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December 31, 2005

kitchen queen emergency help desk call

OK Kitchen Queens, listen up: I made two batches of gingerbread cookie dough last night which are chilling in the fridge and wrapped in saran wrap. In batch A, I forgot to add baking soda, and in batch B I added the eggs after I added the sugar, so it's a bit grainy and ain't holding together too well.

What can I do to prevent ruination of cookies, or is it too late? Or should I just deal with it and see how they turn out? Or, should I combine the two batches into Mega-Zord Gingerbread Batch A+B? I eventually want to add frosting and sprinklies.

I'm thinking at this point I'm going to envelop dough ball A with dough ball B, and then roll it and cut out the cookies.

Last night I met up with a great many geeks online for a marathon City of Heroes session until 4am. I don't think any of us typed in a word beyond 2am we were so tuckered.

A mellow dinner is planned tonight with friends at Logan Tavern. Ring in the New Year in a carbo-comatose state and then go home for some SLEEP! More geeking in 2006 tomorrow with the D&D gang.

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December 30, 2005

kong, and the regression of societal communication

Last night I went to see King Kong, and it was awesome...I kept thinking I'd like to know more about the culture of the nasty human natives of the island as they seemed to have once built extensive architecture across Skull Island, but it appeared their culture regressed once they had to retreat behind the wall. I'm guessing they once held the big dinosaurs back at one point, as maybe they were in cahoots with the giant apes, but once the ape population dropped (constant dino battle casualties or disease?) they had to retreat to the coastline behind the wall and then their society regressed.

And yes, the giant bug scene in Kong was uber-gross, especially those horrid worms. Howabout that hot scruffy Captain Englehorn? And what was going on between cute young Jimmy and his "mentor" Hayes? Smelled like Silverback Mountain to me.

Anyone remember (old me reminiscing again) that 1994 arcade video game Primal Rage? You could play any number of giant monsters worshipped by humans, and you got more 'worship points' for savagely battling other giant monsters. When you won a battle the little humans on the screen would dance and bow down to you.

Speaking of societal regression - kids these days (I can say that now that I'm 35). I'm beginning to get the impression that people under 30 put a lot more value in instant messaging and e-mail than those my age. In three recent cases in communicating with guys who happened to be under 30, there seemed to be a satisfaction on their part to minimize vocal or direct interpersonal communication in lieu of digital text interaction. I'm guessing my grandpa felt the same way about phone communication as opposed to direct personal contact or hand-written letters. In my case, I've found that there is a great reluctance (or avoidance?) for young'uns to use telephone communication, despite the proliferation of cell phones.

To me, and I'm guessing most my age, communicating by digital text is ephemeral and lacks real meaning, whereas I perceive vocal or direct interpersonal communication to be more genuine and a better way to express feeling and intent. Young'uns, on the other hand, may feel that messaging technology is a perfectly good way to interact and perceive e-mails and IMing to be a valid way to communicate. I find that a lot is missing when you can't hear someone speak or see their facial expressions and body gestures. Soon, we too will retreat behind a digital wall to cower from (yet worship from afar) the challenging monsters of feeling, empathy and understanding, thus regressing into savagery and isolation.

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December 29, 2005


A fun evening was had by all at Halo last night, thanks for coming. I was surprised by the number of people who showed up...this time of year most are fairly burnt out by holiday stress and overcommitments. I'm not too hung over thanks to wisely topping the evening off with a bottle of water. I think I had a glass of wine and like maybe 4 cosmos. My hands are a little shaky though.

I guess my posse isn't the typical Halo crowd, as the quote of the evening came from a regular overshorn Halo patron who went up to my friend Dreamy Ron, who is big, muscular and bearded, and asked him sibilantly, "Umm...ixsscusse me, iss thiss Bear Night or ssomething?"

I got a nice little birthday present upstairs in the roomy restroom stall too. I try to make the most of it, heh heh.

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December 28, 2005


Happy Birthday to me. I'm 35 today. I'm not sure if that's the reason I didn't sleep well last night, but it didn't help that the chicken soup took forever to make. Not even Tylenol PM and a bowl of cereal helped much.

On the invite I sent out for cocktails at Halo at 8pm tonight I made a reference that I was 'entering a new statistical bracket' or something like that. I meant that I check a new box on the tax forms and stuff like that, as I think 35 is a cutoff point, but I didn't mean I was turning 40.

