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September 4, 2006


In the words of Piranha Sean, this stingray 'Rolled a 20'. Deaths by stingray barb attacks are rare, and a direct hit to the heart rarer still. Rays are fairly peaceful unless provoked. I think the animal world was striking back from being pestered so much.

Today I went to see Another Gay Movie with the gurls, which was raunchy and silly and good for some gut laughs. It's pretty much a gay version of American Pie, where 4 guys are bound and determined to have anal sex before the summer is over. Hilarity ensues, with lots of penis and butt gags.

I also saw 'The New World' with that scruffy Irish guy in it. The cinematography was awesome, and the film was quite a trip. It was filmed using only natural light. Gurl pointed out that while Massachusetts was founded by religious fanatics and Virginia by merchantile interests, the opposite seems to be true today.

The hurricane came and went with a nice 24-hours' worth of light rain and crazy wind. It was fun, but little damage in the city except for some rotten trees that fell. Hurricanes are something I like about living here in DC. I find hurricane weather really exciting.

I went to my first college football game on Saturday. It was festive...with pyrotechnics! 'We' won. American football is a lot like rugby, but there's a lot of standing around, time outs and general laziness. Rugby is harder. Football players are pampered.

OMG DJ TM was lots of fun until the house got packed. DJ played lots of Old Skool. I didn't make it to Prince vs. Madonna at the Black Cat as I had just finished a huge meal and when I saw the line stretching down the block I knew I wasn't up for it, so I played City of Heroes until 4am. Hawt. I cannot get 'Look on the Floor' by Bananarama out of my head today.

Posted by jimbo at September 4, 2006 11:44 PM


Normally I really like your commentary and I wasn't going to say anything. But this is the second time today on a gay blog that I've seen anti-Steve Erwin comments posted. I mean I get the joke--haha. But I just gotta say that Erwin was an outspoken advocate to save the very critters he had on his show. He even founded a charitable organization to do so. Now I ask you, wouldn't you rather be pestered for a few minutes on Animal Planet and have somebody like Erwin working so passionately to protect you than end up as somebody's handbag?

Posted by: dagger at September 5, 2006 9:48 PM

Are you scarred for life for seeing Richard Hatch's wang? Big or small btw?

Posted by: TOS at September 6, 2006 6:04 AM