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May 31, 2005

I love my affected, gay scene, drama-ridden friends

What I mean by that is that every time I see some online profile that says, "no fems, masc only, no affected behavior, non-scene, no drama," in some guy's online profile I just want to flame out and sing show tunes and just be totally flamey and gay and make drama in their presence just to piss them off. Or maybe I should just put on my profile: "Bored With: anti-scene, stoic, affected masculine, issue-ridden, bad tops in truck driver drag."

Because you know the queeny ones are the best tops, don't you? It's true, fyi.

Some of my cherished and lovely femmy, in-scene, drama-ridden, affected gay friends came over to to help me unpack last night. Gurl and I had already polished off one bottle of fine Arizona wine when Chrisafer and Bubbles showed up. When the first bottle wore off and I began to feel my achey back again, they were ordered to fetch more, including a 40 oz. of Schlitz Malt Likka, which was downed as well. Unpacking is a lot more fun when you're drunk, but today my entire body feels like my back, and I can't find anything.

Anyway, I am somewhat settled in my new place, and met the bright shiny tenants upstairs, including a cute Jewishy looking guy named Josh or Johnathan. The movers were great, and I'm never moving without movers again. Well, except for the burly bitchy Scottish guy who had to comment on the quality of my furniture. It's cheap crap, I know! I have this cute little bizarre modular dishwasher that you have to wheel over to the sink to plug in, but it works well. And I have an OVEN! I am making MUFFINS and APPLE PIE and TOLL HOUSE COOKIES this weekend to make up for 3 years of par-boiling and frying everything.

Interesting story of a raccoon-related death in Fairfax from rabies. Dying from rabies is quite gruesome. Please go to the ER immediately after being bitten by any sketchy creature.

Cute pic from our last rugby tourney of the season. I like the feel of that picture. One of action jimbo too.

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May 29, 2005

I fisheries biologists

Well, it's more like lust, actually. Before I even got into my morning coffee today I got a jolt from a photo on the front page of the Washington Post. Holy cow:
John Odenkirk
I mean the biologist, not the snakehead. Wuuuf. Goddamn that's a hot guy. Thanks to my stalking skills I see that he writes scientific papers too. Men who write papers are hot. Oh yeah, the article was about invasive species and all that. Very bad, but I see we have the hottest men in the country on the task, and that's a good thing.

I also mangrove swamp ecologists too, fyi.

After masturbating to the front page of the Washington Post in the morning, I went to my new place to meet the cleaner. On the way there I passed this corner between my old and new place where crack dealers post sentinels and do their marketing and sales efforts. Now I've seen them there in the afternoons and evenings, but at 10am?! Who buys crack at 10am? You might as well get a legitimate job if you are going to be up and working at 10am on a Sunday morning of a holiday weekend.

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May 28, 2005

movin' on up, movin' on out, tryin' to break free, nothing can stop me

I'll take "Gay Disco" for 500 please: name the group who coined the lyrics in the title of this entry.

I'm supposed to be packing now - haven't started. 'gulp!' Ran around today and got some cleaning supplies for a start. But I also got a cleaner to do most of the dirty work tomorrow so I can simply unpack on Monday after the movers help out. So nice to have the financial flexibility for such help. My back thanks me already.
front porch
Here's my front porch off of Vermont Avenue, just south of T and 10th, NW. I'm in that above-ground basement unit, like the hobbit I am.
living area
Living area and bedroom. It's gonna be a tight fit for that queen-size bed of mine. Getting that stinky new plastic smell out of my fabulous shower curtains from Home Rule. Need to find some clever way to conceal that radiator during the summer.
kitchen & bathroom
View of bathroom and kitchen.

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May 27, 2005

spice girls reunion

One thing I learned today erases my current stress and drama and many of the world's problems. In fact, I believe these 5 girls can solve global problems. 3 words sum it up:


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May 26, 2005

better now, but still need help

OK, bad coffee buzz is now over. Just had to vent earlier today. I'm not always that righteous, just like 60% of the time. I'm gonna die of a heart attack, I'm sure.

Since I didn't ask anyone to help move on Monday, as I got movers for the first time, I'm sure there'll be plenty of volunteers to drive me to Target in the 'burbs for a home-goods run on Saturday morning. I also need wheels to pick up moving boxes. Heroes, heroes anyone? I'll buy lunch.

Had lunch with Dreamy Ron this afternoon. Earlier this week, a stranger bought me lunch, so there are good things in my life. Free For All 2005: Shakespeare in the Park is next week. Love it. Drink wine, watch a half of Shakespeare, then fall asleep for the second half. Love that. Who's going? I'd get tickets but I don't work downtown.

And ABC Television is REALLY responsive...look at what they wrote back to me within an hour regarding Hurley wallpaper:

Dear Jimbo,

We post everything the show provides to us. They didn't provide a Hurley image for wallpaper.

However, we will ask them if they can, and if they do, we'll post a wallpaper featuring Hurley!


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goddamn west coast hippie rudeness crap

OK, maybe I have a lot of freaky friends/family over on the West Coast, or maybe I've just become a prissy East Coast ettiquete queen, or maybe I'm just bitter that a last-minute wedding PHONE CALL from my brother telling me that he's having his wedding piggybacked on my Vancouver vacation. Actually, the phone call was with my mother, who told me about this last-minute wedding during the conversation.

