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October 23, 2005

no. more. gay. stuff.

Tons 'o gay this weekend, filling me almost to capacity with gayness. Luckily tonight I'll fulfill some geekness with the D&D gang. On Friday I went to two good flicks at the Reel Affirmations XV gay & lesbian & whatever film festival with a screening of "The Mostly Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green," an adaptation of the comic strip and "Freshman Orientation," which was about the misadventures of a straight guy pretending to be gay to get the girl, who was tasked to break the heart of a gay man to get into her sorority. Wacky mayhem ensues.

On Saturday we played the team from a nearby Marine base, and while we did not win we got the least amount of points against us than any team in our league who have played them this fall. Then I had to take an online exam. Mental note: do not schedule anything on a Saturday evening after a rugby match. I'm just too wiped out to commit, but did manage to drag myself to my first experience at the Miss Adams Morgan drag pageant. It was much bigger than I expected, but I'm kinda glad I was almost two hours late because I may not have been able to handle that much gay in one day.

Me, a drag queen, and Xena, Warrior Princess:
drag queen, me and Xena, Warrior Princess
Mr. Jackson is looking for some children...
Fellatious Maximus and Priapus Pullo, of Rome, and Johntiqus of Beaverhausen:
gurlicus and phallus maximus
Gurl, and Burl:
a gurl, a burl

Posted by jimbo at October 23, 2005 1:44 PM


Looks like you had a fabulous time (except the part of exhaustion and taking the test.)

How'd the D&D game go?

Posted by: Joel A at October 23, 2005 3:16 PM

the costumes get better and better every year wish I had gone!

Posted by: TOS at October 23, 2005 11:35 PM

Gayed out? I had no idea you were gay, none at all. I was curious about "Ethan Green" but I really wasn't sure I wanted to see a great comic in the flesh.

I'll bet you'd look great in heels. Calves come in handy.

Posted by: copperred at October 24, 2005 12:40 AM

While packed with quite a few amusing one liners and comedic situation, "The Mostly Unfabulous Life of Ethan Green" still felt like the same old gay cinema.

Why is it that I can watch, for instance, two different romantic comedies starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks and still feel like I've gotten two different, engaging stories with interesting plots and character development, but every gay romantic comedy seems to convey the same set of dysfunctional relationships, charaters and plots?

Is it just a matter of gay screen writers writing what they know? And that's all there is? Or could Tom Hanks have actually fallen in love through AOL (shudder) with Steven Zahn if he had been the bookstore owner? Could Rock Hudson have fallen in love with Tony Randall instead of Doris Day (okay, bad example). Could Hugh Grant have fallen in love with anyone else other than Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock or Andie MacDowell (okay, I can see the attraction for Andie

Am I being way to picky for a Monday morning?

Posted by: Boo Augustus at October 24, 2005 9:25 AM

You call Glenn "Phallus Maximus" too?

Posted by: chrisafer at October 24, 2005 3:27 PM