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November 3, 2004

who got my vote

all hail queen latifahYesterday all the bloggers were saying who they voted for. Despite my obvious inclinations, I'm reluctant to say who I voted for. OK, I voted for Queen Latifah. All Hail Queen Latifah.

Earlier this week I offered a link that helped you find your polling place. Here's the latest helpful link for gay Americans. Or any American I guess.

Not all the numbers are in right now, but it's clear this country is well-fucked. All 11 anti-gay marriage measures passed, Republicans now control everything, and fucking TOM DASCHLE lost his seat! And this time the numbers look irrefutable.

"With a bigger majority, we can do even more exciting things!" says House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

Yaaay! Well, America, you chose to believe lies and fearmongering over truth and logic. What you are going to get is increased investment in contracting companies associated with Iraq (not you!), more faith-based everything (money dumped into unregulated religious organizations), further alienation and scapegoating of your gay friends and relatives, even less funding for national and international AIDS efforts, further diplomatic alienation from the rest of the world, and no investment in the health or employment of the middle- and lower-income people. Translation: war, disease, starvation. What was the fourth one? Oh yeah, locusts. I always forget that one. We had our locust plague in May.

Too bad! You voted this way, you chose. Now just watch it get even worse.

To the youth who didn't turn out at the polls: I want you to quit your goddamn neo-goth punk-wannabe whining right now...if I hear you bitching I'm going to smack your non-voting ass into the middle of next week. Lazy douche bags. To the DNC: you took the wimpy way out and chose to front a Bush-like candidate, which wasn't really a choice at all. You made Nader look very attractive. To middle-America voters: scared of terrorism? I didn't see a plane crash into the Wal-Mart in Bismark, North Dakota. What the hell are you scared of? And I would have liked to have thought that the latest music video of Osama may have shown that Bush is incapable of catching a storky-looking, 7' tall Arab with a droopy face. Despite all our technologies and freedoms, he can't, but that doesn't seem to matter to American voters.

The single bright spot I could see was that Democrat Barack Obama defeated that kooky, hateful Republican Alan Keyes. That's it, that's the only bright spot I can see right now. Hmmm...that opens up his district in Illinois for possible places to move. Illinois and Vancouver, B.C. Watermelons and corn grow really well and taste very good when grown in Illinois soil, and the climate there ain't bad either.

I'm going shopping for new shoes tonight. That might help.

Posted by jimbo at November 3, 2004 10:33 AM


*sigh*...locusts....so terribly sad. You tell em sis.

Posted by: Ed at November 3, 2004 11:25 AM


Posted by: jimbo at November 3, 2004 11:34 AM

I think the most amazing (as in "hard to believe") thing about the whole election is that almost ONE MILLION people voted for the insane bizarre carpetbagger, Alan Keyes. There may be red states and blue states, but that is unfathomable.

Posted by: ZZ at November 3, 2004 11:53 AM

The concensus seems to be that the "moral" issues of gay marriage and abortion were the sleeper issues that carried the election. Large numbers of people (especially in Ohio) actually voted against their own economic interests (Ohio has had the largest unemployement numbers since Bush took office) for their right to shoot guns, hate homosexuals, and protect cellular masses. It is clear that GW won by gaining the endoresement of the religious right. Our country has pandered to the stupid who are manipulated by the elite. Mythology and ignorance are apparently still very effective tools.

Posted by: Blah (Ha Ha) at November 3, 2004 12:34 PM

You know, I've already downloaded all the necessary forms from that site....

Posted by: Jeffrey at November 3, 2004 12:47 PM

Thank goodness at least I live in an enclave of civilisation. My flight to paris doesn't stop in Washington at all, and I wont be in the coach cabin anyway.


Posted by: beenhexed at November 3, 2004 2:14 PM

I agree with the Smacking of the whiny ones who were all GungHo about the registering to vote and being all political, only to not even bother to show up and vote.


You didnt vote, then dont bitch.

Thats my motto.

Posted by: Dax at November 3, 2004 2:16 PM

Matt: I was just thinking about San Francisco this morning. Enclave, corral, compound, or ghetto? I would like gay men to have more options than just urban centers, where we can live freely and openly in places like Lincoln, Anchorage, Bismark, or in even smaller areas. But it is clear we are a long ways away from that day. I kind of resent that NYC, DC and San Fran are the 'obvious' choices.

Posted by: jimbo at November 3, 2004 2:47 PM

Well, there's always Vermont....

Posted by: joe at November 3, 2004 4:36 PM

I get the feeling that many gay people don't fully appreciate the weight of what happened last night. Bush is an ultraconservative Texan who has been courting the evangelical right. This is his last term, and there are now even more republicans in congress. He will have an agenda to push. Additionally, this is a key term for determinning the balance on the supreme court which has been holding out at moderatly conservative, but will now fall completely to the extreme right. The reprecutions of appointing ultraconservative judges over the next four years who will serve for life is going to have a huge impact for decades. To top it all of, 11 states have overwhelmingly voted to put in law that gay marriage is illegal (This is symbolic! The use of logic to justify bias, very similiar to seperate but equal!). In short, we are now in a position that preachers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Roberts have been (literally) praying for on TV over the last 4 years (esp with the supreme court situation). It could not have possibly worked out better for them! This is a horrible day for anyone with an ounce of social awareness. Bush can now go ahead and implement his ultra conservative evangelical policies without any barriers. Regan will look like Saint (just think how much republicans idolize Reagan, so policies like those that ignored Aids because it was gods retribution to gays will be back again!). I think this is why Kerry was stressing the need not to give up. Very depressing.

Posted by: Blah (yup, Blah!) at November 3, 2004 5:53 PM

Great minds think alike. I went and bought a new pair of shoes yesterday. It helped my mood - ever so briefly.
Let's take some solace in that we live in a few of the blue states.

Posted by: Hugo at November 4, 2004 11:43 AM