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October 28, 2005

Stevie Nicks' magic spells will cure me of my homoxexuality.

Oh Mah Gawd there's gonna be a Stevie Nicks Halloween Party on Saturday at Omega. I'm guessing it'll be like their Kylie Minogue parties except there'll be tons 'o Stevie videos and music instead. No commitments as it's a night after rugby and I'm likely to be burnt out, but should I need to be cured of my homosexuality by her witchcraft I may consider going.

This week's Outright feature in Metroweekly praises a recent campaign by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to combat an anti-gay measure in Houston, Texas. The NGLTF effort has produced ads, described as conservative by MW, that focus on the concepts of marriage, commitment, families, children and faith as arguments against the Amendment 2. If this is a conservative effort I guess I'm still for it, as past successful civil rights efforts by other groups have also focused on the same concepts. By and large Americans will favor these ideas of fairness and equality more than arcane legal terms and obtuse post-modern liberationist ideas, which will often sail over the heads of the average American. I think awareness-building approaches like this will be more digestible to the American public at large in the long-term fight for equality. Most of the moderate middle still do not really know who we are, and they will tend to believe whatever the Krazy Konservative Kristians (KKK) will tell them. But appealing to an inherent belief in simple fairness often works better than a post-doc treatise on the detailed minutae of heteronormative oppression of the marginalized subcultural familial groups, or something like that.

This morning's Washington Blade (yeah, I still read it despite continual flathering op-ed pieces by Jeff Gannon/Guckert/Whatever) featured a story about HRCs new communications director having worked for "outspoken gay marriage foe" and former Democratic Oklahoma Representative Brad Carson. I can tell you Brad Carson is down with the 'mos despite his voting record. Another of Carson's gay former staffers (and a friend of mine) is an avowed Kenny Chesney stalker, and when the news came out about Chesney's marriage to Renée Zellweger, Carson had the senstitivity to send condolences to the crushed gay Kenney fan. It is not known if Carson sent a missive of celebration to my friend upon Chesney's divorce, but I can tell you secondhand that Carson is aware of and knows gay people to the extent of emotionally supporting bad stalking habits.

But when you are running for a seat in the Senate against an ultra-conservative opponent, you have to say what you need to say to get the vote. When Carson ran for the Senate seat his opponent Coburn was doing the whole gay-baiting and fear-mongering about homos that we saw so much in the last election. I hate to be apologetic for Carson's stance and statement from that time, but a more moderate Carson would have been better in the seat than a nutty Coburn, even though they both state the same thing. Better the devil you know than the nutjob they eventually got, or, it's what Carson does that impresses me more than what he says. Currently Coburn is producing little to nothing for the people who voted for him, whereas Carson made great strides to support and fund law enforcement efforts exposing rural crystal meth labs, which is a huge problem out west.

Big gay DC meth dealer gets 15 years in the slammer, 30 of his dealers prosecuted. Expect major weight gain this fall/winter on 17th Street, counseling services for body dysmorphia and addiction recovery is avaialable at the Elizabeth Taylor Center over on 14th Street. Good luck on that one guys.

And Mr. Hikaru Sulu is gay.

Posted by jimbo at October 28, 2005 8:09 AM


I don't think it was conservative, but the writer of the opinion most certainly is. That's his view of it. I actually think it's just common sense instead of the stupid blather "We pay taxes, so we deserve" that HRC has been going for. It isn't about money, it's about equal rights. You can't buy rights.

Posted by: copperred at October 28, 2005 9:38 AM

"...that focus on the concepts of marriage, commitment, families, children and faith as arguments against the Amendment 2."

We Americans find it much easier to swallow than broad-minded concepts as equality and fairness. Weird, eh?

Posted by: Joel A at October 28, 2005 9:40 AM

The "No Nonsense in November" folks have gotten knocked about a bit in the national press, mostly unfairly, I think.

You have to understand the dynamics of Texas and this election. Having a debate about the fairness of marriage, civil unions, etc. is (unfortunately) a losing process in Texas. There are just a lot of conservative religious types who will not respond to that.

What the NNN campaign figured out is that this is a low-turnout election, it's heavily influenced by Houston because of our city elections, and Houston has a ton of more liberal and gay voters. So their focus has not been having the debate, it's on making sure that the people who already are inclined to vote against it get out and vote.

Turnout for off-year elections is typically about 10% here (though higher in Houston). Playing the numbers rather than trying to change bigoted minds just makes more sense, tactically.

Yes, the debate is valuable, but the issue at hand is to try to stop a really nasty, far-reaching amendment to the state constitution. We can continue the debate after. I think the tactic makes sense for this election, if not for the overall social battle.

Posted by: John at October 28, 2005 11:09 AM

Wow, is Sulu JUST coming out? I've regarded his homosexuality as pretty much common knowledge for probably 10 years now.

Posted by: Dennis! at October 28, 2005 12:37 PM

Why did I think that Mr. Sulu had already come out? I was sure of it.

Maybe I'm psychic?

Posted by: Eric at October 28, 2005 1:14 PM

"But when you are running for a seat in the Senate against an ultra-conservative opponent, you have to say what you need to say to get the vote."

Sorry, I heard that as "it's okay to say anything to get elected." I was under the impression you thought that was bad.

Posted by: Josh at October 29, 2005 1:21 PM

Yeah, most of the time it is, and I'd prefer they'd speak the truth about what they feel and know. But in this case, he was bound to lose in the 2004 climate without saying what he did, and ended up losing anyway. Maybe his constituents will come around in 2008 if he runs again, and by then maybe the anti gay marriage hysteria from the right will have become background noise and they can see his other accomplishments as something to vote for. Then maybe he can vote in support for gay marriage and the people who work for him.

When I first heard about Carson being one of the few Democrats to have supported the anti gay marriage initiative I called up my friend in that office to ask what's up with that, and my friend explained what I stated above. I actually thought about it for a while without flying off the handle, and decided it was OK with Jimbo...for now. For the most part we get lip service and no support from politicians, which is why I think HRC is jumping the gun. Nonprofit initiatives that work for awareness building and spreading knowledge about gay marriage are more productive at this point than attempting fruitless legislation. The groundwork needs to be laid for support before politicians can or will support pro-marriage initiatives. That's why I feel the work done by GenderPac and PFLAG does more than what HRC can at this point in time.

Posted by: jimbo at October 29, 2005 8:28 PM

About Carson...
I voted for Carson even though I usually vote for Republicans out here. He should have said what he really believed Tulsa and OKC have large gay populations and considering how badly he lost he didn't get any real support. Him and Coburn ran some of the nastiest political ads I've ever seen and than made the mistake of running them every commercial break. people were sick of the shit by the time the election came and decided that new couldn't be worse than old. I respect the job that he did but he did win any friends doing it. If you loose to Coburn you managed to make a lot of people mad. Coburns only redeeming quality is he is aggressively trying to cut the budget...the bad thing is that he's just as dumb about it as he is about gays.

Posted by: Tim at October 30, 2005 9:46 AM