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March 31, 2006

all shady partnered gay men should wear burquas

new garb for reckless gay playahsI just had two recent interactions with flirty gay men who found it convenient to leave out the teensy fact that they're partnered, relishing in the attention they got from me. That shit pisses me off. You consider it harmless flirting, I consider it a dick-tease. In all past cases of interacting with guys like these, their concern is mainly for themselves and the rise they get from the attention, probably because they don't get it at home from their partner, or they are just needy sociopathic shitheads. Am I being honest enough about how I feel?

My stance on this is not against the partnered. I'm all for making out with gay men who are open and honest about their relationships, or flirting endlessly with and constantly showering compliments on hot scruffy guys who are partnered. It is simply about honesty, and the above activities are harmless. Honesty is hot, but deception is not. If you are deceptive and leave out significant facts that most people find important, you are a shady motherfucker.

I once approached a guy on the rugby team who was cute, and I wanted to chat/flirt with him. The first thing he bluntly blurted out (he too was from Wisconsin, so I could take it) was "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND," which at the time I thought was a bit awkward. But looking back I'm glad he filled me in early on, instead of sucking up the attention and a half hour of my time before giving up that important fact. He had the spine to be upfront and filled me in with the vital facts early on.

For you see, single guys in their 30s don't like fucking around for long with playas like you. Get your attention elsewhere. Encourage your partner to say nice things to you. If I've got nothing else going on, I'd be glad to flirt with you - as long as I know what your status is.

My solution to this problem is for partnered gay men to wear full-body burkas so us swingin' single men can know ahead of time who to focus our flirting with. Or perhaps big pink dots in the center of your foreheads. That would prevent a lot of frustration. As for your attention needs, look in the mirror every morning and say "I am HAWT!" but playahs, please don't waste my time.

Whitney Houston's Crack Den. I rarely buy the Enquirer, but this week's issue looks like a must-read.

Better than Whitney's Crack Den is Johnny's Brokeback Mountain Comix. No - the hype, advertisement and blabbering about that movie has not stopped.

35% drop in HIV infections in badly-hit region of India. Decrease attributed to education, condom use. Good for India. I've been thinking lately that The Gay are overly due for another round of education and new prevention campaigns - and education funding. Nobody seems to be talking about it, nor seems to give a shit about infection or the trials, tribulations and side-effects of protease inhibitors, often seen as a miracle cure but are no cake walk to digest. And I don't buy the argument that we are tired of hearing about it or are burnt out on all the percieved negativity of the situation. All kinds of people live with all sorts of diseases every day and have ways to try to avoid them. Viruses don't stop, neither should the education and information. Here are some of my campaign ideas:

No Meth, No Drama.
HIV Meds: It Ain't Like Taking an Excedrin Tablet.
If It Goes In a Hole, It's Gotta Have Latex.

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March 29, 2006

tucson trip pics

I've posted about 60 pics from my Tucson, AZ and San Carlos, Mexico trip to the server. Enjoy.

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March 28, 2006

where's the snark?

I am back from my trip, none the worse for wear despite a mild case of Montezuma's Revenge and sans one iPod mini. I must have left it on the plane, I think in Atlanta. Must have been all the DILF hotties there that distracted me. So if I get a new one, will a new iPod reformat my iTunes library on my PC, or vice verse? I really dread re-loading all that music back on my computer again.

Homer's got more pictures from the trip. I have even more remaining on my camera, but it'll take a while to make a nice gallery.

Since the blogosphere has a lower snark-content due to the mysterious absence of Beaverhausen posts, I feel I need to pick up the slack for the slackers. I'm not the snarkiest blogger out there, but I'll try to be snarky this week for those of you who need the snark but haven't been getting it lately.

It had to happen - Xanadu: The Musical. This may very well be the only musical I will actually travel to New York to go see. New York muscial queens please keep me in the loop about the whens and where's, as I'm committed to going to see it no matter what.

Yaaay, finally a metrorail line out to Dulles in the works. It won't happen for a while, but it will be nice to not have to take some frikkin' frakkin' shuttle out there. National is still more convenient though.

