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April 26, 2006

Annapolis death march

The Death Marches end tomorrow when I send mom off from National back home with her tranquilized Jack Russell Terrier, who has been fairly good cooped up in my basement. I think I'll have to send the carpets in for cleaning though, but had planned on doing that anyway.

Yesterday we went over the Bay Bridge in search of a verye olde English church rumoured to be at the first right after the bridge, but all we found was a verye olde cemeterye. Perhaps the church was further down the road, but the Zipcar clock was ticking.

A brief visit to Annapolis, through the Naval Academy campus, and to the waterfront for some seafood. Wisconsinites are understandably wary of crab dishes, so mom opted for a shark steak instead. After all these tourism Death Marches mom is understandably tuckered out and took the day off today to chill and prepare for her flight back.

Next week I have an exam and a final paper due, plus a big fat deadline at work I'm stressin' out about. I think I will have to skip the rugby match on Saturday so I can get crackin' on that paper. Blog entries will be sparse for a while.

Posted by jimbo at April 26, 2006 5:14 PM

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LOL - Jimbo - If you were looking for Ye Olde Church in Stevensville, you take the first exit off of 50 on Kent Island and make a LEFT. That's Business Parkway and after a few blocks it turns into Love Point Road (Md 18). That's where Ye Olde Church is. It's now an antiques place (and usually only open on weekends).

Next time....

Posted by: Andy at April 27, 2006 11:02 AM

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