No "save the date" notice and only what, 2 months warning? Logic would tell me that if two people are REALLY planning on living together forever, as marriage implies, that there is no rush. Which begs the inevitable question: What is the fucking rush? I just may not go.

And what is it about this whole duuude attitude out there, this casual bullshit that disconsiders anyone else's schedule, time, or personal needs? Duuude. Fuck that shit. Drop everything and host your fucking friend of a friend of a friend, or just drop all your plans to go to some goddamn ill-conceived shotgun wedding? Please, treat the institution of marriage with the respect that some of us aspire it to be, rather than something like some goddamn spur of the moment trip to fucking Dairy Queen.

AND WHILE I'M AT IT...what the fuck kind of result do you want when you wink at me on Match.com or say hi from your Bigmusclebear account and you either have no face pics or no photos at all? WTF?!? Yeah, I really love a total crapshoot when I meet up with people. That whole random, not-knowing what a guy looks like it totally hot, and I just love spending my time begging you for a fucking face picture. Pictures of your penis are JUST FINE WITH ME and I never ever care what a person's face looks like. REALITY: all penises look the same, faces don't.

And for those of you with faces on your profile pics, handsome at that, would it kill you to smile in at least one of them? Smiling makes you approachable and shows that you have emotions other than "duh." Also, smiling will not make you any less masculine, so just relax.

Oh, just one more thing. Posing with your camera phone in a profile pic is NOT SEXY. It looks fucking stupid. Plus, the resolution of your shitty cheap-ass camera phone has not yet risen to the quality of that of a digital camera. Fuzzy pictures of your face, dick or even chest is not sufficent. Those pictures suck. Get a digital camera and use it.

I just had to rant. I feel better now.

dude.I have a new boyfreind. I dumped Matthew Fox. I Hurley. He's the only one with good lines in Lost, makes me laugh every time he's on screen, and never gets any credit for all the shit he does on the island, while that sniveling scruffy hunk Matthew Fox gets all the credit. It's just not right. WHAT, NO HURLEY WALLPAPER FOR YOUR PC?!? This is bullshit, I'm e-mailing ABC. Body facists. I also kind of Sayid, because he's got a great schnoz, beard, and can like do anything with any gadget like some kinda Iraqi MacGyver.

Dear ABC:

I went to your website for your prime time show "Lost," and noticed that there is no desktop computer wallpaper for the character Hurley from the show. Everyone loves Hurley, and I would like to see Hurley included along with the other characters' images too. We love Hurley.

Here is the page on your site I am talking about:


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May 25, 2005

i'm moving

Eeek! I'm moving on the 30th! My roomate is selling his half of the duplex we live in by August, so I'd have to move anyway this summer. Fall sucks as all the ex-interns hog all the cheap places to live, and it's still good weather for moving, so it's time. I paid the application fee and am moving 5 blocks west to a 'safer' neighborhood, which the landlord apologized for, but I assured him comparitively it was not. It will also feature a functioning oven, space all my own, with only one person cleaning up one person's mess: ME. I love my unmoving corpse of a roomate but jeez, pick up after yourself!

So today during the breaks of my training at work I arranged for movers on Memorial day. I am now past 30 and have long since used up all my moving help karma from friends. This time paid athletes will do it instead. Waaah, no holiday for me, but better to do it on a free day off I guess.

That, and I can't believe how chaotic your life gets when you misplace your check card. NO ONE takes checks anymore without a portion of your soul and a pint of blood. Trying to do transactions with little cash with my bank branch office in Timbuktu has been challenging, in addition to all this.

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May 24, 2005

AIDS and fear campaigns

Andrew Sullivan makes an interesting point about HIV prevention campaigns in one of his Monday entries:

Your life is not as definitively shortened with HIV as it is with diabetes; the treatment is far less onerous; the lifestyle changes are fewer, compared with daily injections, monitoring your diet, and so on. All of this poses a big challenge to those trying to craft safer sex messages. When the costs of infection are this low and the sexual benefits as immediate and attractive as they always are, the current strategy of scaring people to death won't work. We have to find a better, more positive way to encourage safer sex.

I'll have to agree with his idea and take back what I said on one of my rants from 4 years ago. Back in 1990 or so when I came out and the scary numbers of quick deaths were only just starting to subside, fear tactics in persuasive health campaigns were the norm, but don't seem to be doing much these days. Having just finished a class in persuasion and one in the rhetoric of social movements, I have gained some insight on the efficacy of negative fear campaigns. They work in the right conditions, and may have been effective 15 years ago, but not so much these days.

MLK never said, "I have a nightmare!" and posed many of his arguments at times in a positive light. Similarly, environmental movements have learned to do away with a lot of doomspeak and put success stories in a positive spin rather than the typical declarations that the sky is falling. In a nutshell many of their current campaigns are saying: the world around us is a bit cleaner since the '70s, keep up the good work.

I don't have any easy answers on how to convince the young'uns and not-so-young sexually active gay men to be safe though. Some of the retroviral drugs will still mess you up a bit, even though they are more effective and you have to take fewer pills.

