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December 26, 2005

horse for the holidays

Horse is now in season on the steppes of Kazakstan. When I was there I was offered horse meat (rather dry), horse sphincter muscle (rather chewy), and fermented mare's milk and roasted sheep's head (various parts and muscles). It would have been rude to decline. I suspect the animal rights activists are going to have a field day with that article.

Yesterday I had a lovely holiday dinner with friends and new people. Thinking about that dinner and the party in Baltimore the night before, both annual events hosted by people who don't go home for the holidays, I find that theirs are just as nice, with a family of a different sort. You make the best of it when you have to, and sometimes it's better than how they say you should do it. Perhaps that's the key to surviving this time of year (see last paragraph here).

Afterw Christmas dinner I went back to doggie-sitting duties and watched Dog Soldiers to celebrate Christmas with the dog Linus amd a good 'ol Scottish Highlands werewolf movie, starring the woofy Kevin McKidd. It's sort of Aliens meets American Werewolf in London, where a squad of British soldiers on training in the lonesome Scottish wilderness find a wounded Special Forces captain and the ravaged remains of his team. Lots of gratuitous gutting scenes, almost too many for me, but a fun rental nonetheless. Linus the dog always perked up and looked at the screen when there was howling, so I think he liked it too.

I'm back in my cozy little hobbit (Gollum?) hole, and my own bed beckons me. One quickly forgets how used to your own bed you can get.

Resolution #1: a year from now I will not let this time of year get to me. I swear it gets worse every year where I find myself neurotic and cranky. I should just shut myself indoors and avoid all human contact. I guess going home does alleviate some of the dwelling on myself, as at least flying home provides a distraction, but it's such a pain in the ass to travel this time of year. And it's so much nicer to go there in August, when it's crappy and humid here. Now I just have to remember this resolution a year from now, and try to construct some way of avoiding becoming such a mess. In general, I make resolutions and perform self-analyses and try to stick to them at any time of the year.

Posted by jimbo at December 26, 2005 1:52 PM


After "Rome", I stopped liking Kevin McKidd. His character was so annoying.

I guess I shouldn't hold it against the actor.

Posted by: eric at December 26, 2005 6:53 PM

Buddy I hear ya - I am dying to get back to my own bed (and my boy!) after a week away...

But hey - check out my blog - you will be proud of me and my most recent picture ;-)

Posted by: TOS at December 27, 2005 1:23 AM

The print edition of the NYT carried the Kazakh-horse story on the front page, complete with the full photo of the slaughter which is the second photo in the linked slideshow. Check out the tail on the scared spitless dog on the left hand side - that horse must have been screaming to scare the dog so but he's sticking around for the blood. Amazing pic.
Glad you had a nice Christmas Jimbo - now let the birthday festivities begin!

Posted by: Andy at December 27, 2005 12:28 PM

Kevin McKidd was fun in Bedrooms and Hallways. I can't tell if he was acting well (as gay) in that movie, or if he's more acting in Rome.

And don't get me started on the horses. My big thing is, who are we to decide what other cultures eat or not. There was a bill in the Congress year to ban selling horsemeat to foreign countries. I'm like, well, horsemeat, ew, but if the animals are going to die anyway, why not sell them to a country that can use it for sustenance? And of course, the animal activists who were behind this certainly had no plans on what to do with the animals now that they aren't being sold for slaughter. No money to provide for them, no care, no plan for them.

Posted by: stebbins at December 27, 2005 12:58 PM