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March 25, 2005


Sure, Ryan Reynolds goes totally psycho in the upcoming remake of The Amityville Horror, but it looks like there'll be plenty of hot shirtless scenes of His Woofyness, so I'll have to go see it. Thanks to Brent for the tip. The scene that creeped me out the most in the first movie was when the two points of red light eyes were outside the window warning the wife to "GET OUT!"
lick lick lick nibble nibble nummy nummy
Speaking of getting out of town, best wishes this week to former "President" of Kyrgizstan, Mr. Askar Akayev. During a vacation from my Peace Corps duties in 1997, I hiked to Kyrgizstan over the Tien Shan Mountain range from Almaty, the capitol of Kazakstan. And despite what it said on the front page hard copy of the Washington Post this morning, Almaty is not the capitol of Kyrgizstan. Below is a picture of our campsite on the trip. I'm not sure if we were in Kyrgizstan by then, but it was a beautiful river valley between ranges. It was probably the most challenging hike I'd ever done, as it took us up to 18,000 feet or so, where the air was thin and my comrades got pukey, while I got weak from the altitude sickness.
campsite in the tien shan mountains - I'm on the right
Kyrgizstan was a beautiful country, with a very clear lake in the middle of it which apparently flooded the hometown of Tamerlane, or as he's known in Central Asia, Timour the Lame.

And speaking of lame, I heretofore give permission to any and all of my blog readership to end my life quickly and humanely should I ever enter a vegetative state and/or become brain dead. See if I recover in say, 9 months tops. 15 years? Hell no. Please, please don't ever drag me through some kind of right to life political drama. It is written here that you may do the duty should the time come. And please, please don't starve me to death. An overdose of something narcotic will suffice. And make it REALLY GOOD CRACK. Something that would cause a mild sweat in Whitney Houston would probably do me in in a few minutes.

Posted by jimbo at March 25, 2005 11:05 AM


You don't need to worry about that, I'm sure the Christian Right would want to harvest your organs as soon as you flatline.

How about a nice shot of morphine and a beer before you go?

Posted by: copperred at March 25, 2005 2:02 PM

I saw the preview and thought, "Didn't they do this in 70s?" I must be getting old, because I just thought, "OK... why????"

Posted by: John at March 25, 2005 2:35 PM

You are probably the only person I know who has been to Kyrgizstan.

Posted by: homer at March 25, 2005 7:51 PM

Who ever thought we would envy Alanis Morisette?

I remember only seeing a small part of the Amityville Horror when I was a kid and being scared shitless (granted, I was/am a big wuss), THEN having to spend the summer in a house that had those same sinister eye window thingies.

I barely slept all summer.

Posted by: Eric at March 25, 2005 9:44 PM

Ryan does tend to make one swoon! I'm interested to see how he does in a horror flick not typically known for slapstick comedy.

Posted by: moby at March 26, 2005 5:18 PM