drunk rugger queens showed up too."
TJ: "But like did anyone ask about me?"
Jimbo: "Anyway, someone just burst into flames here at work so I gotta go."
TJ: "Well yeah but like I mean did anyone ask about me?"
Phone: "Bzzzz...."

This is Ruphus and Clickboo being leprechauns in my house:
more leprechauns in my house

Blowoff was a hoot from what I remember of it due to Skwurl's Brazillian sugar cane Aztec buttjuice drink. Spring was definitely in the air with me and other primates vying for supremacy, staging and posturing like the avian arrivals of spring. A mere hello to someone who is normally friendly while partnered becomes gruff and unresponsive while single and cruising.

So I go home for more of the same on Manhunt, noting the inordinate amount of unnatural smoothness online, a dozen or so screen names with 'masc' in the title, and wondering why guys on there are looking for dates when Match.com gets you more of that. My 90 days on there will not lead to much, I'm afraid.

Soon my tastes swing from strawberry to adorkable, especially when he tells me his thesis in 12 words or less, the unassuming lithe Jewishy entomologist and his study of mayfly nymphs and the fluid dynamics of their gill slits depending on the viscosity of seasonal water changes just gives me a boner these days...

Buncha drunk ruggers in my house too:
drunk rugger in my house

Posted by jimbo at March 19, 2007 9:32 PM


Jimbo was quite happy and boistrously loud at Blowoff.

Here's one encounter with Jimbo.

Jimbo: MICHAEL!!!!
Me: Hey Jimbo! How's it goin? Jimbo: MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!
Me: uh, hi Jimbo. *smile*
Jimbo: MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: slowly backing away


Posted by: read_meat at March 19, 2007 10:34 PM

Um, yeeeeeeah, that's exactly what happened. Uh-huh.


Posted by: durban bud at March 19, 2007 11:04 PM

Yes, PowerPig is adorkable.

Posted by: Lee at March 20, 2007 3:49 AM

We have got to teach you about how to reduce "red eye" in your photos; even you don't look that evil on your worst days.

We missed TJ, but Jimbo's antics would have scurred him straight.

Posted by: copperred at March 20, 2007 5:36 PM