SLiTHER comes out this Friday. It's time to go see a horrid film and get totally grossed out

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March 26, 2006

taco-eatin' scandinavian

I return on a long set of flights tomorrow but it has been a good trip. The beds in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico could best be described as "Granite Aztec Sacrificial Slabs" but for the most part it was a neat little getaway. I racked up my bird count with a number of brand new and exciting bird species, including the reddish egret, long-billed curlew, American oystercatcher, American avocet, blue-footed booby, and these beauties, magnificient frigatebirds:
They surprised the hell out of me the morning I walked out of my hotel and they were just there, hanging in the air. Homer and I found an estuary and saw a lot more birds, more than what we spotted on this morning's guided nature tour. Here is a reddish egret displaying a crazy dance intended to drive off another egret who got too close:
I thought these American avocets were pretty as they chilled out. Their brown breasts were the color of rich Gap kakhi pants:
We went on a guided boat tour hosted by an incompetent and screeching harridan who did not stop talking the entire route. She said many mistruths and falsehoods, inspiring me to start up my own business and run them into the ground. Anyway, we saw several rafts of sea lions warming themselves by aiming their fins perpendicular to the sun's rays:
Several pods of dolphins played in our bow waves, allowing me to get this parting shot:
To top off the trip Homer and I met up with Patrick, Brady and the ever-handsome Richard, aka Panchesco for a few drinks during karaoke.

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March 24, 2006

keep on pushin' my love over the borderline

For those of you demanding photos of DILFs I've spotted on my trip, here are two I hiked with today:
ray & cobban
My lovely hosts in the Bisbee area took me on a nice high-altitude hike that had me gasping a few times here and there. I now have this strange feeling on my skin I have not felt in months - I believe it is called a 'tan'. I think I like the feeling. The desert was purdy:
We hiked up to the U.S./Mexico border and upon sighting the border marker obelisk I could not resist singing, "You just keep on pushin' my love over the borderline..."
borderline obelisk
On the way back into town they showed me an old copper mine called the Lavendar Mine, the hugeness of which cannot really come through on this picture:
lavendar mine
Bisbee was a cute little town filled with crunchy and furry types, and eco-friendly restaurants that serve food that gives you gas as such granola places do.the town of bisbee
My hosts get their mail at the general delivery in town.

Tomorrow Homer and I are off to Mexico...may not be able to post for a while.

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March 22, 2006

hello from sunny tucson

I made it to Tucson in one piece. All I have to say is that the airport at ATL has no shortage of hotties. There were DILFs and woofers galore.

Again, I love my new camera, and I went berzerk today on a hike with Homer:
bunny rabbit
A desert cottontail rabbit caught on the trail.
Gambell's Quail
An awesome pic of the cute Gambell's quail.
green-winged teal
This is a green-winged teal.
cinnamon teal and northern shoveler
At left, a male cinnamon teal, and on the right a female and male Northern Shoveler.

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March 20, 2006

Buh-bye windy DC, hello Sonora!

Last month I was contacted by a freelance writer from Northern Virgina Magazine who wanted to use this picture I took last fall for an upcoming issue. The picture was of people tubing at Harper's Ferry, possibly for use in their April article entitled Great Places to Vacation in Virginia. I haven't seen the mag on the racks yet, but keep your eyes open.

Gawd, I survived our open house event today. I will never again underestimate my past experience as a process queen organizing high school dances, prom, and g/l/b/t/whatever events in college. Organizing and facilitating is a learned skill that some people do not have. Should we do the event at work again, I'll unleash my full potential to ensure it goes a bit smoother. It went pretty well considering it was a first go-'round.

I fly out to Arizona tomorrow and will be greeted my my lovely host Homer, who happily indulges in new additions to his dish fetish. We'll tool around Tucson for a bit then head down to San Carlos, Mexico for some sun, cocktails and possibly whale watching. Have a good week and stay tuned for lots of pictures, and possibly an interview on Best Gay Blogs.

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March 19, 2006

i love my new camera

While most of the guys in this picture are not on our team, I liked the action I caputured with my new camera:
a ruck, a scrum?  whatever.
On the other hand, using the memory card supplied by the manufacturer only allowed me to take maybe 9 photos before I ran out of memory. But I hear tell the memory cards are cheap and I can get a better one fast, cheap and easy.

