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February 28, 2005

snow day 2

Nyah-hah! Another snow day today! I'm off from work and you're not! Again I question the need to cancel anything around here as the snow isn't even sticking here in the District, but I'm enjoying myself regardless. Take the local hysterical forecasts and divide by two, for future reference. I may go snowboarding again later this week since there'll be some real powder on the slopes around here for a change.

I had a busy weekend with a taxing trip to Pentagram City Mall on a failed quest to buy a new pair of hiking boots before my trip to Tuscon. Looks like I may have to order them online when the time comes, as they are out at all the local outlets. I did manage to find a few shirts on sale, and inadvertently discovered one of the largest cruising spots in the region in a quest to find a clean place to poop. Nordstrom's, men's department, 2nd floor, look for the DL Brothers en masse taking their time washing hands.

Yesterday I went out to Maryland to spend more time with the extra-cuddly special man. Few folks around here would be impressed with my barred owl call, or my ability to differentiate between a male and female red-tailed hawk, but I was glad to please. Got to see my first barred owl in the wild, and my first ruddy duck too. We watched The Chronicles of Riddick, which was just as pleasing as Pitch Black.

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February 25, 2005

the connected

Jeri Ryan as 7of9Fine. Whatever. Jimbo writes about social disconnect in the age of communication back in tha day and it's dismissed as uptight or jimbo just being oversensitive as usual. Then Andrew Sullivan writes about it and now it's a dire social issue worthy of intense discussion. Fine. Whatever.

I'll have to agree with Andrew that technology has reduced people's need to interact. Like I always say after noting how lame a certain establishment in DC has gotten, "The Internet killed the bathouses." (Props to the Buggles.) There is no need to go out and get some - you can just as easily order in, with no fear of loss of face for getting shot down, or having your friends see how much play you get. I've noticed people don't cruise in public anymore - because they don't need to. The same folks, whom I'll call 'The Connected', also don't know how to react when you do hit on them in public or social setting. All you get in response is this blank, startled stare. Or maybe that's just the East Coast culture. Whatever the case, Internet cruising and hookups can be done faster and easier without any sort of social consequence. Physical consequences are another matter entirely, as we have found out with recent news of an stronger, deadlier strain of HIV.

I've griped before about The Connected - those with cell phones and iPods just sort of drifting down the sidewalk without regard for others, or the sad phenomenon text messaging in a sea of people at a club. You're there to be with people, not to tap away at a piece of plastic and silica. You can almost hear the subspace murmur of The Collective speaking to them, a green glow highlighting their profile. People are connected to someone else, elsewhere, but not to those nearby. My professors in communication and social change classes have also noticed that activists no longer gather together in public. While they are rallying online, there is far less activism going on in real-time. It's simpler to send a donation or click a button to support a cause.

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February 24, 2005

jimbo is a snow snob

jimbo the snow gnome
the ski bunnies
After our evening snowboarding under the full moon, I whispered to my coworker & ski pal (who had never experienced snow anywhere else but here) and said, "It doesn't have to be this way!" After trying out the pow in Oregon, Wisconsin and Tahoe, I'll have to say the snow on the East Coast SUCKS! I can't imagine learning how to snowboard on this Sno Cone pack, and it was hard even for someone with experience to handle. It was hard, icy and difficult to control the board on this stuff. I might consider going out on this stuff again, but will probably save my pennies for a better experience out West somewhere in the future. The pow was certainly not sick.

Woo hoo! Snow day today! I'm off from work!

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February 23, 2005


please, someone, keep me from speakingI went to see Constantine last night with an extra-cuddly special man. While the movie wasn't as great as the company, I thought it was pretty good if you discount Keanu and every one of his scenes or laughable delivery. Pleasing ending, and we love Tilda Swinton playing yet another androgyne as Gabriel. Peter Stormare as Satan was lovely too.

Woo-hoo! I'm going snowboarding tonight! Ironically, while I now have my own snowboard, it is simpler to rent one there at the slopoes as it's a pain to haul one around on the Metro system without a car. I'm not expecting good pow, as I've been spoiled by the West Coast snow too much. I am expecting something akin to cutting a Sno-Cone out here with all the melting and freezing going on. A day early and a dollar short too - we are expecting our first non-Saturday snowstorm...tomorrow. I will try to take pictures tonight.

