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May 8, 2005

jimbo in wonderland

statue in Central Park
I decided to take Amtrak over the cheap Chinatown bus to NYC for the weekend and it was generally a good deal. Thinking I needed to make one cell phone call, I initially skipped the 'Quiet Car' and went to the next one, which was a mistake. I was surrounded by loud cell phone addicts with electronics attached to their ears, especially the realtors directly behind me. So I moved to the quiet car which was so, with a few exceptions here and there. "No Cell Phone Use" means everyone except a half-dozen special people on the car.

I get off at Penn Station at 5pm, rush hour, and am immediately overwhelmed by the number of FAST, BUSY people! I followed in the wake of two large Italian businessmen to wherever they went, for they looked like they knew where they were going. Otherwhise I probably woulda gotten jostled back to Jersey. Throughout the weekend I was amazed at the sheer busyness and scope of the city, and I wonder at how everyone gets fed and their shit gets cleaned up too. It's really an amazing city, but probably not for jimbo.

OHMIGAWD IT'S DOGPOET!!!The blogmeet was a lot of fun, and I didn't get too drunk. Here's a picture of me when Dogpoet showed up, and I like totally squealed out loud, "OHMIGAWD! It's MICHAEL and he's SOOO DREAMY!!!" I jest, but really it's true - he's dreeeeaaamy. I got to chat with a lot of other bloggers I've read and kept up on, and many who I'd only seen on other people's blogrolls. From the sounds of it this year's gathering wasn't as racy as last year, but it was still fun.

My hosts were lovely, one formerly a member of our rugby team, and his partner who used to play in my D&D group. Like all D&D players, he's now a successful professional, and was able to prescribe me some antibiotics after diagnosing my snot-ridden head as a possible sinus infection. Sure enough, the meds have me feelin' a lot better. On Saturday Rich gave me a tour of a bit of Central Park, including the statue of the angel Bethesda, and Strawberry Fields.

Saturday night I met up with Eric, Glenn and Scott for some more chat at the NYC Eagle. I was there long enough to meet and greet before it got too crowded. Plus my sinuses were acting up and speaking loudly in a noisy bar got to be too much.

statue in Central Park

Here's some of my favorite pics of Friday evening, thanks to cub photographer JoeMyGod:
joe & jimbo
Joe: "Does she ever shut up?"
palochi & eric
Scott and Eric. Scott is really tall, and Eric is smoulderingly hot and gives good scruff.
glenn and jimbo
Glenn: "Jimbo, stop posing and get off my foot."
Chris, thinking non-Uffish Thoughts.
homer and jimbo
Homer: "Jimbo, stop stroking my beard."
Michael, you dreamy, dreamy, dreamalicious dreamboat of a man!
nyah, nyah.
"Circle in a Square" always makes me think of that Belinda Carlisle single from the 80's.
UV-camera shot taken at night of a hot jungle cat. Mrrrroowrrrr.
Me. Drunk. 2am. "Hawwbsssh naagghhhthhp mgurla ohimigawd urrrggghttthp."

Posted by jimbo at May 8, 2005 8:02 PM



That almost makes me want to move to the big city. Almost, but not quite :-)

Jim, you are such a cutie yourself, but I must say I miss the beard. Get some scruff back :-) :-)

Posted by: Scoobs at May 9, 2005 2:06 PM

it was a bit more relaxed than last year but easily just as fun -- just different. everyone was indeed nice and not a snob in the bunch.

Posted by: myke at May 9, 2005 2:28 PM

Oh, Jimbo...the pleasure was all mine...

But now people are going to think that I am a Blue Man Group groupie.

Or some sort of Smurf.

Posted by: Eric at May 9, 2005 4:34 PM

Hottie Smurf. Woofy Smurf. Scruffy Smurf.

Posted by: jimbo at May 9, 2005 5:07 PM