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September 21, 2006

elephant crack

my doctor-prescribed giant crack crystalAfter tweaking my back on Saturday during the rugby match, I asked my doctor for some painkillers and muscle relaxants. He did not prescribe me the usual stuff that seems to focus more on my muscles than on my brain. Instead, he prescribed a version of valium. I've taken the stuff before and it works wonders to put me to sleep. Now I don't know if the dosage was that much bigger than what I've had before, but I took one pill at bedtime (10pmish) on Monday night...

...and woke up at 3pm the next day, having slept almost 15 hours straight. Repeat the next day as well. I guess I have to cut the rest of the pills in half. Today was a little better, I woke up at 9am having ignored 2 hours of NPR on the alarm clock radio. I asked for a muscle relaxant, not a pachyderm tranquilizer! However, I am very well rested, feeling pleasant and am of sound mind.

On the bright side, my back feels completely improved. I guess two coma sessions will do that for the body. That and I went running with Piranha Sean yesterday, which I think warms up the muscles back there and loosens things up. I'll have to remember that in the future. Plus we ran farther than we had before, and I didn't end up gasping for life by the end of it. We run from the semicircular pond by the U.S. Capitol Building, past the Smithsonian museums on the National Mall, to the WWII Memorial, then around the ovoid ducky pond adjacent to the slimy green reflecting pool, then back to the Capitol again. There was some big gathering for cancer relief on the Mall and there were people in purple everywhere.

Even BlogStarBrettie noticed I was high on crack when I went to practice on Tuesday (but didn't play, only observed). He said I was talking like I was 'on a pillow'. Tranquilizers will do that to ya.

Posted by jimbo at September 21, 2006 11:29 AM


soooooooo jealous. even one night of 10 hours would be heaven. the most that tylenol pm gets me is 8 - and that is pretty rare. but oh! maybe I feel a headache coming on right now....

Posted by: windreader at September 21, 2006 6:46 PM

I would recommend you see a Physical Therapist who has a Diploma from the MacKenzie Institute. Did wonders for my back and rugby.

Posted by: Gay Veteran at September 21, 2006 10:26 PM

Whenever I have back problems, it is usually when I haven't let myself get enough rest. If I just get a full night sleep for a night or two, I can usually tell that it's much better. Besides, I didn't like the way the muscle relaxers the doctor gave me, made me feel. But I realized, that the amount of sleep I was getting was definitely a factor in how I felt.

I'm not saying the tranquilizers aren't helping you but, could it be you just need to get a full nights sleep on a regular basis young man?


Posted by: MalaJustin at September 22, 2006 9:44 AM

I concur re: the MacKenzie Institute. You could start with a Google search (also, Robin MacKenzie) and purchase an $8 book from Barnes and Noble. The exercises did wonders for my back (although my doctor said I should probably avoid scrums in the future). And remember, those endorphins (or is it adrenaline?) released during exercise are also very good for back pain. Apparently, bed rest isn't the best cure unless it's a simple strain.

Posted by: Boo Augustus at September 23, 2006 10:47 AM

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