30 wasn't bad, and as far as I can tell I'm not freaking out about being 35, but I was told by someone that 35 sucks because it's a transitional age, like 25 and 15. Reading back in Ye Olde Hand-Written Journal, at 25 I was in Peace Corps in Kazakstan, trying to fit into the culture by making a birthday dinner for my coworkers. The tradition there is that you are the host of your own birthday party, and serve your guests:

Hosted a birthday party at work where I undercooked the beef and everyone ended up spitting it out on their plates (as I recall I didn't tenderize it either). Later that evening I had another party where my guests cleaned up my house (and my refrigerator!), while I was passed out. Got a big headache, but it was fun. 5 people slept over that night: Joel, Petra, Regina, Musau and Lara. What a social life I have!

I think at 15 I was probably worried about my drivers' license or something, but I can't remember back that far because I already have Alzheimer's.

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December 27, 2005

Christmas Fool's Days

Now why can't we get the week off before Christmas? I suppose we'd just fill it up with stress and shopping anyway, so it's just as well. Last night I was in bed by 11, a record for me on a non-school night, and up at an ungodly 9am. But I feel rested finally, as the weekend wasn't really a vacation for me. It's amazing how much stuff you can get done in a day when you get up early though, as I went up to work to feed my fish, got a great workout after that, and bought fixins for chicken soup and gingerbread cookies. Now that I have time to make cookies, I will, even though it's a little late.

I just learned that chicken soup is apparently a Jewish thing, and it's Hanukkah! Let's hope the smell of Jimbo's cookin' draws in some hungry, hot, hairy MuscleJew to the yard.

As I look up at my Holmen Historical Society calendar it is interesting to note that my hometown community makes no note of Jewish holidays. Although the December photo shows a curious-looking bunch of Norwegians celebrating julebukk, or Christmas Goat/Fool's, dressed up with white sacks over their heads. Apparently in the days following Christmas, people disguised themselves completely, often by cross-dressing, and visited neighbors and friends. At each home they enjoyed refreshments of various kinds while the hosts tried to identify them, thus unmasking them. Non-Norwegians also enjoyed this popular social event.

I think if I tried doing that door-to-door here in DC dressed in drag or with a white sack over my head I'd get a cap popped in my ass.

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December 26, 2005

horse for the holidays

Horse is now in season on the steppes of Kazakstan. When I was there I was offered horse meat (rather dry), horse sphincter muscle (rather chewy), and fermented mare's milk and roasted sheep's head (various parts and muscles). It would have been rude to decline. I suspect the animal rights activists are going to have a field day with that article.

Yesterday I had a lovely holiday dinner with friends and new people. Thinking about that dinner and the party in Baltimore the night before, both annual events hosted by people who don't go home for the holidays, I find that theirs are just as nice, with a family of a different sort. You make the best of it when you have to, and sometimes it's better than how they say you should do it. Perhaps that's the key to surviving this time of year (see last paragraph here).

Afterw Christmas dinner I went back to doggie-sitting duties and watched Dog Soldiers to celebrate Christmas with the dog Linus amd a good 'ol Scottish Highlands werewolf movie, starring the woofy Kevin McKidd. It's sort of Aliens meets American Werewolf in London, where a squad of British soldiers on training in the lonesome Scottish wilderness find a wounded Special Forces captain and the ravaged remains of his team. Lots of gratuitous gutting scenes, almost too many for me, but a fun rental nonetheless. Linus the dog always perked up and looked at the screen when there was howling, so I think he liked it too.

I'm back in my cozy little hobbit (Gollum?) hole, and my own bed beckons me. One quickly forgets how used to your own bed you can get.

Resolution #1: a year from now I will not let this time of year get to me. I swear it gets worse every year where I find myself neurotic and cranky. I should just shut myself indoors and avoid all human contact. I guess going home does alleviate some of the dwelling on myself, as at least flying home provides a distraction, but it's such a pain in the ass to travel this time of year. And it's so much nicer to go there in August, when it's crappy and humid here. Now I just have to remember this resolution a year from now, and try to construct some way of avoiding becoming such a mess. In general, I make resolutions and perform self-analyses and try to stick to them at any time of the year.

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December 25, 2005

A Takoma Christmas

Season's Greetings from Takoma! Today's rains have washed the smell of Patchoulli out from the air, but a lingering smell of Steel Reserve lingers about from the late-night Go-Go party next door. Since the dog ate my earplugs I'm a bit worn out this morning, although not from drinking too much at the Baltimore Bear Bah Humbug party last night. I knew it wouldn't be like anything out of the John Waters film A Dirty Shame, as none of the Baltimore bears said "GRRRR!" like in the movie. The food was great but I didn't drink all that much. Maybe I was dehydrated, since my water on the rocks with a lemon twist really hit the spot.

From the Post: Tales of Christmas Woe. Also, an interesting story about a Winona, Minnesota couple who purchased a lighthouse at the mouth of the Potomac River. Winona was across the Mississippi from where I grew up.