Can anyone hook me up with some Thin Mints? How come I can't find a frikkin' Girl Scout around here? How come it is easier for me to find crack than it is for me to find a goddamn Thin Mint? Why are there more homos in the White House than in the HRC building, but still the laws go against us? Why does Ashlee Simpson get more props from 'The Industry' than Scissor Sisters? What is wrong with this country? Just wondering.

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February 22, 2005

appetites for destruction

I think Brent and I would have been fast friends in our youth. His tips on alternative uses of coffee creamer were as interesting as they are flammable. It reminded me of my childhood serving in solitary confinement detention in middle school. I was a bit of a hellraiser in my youth until high school, where for some reason I became class president and drum major instead (Diagnosis: started turning into a big 'ol fag). Anyway, when I would get bored in detention I would twist paper clips into a 'U' shape, with an extra loop at the nadir (base) of the 'U'. Using the loop to affix the U to a pencil, I led the tines of the U into an electrical socket. With a loud 'pop!' and a flash, the power in that part of the school would go out until the fusebox was found and switched back on. That trick would get me extra trips to the hot guidance counselor's office. I wonder if he ever figured out why I was such an angel during his sessions, fawning over him and watching him talk, looking at his furry forearms, telling him whatever he needed to hear...

Joe.My.God., on fisting:

No challenge. GLOP. Like stepping thru the Stargate, but with less resistance. Reminds me of the tiny old psychic lady from Poltergeist, throwing the rope into the void: "STEVEN, NOT YET!!"

Yer killin' me.

And to my department at work: I CANNOT EFFECTIVELY HELP YOU MARKET YOUR EVENT WITH ONLY 24 HOURS' NOTICE BEFORE SAID EVENT. PERIOD! Someone actually asked me today to help market an event that was going to happen in an hour. Believe it.

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February 21, 2005

I'm not exclusive to wookies.

MWAAAAAAGGGGH! Hey now what's all this crazy talk goin' around town that I'm only exclusively attracted to furry Chewbacca-like men? In addition to a couple other instances where it was mentioned last week, last night at the rugby recruitment social someone else noted that there was some guy there who thought I was cute but he was smooth so I wouldn't be interested. Now sure, I tend to go on and on about the scruffy and the bearded and the furry, but I have been known to date a smoothie from time to time. In fact, my track record seems to chart more longevity with smoothies than with non-smoothies. Perhaps it allows more objectivity which in turns allows me to appreciate the inside of a person? Dreamy Ron, for example, was completely smooth (from the neck down) yet somehow I managed and had a bit of a thing for him. I dated a hunky banker who had maybe 2 armpit hairs and that was about it. The bottom line is, if you simply don't get along with someone it doesn't matter what they look like, no matter how hot. So there all you doubters and assumers. >; P'

I had a nice weekend. Richard, former DC geek, came down from NYC just to play D&D with his old geek posse. Fortunately I was well prepared with nasty evil elemental clerics, fungus-summoning sorcerors and a particularly resilient bugbear monk! On Sunday I slept in and missed a bit of rugby training at the gym, but was still worn out from what little I did. While I have been lifting all winter, I have been ignoring the cardio, and the first game is gonna HURT!

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February 18, 2005

cognitive dissonance

Stupidly busy at work...the boss has gone absolutely ape shit this week. However, I do find the time to return phone calls and e-mails to former friends, despite my current conditions at work, especially for particular requests from friends in need...but I understand how important lives can become in downtown DC.

Anyhow, there's this song I like that I hear a lot on the crunchy Muzak station that plays where I have lunch. It's a folksy tune that sounds like it should be from the '70s, but I think it's new. I want it. Anyhow, I want to say it's called "Amy," but a search for the title comes up with Amy Grant singles. It's mostly accoustic guitar, with a male vocalist and vocal harmonies in the background, and the lyrics go something like, "Amy, what you wanna do? I think I'm in love with you - for a while,"...mnummnum I forget the rest. It almost sounds like a younger version of James Taylor or an America song.
UPDATE: OK, OK! I found the damn song!!! Thank you everyone for telling me about it! 'mwa!' kisses.

