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January 13, 2007

that's not the point

Earlier this week at the blogger summit hosted by the Washington Post I was struck by how specific many of the attendees' blogs were. There was a guy there who wrote about news of interest to airline pilots over 60, several people from the local deaf community, and many neighborhood blogs represented. If you want to get hyperspecific, there's even a blog for birdwatchers in DC, and a good one at that. New blogs are still appearing every day, as specific and varied in topic as always.

When I thought about what my blog is focused on, I couldn't help remembering something Dogpoet once said when I asked him what he was going to do with his advanced degree in writing, to which he replied, "That’s not the point."

This blog shares a potpourri of interests and rants, which is why people like reading it. I write it because I like to keep a journal to back up my poor memory, and I like to share my ideas. And sometimes these ideas are a hit.

So when I see that remarkably similar ideas are coming to fruition in the 'real' world over a year later, it kinda makes me think about all the work that's gone into 7-plus years of blogging for free.

I don't regret any of the time I've spent on this blog as it's mostly for me, and a little bit for you. But there's a Midwest trait of downplaying your accomplishments, which can sometimes set in your psyche as a kind of self-belittlement. Back home we expect others to recognize what we've done rather than to toot our own horn, which I find time and again gets you no credit in this part of the country. Around here in the workplace you have to say and show what you've done, because those who reward for such things either aren't paying attention or are too busy to notice. It took some getting used to, but I've learned to advertise my accomplishments at work, even though a core part of me thinks it's ostentatious to do so.

And in the routine of a long-lasting (for me) and stable job one can begin to downplay the role one plays as part of a team. One can be replaced and there's probably someone else who can do it just as good if not better. But you are still contributing and accomplishing with your specialty in the workplace.

More than a few times I've seen some ideas on this here blog turn up elsewhere (sans credit), and it makes me wonder if I couldn't get a little more out of doing this, or using some of my skills, talents and passions better - and for more pay - during the average work-week.

My friend Gurl is a career counselor who often tells me I'd be better off as an indepedent contractor, and I'd probably get more money as well. But for now, that's not the point, but it's nice to see evidence that it's possible.

Posted by jimbo at January 13, 2007 9:54 AM


You know your hits go way up when you are a complete grumpus and rant your way through a couple of days of entries. As a long time reader and fan, I'd describe this blog less as potpourri and more gaypourri or manpourri, a reflection of it's talented and kooky author.

Posted by: Jocko at January 13, 2007 10:46 AM

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