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March 18, 2005


Hi from Tuscon! I got in late last night after a loooong flight from Newark. There's gotta be a quicker way to get here. Anyway, Homer took me out to see the oldest Spanish mission in the U.S., nicely restored. At one moment there I pointed to some important looking chick on a mural and asked Homer, "Who is that?" Homer replied, "That's the Virgin Mary." I didn't pay much attention in Sunday School.

Then we went hiking up a desert wash to see some ancient rock art and many forms of cactii. Many pictures are up on Homer's blog here. So far I have spotted a cactus wren, Gambell's quail, some new flicker, a new hummingbird, and Homer tells me that the old production lot that was used for filming Little House on the Prairie was around here somewhere, but he says it's boriing and too expensive and not worth seeing.

Posted by jimbo at March 18, 2005 6:57 PM


Umm...how odd! I posted a comment a while back and now it ain't here!

Anyway, that was Old Tucson and no it ain't worth the astronomical admission price. Check out the Desert Museum nearby instead.

Posted by: Lee at March 19, 2005 5:46 AM