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February 18, 2007

pity party over, other parties begin

The pity party is over, and I've reconciled with cancelling the trip with few regrets. Yeah, I fucked up in how I was going to get to the airport, and air travel sucks donkey dick these days, so maybe the trip just wasn't meant to be. Or perhaps I really needed that hour of sleep that made me late for the flight.

I've cancelled trips spontaneously before. I know if my mind is not into it I won't have a good time. I cancelled a three day backpacking trip when it wouldn't stop raining, since I know three days in the rain is no fun. I went on a trip to San Francisco once when I was unemployed, and all I could think about while I was there was how I was going to save money. In short, I don't leave my mental baggage at home very easily, and I don't feel I had the resources (mental, financial or emotional) to recover from a cancelled flight. The mind has to be on vacation with the body, and clearly I wasn't together on that. Looking back on it I realize I was half asleep the entire morning of the ordeal, making bad decisions the entire day and the day before. Many shoulda, couldas and wouldas, but I didn't, and that's just how it goes.

I got over myself and went out to a nice party yesterday evening, but you can see how beat I was from the day's ordeal:
I left the party fairly early, brought a book to bed and fell asleep while trying to read.

The next trip to The Tucson Dance Party 3000 has already been easy to arrange, and my flight is booked for 2pm - very little room for sleeping in this time. I hope to also see some condors at the Grand Canyon, and perhaps some bears in Phoenix.

Posted by jimbo at February 18, 2007 6:48 PM


I am glad you didn't go to Costa Rica. I watched a show on Animal Planet last night called "Eaten Alive" about the various parasites you can get oveerseas. The one from Costa Rica, I think, involved sulphrous belching, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and intensive care.

Posted by: First mom at February 19, 2007 1:59 AM

I think that's called Giardia. I got that in Kazakstan and ...from other sources once.

Posted by: jimbo at February 19, 2007 3:29 AM

damn, you go to parties with cute guys.

Posted by: cupre at February 19, 2007 8:57 AM

the ben cohen pics at


should cheer you up. but since you introduced me to both ben cohen AND hairyblokes, you've probably already been there done that.

Don't give up on international travel. The world wants you, Jimbo.

Posted by: kameron at February 19, 2007 11:33 AM

Jimbo, would the hot scruffy fella in the background standing opposite you, ostensibly, be interested in conservative, cowboy, redneck, regulatory affairs types....

Posted by: wyocwby at February 19, 2007 10:05 PM

Come to SF in late June for Blogapalooza 2007!

Posted by: moby at February 21, 2007 9:58 PM

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