After a frustrating 0-0 tie against the A-side, our opponents graciously volunteered to play against the B-side. That game wasn't quite as frustrating for them, but many players who had never played before got some good experience. The sky was incredibly bright for the area, with a few puffs of clouds you might see on a Japanese room screen. It was windy all day and my lips are parched.

Blowoff was great, and I think the nasty windy weather kept a lot of people away, which was fine for me as it was not crowded at all. I spotted visiting bloggers Waremouse John and Bayou John in addition to the usual crowd. I hadn't expected to see Waremouse so when I saw him I jumped up and down and squealed and said, "OHMIGAWD! WAREMOUSE!!! EEEEE!" And he joined me in the squealing, tittering and jumping. At the sound of our screeching, several "masc," "straight-acting," and "laid-back" guys within earshot ran away immediately.

My City of Heroes account died on Saturday - I thought payments were automatically deducted, but I guess not. Siezures have not begun yet but will soon, as I can't figure out the frikkin' unfriendly interface for upgrading my account, and am gonna have to call them by phone and speak with a human tomorrow.

But that allowed me time to clear off the infernal volcano rocks put down out back at least in one small area so I can plant nicer things than the nasty crown-of-thorns plant that is out there (they are pernicious and spread everywhere). After removing a network of hard tree roots coming from a nearby ghetto tree* by chopping at them with the shovel, I was able to dig a small pit to drop my 'pond' into - a fiberglass half-barrel where my pond lillies, irises and guppies grow, and conditioned the rest of the clay-heavy soil with top- and potting-soil. It'll be ready for when our weather stops being so schitzo.

*ghetto tree - any unattractive, pernicious, local species which thrives in the city and can be found in many rental property gardens or even growing out the side of the house. Crown-of-thorns, hawthorne, rotten elm and boxelder trees to name a few. The mulberry tree out front drops sticky-sweet jelly berries onto our sidewalk every summer, creating sticky goo to track into the house and attracts ants, rats and noisy birds that come to gather it at night and in the early morning.

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March 16, 2006

blowoff, telecommuting, & heavy breathing

To misquote JoeMyGod when he was in town for the last Blowoff, "This is the coolest gay thing ANYWHERE!" (I was a little drunk, and so was he, but he said something like that).
3/17/06 blowoff poster

It's been a busy week and will be an even busier weekend as I prepare for a big work event on Monday and get ready to visit Homer the following day, staying for a week. We will be going down to San Carlos, Mexico for some whale watching and cocktailing, and it will be good to bask in the bright sunlight like a lizard on a rock. Lately with the spring teases in the weather from cold to warm and back again, I've been feeling more like Gollum in a cave. Trees are blooming but I'm ready for it to warm up.

I worked from home today, actually accomplishing things and really having good uninterrupted time to sit, think and process what I have to do, and doing it. Emergencies real and petty constantly come into my office door at work, and it's been really refreshing to be able to get my own work shit done in my own space once in a while. I am all for telecommuting, and can't speak highly enough about it. At the end of the day after working at home I really feel like I have a handle on my tasks. For the first time in the last few weeks I don't feel panicked by nightfall, and I suspect I am going to sleep well tonight.

The flip side of that is when to stop working, and when to start. Believe it or not once I feel empowered and begin accomplishing things, it's hard to stop. On the other hand little temptations are offered while at home...finish this pile of laundry, repot that poor fern, pick up the dry cleaning, etc. But for the most part my output from home is positive and more productive than a typical day of A.D.D. work crises. My boss recently suggested I get an office out in the hall for various reasons, and while I said I'd be OK in the Maelstrom that is my office, perhaps he is right. Gurl often tells me I need to start my own contracting business, and while I loathe admitting anything she says to be true, in this case she is right. I am constantly reminded by daily events that I may work better on my own.

Another great rugby practice tonight, probably the reason for this generally upbeat blog entry. By the end of the practice while the coach was giving us details for Saturday's match, all you could hear outside of his speech was the heavy breathing of 40 or so guys who worked hard for two hours. Everyone is excited for this season, and our potential is great.