My aspirations of writing up some D&D stuff during this time haven't been met yet, as taking care of the dog and cat here has taken more time than I thought. While I love dogs I'm still sure that I shouldn't have one quite yet, as it's hard to rush home to walk the dog without wheels. DVDs watched include a re-screening of War of the Worlds, which wasn't as stunning as in the theatre, but seeing all the impressive scenes of Tom Cruise running his ass off with tripods on his back was cool. It's not much for plot, but the destruction, cinematography and CGI are incredible. The 40 Year-Old Virgin was good for a gut laugh, but Saw, while fairly clever, wasn't as disturbing as I expected it to be.

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December 23, 2005

new bling for uranus

Scientists discover two new rings around Uranus.

Heh heh.

Have some happy holidays. XXOO.

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December 22, 2005

puppies, kitties, penguins, caribiou, snails

My birthday is Wednesday, December 28, and I'll be going out to Halo (1435 P Street) at 8pm next week to get a little tipsy. If you come, be sure to say "please" and "thank you" to the bartenders and properly tip or you'll be written up on someone's blog the next day.

I am staying in the area for the holidays, babysitting a very cute doggie and kitty in Takoma. Like the residents there, I'll be wearing Patchoulli, hiking boots, and I will avoid shaving my legs. Saturday night I'm going to a Bah Humbug party in Baltimore, and a nice mellow dinner with friends on Sunday.

Don't give pets as gifts this time of year...especially penguins.

Remember this time of year that some Caucasians are lactose intolerant and should not drink egg nog. I was having dairy blasts 12 hours after I was encouraged to have a single glass of it at last Saturday's party. I tried to hide amongst the Asians and Latino folk to avoid the stuff, but the pro-dairy Caucasians found me and made me drink nog. This guy is on my wallpaper this week. He's kind of cute, for a lactose-tolerant Caucasian that is.

I am so looking forward to seeing The Ringer with Johnny Knoxville, whose character tries to infiltrate the Special Olympics and learns a good lesson in the process. I still have yet to see Harry Potter and King Kong. I hear tell there's like a giant leech attack in King Kong, which forces me to go for that scene alone.

The British Isles haven't sunk into the Atlantic, despite a few queens having gotten married this week. This is such good news for them, and sort of depressing for us...we have regressed so much the past few years. I blame the fear caused by 9/11, and irrational reaction that caters to the redneck and overly religious world views. Really, we got caught with our pants down and got assfucked by terrorists, something that happens to a lot of other countries in the world. But they move on, develop and grow. This New Year let's get over it and get with the program.

Senator Stevens, leave it alone. I know it would mean a little more cash in the annual oil payback check for your citizens, which means you get voted in again, but sometimes things should be left well enough alone for no other reason than that it's there to be left alone. Do you have to piss in every single corner of your state? I know it's not my state but I am comforted that there is a small corner in the world that isn't so developed, so let's leave ANWR alone.

To hell with Butterstick, I want to see live snails as art! at the Palimpsest exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Independence Avenue at Seventh Street SW, through Jan. 3. Open 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. daily except Christmas. Free.

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December 20, 2005

doin' the right thing

These days it is refreshing to hear that a church-going, Republican federal judge (clearly "activist", however) has ruled harshly against the inclusion of the "Intelligent Design" curriculum in a Pennsylvania school. His instistent and colorful castigation to keep church and state separate included pointing out the "breathtaking inanity" of the thinly veiled attempt at proselytization. Could this be a breatheable hint of fresh air in an America otherwise poisoned by the noxious fumes of hysteria and rampant religious righteousness? Like Winston Churchill once said:

"The Americans will always do the right thing... after they've exhausted all the alternatives."

Because we've been through this argument before, we just had to do a makeover and try it again. I have two problems with teaching creationism in public schools. First, if we have to teach one creation theory in school, it's only fair to teach them all. That includes Athabascan Indian, Gaelic, Aztec and Hindu creation stories, among many others. If children have to learn about the Garden of Eden, then they should also learn about Thunderbird, Anansi the Spider, Asgard and Set. But really, there's not enough time to talk about all of these creation stories, so it should be kept out of school, and should continue to be taught in Sunday School. It is otherwise arrogant to think that the Christian creation myth is the only creation story to be told. Plus, I received a perfectly good religious education at Sunday School, including the story of creation (which I thought was pretty cool, from a sci-fi point of view). If a parent wishes to have their children learn about the Christian creation story of the world, they should enroll their children into Sunday School and pay Sunday School dues. It's that simple.

Gurl is still shaken from having seen that new movie whose title shall still not be mentioned. She said it was quite disturbing and emotional, and that she was still processing. To which I replied, "Yeah, I understand. I felt that way after 'War of the Worlds' too."