Also, to the kind man at the San Francisco Chronicle who sent me the Dawn of the Dead DVD - I want to mail it back to you but wasn't sure of the return address - or your full name. Can you send me a good address to mail it back to you? XXXOOO.

Yesterday in my Persuasion class we talked about persuading people with high levels of cognitive dissonance. You know, people who smoke and know it is bad for you, or "I know I should call Jimbo back, but I just don't have the time." The instructor used a specific example and talked about Jeff/James/Gannon/Guckert being both a GOP toadie and a gay male prostitute. When the instructor asked who in class knew about the story, I was the only one to raise my hand, which was kind of disturbing. Like I said in the last entry, no one seems to give a shit these days. America is dumbing down and releasing themselves from care, creating a culture of apathy which can lead to dangerous situations, as has happened in the past. Time to paint the windows in the attic with black paint...

What is also depressing is that here we are with yet another negative gay male stereotype prominent in the news. Yet another conflicted, messed up sad man who has opened himself to ridicule in the public eye, who only comes out of the closet under pressure of scandal or tragedy. Unlike a lot of lesbian icons (Martina, Melissa, Ellen, etc.), there seems to always be far fewer positive gay male role models in the media. Is it that there are none around, or that the positive gay role models are just too boring for news coverage? Perhaps an out gay male role model is too threatening, and lesbians are percieved as hot?

Does the public prefer our gay male stereotypes to be unthreatening, neuter, sexless men like Will Truman, in love with their female roomates? Perhaps these stereotypes are perpetuated by those nice quiet unthreatening gay men who go through life believing they are 'out' simply under assumption that "people just kind of know." Most often and most likely the kind of gay men who claim they are "making change from within." So they appear as the neuter, sexless gay man who never speaks of his partner and wouldn't dare be caught performing PDA. Now I'm not advocating a Geekslut-like approach of sharing about wild fisting sexcapades in the workplace, but there is more to being out than admitting once to yourself to being gay.

Just once I would like to see a male movie star, prominent currently working athlete, or politician simply come out because he felt like it, without any scandals forcing the revelation. Just because it was good for him - and then he resumes his career without further hesitation or drama.

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February 16, 2005

we love you ben, cyndi; hate you 'jeff'

we love you ben, love you cyndi
I am loving the new PFLAG Stay Close ad campaign featuring famous people like Cyndi and Ben 'gasp!' physically touching and publicly showing their love for their gay sibilings or cousins. While we already knew Cyndi loves us, she puts her money where her mouth is yet again and puts her face out there to support us. And while we regret Ben's past partner choices, such as J-Lo over Matt (or ME), I'm pleased as punch to see him do this, as pleased as I was about the Daredevil movie. 'mwa' 'mwa' 'kisses' we love you and send Valentines to you.

Cheer up queers...there are those out there who are standing up for us.

But then again there are those that are not on our side, even those seemingly in our camp. All I gotta say is this to Jeff Gannon/Guckert/Whatever: you low-down, no-credentialed, back-stabbing, opportunistic feeding, skanky porn-named GOP toadie HO!

What fascinates me over and over about these 'exposed' queers and hypocrites is this: how did you not expect to get caught? With congressmen going out to DC gay bars and White House Press Corps 'journalists' (And I DON'T want to hear you "more competent" journalists dissing bloggers now, y'hear?) having multiple escort sites, what were you thinking? I can only think of 4 reasons, or a combination thereof, as to what was going on in their minds:

  1. Underestimation of people's ability to make connections: or, an arrogant disdain for people's intellects. A most likely culprit in this case, and typical of the GOP. Like those in power today, these people continually make choices and decisions thinking that no one will see what they are doing. The sad part is, we do know what they're doing, but no one seems to care.
  2. Underestimating the finite nature of the Internet and the size of DC: I was chatting with Beaverhausen John once about this the other day. I don't think people understand that the Internet(s) is a finite resource. The 'This is the End of the Internet' page is no joke, really. Anyone with rudimentary research skills and the ability to open a browser and fire up Google knows this to be true. Similarly, I am continually surprised at those who don't understand how small DC really is, especially the gay community. In other words, I have seen your gay.com profile and I know exactly how big your cock is, and I know exactly where you work. And even though it's a pic of you from the neck down, I know it's you, so stop kidding yourself. I've been on several gay athletic teams and have been involved with several gay organizations in DC, and I know a lot of people here. It is a simple task for me to do a 'background check' of anyone I'm about to date. It saves me a lot of time and trouble, and a character study can be done in relatively short time due to who I know or who I've done. "Gurl, so tell me about this guy named _____." "Oh GURL don't GO there! She is a TRAIN WRECK and she has a small dick to boot!" And so on.
  3. Underestimating the permeability of subcultural boundaries: people who are closeted think gay people only hang out with gay people and only go to gay bars. Nowadays this is simply not true, and gay people actually talk to straight people, and are actually open about themselves with their straight coworkers and families. Crazy talk, I know, but in the limited horizons of a closeted mind, they are unable to imagine that others live in more open, permeable societies. They think that the suffocating bubble they live in isn't experienced by those 'better' straight people outside of the gay community. In one example, a particularly messed up gay rugby player on the premiere 'straight' DC team goes out partying with the gay boys in NYC, but lives it straight here in DC, and doesn't expect anyone to find out. He also happens to be a bit less supportive of our team on the local rugby union board than most of the straight people. Simply put, we threaten his perception of impermeable cultural boundaries and the compartmentalization of his life.
  4. Deliberate Career Suicide: I have a theory that people who are living miserable lives and hating themselves, or working in miserable conditions will commit a kind of "career suicide," especially if they don't have the balls to make positive changes on a conscious level on their own. So they will do things that will get them busted or fired so their life changes around for the better some day. Case in point: me. When I worked as a web designer at National Airport I had to work with an abusive coworker who actually made some other coworkers cry on a weekly basis. I was miserable there and also bored out of my skull. So I surfed the Internet - a lot, knowing full well that they had draconian policies regarding such misuse of company equipment. Not surprisingly, I got fired because of it. It was a long and hard 2 years that got me to the much improved environment I'm in today, but I'm thankful for it. Who knows how miserable I would be if I was still at the airport? I did not surf the Internet excessively consciously thinking I would get fired. I believe I was doing it on a subconscious level. Similarly, I don't think Jeff Gannon/Guckert/Whatever consciously wanted to get busted, but I think on some level he knew it was possible. Living a hypocritical, compartmentalized and hateful lifestyle made him miserable, but he didn't have the balls to make the positive changes consciously. So he did things and made 'mistakes' that got him busted. I bet you a forged White House Press Corps pass he'll be a staunch ally of ours after about 5 years of therapy.

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February 15, 2005

what straight friends are for

Hi Hi Hi. So much to write about and catch up, but I felt it was more important to have the picture of the college student vomiting in honor of yesterday's most heinous holiday posted as long as possible.

Last week I wrote about the need to get out of Dodge for some perspective, and happened to get it in an unexpected way this weekend. I had been kind of down from various negative experiences with mean, fucked-up or soul-less gay people over the winter, and was kind of in a "gay people are fucked up and I'm trapped in a small room with these people" attitude. I had been meeting more messed up gays than I had been meeting nice, well adjusted gay people, and it was bumming me out. But perspective came unexpectedly in the form of an expedition out to Sterling/Ashburn (Assburn) in the form of a birthday brunch for a straight former coworker on Saturday, who I need to hang out with more often to maintain perspective.

Said straight married former coworker with child has a very tight group of other straight married friends with children who I know of yet don't hang out with that often. Because I know of these people yet am outside of that circle, straight former coworker likes to confide in me about at long length about their lives. In this case straight former coworker and I were caught in the infernal twisted mazes of Tysons Corner trapped in bad traffic, so there was lots of time for confidential sharing about the sordid messed up lives of straight people. Again, I forget about these stories straight former coworker tells me, but the moral of the tale is that straight people are proportionately just as messed up as gay people. I needed to know that, to know that the rest of America has to deal with just as many messed up people as I do, not just because I'm gay. I know, I know, y'all will say "Well DUH Jimbo!" but I need to learn these lessons over and over again. That's what straight friends are for.