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March 15, 2006

the luck of the Irish

Just got an extension on a take home exam that I procrastinated on until last night. Mental Note: Do not save a multiple-page mid-term essay for after rugby practice. It just doesn't work. So I gave up on it last night and was ready to accept a late penalty. Upon reading my work e-mail I see I get an extension due to technical difficulties with the assignment submittal software on-line. I'll consider this a blessing from the few genes in my body that are Irish.

I'm mostly Scandanavian, but my last name is Irishish. But it could also be Jamaican, since one in ten Jamaican immigrants share my last name. It's more exciting to think I'm Jamaican instead of Norwegian or Irish. But I still have enough Irish in me to warrant an excuse to drink on Friday.

44 people came to practice last night. It was a frikkin' mob. And we were focused. I am excited for the numbers and the potential our team has this season. This Saturday we open our spring season at home against Pax River and the North Bay Irregulars. Kickoff for the A side vs. Pax River is 1:15 p.m. We will be at this local field, boots on, tape on and ready to warm up by Noon. If you are interested in playing, coming to watch two matches is a great way to see how the game is played.

I finally broke down and bought a new digital camera. A big, fat camera with 12X zoom lens and so many gadgets on it I don't know how to use most of 'em. I finally admitted to myself that I like taking pictures, especially nature pictures, so I might as well get a decent camera for it. I am happy with my purchase.

The two coolest things in the universe going on this Saturday are of course Blowoff and the Studio One Eight exhibition Art of War, featuring awesome local artist Scott G. Brooks.

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March 12, 2006

Què ha passat aquest cap de setmana?

Parlem-ne! I've been longing to start out a blog entry in an obscure and dying language that no one has heard about nor will understand, and it wasn't until tonight that I was able to post one. I went out to see the documentary Gay Sex in the 70's with a group of friends, one of whom is Catalonian. I think the phrase means "This is what I did this weekend," in an elitist tone.

Anyway, the film was an interesting eye-opener, with photographic and film footage of the wild and rampant New York City sex scene running up into the initial AIDS crisis. Having come out in the more tolerant 90's with the priviledge of being able to make up my own constructs of gay relationships, I cannot say for sure if I would have been part of that if I was in NYC in the 70's, if I had just come out then. The film portrayed a mania for sex without consequence that I'm not sure I'd have been able to embrace even at that time. Even when I've been given the chance in similar scenarios today, it's still been a 1 on 1 situation if I can help it, where I know the person and there is room to talk. I've learned I'm a big 'ol intimacy queen, and frankly I think sex is better the more you know someone. But that's just me. Plus, I don't think I even had that many bullets in my pistol in my 20's...multiple search-and-trick encounters within a 24-hour period will be increasingly disappointing with each act - if you're a cum pig that is.

One of my buddies who watched the film with us noted that people were remarkably lean back then, and all Americans are significantly more zaftig today. I countered his theory by pointing out that the documentarians and those taking the footage probably only shot photos and filmed the hottest men, to which he countered even the group orgy shots showed only lean people. He believes it is the replacement of cane sugar with high-fructose corn syrup that makes people fatter today. I don't know enough about nutrition to argue further - maybe it was the hard-core cruising and multiple athletic sex acts that kept people fit back then? My friend's theory would imply that the 'Bear Community' may owe it's origins to the intensive lobbying efforts of American corn producers to get their product on the shelves versus those of the Caribbean cane lobby. Discuss.

Jimbo gets a 'Woof of the Week' on the MoPod Show. I'm flattered, and I woof back at Uncle Ruphus and his woofy self. Ruphus has hot tats, shaved head and a nice thick goatee. Wuuuuf. They mention the 'new' pic of me on the home page, which I must admit is 4 years old and a few pounds lighter - I only chose that thumbnail since the background color matched the redesign better than others.

Note to Uncle Ruphus' co-DJs and readers who don't get the 'dot-info' part: the .info domain is still available as a legitimate top-level domain, admittedly not widely used. I chose jimbo.info because the blog is about me, so .info seemed more appropriate than jimbo.com, since I'm not a commercial enterprise - yet. Plus jimbo.com was already taken by some Irish Golf Vacation bureau.

