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May 2, 2005

poison dart frog swap meet

I went to a poison dart frog swap show this weekend, I sure did. It was part of a sunny day with the radiant hunky leprechaun, and I had a nice time. Now I want a terrarium with one of those cute things in them. They are really vividly colored, and are quite active and mobile compared to other frogs. They show also offered albino bullfrogs and one of my favorite critters, the ravenous axlotl! Otherwise known as water dogs in some parts. Basically aquatic newts with frilly gills. Later on we went for a purty hike in Southern MD and then had a nice afternoon dinner in Annapolis.

Don't forget, Atlanteans, American Frog Day is October 15-17, 2005 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Hrmmm...I keep referencing the radiant hunky leprechaun, and I also keep adding positive adjectives to his moniker. All I'm able to say at this point is that we enjoy spending time together, he is a hot redhead (well, little red goatee at this point), he's really smart, and I think we are two peas in a pod. There are differences too...he is a country mouse and I am a city mouse, but we get along, which is sayin' a lot with me. I am looking forward to spending my spare time adventuring with him this summer.

Waremouse was on the subway Sunday morning as I rode out to meet radiant hunky leprechaun. We had a nice tawk, and discussed evil bloggers and Bob's cryptic entry from last week. I gave up trying to differentiate metrosexual breeders from scruffy homos a while back. My gaydar no longer works. As for beards being trendy, that's why I shaved mine...I'm going against the established Bear/hair-archy, stickin' it to The Unshorn Man, shaving to make a statement against the pop-culture trend of truck driver drag. Preppy is the new punk.

Oh that poor little girl with cold feet - trapped in the suffocating institution of marital bondage. Seriously though, sounds like she was a mess and that the scope of the wedding was over the top. The best weddings I've ever been to are simple ones that allow friends and family to recognize the union of the couple - whatever the orientation. It need not be over the top. Love between two people is personal, and the legal arrangements are between the couple and the State. The wedding ceremony itself is something else altogether, a mere construct that is often overblown and overpriced in heterosexual unions. Keep is simple, remember what it's for, don't put yourself too deeply in debt, and never, ever skimp on the food. Big cake. BIG CAKE! Never run out of cake for Jimbo! Lotsa frosting too...like 2" of frosting.

Marriage is changing, For Better, For Worse...a great article from this Sunday's Washington Post. "Traditional Marriage" advocates take note: "That series has been canceled." So deal with it.

Posted by jimbo at May 2, 2005 10:56 AM


My mother has a this fascination with some caribbean frog name a Coqui, she has this CD of Jungle sounds with their "music" on it. It drive me crazy. The only frog for me is Kermit :-).

And yes, the best weddings are the simple ones with lots of cake! (And swedish meatballs!) ;-)

Posted by: Dax at May 2, 2005 11:53 AM

I have to say that marriage stability probably centers on two individuals knowing themselevs. Which is why people who marry at say 30 for the first time, rather than 16, have a better shot. Why is it always the people with 2 plus marriages who onsist on lecturing gays on relationships?

Posted by: copperred at May 2, 2005 3:46 PM

You know, I was surprised that the religious right didn't get hold of that cold feet bride story and demand that the woman do her duty and marry that man that she promised herself to. Bush could have flown back to D.C. and signed the Runaway Bride Bill. Insanity!

Posted by: bmw at May 3, 2005 1:56 AM