My roomate came home with a styrofoam cooler one day and plunked it on the counter and said, "Here is a down payment for a house!" He said the cooler contained about $10,000 worth of HIV medications for his treatments. Having gone through a period of unemployment sans health coverage, I can only wonder about the hoops one would have to go through to get meds without coverage, especially considering the troubles some HIV clinics are going through these days. Simple red tape and having to take any more medication other than Advil (for rugby) and Allegra is enough to scare me. Perhaps posing that a simpler life can be maintained without HIV is an idea? Discuss.

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May 23, 2005

ants, in my pants

Yesterday I worked in the garden. Considering I'll probably move by August, the effort is moot. But then again, it's not really about the flowers and the fruit, it's about the theraputic value of gardening.

I am terribly late in my planting, as the roomate is so lazy that he neglected to think about the fact that he did not actually order seeds as he had said he did. That's OK though, as it's been a wet, cool spring and perhaps planting in April would have been disastrous. Anyhow, me and the radiant hunky leprechaun went to Capitol Hill for a bit of Eastern Marketing (seeing a Beaverhausen and his partner in the process) and a jaunt over to Frager's Hardware for some plants and seeds.

Oddly, no volunteer sunflowers, gourds or squash came up from last year's seeds. Was the winter so harsh? Surely the rats and birds were not so thorough with their gathering to completely clear out all of the viable seeds. One marigold came up from last year, which I replanted in a more aesthetic spot, then planted my own, then some wildflower and zinnia seeds. I will get to this year's gourds and sunflowers tonight.

Through it all a number of very tiny ants crawled on me, which I didn't seem to notice until I came in to sit down at the computer. Contrary to popular folk jingles, while there are ants in my pants I do not feel compelled to "do the boogie dance" while suffering an infestation of Formicids in my britches. It's just sort of uncomfortable, but I do not feel the urge to actually dance nor to move in any sort of rhythmic fashion.

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May 20, 2005

i am designer supreme! fear my power.

UPDATE: rugby match for tomorrow is cancelled. My new plan: SLEEP IN! Aaaah. Have a good weekend.

Gurl and Bubbles went to the Herndon Monument Plebe Recognition Ceremony yesterday and all I got was this lousy digital picture:
yummy delicious
I went to that event a few years back with Seamus. It's something every homo in this area should do at least once to feel complete. Sort of like every freak needing to go see GWAR in concert. I have done both.

Last night I passed out at 8pm, woke up at 7am this morning. Gee, ya think I was worn out from the week? I feel refreshed today though.

Remember the asshole faculty member/center director who arrogantly rejected my newsletter design which adhered to the standard department/school design template? Well, turns out he thinks I'm some kind of unskilled underling, as he asked our receptionist ( my Secret Sister in the office ) the other day if she could, "...get that student worker to help me with the newsletter again."

Now I am deeply flattered that my smooth, ageless skin (tip: stay out of the sun, use moisturizer and sunscreen, and don't drink or smoke) is unmistakable from that of a typical 19 year-old hotties' here on campus, but I would also like to be respected at work as a skilled professional. I AM 34 and I have earned every precious year of its wisdom and experience.

First I guess I need to school this professor that I am indeed an employee of the university, then I need to remind him that I've done design for the Dept. of Commerce home page, entire websites for presidential initiatives, USDA, EPA and my design (albeit shitty) for Washington's National and Dulles Airports which are STILL online after almost 5 years. The proof is on the Internets, and my design was certainly better than your old one, which could have been bested by my high school yearbook team.


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May 19, 2005

Star Wars Meltdowns

Hoo boy am I a wreck today. Got home from the Midnight screening of Revenge of the Sith at about 3:30am, final exam for Persuasion class at 10:30am. I am now done with that class. It was a good class, but probably the most time-consuming undergraduate course I've ever taken.

Anyway, last night I witnessed not one, but TWO Star Wars opening night geek meltdowns. What I mean is perhaps the anticipation of opening night is too much for some people with minimal social contact. At Phantom Menace, I witnessed an adult male have a red-faced, foot-stomping tantrum while awaiting to be seated. I think these people get so worked up about it that they just lose it. So last night one geek had a meltdown right in front of me. Granted, it was about the woman cutting into the concession stand line, but jeez. Then in the theatre proper a woman was behaving badly and belligerent. I didn't witness the whole thing, but apparently her boyfriend was totally embarassed and she had to be escorted out by security. Wow, calm down, people.


The movie was the best of the last three, but not better than the first Star Wars: a New Beginning. However, it had THE BEST space battles and choreographed lightsaber duels EVER. Sit towards the back of the theatre to fully appreciate these scenes as the duels are almost beautiful and artistic. Also, the illustration of Anakin's descent to evil was believeable and logical, especially from his point of view. It wasn't just this overnight, "BWA HA HAA! I'm EVIL!" thing, it took some time and a lot of consideration, and he did it for a reason. Then it was too late - he first becomes a monster in mind, soul, and then body, especially after he literally gets his ass served by Obi-Wan. I knew he got in a bad accident that required the black mask and suit, but I didn't know it was due to getting his ass kicked by his former sensei. Surprisingly gripping was the scene where Vader is first masked. Powerful wow, and pitiful too. You really end up feeling sad for Anakin/Vader all over again.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but were there some parallels between Palpatine's consolidation of power and his speeches to the Senate to that of W's and the Republican party, or am I just a paranoid Libertarian? Watch and listen carefully to the rhetoric in those Senate scenes and let me know if you agree, or am I reading too much into the film? It seemed like sometimes Chancellor Palpatine's speeches were stolen right from the Presidential podium.