OMG DJ Timothy Mykael on Friday night was awesome! He even played 'Mesmerized' just for me. While some people tell me it's bad form to make requests from famous fabulous gay DJs, I could not resist sending him an itemized list of 30 tracks in descending order of fabulousness and preferred remix to him several weeks before the show. While I wasn't there long, the only bloggers in attendance during my reign on the dance floor were Chrisafer and Copperred, who nicely critiques my interpretive dance style:

After seeing Jimbo's moves on the dance floor, I can tell you for a white boy from Wisconsin, a lot of DC has rubbed off on him; I mean the boy can back it up like a mack truck.

It helps to have junk like a Mack Truck I guess. On Saturday Bob and TJ got the golden opportunity to rate a before and after hair did trip. They were chillin' at the Circle as I whizzed to and fro on my bike. Despite the fact that my stylist also does this man's hair, Simon and Paula liked the work my stylist did to my fly 'do. And I very much liked TJs post-rehab scruff. WURF!

Later on me and a new friend went to the "Obsolete, Odd and Absolutely Ooky Stuff" exhibit at the DAR Museum, featuring the strangest and most intriguing collection items from the 18th and 19th century in an exhibit of unusual objects from America’s past. The exhibit was very short, but I'll have to note that the DAR Museum attendance is quite low, so you won't have to struggle with throngs of tourists when visiting the place. It's a good pic for long-term DC residents who are wary of huge crowds of DC visitors.

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March 10, 2006

sometimes my tries are outside the line

It was very, very good to be back to rugby last night. I had forgotten what a stress reliever it is for me - and of the latent aggression that accumulates after a good practice. I almost took on a DC garbage truck on the bike ride home (driver on cell phone, attempting to run red light while I was crossing - I gave him attitude instead).

And I have never, ever seen so many return players from the past season return in the 5+ years I have been playing. We have never had so many experienced players on the team, and are also blessed with a hell of a lot of good rookies too. It is going to be a very good season for the team. We had enough players to play like 18 on 18 or something, even with some standing out. My cardio level was pretty good, but my reactions and reflexes not so much. I'll bring my brain to practice on Tuesday.

FYI, some other bloggers and readers have expressed interest in the game and team. Yes - rookies can play; no - you don't need previous experience; no - you're not too small/too big to play; yes - you're in shape, shut up and come to practice.

I have received a few e-mails questioning my choice to link to certain conservative/radical/puritan/slutty/whatever bloggers. It's actually funny to compare these e-mails - some people cannot understand why I would chat with or link to someone with a more libertarian or conservative view, while others are up in arms that I have linked to or have socialized with those who practice a more fecund and radical sex life. Believe me, I do have some standards as to who I link to and who I won't (Are they inherently evil or painfully boring? Do they post regularly enough? Are they certifiably insane? Is the blogger in question a walking train wreck?). Frankly, if I have met someone and I like them, or if I think their insights are informed or interesting, I will link to them, but it doesn't necessarily mean I agree with what they do or what they think.

If you had been to my 30th birthday party, probably the last time the spectrum of my friends and acquaintances were in the same room, you'd see this is how I also choose my friends - I hang out with rugby jocks, D&D geeks, trashy bath house whores, uppity urban queens, unkempt Bears, and people who used to wear black trenchcoats and ate lunch under the stairs in high school.

I also think in today's highly polarized world, it's important to read these differing ideas and to understand all kinds of people. And you have to make an effort to do it these days. There's not enough conciliation going on today because people are ghettoizing themselves so readily to one side or the other. It is so easy (and comfortable) to hang out with your crunchy world beat vegetarian friends and be derisive of other groups, to hang out with your materialistic friends and talk about your next homeware purchase, or to exclusively go to Bear events and leave it at that. I like to think I'm able to transcend these compartmentalizations, and strive to cross boundaries or be undefined by them. Or as Natasha sings, I am Unwritten.

Considering how our current political leaders are manipulating and polarizing the public for their own ends - dividing us so easily - I consider it an act of rebellion to make attempts to understand people who are different than me, who think in different ways. When you listen to someone who thinks differently than you and try to meet in the middle ( somewhere purple rather than red or blue ) it pisses off Karl Rove and the Republican party.

Plus, it's my fucking blog and I'll link to whoever the hell I want to.

