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February 14, 2007


Yaay for Snow Day, blek for Valentine's Day:
Mr. Yuk
Since it's the most horrid day of the year, let's bitch about things today:

Note to cute upstairs neighbor seen sprinkling salt on an unshoveled sidewalk: hon, you're adorable, but you must be from a southern state. No amount of salt will disintegrate 4 inches of snow - you have to shovel it first, then sprinkle the salt on the concrete to keep it from icing over. I guess I'll be shoveling today, which is a good workout. Don't forget to warm up your muscles before shoveling heavy, wet snow.

I keep reading articles about bad planning and poor management in the Federal government. While we hail your decision in calling a Snow Day for the DC Metropolitan region today, I think it's time to get your shit together in other, major areas. I'm currently taking an Organizational Leadership and Decision-Making graduate course, and right now we're discussing the differences between management and leadership. Our current administration has dispayed little of either skillset, and our nation's president seems to have been chosen to be a puppet leader, a king without clothes, as he's a man who can neither lead, manage, or make decisions.

To make an illustration of my point, the former mayor of DC, Marion Barry, was a charismatic and politically-savvy leader, but not a manager in any way. Things in DC improved with Mayor Williams, a good manager who helped the real estate market for some homeowners and developers. Dreamy Dan Tangherlini has traits of both a manager and a leader. Mayor Fenty has yet to show which traits he excels in, but for the city I would like to see a better balance between what benefits DC residents of high-income and also the rest of us.

Our next President of the United States needs to be a good manager, since there will be a lot of garbage to clean up from the past 8 years, and people are getting pissed off about shitty health insurance, an imbalance between wage and cost of living, and unneccesary international engagements. Please try to see through the hype and consider what traits the current candidates have and what they have to offer in improving your standard of living. 8 years of scapegoating gays and summoning boogeymen for us to fear has resulted in a drop in the quality of our everyday lives. We need a good manager for president, one who can get people to work, finish tasks, and accomplish clearly stated, well-formulated, achieveable goals and objectives.

In similar news, bloggers voicing candidate's agendas will continue to experience just as much flack as the candidates themselves. I'm not sure if blogging is an appropriate tool for political campaigning, but I do know that if you open a forum for debate and discussion, you'd better have a tough hide. And from what I know of campaigns and public relations, a candidate's representative blog does need to stay in line with the campaign manager's goals, objectives and messages.

To end in a happy note, check out Chicago AIDS Foundation LifeLube campaign website and blog. The program is in-line with what I've written before about the need for gays to lead a more healthy, holistic and integrated gay lifestyle. Chris Crain also wrote about similar movements in San Francisco, and I see it as a positive trend in helping gays become less engrossed in the sometimes ephemeral and unrewarding aspects of the gay subculture, helping us find out what we really want out of life in general, not just gay life. Doing so may be key in helping gay men make better choices in their everyday lives.

OK, I won't be a complete VD grinch, cuz here's the cutest Valentine of them all, Josh, owner of The Mighty Jimbo:

Posted by jimbo at February 14, 2007 8:18 AM


I'm abstaining from Valentine's Day - except of course for flowers for my Mother. I have no boyfriend, and I HATE being told when to give gifts anyway - I once had a boyfriend who went OFF on me for NOT sending him a Valentine's card after we had been dating for 3 months. I told her to put on her big girl panties and deal with it! :-)

Posted by: Mark Koenig - Atlanta at February 14, 2007 1:01 PM

pimping my dog.

Posted by: the mighty jimbo at February 14, 2007 3:43 PM

Happy valintines day Jimbo, or as I like to call it: Wednesday.

From an admirer out west.

Posted by: KAS at February 14, 2007 3:44 PM

I hope the thorns were taken off that rose, or there will be one angry pooch.

Posted by: homer at February 14, 2007 4:13 PM

That snow is heavy as hell, I'm sweating like crazy, but it was good to get a workout in after doing schoolwork and chores all day!

No school for me tomorrow either! Yay! Of course it will be spent doing homework and schoolwork but still... :-)

Posted by: TOS at February 14, 2007 4:50 PM

Just wanna spread some VD sentiments your way...

Fell the love burn.

Posted by: durban bud at February 14, 2007 10:18 PM

Jimbo, the thing that makes me wary of these news gay holistic lifestyle movements is that they, inevitable, seem to boil down to the desire by their leaders to police my sex life in some way. Honestly, it's just not that exciting and it's just not any of their business.

I wonder if someone who was truly happy and a whole gay being would bother preaching to others on issues like this.

I'm really not into some pretentious, self-righteous, self-appointed Values Czar running around trying to tell me what to do all the time. And besides, these guys are always the same ones who turn out to have meth addictions or a history of starring in bare-backing videos.

The gay being that they need to save is themselves, not me.

Posted by: Aaron at February 15, 2007 5:22 PM