Also, how does George Lucas take perfectly able actors and acresses and make them look so awful!? Frikkin' YODA had a better performance than the live action humans. But that was to be expected.

Regarding this blog's recent redesign: it will remain a Shrine To Kylie until she gets better, or until I get bored with the design. We know our Aussie Pixies are a tough breed. Livvy got through it, and we know you can too. xxoo.

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May 18, 2005

an open love letter to _Magicicada_

Last night after rugby I celebrated Syttende Mai with a Venezuelan from Anchorage over a cosmo and some food at Luna Grill. Out of Control. As I rode home on my bike, I thought about my two-week love affair from a year ago...

cicada armyDear Magicicada:

It’s been exactly a year now since we first met. I was not native to your Mid-Atlantic range, and was so happy to have met you and all your friends last year. In fact, I miss you, and can hardly bear to wait another 16 years. Trudging through a summer without your hypnotic hum, your beady red eyes, and diaphanous wings…I just don’t know what to do with my time now. Somehow I'll try to find the will to survive.

Everyone ate well that spring. Squirrels were nearly obese, geese were producing back-to-back clutches, and house finches were behaving like flycatchers, pursuing your nutty chewiness on the wing. Everyone was happy, and then you were gone.

Silence. You left me with silence, without a word, with nothing but a few scattered wings here and there. For a bouquet all I got were the dead ends of tree branches everywhere. It was a fitting statement – you pretty much shot your load and left me. Me and everyone else.

Do you think I’m going to just wait another 16 years for you to just show up on my doorstep and look at me like that again? No way. No way am I going to do that. I’m finding another bee to buzz in my bonnet, thank you very much. You just keep on living your life with your head in the ground and I’m going to go on with mine.


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May 17, 2005

happy syttende mai!

Syttende Mai = 17th of May, which has a similar significance in Norway as July 4th has in the United States of America. It marks the country's declaration of independence and the triumph of constitutional government. This day is also called Constitution Day and National Day and is a great spring festival in Norway.
fjord troll

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May 16, 2005

gay sci-fi geek's wet dream photo

Just found this photo, which is a gay scruff-loving sci-fi fan's wet dream - Ben Browder and Michael Shanks together, w. Mr. Shanks sporting a beard. WOOOF! The pic is from the upcoming season of Stargate SG-1.
ben + michael, sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g.  then they fuck, then they marry, then they get all woofy and hairy

Attention LiveJournal and Blogger.com bloggers: please be aware that the blogosphere does not consist entirely of Blogger and LiveJournal bloggers who can comment freely in your comments section. In fact, back inna day, most of them were not. I'm sick of being asked to register for Blogger.whatever.com just to make comments, and seeing Livejournal comment areas restricted to Livejournal users. Doing this is missing the point of blogging, which I percieve as a 2-way revolutionary media form.

Anyway, when you restrict your comments area to only those using the same system that you're on, you create blogstipation, and a bit of elitism at that. Granted, we can all do what we want with our comments system, but having mine completely open has not been much of a problem. People have mostly been civil.

I am going to Vancouver in late July! I'll be meetin' up with Kenn and his partner for din-din, perhaps attending GateCon 2005 (ohmigawd MICHAEL SHANKS!!! EEEE! Ooops, looks like he won't be showing up, but Tahmoh Penikett is a suitable consolation - looks like there'll be a lot of BSG stars there ) and Vancouver Pride featuring the beefed-out former Broadway gurl turned Neo-Village Person Scott Bolton!

Speaking of gay travel, there was a remarkably large piece in Sunday's Travel section of the Post about Ft. Lauderdale as a gay mecca. Kind of surprising in this day and age, but a welcome ray of light and recognition that sort of said, "Yes, gays travel and are people to be represented on occasion as travelling functioning humans in the Post like heteronormative families." Or something like that.

I was just thinking yesterday how nice it would be if all these rabid people that call themselves "Christians" would spend their time fixing actual social ills like hunger, poverty and illiteracy instead of thier fruitless efforts on putting down gays, how much nicer this world could be.

Midnight screening of Revenge of the Sith on Wednesday ("MWAAARRRGGGGH!!!"), final exam for The Class That Absorbs All Time And Space the next day. That's gonna suck.

Tuesday the 17th is Syttende Mai, Norway's day of independence from the evil Danes. Down with the Danes. If you suspect you might have even a little Norwegian heritage in you, eat some pickled herring and get a little drunk, but not too drunk. Norwegians don't get wasted, just a little tipsy.

