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March 5, 2005

bring it

I survived my first outdoor rugby practice of the season today. I had predicted I was gonna die from being so sore from the snowboarding the days before, but I guess it was different muscles that got worked. The rugby running must have knocked out all the lactaid in my muscles or whatever. I was honored to be assigned to be scrumhalf for a side at long last, I'm guessing due to my good performance last fall. I really want to stay clear of winger this year, as it's gotten old and frankly, I just don't tackle guys with momentum as good as I tackle the ones up close, and that's what wingers end up doing a lot. Plus I love the scrumhalf position, as it's very A.D.D. friendly. Looks like the turnout will allow for two sides again this year, which will allow for more position flexibility again.

It was probably better that there was no cell phone connection up on top of the mountain, as I would have been tempted to try and spend valuable snowboarding time to correct some current school drama while on the short vacation. On Wednesday at about 4, right before I was set to leave for snowboarding, I made and inquiry about the status of my graduate school application. It was up for consideration February 1st, and I hadn't yet heard a peep about it, not even a rejection letter. I learned that it wasn't even looked at because of my status in the system. The system currently says I'm a non-degree seeking student, which I had to be in order to register for classes that I have been taking while waiting for my graduate school application to be considered. Little did I know, that I had to be a graduate applicant in the system. It didn't matter that three professors and a few Ph.D. students in the program knew I was all excited to apply, and had been waiting for a long time for this. Yes, I know taking classes doesn't guarantee me to get into the program, and yes, I know I'm not a ringer for the program. But hearing that it didn't even get looked at was a punch to the gut...I almost started crying when I heard about it, and that's a big deal for a Norwegian from the Midwest. Just being ignored due to an arcane step in the process is worse than rejection. I haven't wanted something like this in a very long time. I want this more than I want Matthew Fox or Seann Scott, and that's saying a lot.

But I am told there is still hope and things I can do, so on Monday I will call the department back with a clearer mind so I can fully understand what the hell is going on. Plus I will try to get the professors from the classes that I took to try and advocate for me, as I'm told a word from one or two should help a lot. But it's just frustrating that a drone there just put my application in the 'no' pile, even when she knew I wanted to be considered, and didn't let me know, not even with a rejection letter. Just no word, at the mercy of the system. Fuck the system, I'm gonna flex my formidable people skills and make things happen. It's what works in real life.

I am insanely jealous of the travellin' Mighty Jimbo. Whales, penguins, seals, and rusty Russian freighters. Antarctica is the place to see Southern Hemisphere pelagic sea birds as well, although I'm sure the wonder of it all was lost on such a metrosexual bear. And BTW Jimbo, my blog is a bear-lover's site. Bring it.

Perhaps Mighty Jimbo is on to something...who knows, maybe the bear look will be the latest trend to jump over from homos to the breeders? Next thing you know his ripped abs will be history and he'll be wearing flannel, asking his girlfriends to rub his furry beer-gut.

Posted by jimbo at March 5, 2005 5:37 PM


Sorry about your grad school woes...

But, didn't the bear look originate with the heterosexuals? Most straight women don't have to deal with the problem of washboard-abbed boyfriends...

Posted by: Eric at March 7, 2005 2:08 PM

Well, all the breeders here look like the need a sandwitch, so maybe it'll all come around again. I can only hope that the trend towards furriness lasts in the gay community. Hey, didn't you just shave your beard off?
>; )

Posted by: jimbo at March 7, 2005 5:19 PM