That and sharing loud farting contests in the parking lot of the restaurant.

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February 14, 2005

happy valentine's day monday

HAHAHAAAA! It's cold and rainy here in DC today. May your red and pink construction paper valentines bleed away to grey. Ooodgiebooboo smoogie poogums nookie pook-pook kissy BLEAAARRGH! Here's what I think 'o yer damn holiday:
this is how I feel, do you know how I feel?

Aaaugh! I have an evil twin! Scroll down to the last picture of Media reporter Greg Lindsay, who looks like me with curly hair.

Hmm...Dax' comment about my mirror universe twin got me thinking...my evil twin from another dimension would have the following characteristics: heterosexual, clean shaven, curly hair, low sex drive, Republican, atheist, no creativity, light eater, laid back, slow to anger, never smiles or laughs, prefers doing things indoors, dishonest, sensitive to others' feelings, in a relationship, inactive/not athletic, not furry. Not a bad guy, actually, just a bit of a bump on a log.

And finally, The Joan Crawford Video Montage MegaMix by Dan-O-Rama.

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February 10, 2005

make it happen

I have been very busy at work the last couple of days. Let's just say you'll end up with twice as much work to do with half the efficacy if you wait until the last minute to market an event. Not my event, mind you, and the delay was not of my doing. Let's just say a Ph.D. does not an event planner make, and it was my fatal mistake to assume that a specialist has the same organizational, event planning, and marketing skills as an experienced homo. I do kick myself in the head for not assuming control of various aspects of this event earlier in the game. I keep forgetting I've been organizing events since high school, and gosh darn it, I'm good at it. And not everyone knows how to do this sort of stuff. Things happen when you make them happen. That's what Type-A Queers like me are for. While the attendance was not what it could have been, I was surprised at how many people did show up. I am very mentally tired right now - I produced a lot of stuff, and made many things happen, but it takes energy. One more day to go this week.

This guy will make you laugh. Better than American Idol.

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February 8, 2005

escape from DC

I have got to get out of DC soon. Perspective always does a body good. I am simultaneously depressed and crazed. I don't know if I can wait until the AZ visit in March to get out of here either. I always get this way this time of year. Manic, cranky, angry, sad. I know it's a combination of winter blahs, the current political climate (which is making every other fag in this country cranky too, so it bounces off to me), and that holiday that's coming up which shall not be mentioned that makes single people feel like lepers. Please, Hallmark, do go straight ahead and suck my dick because I'm choosy or have not had the fortune of meeting my life mate to date. Suck my cock, really. I secretly like the candy though.

To keep my mind off myself and look forward, I am already constructing my list of birds to look out for while I'm in Arizona, that one will not normally see on the East Coast, Cascades or in the Midwest: road runner, inca dove, montezuma's quail, elf owl, acorn woodpecker, gila woodpecker, magnificent hummingbird, pyrrhuloxia, Chihuahuan raven, mexican chickadee, and so many more...

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February 7, 2005

shaw has arrived

Superbowl: whatever. Halftime: I wanted to see Paul McCartney's sagging tit. Commercials: how wholesome!

I went to my neighbors house, Mrs. Kravitz at 601 T, last night to watch the game on the big screen. Pretty boys there, not as friendly as last time though. However, rumour has it that the mistress of the house is working on developing a new gay bar on the 600 block of T Street, which is great news. Not only have my friends and I been talking about the need for a bar, or at least a cafe in our 'hood, but it may possibly be a gay 'sports bar,' whatever that comes to mean. 'Masc buds,' members of the DC Sportsbuds and FoTJ (Friends of TJ) get half price drinks?

Woo hoo! I got my tickets bought for Spring Break in Tuscon. I'll be staying with Homer and meeting Panchesco live! And some hiking, desert flowers, sunshine, ghost towns and ancient archaeological site tours are definitely in order too. I might try to do some crunchy spa thing in the mountains. I hope Richard takes a nice artsy picture of me while I'm there too.

Commentary on photos taken at a Star Wars Convention. Priceless. And don't miss Star Wars: A Lost Hope for a sneak preview of this summer's blockbuster hit!

