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February 19, 2006

wild, wonderful (and cold) West Virginia

red-bellied newtred-spotted woodpeckerAfter a tough week at work I headed out with a few buddies to my friend's farm in West Virginia on Saturday. It was our intent to go skiing/snowboarding out there in Canaan Valley, but the balmy weather the week before had erased much of the natural snow, and a sudden cold front that came in Friday only guaranteed grainy manufactured snow, so we stayed in for the most part, kept wood on the fire, slept and went out for a few hikes. I even got my lumberjack on and chopped wood out back by the woodshed. I was pleased to find that I could still use an axe accurately. I still have all 10 fingers.

My host plans on tapping the sugar maples next week with his dad, and a few signs of spring were apparent with the forsythias threatening to bloom, and a few other trees budding here and there.

We hiked up the mountain and I managed to catch a red-bellied woodpecker on film, and even an eager red-spotted newt in a nearby pond. For the most part I caught up on sleep, enjoyed the silence, and even got to see some bright stars in the brisk night sky.

This web site is anathema to me...wax David Hasslehoff's furry chest! I declare fatwa on the site's creator, who dares to make sport of waxing the male physique.

Posted by jimbo at February 19, 2006 10:33 PM


Jimbo, I don't know you, but I love your blog! You are so funny. And I love this post. You painted this beautiful winter scene with the first signs of spring budding forth. I could almost feel the crisp cool air. I saw you chopping wood. I saw the woodpecker and the newt and the stars...and then I saw David Hasselhoff's furry chest! I was completely wrenched out of your winter wonderland and cast into Hasselhoff's hair. That is just hilarious! I like how your mind works.

Posted by: Jimbo Fan at February 20, 2006 11:53 AM

Weren't you frightened of that red-bellied woodpecker!!! I hear they atatck morning wood with a vengeance!!!! That pull-off-Hasselhoff-hair was just plain wrong.

Posted by: homer at February 20, 2006 5:50 PM