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eNTj: a kinder, gentler jimbo

In recent years I've been trying something different with my approach to how I do my job at work. The results of several personality tests taken always tell me that I am the "Field Marshal" (eNTj) work persona, meaning that I am a good leader but I do not often look behind me as I'm marching along to ask others how things could be done. Do it my way or get out of my way. Even back in Peace Corps, I was voted "Most Likely to Become Benevolent Ruler of a Third World Island Nation," in my training group graduation class. I'm not kidding.

Past lessons in cooperative efforts have taught me the disadvantages of this approach. Like when I organized an English language summer camp while I was in Peace Corps, perhaps I could have asked the teachers of English as a second language (TESOL) volunteers for help, advice or suggestions. Instead I did it my way, took on too much responsibility, and got a bit overwhelmed. But to a part of my mind, if I involve other people I will lose my absolute control over a situation, which of course would be bad because if it isn't done my way it's not getting done right, if at all.

So lately I've tried to create a "kinder, gentler" jimbo who asks for advice from others and tries to involve everyone in the planning of a task or event. I've also tried to be more sensitive to other's feelings about their accomplishments, challenging life trials (death, etc.), breakups or their personal sensitivites.

This fall at work it was time to get new photos taken of all our staff and faculty. Knowing that people are freaky about getting their pictures taken, I tried to be very sensitive when approaching them to get their pictures taken. Inviting, encouraging, coddling their egos, asking them politely to sit down for a photo session. You get the idea.

From this approach I've re-discovered the facist field marshal at the core of my being, and I now know that I'll never, ever be a counselor or social worker. The staff and faculty cried, they whined, they pouted and then stomped their feet when they were asked so kindly to sit down and get their pictures taken. If only I could turn back time and tell them to shut the fuck up, sit their ass down, get your gotddamn picture taken and do not tell me you do not like your photos because I don't fucking care, I'm trying to get my job done and I need your pixels and that's all I want from you, so go away, OK?

But I didn't say that. I nodded and smiled and kindly asked them to do what I needed them to do. But I'm going to crack soon and then I'm gonna get all eNTj on their asses, just you wait and see.

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December 19, 2005

swelling, syphilis, & maria shriver

Brett FavreAnyone out there got tickets to tonight's football game at Ravens Stadium in Baltimore? Apparently it may be one of Brett Favre's last games at the ripe old age of 36, and I've never seen a major NFL game before. Plus I dig the stadiums in Baltimore. I'm not really a football fan, but I am a Favre fan.

I love my gay medical practice when phrases like this roll off the physician's assistants' tongue without a flinch:

"You really should get tested for syphilis too, because you can easily get it from sucking cock or getting sucked off."

His delivery was so deadpan he made me giggle out loud. I had to go in today to get my hands checked out, as I seem to be getting seasonally dry hands, so itchy and red that I need 'roid cream. Otherwise it looks like someone put Maria Shriver's hands on my wrists. Prednisone taken orally takes care of the rash, but it turns me into a PMS/'roid rage queen, and we'll have none of that this time of year.

Last night we sorta had the Christmas edition of D&D, where one player went so far as to make Turkish Delights for the group! They are an extremely rich jellied candy with nuts in them. I rewarded the brown-nosing player by having an intelligent warrior gorilla slay his character in three swipes of his longsword. I'm giving like that this time of year.

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December 17, 2005

bittern queens

rickie & bryan
This morning I was up far earlier than I should be after a concert (more on that later) in preparation for the annual Christmas bird count and census. Regardless, it was good to get outdoors in our relatively scorching heat wave of 47 degrees. Our group of 3 stalwart gay birders were assigned to census the bird population at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, Part of the National Park Service National Capital Parks East group of local parks. I had never visited before and will surely make a point to visit the area now that I know where it is, and having seen the some 20 or so lily ponds set aside for public viewing.
The area was mostly a marshy backwater area of the Anacostia River, where the more common species spotted were gulls, mallards, canadian geese and various bottomland species.
gulls, not seagulls
American BitternIn addition to all the waterfowl and seabird species spotted, we managed to see a well-camouflaged American Bittern and two bald eagles joining in flight.

The aquatic gardens were developed as a hobby by Walter B. Shaw, which later became a business for he and his family as the W.B. Shaw Lily Ponds, attracting visitors by the thousands. Naturally, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers came in to destroy the gardens as part of their mission to annhilate anything wetland related. Fortunately the Interior Department stepped in to purchase the gardens in 1938 to preserve something nice for the people. Shaw's lily ponds were later named Kenilworth for the community that had grown up in the neighboring farmlands. Walter B. Shaw was quite the hottie in his day, wasn't he?
Walter Shaw

Time for a nap in preparation for my final online exam for this semester's classes and for the rugby team holiday party to follow. I'm pretty beat after waking up at 5am from the concert the night before with Superstar Brettie, Ed, Clay and his rowdy lesbian posse. Opening for Cyndi Lauper was the everfierce Sandra Bernhard and Jill __?___, best known for her fun 1996 song "I Kissed A Girl." Cyndi was a lot of fun, with a set and band similar to when I saw her last year at Wolf Trap. It made for a good evening for girls just wanting to have fun.