Ohmigawd I just came across the Dolly Parton version of 'Peace Train.' Yeah I know I'm a late fag on the scene, but it's FABULOUS! I wonder what it's like being Dolly Parton - where you're so fabulous it must form a palpable aura around your plastic surgery work.

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February 3, 2005

your own personal hell

Tonight at the gym Phil Collins' "Sussudio" was playing on the speakers, grinding my nerves bare. I thought, "That's probably what they'll be playing over and over again should I be condemmed to Hell." Then I thought of the full scenario that some demon surely has in store for me in some circle down there:

Sentence for the Damned: Bus driver for the Washington Flyer Coach Service from National airport to Dulles airport on Hwy. 66 & the Dulles Toll Road during rush hour in August for eternity.
Physical Conditions: hemorrhoids, 100-degree heat and 100% humidity with no air conditioning.
On Rotation for Eternity: the Invisible Touch album, assorted Phil Collins singles. How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must): The World According to Ann Coulter only book on board, with The Today Show playing on the video monitors.
Supporting Players: The Miss Teen Republican Cheerleading Squad as passengers on the bus, hyped up on multiple bumps of crystal meth discussing the virtues of Lindsay Lohan singles.

Share your own personal hell in the comments section!

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makeup gun

Dear Neighbor:

I apologize for my frightful appearance this morning when you came to our door at 7:30am to ask if you could park in our driveway. I had just woken up, had neither loaded nor fired my makeup gun, and my hair was a mess. Not to mention my super-carb face from the Prednisone, I must have been quite a sight...I hope I wasn't hanging out of my boxer shorts on top of all that. I hope I was helpful with your parking problem, despite my appearance.


Ohmigawd! I fogot yesterday was Groundhog Day!!! Everyone wish Rob a happy Woodchuck Day.

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February 2, 2005

steppe to it

Pic taken of the DC Peace Corps Kazakstan gang last night at the Kennedy Center before the lovely performance which featured both orchestral numbers and traditional music. All I have to say is that the Kazak people have mastered music that captures the spirit of racing across the frozen steppes of Central Asia on horseback.

I thought my Peace Corps service was pretty gay-friendly. However, a recent piece in The Advocate (hat tip to Gurl) tells a different tale, which sadly reflects the policies of the current administration. Read more...

No queers need volunteer
By Moreigh Wolf
From The Advocate, February 15, 2005

After more than a decade together my partner, Jamie, and I are still spontaneous people. Our daughter spent a great deal of time in Thailand last summer in areas that were devastated by the December 26 tsunami. She has a lot of friends there, and many of our friends love Thailand. After watching the horrific news I talked to my daughter, who now lives in London. She was pretty devastated, and it occurred to me that Jamie and I don’t really have any obligations that keep us tied to one place. We do dog rescue here in Hanford, Calif., but we could place the dogs we currently have and go off to do relief work.

I said, “Hey, honey, what do you think? We could go volunteer and spend a couple of years helping in some devastated area.” She went on the Internet, and the first thing we both thought of was the Peace Corps. I’m 48, and in my childhood the Peace Corps was iconic. You could go on a secular mission to bring goodwill to the rest of the world.

Once you join the Peace Corps it actually takes quite a long time to be sent to where you’ve been stationed. Generally, you make a two-year agreement, so you’re really making a huge commitment, and that’s great: We’re ready.

Jamie’s got a lot of medical education—she’s an acupuncturist and a body worker, and she’s got a master’s degree in Chinese medicine. I’ve got a nurse’s aide background, and I’ve done hospice work. Maybe it’s not much, but it’s experience, and we have concern and motivation as well. But it turns out you are not worth a damn thing to the Peace Corps if you’re queer—unless you want to give up your partner.

Jamie pulled up the Peace Corps e-mail address and I sent off a brief note of inquiry asking what the process and the options for a gay couple would be. The response was very brief: “We don’t recognize or accept gay and lesbian couples as partners.”

The gentleman I wrote to was very helpful and forthcoming with information. We really didn’t get any further than this initial contact, and we didn’t bother getting an application. We could apply as individuals, but they probably wouldn’t station us together.

