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April 17, 2006

trial by geek

I forgot to mention we inducted a new member into my D&D group, a straight guy from my rugby team. He's a teacher here in The DC, so when my regular players started screeching and bouncing off the walls like crack babies from eating too many sugary Easter cookies, he didn't bat an eye. I think he'll get along well with all my little crack baby D&D players.

On Saturday some volunteers and friends from the rugby team helped out at the Flight 93 memorial:

Athletes pitch in at Flight 93 memorial

This coming weekend we will play rugby with one of our great friends and rivals, USUHS, the Fighting Docs of the US military's medical college. Be at Colmar Manor Park around Noon for some fun in the sun.

It'll be an Earth Day rugby celebration, so let's hope getting crunchy doesn't mean any broken bones and only some rutting about in the mud.

Posted by jimbo at April 17, 2006 10:14 PM

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I'm not sure how much of Mark Bingham's character can be attributed to his rugby playing. All in all, Mark was a pretty gung-ho kinda guy from the get-go...I'm sure rugby provided a very handy outlet for all that energy.

I feel a sense of dread everytime I see the ads and coming attractions for Flight 93. I know, having lived through the WTC horrors in NY, that I am not ready to relive those days and months.

However, Mark's mom, Alice, says she lives with 9/11 every single day, and maybe we all should, as well.

I think what the Renegades did was pretty cool.

Posted by: Mark at April 18, 2006 10:03 AM

Does your D&D group play online or tabletop?

Posted by: Jack Hampster at April 19, 2006 2:46 PM