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December 16, 2005


johnny: "Brokeback Mountain gay gay movie cowboys peep ah root toot groundbreaking meowsley cry peep why can't I quit yew ring ding toot."


jimbo: "Harrr. Yeah, I hear ya. I'm getting so much similar blather flather SPAM e-mails from friends I'm going to set my SPAM filter on my e-mail to the keywords 'Brokeback' + 'Mountain' to block the flood."


From: Joe.My.God
Subject: b1rok3b@ck

joe.my.god: "HAHA! Just wanted to get past your spam filter."


Jimbo: "I'm going to quit you."


MetroWeekly Miscellany:
The.Sean.Show rocking MetroWeekly.scene with his devil fingers.
I love her.
The one in the middle. Killing me softly with his smile. Hi my name is jimbo and I'll be your Christmas slave.
I'll be your slave too. Pure fur.
The MetroWeekly "Feed the Coverboy" contest is now over. Congratulations to Justin Carroll. With dinner prizes from Annie's Paramount Steakhouse, Café Berlin & Dakota Cowgirl, it's time for you to start eating now.

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December 15, 2005

old skool music

contract.jpgI found this picture amusing, and can imagine y'all can think up even better captions for this picture. After a turmultuous relationship with Warner Bros., then going on his own route for a while, O+(-> has recently signed on with Universal for a one-album deal. Growing up a mere two-hour drive from Minneapolis, Prince was the man back in high school, and I even drove up for a double-screening for the laughable sequel to Purple Rain, the ill-fated Graffiti Bridge. It had a good soundtrack though, and I've seen him live a few times here in DC, including an intimate late-night show at the 9:30 Club.

Tip: If you want to really stump someone playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, try using Prince as a starter. Clue: His noir film Under the Cherry Moon featured newcomer Kristin Scott Thomas as lead actress.

On Friday I'll be going to see Cyndi Lauper with Sandra Bernhard at the 9:30 Club with Superstar Brettie for some more Old Skool music.

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December 14, 2005

horny for the holidays

queen kong?
I don't know much about the British film Queen Kong Lives, but in accordance with talking about queens this week, and avoiding talking about that one movie that everyone is talking about to death until I vomit, I thought I'd bring it up.

Last night I went on my last Christmas shopping trip to Pentagurl City, and damn if you Virginia Mall Queens don't cruise harder than Tom! I guess I'm accustomed to the jaded and furtive test glances of the 17th Street set, that furtive look that tries to avoid eye contact and attempts to save face by not looking like you'd actually debase yourself by showing interest in someone. Or, for God's sake, to avoid simply saying "Hello". I digress...the queens at Pentagon City Mall practically drill a hole through your head with their staring and fall just short of humping your leg in public. It's very refreshing. Either that or everyone is going ape shit for my hot Kris Kringle look. 'Tis the season you know.

I'm also guessing it could be Holiday Horniness. I think for many the knowledge that you are going to go home and will be forced to be celibate for 2 days makes people desperate this time of year. Go to your local gay gym the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas and you'll see the sauna is practically overflowing with semen, with gay men in a frenzy to hook up.

I'm actually over my holiday anger. I think the whole holiday thing is thrust upon you so fast and so hard after Thanksgiving that anger is a natural reaction to such a shocking display of crass commercialization and forced joy. Perhaps here's how the Holiday Stress Cycle goes:

Anger > Stress > Resignation > Horniness > Holiday Joy > Peace on Earth

Just a theory. I can also say I'm pretty horny right now, so I think my theory is true. Anyhow I met up with Fitz for dinner there and we had a nice Irish meal at Siné, another one of those faux-Irish themed restraunt with crappy American Guiness that tastes like Bud Lite. Anyway, I happened to have a printed copy of the short story that the recent over-hyped movie whose name I will not mention is based on, which I gave to Fitz for a short read. I assured him that it's a very sad story, and I keep hearing that it's an equally sad (but well-done) film that I'm not going to go see just yet because all this overhype is making me resent the whole idea of actually seeing it and I think I want to vomit whenever I see a frikkin' cowboy hat due to all the hype so shut the hell up about this goddamn movie, OK? Anyway, Fitz believes this movie will be a watershed film for The Gays in that it's quality and depiction of gay emotion will finally make the Krazy Konservative Kristians (KKK) shut the fuck up. I'm not so optimistic about the film's effects on Americans, as I think it'll make the KKK mad as a beehive that's been kicked, and they're just going to continue whining about gays until they fucking die their hateful deaths already. Plus, I don't think the people that need to go see it are going to go see it either.