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March 9, 2006

you'd better say hello to me, dammit

Approaching and saying hello to a blogger whose blog you read regularly is perfectly acceptable. Nothing stalky about that - if a person puts their thoughts out there, they probably don't mind being approached by your friendly self. Personally, I like to meet people, and in real life I do not froth at the mouth nor gnash my teeth as my writing style might occasionally suggest.

But surveying a bloggers' comings and goings in public, noting what the blogger says to others in the locker room (otherwise known as eavesdropping) and then excitedly reporting these sightings to other bloggers is just plain wierd, a bit gossipy, and kind of rude. Or like I said to someone, "That is sooo Mid-Atlantic."

Where I come from people say hello to each other, and we don't want anything in return other than socialization. It's simply being polite. When I say "Hi!" to you it is simply a salutation, and there will be no loss of face if you return the gesture. Anyway, perhaps this mole/paparazzi/stalker who has me under surveillance should consider a career with the CIA or FBI. Or just fucking say hello for chrissake - despite the fact that I've been on the East Coast for 10 years, I still get frustrated by this kind of behavior, and expect better from people.

Moving on...Dan Savage says it better than I ever have in his advice to a fit guy who's into Bears, giving advice to one who has been snubbed in the past due to reverse body facism:

So if some bears are into skinny guys, WITD, how come you've been made to feel unwelcome at bear venues? Because bear culture — a phrase I'm using under duress — has shown itself to be just as susceptible to the body-image fascism that its earliest adherents claimed to be rebelling against. Bear culture quickly moved from rejecting the notion that there should be one standard of gay male beauty — hairless, flat-tummied twinks — to enforcing its own monolithic standard of gay male beauty — fat-bellied, hair-covered bears. At best, the bears who go out of their way to make you feel unwelcome are mildly hypocritical; at worst, they're so insecure that they feel threatened by your skinny, hairless presence.

Yes, Bears, it is possible that that Circuit Twink may think you are hot and isn't actually sneering at you. Open up to the idea. But then again I've been over both scenes for some time. Like I say on one of my online profiles, "I am attracted to individuals rather than a caricature or archetype."

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March 8, 2006

OMG DJ Timothy Mykael is spinning at Cobalt this Friday

My rugby teammate, D&D buddy and fabulous DJ friend Timothy Mykael will be spinning at Cobalt starting at 10pm this Friday March 10. Since it's also Battlestar Galactica/Stargate night, and the season finales at that, I may not get there until Midnight, but I am defnitely going. I like Tim's flavor of music, generally poppish with actual vocals and lots of tracks in positive major key. He has spun tunes at Apex "College Night" 2000-2005, Tracks, Cherry 4, Blue Ball 2001 & Ocean Blue preview party in Rehoboth beach, Capital Pride 2000 & 2001, Rehoboth Beach @ Blue Moon. Highly recommended.

Not that Tim's tunes are boring, but should I lose interest in dancing I will pass my time spilling drinks on twinks, making Jennifers cry, and dropping Flintstones vitamins in people's drinks when they're watching, should you care to join me.

Hot Ginger Kid / Daywalker of the Day: country artist Jace Everett. Nice voice, nice lips, nice ginger kid hair.

I did get my bike fixed last weekend after my spectacular flight. The good-looking bike repair staff at City Bikes performed miracles, and I didn't even need to replace my front tire. The cute hunky repairman even went out of his way to tell me my "...nipples are showing some wear." That was exciting.

I went to see Ultraviolet last night with not one but TWO handsome, clever and good-humored men. It was standard action chick fare with spectacular off-the-hook fight scenes, but unless you are a huge Milla Jovovich fan I'd wait until it comes out on DVD. Some of the lines were very hokey and the plot was standard action sci-fi fare ("Oh, we have to find the retrovirus cure in 8 hours!!!").