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May 14, 2005

hot rugby weekend

Joe Tresh is a local photojournalist and bear. You could call him a "cub photographer" if you must. He takes good pictures, and took a lot of shots last week at our practices. Check out his photoblog and a short piece on our team. He took this picture below:
let's play dress-up
On Saturday we had a rugby tourney over in Aberdeen, Marlyand. The weather started out promising but got pretty hot and humid. I got to play wing in the first 40-minute match, and then did pretty well as scrumhalf in the second. We lost both matches but not by too much. While the other team placed an incredibly hot shirtless touch judge on my side of the pitch while I was playing wing, 5 years of Bene Gesserit Sisterhood training allowed me to keep my mind on the game with a little mantra taught to me by Paul "Muad'Dib" Atreides, which I converted for my own uses during matches against particularly hot opponents:

"I must not lust. Woof is the mind-killer. Lust is the little-death that brings total lack of focus. I will face my lust. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the lust has gone there will be nothing. Only the winger will remain."

Gay rugby fans are invited to our last match of the season against our guests the Philadelphia Gryphons Saturday the 21st. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. at Heurich Park (driving directions, also Metro accessible from Prince George's Plaza station on the Green Line); All Renegades will be at the pitch by 11:30 a.m. for warmup. There will likely be A- and B-side matches, and Jimbo will be playing for sure. Apply sunscreen at least an hour before exposure. Social to follow at Hamburger Mary's probably around 4ish.

Friday's Margaret Cho concert at the Warner Theatre was so funny my head hurt from laughing so hard. "Cessna! CESSNA!" she screamed, making fun of the recent freakout about the harmless, hapless plane that approached DC last week. It looks like her sketch focus is about 90% gay in content, which she doesn't seem to mind. And damn she is MAD about the current creature in the White House!

My long post on local double-standards on race and real estate is linked below. It's too long to add to a typical daily entry. Read on...

Another annoying incendiary article in the Post last week about "gentrification" and "white flight," which in many circles seems to translate to "white people are bad." I'm not sure if the Post, and in many similar cases the Washington City Paper, is actually reporting what most people think or is just playing the race card as is typical for the DC region in order to sell papers. In a nutshell, everything in DC, from politics to public utilities, has to be associated with race in some way or another, and you cannot criticize the rhetoric or you'll be called a racist too. It is why Marion Barry is still in politics successfully. This area is obsessed with race. And usually the finger is pointed at white people as the source of all evil in any case where there is disagreement or conflict. One editorial in Saturday's edition of the Post agrees in my critique of local "Acceptable Bias."

The double-standard I keep coming across regarding demographic change (which always happens over time in either direction in any neighborhood) is this: when black people move into a white neighborhood and the white people complain, it is called racism. But here in the DC Metro region, when the reverse occurs and white people move into a historically black neighborhood and the blacks complain and are quite vocal about the whites "taking over," no one cries racism in the least. At least that's how the media interprets the phenomenon. I don't get it.

"It's almost like there's a hidden landscape, a hidden geography of the county that many whites don't see," said Kirsti Uunila, the county's historic preservation planner. "People who are moving in, they really don't know where they've come."

Translation: white people are dumb, insensitive, with no regard for history. But no one dares call that out around here.

The article also confuses difrerences between class and race:

"The fact is that property values and the job market largely preclude them from moving in." The average home in the county sold for $350,000 last year.

The influx of whites into Calvert also has coincided with the rise of the Republican Party in a county that for decades was a Democratic stronghold. In late 2003, when the local GOP claimed more registered voters than Democrats for the first time in recent history, the party chairman said the success was due to Prince George's politicians whose policies had driven Republicans to Calvert.

Translation: white people are all rich Republicans. Excuse me? Not quite ready to invest $350K here, and still voting Democrat. Eeew, I'm offended.

Anyone who has sold their house for four times its original value at a quarter- to half-million dollars should be laughing all the way to the bank. What you do with that profit is your business, but I fail to see any victimization in this. Try crying to me when we compare savings and checking accounts - my salary for a professional position at a university is just a hair above low income here in DC. Granted, burdensome tax rates may be insurmountable and may force people to move, and we all like to live in our "traditional" and historic areas. But what is traditional these days anyway? Does one group of people "own" a region, and no one else can move in or out of it? So should the main street area in my hometown be preserved as a "Norwegian Only" area, since the earliest residents were primarily Scandinavian? No, because people would cry racism. But we can talk about preserving our black history in Calvert County and it's not racism in this case.

I have bitched in a similar way in the past by saying the breeders have also "taken over" 17th street and that our beloved gay ghetto is gone. In reality, the queens who toughed it out in the 80s and early 90s are now also laughing all the way to the bank, having sold their homes to rich yuppies in lieu of larger properties elsewhere. And most gays know that our neighborhoods move and shift. Not quite analagous to the white/black 'hood argument, but similar. We are keenly aware that neighborhoods change over the decades. In DC the gay ground zero ghetto has moved from DuPont Circle proper, to 17th Street, and now somewhere east of 14th Street. It moves, we deal, that's life. I may have to move soon too, but I deal with it. To me the recent alarmist real estate news laced with blatantly racial tones just seems like a lot of incendiary crap that stirs the waters in order to sell papers. For example, in the editorial linked above, the writer notes that Prince George's county was once mostly white, and things there have clearly changed in the other direction.

Just my two cents on an issue that I think both the local media and African American community here needs to heed: the burden of working towards racial sensitivity does not lie solely on the shoulders of white people. It strikes me as a double-standard that is blatantly ignored in this area.