Cynically optimistic, I guess. Jeff and Jimbo at Blowoff Saturday night:
Jeff & Jimbo

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December 12, 2005

The Diva, The Witch, The Goddess: Tilda

tilda swinton
I just got back from seeing The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe tonight and it was all I could do to keep from turning this entire blog into a shrine to Tilda Swinton. But let me count the ways:

- Tilda on a sleigh;
- Tilda in a fabulous ermine stole;
- Tilda with white dreadlocks;
- Tilda on a polar bear chariot a la the old Rumple Minze ads;
- Tilda with a mane;
- Tilda with the Two-Weapon Fighting proficiency and a wand of petrification.

Ohmigawd. Tilda. Whoever designed her dresses better get an Oscar. Oh yeah, and the kids and the CGI were great too, and Rupert Everett was the voice of the fox in the movie.

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December 11, 2005

I pity da foo' who don't tip me for a ride!

D.C. CabSome discussion last night at Blowoff of a D.C. Cab film festival to be held in the unforseen future. Critique of this 80's classic film and comparisons to actual service in D.C. to follow. Hurrrr - I pity da foo' who needs a ride to tha Hill, and I ain't gettin' in no plane, Hannibal!

I put up some Christmas lights and set up my ghetto tree only to find that it no longer lights up. I think it's one of those light systems where you have to check each and every bulb to see if it's burnt out. I have puppy and kitty sitting duty over the holidays now so the luminance is moot.

I have to mention one of my upstairs neighbors. His bedroom is right above mine. Since I moving in in May I've been working very hard on my astral projection technique to no avail. He's a cute Jewishy looking guy with a hot soccer bod, a fine looking schnoz, and has recently started up a beard for the winter. To make matters worse, while being a nosy Mrs. Kravitz when the mail comes in I see his letters consist of REI catalogs, Potomac Appalacian Trail Club flyers, and Defenders of Wildlife solicitations. He wears hiking boots and one of those butch oudoorsy jackets with wool collars. When I go upstairs to get my mail, we'll often chat and I have to fight back a swoon every time. Even worse, he dutifully practices with his electric guitar every day, and rather well at that. While normally noisy things at home would bother me, I just imagine he's rockin' the house for me, and it's music to my ears.

Thanks for the interest in the computer give-away. It was acquired last week by a Miss In Shaw, whom I hope is not blinded by any media I mistakenly left on the PC.

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December 9, 2005

you must now do everything electronically

I've been crushed by peer pressure to make a goddamn Amazon.com wish list, since it's now the ONLY way to do anything related to gifts and we are no longer allowed to be spontaneous, drop hints or questions among friends, or to surprise anyone, like back in the olden days. We have to now log on to an online service and select from a list in order to celebrate the Holidays.

Be sure to go to Amazon.com through our rugby website, that way our team gets a small donation from Amazon. Go here, click on the Amazon.com graphic, then find my wish list. My birthday is December 28. Here's much of the list:

- Vasque Men's Sundowner GTX hiking boots (Burgundy) 9 1/2 wide
- Confessions on a Dance Floor - Madonna CD
- Newborn Friend - Seal (REMIXES) [RARE]
- Xanadu movie DVD
- A new soup pot
- Dyson vacuum cleaner

Today we had the morning off due to local DC snow hysteria, even though most of it was melted off the roads by the time I got up in the morning. Oh well, it kept people off the roads in the morning, the greatest danger in this area during snow times is from other people hysterically insisting on driving.

Some good news this week hearing that the DC Council voted 12-1 to give preliminary approval to a bill that would ban smoking in all bars, taverns, and nightclubs except cigar bars by January 2007. Pro-smoking nightlife mogul Mark Lee fears “Gay and lesbian nightlife establishments have indicated that, if this bill were to become law, the affects on those businesses would be dramatic and devastating.” Yet somehow New York, Rehoboth and San Francisco bars seem to be doing just fine. I can't wait for the day when every bar will be just as breathable as the yet-to-be-devastated club Halo. Sean, are you devastated by the fact that you work in a smoke-free bar that seems to be doing just fine without cigarette smoke?

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December 8, 2005

gay marriage threatens cheese production, Packer fans

Sad news from back home - the Wisconsin state senate just passed an anti-gay marriage amendment to their state constitution. This is from a state formerly thought of as liberal, the home of Robert LaFollette, the father of soapbox politics (well, and that McCarthy guy, father of shitbox politics). For the most part I usually expect my fellow Cheeseheads to move forward with a practical live-and-let-live attitude, but I guess a righteous storm has been brewing there for some time. Wisconsinites are usually not so judgemental.

