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October 2, 2005

SPAMmers work on the weekends

Damn...I blacklisted some 50 SPAM backtrack links this morning on the blog. Clearly SPAMmers work on the weekends. There's been some wierdness with normal comments not coming through as well, so I apologize in advance. Due to excessive comment SPAM in the past, I have to moderate normal reader comments as well as SPAM comments and backtracks. Some reader commenters have been reporting being automatically blocked, so I set the moderation settings on the blog for me to approve all comments. I'm hoping that didn't open the floodgates for this morning's SPAM comments, so we'll see.

My God...it's full of stars!
Yesterday started out as a good weather day for rugby, but later on got kinda warm, making for a sweaty, dirty rugby match. We had a lot of players ready to play, but the opposing team barely had a team, so I got picked to play flanker for the opposing team, a position I've played only a few times in the past, but definitely got more familiar as the game went on. It was fun until I got bonked in the head in a ruck, causing a series of trippy tracer waves to fly across my left eye for the remainder of the match. "My" team won, but not by much, in a match the Renegades should have won even without my "help" in a few errors caused by my delerious presence on the opposing team. They were good guys to play for though, and the social was fun.

After I recovered a bit I showered and layed down for a nap before going out to the Nationals game. Not 10 minutes into my disco nap I heard a couple of crotch rocket motorcylcles going down the dogleg street outside my bedroom window. I heard a crash, then a long screech outside, followed by some, "Are you OK?" shoutings. A motorcylclist had crashed and skidded down the street after taking the turn too fast. His leathers saved him, but he learned why Vermont Avenue is so quiet - it's a twisty, confusing street that most motorists avoid. His bike leaked a huge oil slick on the street.

The excitement kept me from going back to the nap, so I got ready and me and my friend headed towards the stadium via Metrorail. As we got off at the Stadium/Armory station for the 7pm game I noticed a lot of folks with Nationals hats heading back to the station, and I thought that was wierd. Turns out there was a game time change that was only apparent on the website - and if you didn't check the website you were misinformed as to what was said on the ticket. Oh well. I was pooped from the match and still a little loopy, so it wasn't a huge loss. We headed to Mr. Henry's for supper. He had a race to run on Sunday, so I bid him goodbye and headed home, in bed at a decent hour.

Much laundry to do today, and I must buy new running shoes so I don't have an excuse not to do some cardio to complement the anaerobic exercise from rugby. Perhaps a short jaunt to Taint if I'm still up to it by tonight.

Posted by jimbo at October 2, 2005 12:30 PM


They must work in spurts. I've been heavy spam trackbacks/comments lately as well. I moderate anyone who has never commented so I always catch their crap and delete it.

The sad part is they wouldn't keep doing it if it wasn't working.

Posted by: moby at October 2, 2005 5:55 PM