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May 13, 2005

pancake mountain

Me so tired today. Two intense rugby practices this week, and I fell off the wagon and started playing CivIII again. Frikkin' frakkin' paper due this week and final next week for The Class That Absorbs All Space And Time. But it's almost over. Big fat annual report needs to be made at work too. Big tourney this weekend, and I'll be playing scrumhalf, which will be fun. Last night at least 4 people were giving me critique at the same time during play. Umm...I can barely hear one person, much less comprehend what yer saying while my head is shoved up someone else's ass - save it for after the play or practice even when I can absorb what you have to say.

A teammate had extra tickets to Margaret Cho tonight, so I am going. It should be fun, but I hope to not stay out too late as we have to get up early tomorrow to go to the tournament. I long for sleeping in Sunday morning, and I certainly will.

I had this long rant written about gentrification and racist double-standards here in DC, but I'm too tired to deal with the ever-contrary liberal heart knee-jerking back at what I have to say about it. I am cranky today. I'll save it for next week when I have good rest and willpower.

Pancake Mountain, a set of hip kid's clips made here in DC, looks pretty cool - if I had kids I'd get the discs, and it already looks like my nephew will be getting a copy.sheep puppet and Henry Rollins

Clips from the website include Henry talking to children on how you shouldn't put a bag on your head, puppet interview with George Clinton which asks, "Where do you park the Mothership?" and kids punking out with Shonen Knife.

If I had kids I'd get these discs...it's actually good music with a kid's theme. Including a punk rendition of an 'A-E-I-O-U' song.

This Saturday geeks do not miss Alien Planet, a documentary-story show about the colonization of a new planet, and the critters we meet there. 8pm, Discovery Channel.

Timothy Dalton to be Daddylicious in the May 16 TV movie on NBC, cut from its original four-hour presentation down to three hours, to be aired on a single night.

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May 12, 2005

mamas don't let your babies grow up to be pilots

Umm, hello. Clue phone for Pennsylvania pilots: if you can see the tall pointy monolith from the cockpit of your plane, you've flown too close. The people in the big white building with the pointy dome on a hill freak out when you fly too close - they've been hysterical about planes ever since 2001 or so. You will know the no-fly zone by the haze created by the large amounts of gas rising from the pointy-dome building...the gas given off by the politicians "working" in there. Get a map, a clue and a new radio.

Eeew...I think I preferred my 'roided-out loud-mouthed homophobic former Major League Baseball pitchers with buzzcut hair instead. And you're playing for a team called the "Long Island Ducks" now? Justice...justice is served.

I saw Kingdom of Heaven last night with the Radiant Hunky Leprechaun. I liked the company at the movie TONS more than the characters on the screen, but we all like a nice trebuchet and siege tower in our films now and then. Now I know what a 'Saracen' is too, as I've had a rugby jersey for several years now from a team called the Saracens and never knew historically what they were: "The Saracens name can be traced back to the famous desert warriors led by Saladin in the late 12th century. They were renowned for their extreme mobility, and powers of endurance, which when allied to their bountiful enthusiasm, rendered the Saracens invincible."

And isn't that Dr. Bashir from Deep Space Nine as Saladin's general in the film?

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May 10, 2005

iPod Tarot

Jimbo's Magical iPodFrustrated across the board yesterday for a variety of reasons, so like most rational people in times of stress, I turn to the occult. To hell with those musty tarot cards or the plastic 8-Balls - I shall set my pink iPod on shuffle as a font of divination.

Here's how it works: we all have our favorite artists or albums we tend to listen to a lot, so these are the suits of the Minor Arcana, much like Tarot's Swords, Pentacles, Rods and Cups. Remixes of any of the suit's singles are considered a reversed reading.

Any single track not in a larger grouping by artist or album is considered Major Arcana, much like The Fool, The Tower, and The Devil (not necessarily a bad card, fyi).

Readings are based on the Celtic Method of Tarot reading, adapted to the Attention Deficit Disorder generation. Initialize your iPod so that the Apple icon reappears. Set to random shuffle. Then select:
Browse > Songs > All. The next 5 randomly determined tracks read your past, present and future. Here's a sample from my ominous iPod reading yesterday:

1st Track: The Significator. This track symbolizes the nature of the question, which in this case was, "Will anything go my way this week?" Track 4, "Be Careful" of Mutual Admiration Society (Minor Arcana) comes up. The lyric "Be careful, be gentle to yourself, cuz no one else will." presents itself to the reader. A "no shit" reading here.

2nd Track: The Opposing Forces. Track 4 of Björk, "Army of Me," plays and Iceland's Diva tells me "You're on your own now, we can't save you..." which tells me no one is going to assist me with my problems but me.

3rd Track: The Past. What has already happened. Track 12 from Side B of the soundtrack from The Color Purple - "Maybe God Is Tryin' To Tell You Somethin'," by Quincy Jones. "Can't sleep at night, and you wonder why?" Well, I didn't get much sleep this weekend.

4th Track: What May Be. Track 6 from Oleta Adams' best, "Many Rivers to Cross." Sing it, Sister: "Such a drag to be on your own..."