So we’re looking for other ways to volunteer. The tsunami devastation is in our faces now, but it will also be in our faces when the media coverage dies down, because for us it’s personal. But I don’t know if going through a volunteer organization is the way for us to go.

I’d always thought, Maybe I’ll go do the Peace Corps someday. I’ve made different choices in my life, but now it seemed like something profound that we could really do. The Peace Corps seemed like a vestige of what Americans are supposed to be as opposed to what the rest of the world thinks Americans are. It was a shock to us to have that image shattered.

No, Jamie and I aren’t legally married. But we have been through so much together, I don’t know how anyone could possibly be more of a couple. People have died; people have been sick in both our families; we’ve gone through my son’s teen years. Our daily rhythms are aligned, and we wanted to do something together.

We are still very motivated to volunteer, but we’ve learned that it’s going to take a long time. We’re more likely to be active, on-the-spot volunteers in eight months or a year than right at this moment. But we do plan on going to the tsunami-affected area, and next year we won’t have any trouble with that.

We’re going to investigate organizations other than the Peace Corps. If there are any organizations that function without the federal subsidies that the Peace Corps gets and that will treat us as a couple, we’ll find them.

I don’t think about how far the tentacles of the evildoers in the White House reach on a daily basis; it just seems insidious. I feel like, Queer rights, yeah, we’ve made great strides, but when we try to do something that supposedly fits the values of the opposite party, we still get blocked. I’m 48 years old, and I’m tired of it. I’m just burned-out.

As told to Christopher Lisotta.

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February 1, 2005

matthew foxxy fox

Much thanks to Ed Z. at Whine & Cheese:
Hello Matthew Foxxy Fox
Matthew Foxxy-Fox,
a haiku
by Jimbo

Matthew Foxxy-Fox
Your pained scruffy face as Jack
I'll get Lost with you

More Matthew Foxxy-Fox haikus are welcome in the comments area...

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andrew takes a break

Andrew Sullivan is taking a break from blogging. Regardless of what you feel about his positions either on paper or in the bedroom, he was there back in tha day when blogging was mostly just a thing info tech and HTML geeks were doing (me: 1998 or so). 9/11 shot his blog into an immense readership. Today, the concept of a blog is identified by his style of blogging and writing, and not of the personal diary format which was how things started out. He helped define the blogosphere as it is known today. I'm glad he's not doing a melodramatic blog suicide note that you so often read when people decide to quit or take a break. He's over himself for a while, which is cool.

And he promises a redesign...let's hope he fixes that damnable light text on dark background, which makes my eyes get tracers from the letters like I'm on acid...

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dueling dombras: two strings and the truth

The Government of Kazakstan Presents:
Melodies and Songs of the Kazakh Steppes

Tonight I will enjoy the artful and exotic interlacing of both traditional Kazakh and classical music brilliantly performed by outstanding Kazakh musicians and performers. My friend Jon and the local Peace Corps gang will be there too.

This might even be better than Scissor Sisters live.

The renowned Kazakh State Kurmangazy Orchestra of Folk Instruments and the Kazakh State Chamber Orchestra Academy of Soloists present the Melodies and Songs of the Kazakh Steppes for the first time ever in the United States of America.

The concert program includes traditional Kazakh melodies, kyuis (koo-eez), reflecting the freedom loving spirit and ancient history of the Kazakhs and their jovial and unfailing good nature, as well as more familiar classical music from Kazakhstan and the world beyond Kazakhstan s borders.

The remarkable folk artistry of the Kurmangazy Orchestra, which recently celebrated its 70th anniversary, has drawn rave reviews in London, Vienna, Rome, Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo.

The Kazakh State Chamber Orchestra, Academy of Soloists brings together talented string musicians who are winners of many prestigious international prizes. It is a young ensemble but has already won acclaim and the gratitude of its listeners in many countries. The Academy s repertoire includes works by Mozart, Paganini, Tchaikovsky, and Bernstein, as well as modern Kazakh
composers, such as Almaz Serkebayev and Tles Kazhgaliev.

We hope our concerts will bring true pleasure to you and let you develop a feeling for the culture and history of our independent Kazakhstan.

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