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May 12, 2005

mamas don't let your babies grow up to be pilots

Umm, hello. Clue phone for Pennsylvania pilots: if you can see the tall pointy monolith from the cockpit of your plane, you've flown too close. The people in the big white building with the pointy dome on a hill freak out when you fly too close - they've been hysterical about planes ever since 2001 or so. You will know the no-fly zone by the haze created by the large amounts of gas rising from the pointy-dome building...the gas given off by the politicians "working" in there. Get a map, a clue and a new radio.

Eeew...I think I preferred my 'roided-out loud-mouthed homophobic former Major League Baseball pitchers with buzzcut hair instead. And you're playing for a team called the "Long Island Ducks" now? Justice...justice is served.

I saw Kingdom of Heaven last night with the Radiant Hunky Leprechaun. I liked the company at the movie TONS more than the characters on the screen, but we all like a nice trebuchet and siege tower in our films now and then. Now I know what a 'Saracen' is too, as I've had a rugby jersey for several years now from a team called the Saracens and never knew historically what they were: "The Saracens name can be traced back to the famous desert warriors led by Saladin in the late 12th century. They were renowned for their extreme mobility, and powers of endurance, which when allied to their bountiful enthusiasm, rendered the Saracens invincible."

And isn't that Dr. Bashir from Deep Space Nine as Saladin's general in the film?

Posted by jimbo at May 12, 2005 9:55 AM


I was talking to a friend of mine last night and we were laughing ourselves to death over the whiners on the Hill and the House o' Fools. It's a Cessna for god's sake... Even if they shot it down, unless it was completely consumed in a fireball, it would hit something. It would be bound to hit something.

Still if you had a Black Hawk in your face, you couldn't figure out what was going on? Time to break out the Sharpie and paper and wave messages.

Posted by: copperred at May 12, 2005 11:17 AM

Yes my dear Jimbo that was Alexander Siddig from Star Trek : Deep Space Nine :-)

I havent seen the movie yet, I just know that in the Trek circles word was spreading that he was in it as Saladin's second in command.

I am saving my popcorn money to see Revenge of the Sith :-)

Posted by: Dax at May 12, 2005 12:02 PM


John Rocker has gone the entire spectrum of gaydom. First we hated him but secretly wanted to do him. Now we would not do him if he paid and don't even care about him.

The oposite of love is not hate, it is indifference

Posted by: Seamus at May 12, 2005 3:55 PM

Poor homophobic Rocker. I wonder how much more money he could have made if he had been gay friendly instead.

Posted by: homer at May 12, 2005 6:52 PM