5th Track: Sum of All Track Readings. Victor Calderone feat. some dance diva asking, "Are You Satisfied?". As a sole single from the artist, clearly this card is the equivalent of the Diva/Empress of the Major Arcana - a trouble card if there ever was one. Since it's a remix, the meaning is reversed: "Got myself together, even got a new love now. There's no need to wonder of what, when or how. Fate has given me time to move on." Saturn Return - graphic by jimbo Ouch...the dance diva sings of confidence, independence and having it together, but the meaning is reversed cuz it's a remix! Eeek! The reading basically says I'm doomed to toil through my numerous troubles this week alone and with difficulty! Not since my Saturn Return astrological chart reading have the stars been so auspiciously ominous.

Maybe I'll just stick to my iPod for help with workouts and cleaning around the house.

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May 8, 2005

jimbo in wonderland

statue in Central Park
I decided to take Amtrak over the cheap Chinatown bus to NYC for the weekend and it was generally a good deal. Thinking I needed to make one cell phone call, I initially skipped the 'Quiet Car' and went to the next one, which was a mistake. I was surrounded by loud cell phone addicts with electronics attached to their ears, especially the realtors directly behind me. So I moved to the quiet car which was so, with a few exceptions here and there. "No Cell Phone Use" means everyone except a half-dozen special people on the car.

I get off at Penn Station at 5pm, rush hour, and am immediately overwhelmed by the number of FAST, BUSY people! I followed in the wake of two large Italian businessmen to wherever they went, for they looked like they knew where they were going. Otherwhise I probably woulda gotten jostled back to Jersey. Throughout the weekend I was amazed at the sheer busyness and scope of the city, and I wonder at how everyone gets fed and their shit gets cleaned up too. It's really an amazing city, but probably not for jimbo.

OHMIGAWD IT'S DOGPOET!!!The blogmeet was a lot of fun, and I didn't get too drunk. Here's a picture of me when Dogpoet showed up, and I like totally squealed out loud, "OHMIGAWD! It's MICHAEL and he's SOOO DREAMY!!!" I jest, but really it's true - he's dreeeeaaamy. I got to chat with a lot of other bloggers I've read and kept up on, and many who I'd only seen on other people's blogrolls. From the sounds of it this year's gathering wasn't as racy as last year, but it was still fun.

My hosts were lovely, one formerly a member of our rugby team, and his partner who used to play in my D&D group. Like all D&D players, he's now a successful professional, and was able to prescribe me some antibiotics after diagnosing my snot-ridden head as a possible sinus infection. Sure enough, the meds have me feelin' a lot better. On Saturday Rich gave me a tour of a bit of Central Park, including the statue of the angel Bethesda, and Strawberry Fields.

Saturday night I met up with Eric, Glenn and Scott for some more chat at the NYC Eagle. I was there long enough to meet and greet before it got too crowded. Plus my sinuses were acting up and speaking loudly in a noisy bar got to be too much.

statue in Central Park

Here's some of my favorite pics of Friday evening, thanks to cub photographer JoeMyGod:
joe & jimbo
Joe: "Does she ever shut up?"
palochi & eric
Scott and Eric. Scott is really tall, and Eric is smoulderingly hot and gives good scruff.
glenn and jimbo
Glenn: "Jimbo, stop posing and get off my foot."
Chris, thinking non-Uffish Thoughts.
homer and jimbo
Homer: "Jimbo, stop stroking my beard."
Michael, you dreamy, dreamy, dreamalicious dreamboat of a man!
nyah, nyah.
"Circle in a Square" always makes me think of that Belinda Carlisle single from the 80's.
UV-camera shot taken at night of a hot jungle cat. Mrrrroowrrrr.
Me. Drunk. 2am. "Hawwbsssh naagghhhthhp mgurla ohimigawd urrrggghttthp."

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May 5, 2005


Ohmigawd! Today is 05/05/05!!! So like I'll get up and make a blog entry at 0505-hundred hours.

Hunky Washington Blade editor Chris Crain was recently gay-bashed in Amsterdam, on Queens Day near the gay district no less. Here's the link to the moving story and disturbing photo on the Blade website. Even in the illusory gay meccas of progressive countries there is sometimes no escape from homophobia. I've seen the editor out and about here in DC, and he is a very big guy - it seems hatred does not recognize stature either. It's a sad lesson that sometimes culture does not always keep up with policy and legal protection even in the most tolerant societies.

In the summer of 1990 I had begun to come out, and sort of "did Europe" while studying German forestry practices and pollution issues in Poland. I checked out the gay scenes in Oslo, London and Amsterdam. Amsterdam was a huge gay theme park that I saw through very wide eyes, but I managed to have fun safely. Even back then it seemed safe enough, but that's not always the case I guess.

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May 4, 2005

rugby-related herbal cures for congestion

Last night before rugby practice I picked up a prescription to help get my stuffed head cleared up, but the real cure came from 30 or so ruggers trampling fresh camomile blossoms on the pitch. It must have created some kind of curative poultice-mist because I could just feel my sinuses clearing up whenever I smelled the tangy scent. Either that or it was the smell of fresh man-sweat that did it.

