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November 29, 2004

keep it simple, people

Here's the secret to not hating the holiday season: keep it simple, people. I had a really nice Thanksgiving dinner this year because it was simple, with a small group of people and a menu that wasn't intricately laced with excessive queenery and complicated preparation. No stress. That's the way to do it. Just because you're gay, or because you like Thanksgiving, doesn't mean you have to make a Super Martha Stewart Holiday Extravaganza Spiced Minced Super Duper Over The Top Broasted With Rare Eritrean Spices And Exclusive Napa Valley Wine And Appetizers To Die For Oh My Gawd!

And then why do people go shopping the day after when they know everyone else will be there? This is supposed to be fun? Unless it's for me, I absolutely loathe shopping. Actually, sometimes I loathe shopping even for me.

Same goes for Christmas. One thing I learned during the years I was unemployed was that it was really, really nice to have an excuse not to shop or travel home for the holidays during insane travel times. Don't get me wrong, I like going home. I've been home to Wisconsin twice this year already. But it was during off-peak travel times. Travelling during the holidays sucks. Why not just spend it at home with your loved one or your 15 baby fish, and then go visit Mom and Pop in February or April for some quality time?

This year I got a lot of holiday gifts purchased when I was in Alaska. I think about getting that shopping crap done long before the holiday insanity begins. As it stands now, I only have two things to get, and I'm DONE. HA HA!

One thing I learned in Peace Corps in a country that didn't run as efficiently as I wanted it to, was to only put three accomplishments on an agenda list on any given day. That way, if I got all three chores done (shopping, buy train tickets, visit Ivan and Marat, etc.) I was pleasantly surprised. If not, no big deal.

Then I moved to DC, which is run only slightly more efficiently than a former Soviet republic with its infrastructure removed. I stuck with the three-chore/day rule and it seems to work out. As it stands, three chores accomplished in a day is a lot more than most people get done.

Anyhow, this time of year, don't push it and try to get 38 things done in one day. Just 3. Keep it simple and you will keep your sanity and your holiday cheer, cuz that's the way it should be. Then spend the rest of the time drinking or playing computer games.

Jiminy Christmas this is so hot. I like the song too. Mmm...Navy boys.

Posted by jimbo at November 29, 2004 10:52 AM


You amaze me sometime with your logic. Why have I never thought of the "Three Chores Rule"? Fantastic idea! I'm going to start first thing tomorrow.

My secret to a stress-free holiday? Much like my crazy aunts, I shop for presents all year long, wrap them, label them, and store them in a closet. (I keep a list so that I can remember what the hell I bought my sister Amy in May.) My crazy aunts also bake all their holiday cookies all year long as well then freeze them.

P.S. When I actually type out things like that, I'm struck by how thoroughly Midwestern I really am. I'll be hosting a Tupperwear party and passing around dishes of bridge mix any day now.

Posted by: Joe at December 5, 2004 4:56 AM