But it seems a Wisconsin branch of the Family Research Institute has been stirring up trouble there:

On the weekend a political action group sent 4,000 copies of a seven-minute DVD called "The Battle for Marriage in Wisconsin" to churches across the state.

The DVD was produced by the Family Research Institute of Wisconsin and juxtaposes images of the flag and traditional families with gay couples, suggesting that homosexuality is un-American. The DVD also warns that without an amendment Wisconsin courts could follow the Massachusetts Supreme Court and clear the way for gay marriage here.

Nothing like sending out Nationalist propaganda to strike fear into the hearts of good and righteous Christians everywhere. I recall scapegoating like that in another era, where was it...Germany as I recall?

Miscellania: a complete guide to Jennifers, and Dungeons and Dragons offered as an online class. Are those credits transferrable, or do I need to make my save first?

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December 7, 2005

love, bubbles, music, baby

My brother took his kids to the Gwen Stefani concert this weekend and took some rather nice pictures of her...but it's clear from this photo that the photographer is either interested in bubbles or butts...

OK, before I give my frikkin' old computer away to some crackhead, does anyone want it? I'm not even selling it anymore - come pick it up. The specs, stats and a photo are linked below:

IBM Aptiva PC, includes monitor, modem, external CD burner, speakers, & orignal system installation disks, but no printer. Great for desktop publishing, graphics and learning HTML and Web design skills, but too slow for online gaming. 160MB RAM, 4GB Memory.

Includes the following:

Windows '98
Office '97 (Word, Outlook, etc.)
Microsoft Money '98
Windows Media Player 7.1

Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.0
Macromedia Flash 5.0

Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Adobe Acrobat 4.0

ACDSee 3.0
Windows Media Player 7.1

Netscape Navigator 3.0 (for compatibility testing)
Netscape Communicator 4.61
Internet Explorer 6.028

Adaptec CD Creator/Burner
Easy CD Creator


Contact Jimbo3DC@aol.com if you are interested or have any questions.

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December 6, 2005

mystery critters, world power mashups

some kinda critter from BorneoOooh, I love newly discovered critters! Especially when biologists capture photographs of them with spooky reflecting eyes - making them even more mysterious. More text on the creature below in the extended entry, or follow this news link here.

This week my buddies Kenn Brown + Chris Wrenn from Monolithic Studios in Vancouver present us with some world power mashups done recently for Maxim Magazines World Power feature. They have envisioned the sort of monuments one might create while playing Civilization IV. What if the Wonders of the World were created by cultures other than the ones who accomplished them in our known history? Like the discovery of the Ancient St. Louis arch in the jungles of Indonesia, The Statue Aalyiah Latifah al Liberty standing in the Persian Gulf, The Forbidden White Palace in Beijing, or my favorite: Ganesha, Emancipator of Slaves, His Most Respectful Lord of Intellect and Wisdom. Their illustrations ask: what would things be like today if things had gone differently yesterday?

Mystery Carnivore Possibly Discovered in Borneo

GENEVA (Dec. 6) - Environmental researchers are preparing to capture what they call a new, mysterious species of carnivore on Borneo, the first such discovery on the wildlife-rich Indonesian island in over a century.

Swiss-based environmental group WWF said on Monday its researchers photographed the strange animal, which looks like a cross between a cat and a fox, in the dense, central mountainous rainforests of Borneo.

''This could be the first time in more than a century that a new carnivore has been discovered on the island,'' said the WWF in a statement.

The mammal, slightly larger than a cat with red fur and a long tail, was photographed twice by a camera trap at night.

Locals and wildlife experts who viewed photographs of the animal, which has very small ears and large hind legs, said they had never seen such a creature before and were convinced that it was a new species, WWF said.

Researchers hope to confirm the discovery by setting cage traps to catch a live specimen, but warn that Indonesian government plans to clear the rainforest to create the world's largest palm oil plantation may interfere with plans, WWF said. The proposed plantation scheme, funded by the China Development Bank, is expected to cover an area of 1.8 million hectares, equivalent to about half the size of The Netherlands, said the WWF, formerly known as the World Wide Fund for Nature.

The potential new species of carnivore in Borneo would be the first since the discovery of the Borneo ferret-badger in 1895, the WWF said.

Pictures of the animal were first taken by WWF researchers in 2003, the photos kept unpublished by the WWF as research continued. The WWF decided to make public the photos with the release of a book about Borneo, to be published on Tuesday.

