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April 16, 2006

Easter weekend garden chores

With Saturday free of a rugby match I took the opportunity to work on my garden some more, at least for the spring. I rode up to Capitol Hill on my bike and went to Frager's Hardware, which tends to have garden species more suited to the local climate. I got echinacea, black-eyed susans and prairie daisies for the front yard as they're more tolerant of the summer heat that area gets, and planted them around the concrete bench. I dug up one of the sun-tortured hastas and moved them to shadier areas there and out back. I discovered why the front area was so free of weeds last summer - there was a brick patio underneath the mulch laid down by the previous tenants. Digging up some of the bricks, I made a planting area for a patch of sunflowers. They will also like it on the west-facing yard on Vermont Avenue, blooming in the fall for pleasant cuttings and attracting goldfinches when they go to seed. I'll plant some castor bean plants there too after a few more brick excavation efforts.
front of home
Out back in the yard facing 10th I'm challenged by a lack of sunlight due to overhanging trees, which is good for keeping the "pond" cool, which has iris and water lilies in it. My "pond" is a fiberglass half-barrel just the right size for the area. Around it I've planted alyssum, impatients and the transplanted hastas which will grow well there. There is space for later summer plantings of ferns and other shade-tolerant species. It'll be a nice place to chill out in the shade in July and August.

I guess my whole garden chore was my observation of rebirth in honor of Easter, but I didn't color eggs or even eat a single Peep.
my backyard lily pond
No RoundUp or other universal herbicides will be used in either area, and I can only hope my efforts won't be ruined by the adjoining neighbors overusing the toxic substance which affects neighboring plants. Elbow grease is always a better solution, but people in this part of the country are crazy for Agent Orange style defoliants. There is virtue in pullling out the invading ivy by hand and hacking away at old tree roots with a shovel, gaining a free workout and giving the soil the nutrients of my sweat.

After a shower and some rest I was ready to head out to Blowoff with Dreamy Ron. The crowd wasn't jumping as I had predicted, but there was plenty of space to socialize and flirt with drunk people.

Posted by jimbo at April 16, 2006 10:35 PM

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I hate herbicides and pesticides- nasty things. I'd never date someone who used them.

Posted by: homer at April 16, 2006 11:46 PM

Why Frager's? They seem sort of expensive to me. On Saturday's you can go to Eastern Market. There's usually a plant stand next to the north plaza. They usually have a good selection and good prices. I'd even go to Gingko Gardens before I'd go to Frager's.

Posted by: zinc at April 17, 2006 11:54 AM

I say chemically destroy the offending vegetation!

Death to poison Ivy!! YAY! ORTHO!

Me, I like Meadow's Farms.

Posted by: Dan at April 17, 2006 6:24 PM

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