Before the movie I went to work out for the first time at the Georgetown Washington Sports Clubs. The vile experience began with seeing a stressed-out DC lawyer-type tip-tapping on his laptop in the locker room, followed by having to endure the excessive cell phone use of other people on the weight room floor ("DID YOU REMEMBER TO CLOSE THE GARAGE DOOR?!?"). It was probably the most self-absorbed, self-important, arrogant and typically nauseating DC crowd I'd ever seen in a club. Pretty, yes, but very, very self-important people. I wish I had just eaten broccoli and cookie dough, downed with some Cherry Coke so I could have dropped a fart by Mr. Laptop and Mr. Cell Phone to show them what I thought of them, but I was fairly regular at that time, thank you. The actual facilities and equipment were nice, it was the crowd that ruined the place.

Officially Over: "jauntily askew/askance trucker hats", overuse of the word 'brilliant!' (especially in Manhattan), and toy dogs as accessories. Jimbo predicts chimps will again be the next hottest animal accessory. Lower orders of primates are a classic sidekick that rarely go out of style. However, Marmosets, flying lemur, and mandrill are forever a fashion no-no.

Lesbian homecoming 'King' named at university. Well, this is great news and all but it happened at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point in 1993 when I was going to school there. Perhaps that wasn't as big of a deal due to a higher level of tolerance back then, but a gay man (Trevor, as I recall) and bulldyke lesbian (her name was Nancy?) were homecoming king and queen in a Central Wisconsin public university, but in typical Wisconsin style no one made a big deal about it. I was president of the campus g/l/b/t/whatever group for a year - it still exists today.

I'm sad to hear that there is a state constitutional amendment initiative to 'define' marriage going on back home. We all know what that really means, a red herring to gather more votes and to marginalize gay people. But I'm glad to see that an organization is appealing to Americans' good sense of fairness, which usually wins out against intolerance in the end.

Bear activists to sue:

"What do we want?
When do we want it?

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March 6, 2006

please, make it stop

I didn't see Crash, don't know what it's about, but did see that one other film that everyone is talking about an awful lot. Like I said before, I thought that one film was a good film, but it didn't knock my socks off or devastate me to the core of my being as several have said. I have taken some flack for not following the chorus in an unquestioning adoration for the film.

There were many good movies in contention for the Best Film award this year. Did you know there were good films out there that are not gay-related? It cannot be assumed that America or the Academy is homophobic just because the collective expectations of a very exciteable gay community were not met. I'm sorry so many of us were wagering all our hopes and dreams on the recognition of this film and the total sweep of this year's Academy Awards show. But maybe, just maybe, that one film wasn't the best film of 2005. Let's step back a bit, take a deep breath, and get some perspective. Besides, recognition of three awards ain't bad...best director, adapted screenplay and original score is hardly qualifies as a 'snub' or a 'bust'.

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March 5, 2006

Rate my heroes!

So somebody asked that question again, to which I promptly answered, "Because men are so tasty, especially with A-1 Sauce!" I really should be honest with those who ask and tell them that I already have at least six boyfriends:
the boys
I spend a lot of time with them on City of Heroes, most evenings in fact, often until 2am on weeknights. I've been really bad lately. I admit I'm totally addicted, approaching the level of GeekSlut with World of Warcraft, a game which most of my former City of Heroes-playing friends have sold their souls to as well. Anyway, here's a breakdown of my boyfriends, in order of time logged on playing with each:

- Alpha Ant: tech blaster, fire/energy
- Big Bad Woof: magic defender, weather/sonic
- Captain Crunk: mutation controller, mental/healing
- Geardagh: magic tanker, earth/earth
- The Green Bay Packer: natural tanker, ice/invulnerability
- Tiny Troll: mutation corruptor, vines 'n spines (City of Villains)

Rate my heroes! Geardagh is the woofiest, while I think Alpha Ant is kind of cute (he's short and Jewish). The Green Bay Packer is most popular online, and everyone he meets wants to talk football, which I din't know much about, but he's friends with Brett Favre. Captain Crunk is good for a laugh, and much valued on a team as an efficient healer and teleporter. Tiny Troll is short 'n spunky, while Big Bad Woof has an awesome back story.

No embargo this weekend, as while it's been cold outside the heat misers upstairs have kept the heat going. I found that I don't actually control all the water, just the hot water, just in case. But I think I'll go the route of one last request when the heat is off on cold nights, before contacting the landlord. Winter is almost over, but it ain't over yet.