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December 5, 2005

for the drag queen geek

Ohmigawd...the perfect gift for the gay geek who may have done drag on occasion - Dressing a Galaxy: the Costumes of Star Wars coffee table book, apparently derived from a travelling exhibit.

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December 3, 2005

spotting vultures, playing with prides

Black Vulture Coragyps atratusOn Saturday I went out with a friend to the Maryland side of Great Falls National Park. I'd never gone to that side of the park but the scenery was similar although many of the trails along the Potomac were closed due to flooding. We managed to spot a bald eagle and many black vultures, but that was about it. I found that my new camera from work takes great pictures, as seen here. I hope to get out for the annual Christmas bird count later this month on December 17 since I'll be here in DC and it's fun to do. The last time I spotted a red-headed woodpecker, the first spotted at our assigned site in many years.

On the way there I found out where Glen Echo Park was located, and learned I could probably ride my bike there for a long trip if I wanted to.

Dave SalmoniDinner for a pride, anyone? Tonight on Discovery on a show called Into the Lion's Den, hottie zoologist Dave Salmoni believes humans and lions can learn to live with each other in the same territory. For three months he walks, unarmed, ever deeper into the zone of a wild pride of lions.

Oh lordy, here we go again. As detailed in the Warner Hertzog documentary Grizzly Man which I wrote about a while back, I predict a fine meal of raw hottie zoologist in the future if he's not careful. But I suppose risk is the whole appeal of the sensationalist documentary, again at the expense of the animals who will eventually make the mistake of linking human to food and having a nice dinner - and ultimately being killed as a result. While I'm glad to see the guy actually has street cred in the zoology field in this case, I'm always leery of anything that smells of Disneyology sentiments of humans becoming "one" with any group of large predators that subsist on red meat. Lion: "You walk funny, you smell good, and I'm hungry - let's become one my way."

The macho element of man against animal is equally risky, as in the case of the obnoxious Aussie Crocodile Hunter dangling his baby in front of the beasts, or macho Texan snake handlers. Many of these foolish and hypermasculine stunts of male compensation often end in a lesson in natural selection and poetic justice. Jimbo recommends naturalists that respect nature and keep a wise distance (in most cases) and give sound information and advice, like Jeff Corwin (he cracks me up) and the Kratt Brothers, who are both cute and have nice legs.

Photo of the surging Potomac River below, taken on Saturday. Of course I was sure to show respect for the dangerous flow by respecting its banks and staying clear of the waters. An average of seven people die every year in this area, most of whom either do not heed signage warning them to stay clear, or underestimating the force of nature:
surging potomac river

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December 1, 2005

electric boogaloo, fondue & herring too

Awww yeah, representin' Point Beer DC style y'all, ready ta break it down on tha pitch.
rock your body

Some hip new joints in tha DC:

Busboys & Poets
2021 14th St., NW

Fondue on Wednesdays, anyone?
Washington Plaza Hotel
10 Thomas Circle NW

Busboys & Poets is a reasonably priced and nicely mixed place just North of U. It's a bit crowded but the people there are cute. Washington Plaza has a new fondue special on Wednesday nights at the hotel lounge, the same place that brings you fabulous summer discos at poolside and a place for the M.A.L. crowd. They seemed to have done some work to the lounge area and it's a really nice feel. Both places are great for a date or to just hang out with friends.

The National Park Service releases improvement plan for Rock Creek Park. [Final General Management Plan / Environmental Impact Statement - Rock Creek Park, Volume 1 and Summary.] Immediate changes pointed out in the WaPo article linked above involve a reduction in the speed limit, which is a good thing because local drivers can barely handle the curves, wet roads, fog banks and ('gasp!') wildlife collisions that are a novelty in this area. As a young driver in Wisconsin you quickly learn to just run over anything smaller than a fawn, for even if you try to avoid them you could end up swerving and killing yourself - and the fawn too, regardless of your efforts.
this is an American ShadI'm excited about the part of the proposal that mentions "removing stream blockages to ensure that herring and shad can migrate north to a Maryland lake to spawn." I'm assuming they mean removing that useless dam at Pierce Mill, just north of Porter, which blocks the migrating fish from getting anywhere close to Maryland via Rock Creek. The shad run is the closest thing to salmon migration in this area, an anadromous affair which can be viewed from the bridge just south of the Zoo Tunnel on this handy Rock Creek Parkway map in early spring. If you are observant, you can also spot golfish in the slow moving shady areas of the creek adjacent to the National Zoo, especially near the Amazonia exhibit, which is in dire need of a makeover, fyi.

Meet your woofy civic administrators, including the adorkable District Department of Transportation Director Dan Tangherlini, and the also-adorkable yet smouldering mayor of College Park, Maryland.

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