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March 7, 2005

snotmonster jimbo

I felt it coming on Saturday night at the Eagle, then my head started to flow on Sunday. By Sunday night I was blowing snot every half hour or so, which continued thru the night until today. Not debilitating, but not fun either, and at least I'm not plugged up with a headache. I tried to work out today but was at half energy, so it's a little more than a mild cold. Or maybe it's spring allergies, as I've already heard the song sparrow, cardinal, and house finches belting it out already. And the robins have returned here and there too.

I managed to make a few calls about the grad school situation, and learned I have to apply through the university grad system again, another $50 into the frikkin' system. I'm in no position to be a prick, but technically I've already paid the fee, so should get a refund. But trying to explain that to the drones in charge of the system would be more difficult, so I relent for now. I'm told once I re-apply, my application will be considered for the waiting list, which is better than nothing I guess. I'll be sure to hold the hands of those I'm at the mercy of to be sure it gets on the table on Friday so there's no excuses this time.

Saturday night at the Eagle I saw an old Peace Corps friend who was stationed at the most remote site in our country. I went out to visit Richard once as he was on a wildlife refuge which was the home for the westernmost population of pink flamingos in Central Asia, which I was able to see. They really act like the plastic flamingos in suburban yards, just standing there on one leg for long periods of time. Out on his reserve I also saw black-legged stilts and a pink starling that sang very loud, in addition to ancient Kazak burial domes made of mud.

Anyway, this volunteer and I were some of the few gay volunteers in our country, and we had an illicit gay porn mag exchange going on with straight volunteers as our runners between sites. The straight volunteer who was near his site would bring a "care package" of porn to deliver from his region to mine, where his girlfriend was stationed. Back then American travellers were still suspect, and our runner told us that he was stopped and questioned once on the train by the local militia, sweating the whole time and praying that they didn't search his bag and find our "care package". He would have had a hard time explaining the large envelope in his backpack containing Honcho magazine and an outdated Colt Hairy Chested Men calendar to the armed Kazak militiamen. Or maybe not (cue porn soundtrack music...baw chicka-waw-waaaww...).

Posted by jimbo at March 7, 2005 5:30 PM


Dude I don't know what supps, if any, that you take, but I've been taking 10g of glutamine daily for the past couple of years and I've made it through both the last 2 winters completely unscathed - even when everyone else in my office has been sick as the dogs they are.
Check it out.

Posted by: Andy at March 7, 2005 9:53 PM