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April 30, 2006

Jimbo vs. Kaiju Gamera

Crunchy-cute granola boy at the Deanwood Metrorail stop was kind enough to point me to the Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens with a warning that it was to close in 20 minutes (at 4pm on Sundays), so I raced there on my bike to make the best of it. Thwarted at every turn on the twisting paths around the ponds by ornery geese guarding their nests, I was not able to scout out the location where I previously spotted an American Bittern this winter. But I was able to see several gargantuan Kaiju-sized turtles lurking under the lily pads, surely the reason why the geese were so cranky. The armored beasts must make a meal of more than a few cute fuzzy goslings:
Gamera lurks...
I spent Saturday catching up around the house and receiving my new futon rather than play rugby. The futon is fabulous, sturdy and with storage drawers! Thanks to mom for the purchase, it's too bad we had to find out the previous one was rickety during her visit.

My back and body needed a break from rugby in preparation for a big tournament in Baltimore next weekend. Later that evening we played D&D as an old player was in town for a visit, and there were eight players total. The large force was able to take down The Temple of Elemental Evil in its entirety, which is now merely a pile of rubble. After a year or more of playing that module, I think the geeks are ready for something different.

Posted by jimbo at April 30, 2006 5:27 PM

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You have earned " Nippon no Geekpoints" for the proper use of Gamera ;-)

I suggest you go to Japanhero.com if you are ever curious to gather more info regarding the Japanese Version of Geek :-)

Since your having a Rugby game near our home, your welcome to stop on by and hang and see how much Ai'chaiya has grown..I am sure he will be ever more excited to see his uncle Jimbo once again.

Posted by: Dax at April 30, 2006 7:57 PM

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