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April 9, 2006

I love this

Spooky graffiti on Swann and 15th
This is some rather nice graffiti on the ruins of the house that burned down on Swann & 15th in February. My feelings about that incident are linked above, but I love what they've done with the place - at least in terms of graffiti. I don't know what artist did it, but it is at least an attempt at cleaning up what was an eyesore even before the fire. What was the artist trying to say? The butterfly suggests rebirth, while the ghost may represent the remnants of human habitation.

I feel that when there is a time and space for spontaneous artwork, go for it. Bringing some whimsy to a sad loss of a home is one example of a positive tagging of property. But if it's a business, inhabited home or public sign, it's just little more than an animal spraying its ass glands on the corner of your sofa - onerous and primitive.

I feel the same way when I am hiking and come across someone's attempt at a stylistic rearranging of rocks, sticks or vines a la Andy Goldsworthy. Honey, you ain't no bowerbird. Like hair implants, you shouldn't try it if people can tell it's not the real thing. Plus as the months pass such artwork eventually looks like someone's leftover campsite, thus violating leave no trace backcountry and wilderness ethics. Leave no trace means don't let it look like somebody was there.

And don't even get me started on tacky public art projects.

This just in: dumbass Wisconsin graffiti artist accused of tagging own jail cell. When you're a tagger from Wauwatosa you are hardly some kind of street artist.

Posted by jimbo at April 9, 2006 9:05 PM

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There is another one on the corner of 14th and Q next to the Rice restaurant. Its just as cute...

Posted by: Markie at April 10, 2006 7:14 PM

Um, not sure if its the same thing, but the snowman has become a popular symbol in the hip hop world. Snowman like coke man.

Posted by: Igbee at April 11, 2006 6:32 PM

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