According to the herbal link above, sure enough, it is purported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. It also contains phenolic derivatives, which have an antiseptic and healing quality, which relieves congestion and softens the skin. FABULOUS! Next time I get stuffed up I'm getting some camomile tea, and/or I will ask the rugby team to trample the field again while I roll around in the scented turf.

More crazy news from Florida involving the erosion of personal freedoms. When the State fights against a 13 year-old girl's choice to abort an unwanted pregnancy, residents should get a clue. Add that to the Schaivo mess and America should start waking up, right? Wake up America...please? I don't know if a girl that age would get complications from pregnacy at an early age, but she certainly would have difficulty raising the child if it came to term.

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May 3, 2005

albino college park residents

If I ever write a script for a David Lynch type film, it will surely be entitled "College Park," and will feature plenty of albino human actors, or actors in albino makeup. I swear to you I see at least one albino person (Melanin-challenged?) going to or from work every single day. African-American albinos, Asian albinos, Caucasian albinos. I'm expecting to see a Jewish and an Eritrean albino any day now. Is it something in the water? Is there a pro-albino support center on campus? Do albinos at the University of Maryland get some kind of financial aid?

Another thing about College Park, MD - the mayor is really hot. I saw Mayor-Daddy Stephen Brayman at an info booth this Saturday at the Maryland Day open house. He has a nice beard and hypnotic electric blue eyes. He just ooozed with power and authority. 3,000 bonus experience points to Dax for finding nice picture of said hot Mayor.

I am going to New York this weekend for the GB:NYC2 gathering. It will be good to see people I've met before, and to meet bloggers whom I've only read about. I'll be staying in gayfabulous Chelsea with a couple who consist of one of our former rugby team players and his partner who used to play D&D with the geek gang.

Now what time should I meet where on Friday? I don't know if I'm taking the cheaper Chinatown Bus quirky express or go in style but get robbed by Amtrak. Depends on how my back feels Friday morning I think.

Sooo...I got this friend from high school who lives in one of the Mountain States out West. The last time this friend asked me of a favor, in this case suggestions on where her friend visiting DC could go to, I got no response to my treatise on places where lesbians can go in DC, nor even a simple thank you for my efforts. Now this friend is asking me if I would be interested in hosting one of this friend's friend - a friend of a friend if you will - for a week. This friend lives in a college town where the college crash culture probably reigns supreme...I doubt this friend even thinks it is a problem. I dunno...there was a time when I'd have no problem with this, but for a week, and likely for no "thank you" for the hosting effort?

Perhaps I'm too big on politeness, etiqutte and diplomacy, but I just don't feel like hosting some cheap stranger I don't know, who's probably going to a conference in DC and wants to crash just to pocket the lodging money. Plus, I've learned that I covet my space and private time. I just don't feel like hosting someone I don't know. Any of you etiquette queens have some better suggestions on what to do?

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May 2, 2005

poison dart frog swap meet

I went to a poison dart frog swap show this weekend, I sure did. It was part of a sunny day with the radiant hunky leprechaun, and I had a nice time. Now I want a terrarium with one of those cute things in them. They are really vividly colored, and are quite active and mobile compared to other frogs. They show also offered albino bullfrogs and one of my favorite critters, the ravenous axlotl! Otherwise known as water dogs in some parts. Basically aquatic newts with frilly gills. Later on we went for a purty hike in Southern MD and then had a nice afternoon dinner in Annapolis.

Don't forget, Atlanteans, American Frog Day is October 15-17, 2005 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Hrmmm...I keep referencing the radiant hunky leprechaun, and I also keep adding positive adjectives to his moniker. All I'm able to say at this point is that we enjoy spending time together, he is a hot redhead (well, little red goatee at this point), he's really smart, and I think we are two peas in a pod. There are differences too...he is a country mouse and I am a city mouse, but we get along, which is sayin' a lot with me. I am looking forward to spending my spare time adventuring with him this summer.

Waremouse was on the subway Sunday morning as I rode out to meet radiant hunky leprechaun. We had a nice tawk, and discussed evil bloggers and Bob's cryptic entry from last week. I gave up trying to differentiate metrosexual breeders from scruffy homos a while back. My gaydar no longer works. As for beards being trendy, that's why I shaved mine...I'm going against the established Bear/hair-archy, stickin' it to The Unshorn Man, shaving to make a statement against the pop-culture trend of truck driver drag. Preppy is the new punk.

Oh that poor little girl with cold feet - trapped in the suffocating institution of marital bondage. Seriously though, sounds like she was a mess and that the scope of the wedding was over the top. The best weddings I've ever been to are simple ones that allow friends and family to recognize the union of the couple - whatever the orientation. It need not be over the top. Love between two people is personal, and the legal arrangements are between the couple and the State. The wedding ceremony itself is something else altogether, a mere construct that is often overblown and overpriced in heterosexual unions. Keep is simple, remember what it's for, don't put yourself too deeply in debt, and never, ever skimp on the food. Big cake. BIG CAKE! Never run out of cake for Jimbo! Lotsa frosting too...like 2" of frosting.

Marriage is changing, For Better, For Worse...a great article from this Sunday's Washington Post. "Traditional Marriage" advocates take note: "That series has been canceled." So deal with it.

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