Redesign inspired by Dooce using Jason Gaylor's Fresh Foliage Photoshop brushes. I'm not as artistic or color-coordinated as either, but the winter snowflake motif had to go. Things are sprouting outside! Is the blue too much?

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March 3, 2006

Who rule Bartertown? JIMBO rule Bartertown!!!

Miss Tina Turner as Auntie EntityRemember that 1985 film Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome? Not only did it feature Tina Turner in a role as post-apocalyptic mayor Auntie Entity (in various fabulous chain mail outfits), but it also provides many good quoteable quotes, and also gave good lessons in dipolomacy and politics. I managed to find an instructor's lesson plan for a systems analysis class using the film as a case study.

Anyway, I have a Bartertown situation going on at home. Upstairs, Auntie Entity, Ironbar and and Mad Max control the radiator heat. It is warmer upstairs and they are trying to save money, so they rarely turn it on. Much like MasterBlaster, I live in the basement unit, and have been freezing my ass off lately. When the temperature outside drops below freezing, it gets pretty cold in the basement, and my space heaters just don't do the trick. Plus I think my heat is simply going upstairs, heating them and making them feel content that everything is fine. Considering the radiator heat is more efficient and heats more effectively than my space heaters, we would all benefit if they turned on the frackin' radiators once in a while. I pay $1000/mo. in rent, I want some frakkin' heat. I served my time with the Peace Corps on the Siberian steppes, I know when I want my warm comfy home. I am and have been over being cold for quite some time.

I have been nice, diplomatic, polite and communicative in my numerous requests that they turn the heat on when it is below freezing outside. Most nights my requests go unnoticed or ignored. One night I swear my bedroom temperature was hovering around the low 50s.

CORRECTION: Tonight as I type with numb hands and the temperature drops to 28 outside, my thermometer marks a brisk 48 degrees inside.

However, while they control the heat, the main water valve for the entire house is in my unit. I consider home temperature part of the 'shelter' category in the basic needs of wildlife (shelter, space, food, water, etc.), and perhaps it's time they learn a lesson in both empathy and politics. My options in diplomacy bring to mind one phrase used by the character MasterBlaster in the Thunderdome film:

"Embargo on! Main valve off!
Four, three, two. . . .
Who run Bartertown?"


Welcome to another edition of Thunderdome!
Listen on! Listen on!
This is the truth of it:
Fighting leads to killing,
and killing gets to warring.
And that was damn near
the death of us all.
Look at us now, busted up
and everyone talking about hard rain.
But we've learned by the dust
of them all. Bartertown's learned.
Now when men get to fighting,
it happens here.
And it finishes here.
Two men enter, one man leaves.
And right now,
I've got two men.
Two men with a gut full of fear.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. . .
. . .dying time's here!

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March 1, 2006

crackheads are secretly, frequently (fond of each other)

Jimbo & Sean after doing a line of Pixie Stix dust Saturday night at Blowoff:
Photo courtesy of cynically optimistic.

Happy Birthday Peace Corps. On this day in 1961 a United States President named Kennedy from a long lost (nearly extinct) party signed a new agency into the Department of State, the U.S. Peace Corps. The agency's purpose was to forment peace, understanding, and development aid in countries all over the world.

The initial reactions to the Peace Corps proposal are convincing proof that we have, in this country, an immense reservoir of such men and women--anxious to sacrifice their energies and time and toil to the cause of world peace and human progress.
- President John F. Kennedy

Today there are more U.S. Peace Corps volunteers in more countries than ever before, teaching English, assisting in business development, farming fish, building public health facilities, and a whole lot more. Kids fresh out of college, post-yuppies in middle age crises, and the newly retired all take part in Peace Corps volunteer efforts.

Today I add not one but TWO FEMALES to my blogroll, one is a fellow Cheesehead lesbian like me: Miss Sarah Jean Smith.

And in this age of attention whoring blogs, server stat obsession and competitions to see who can be the meanest, it's nice to see Jennie return to blogging. Her writing is...interesting. She's a blogging ancient, fyi, from an age where people just wrote about stuff and weren't always trying to angle a paying blog gig by re-linking groupings of old news items or striving to be pundit du jour. People just wrote stuff. Like creative and stuff.

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