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August 31, 2004

school's back in session

So like yesterday was the first day of classes on campus after a long, sleepy summer. Apparently he got out and about while I had my head in the sand most of the day finishing up my newsletter. I returned his phone call in the afternoon, and the conversation kinda went like this:

Jimbo: Hey gurl, I got yer message...what's up?
Chrisafer: Mmmaalllpghhh.
Jimbo: What? You went for a walk on campus?
Chrisafer: Muuggh-ppptttch (sound of something dripping).
Jimbo: And campus is filled with hot guys?
Chrisafer: Awaawwaaggnnnunnngh.

Campus is also filled with kvetchy parents. When did they get so overbearing? And are the kids that helpless? I remember after getting my stuff packed in my dorm room iin college I was like "Bye Mom! Thanks for helping!" and she was off and I was ready for school. This morning I witnessed one uber-kvetchy dad actually driving alongside his child as his child walked on the sidewalk, trying to wave off his Kvetchy Dad. Time to cut the umbilical, people!

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August 30, 2004

stood up

What's up girl?
He stood me up again...
Well what's up with this guy? Do you really like him that much?
Yes honey, I love him, he is fine, he does a lot of nice things for me.
I know he used to do nice stuff for you, but what has he done for you lately?

I got stood up tonight. Yes, it happens even to Jimbo. I hauled my dressed-up and sweaty ass through the humidity to the restaurant, waited 45 minutes, then walked home, stopping for a chili dog at Ben's Chili Bowl. The phone message says he couldn't find Café Saint-Ex on the corner of 14th and T. People around there aren't that scary if you need directions, you can grab a City Paper, or howabout Google? People just can't say no, so they break a date the shitty way I guess.

I'll just keep thinking about the date I hooked up from Friendster this winter. It went all right, with good conversation, and the guy was cute. But I could tell from his vibe that he wasn't interested. He dropped me off at the College Park Metro afterwards, but before I could say "Let's do dinner again," he at least had the balls to cut me off before that and say nicely, "Let me know how your classes go," before saying a curt good night. It was a diplomatic blowoff, but more than one usually gets.

And I cut my workout short for the date too, dammit. I forgot the 'student' part of campus opening up for classes this week, so the gym near my office that's been nearly vacant all summer was jam-packed with proto-woofers. Cute, but taking up all the equipment, especially the bench presses of course. Just like grown-up queers. Now that the interns are done clogging the downtown gyms, it's time to migrate back to regular visits to Washington Sports Clubs on Connecticut Avenue.

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August 29, 2004

hotter than whitney's crack pipe

Pennsylvania Railroad Suburban Station
I'm in one piece after our first rugby match of the season against the Philadelphia Gryphons on their home field. It always seems to be hot when we play them up there, and Saturday was no exception. I'm glad I took it easy the night before in the hotel, savoring my air conditioning. We played A- and B-side matches, with me on the B-side. We won both matches. We have a ton of great new players, most of whom don't have much rugby experience, but do have great athleticism, so it should be a good season. I think the board gave up trying to find enough gay rugby players in DC, as there just aren't that many to find, so we've been stepping up our recruitment elsewhere. Right now I'd say our team is at least half straight. So does that make the team as a whole bi?

I had some good plays and some bad plays, but did make a pass down the back line to a first try for one of the newer players. I didn't spend much time at the social before retreating back to my blessed air conditioning, very dehydrated from the day.

I think I am still recovering today, but did manage a nice shoulder workout at the gym. The Man With The Wooden Toenails was not present, but I was able to grant new nicknames for two other Sunday gym regulars: Nose-Picker and Zit-Popper, both gay and seemingly unaware that anyone can see them doing what they do on the weight room floor. Zit-Popper will go right up to one of the mirrors and start popping those darned blackheads and whiteheads right there in front of the freeweights, and Nose-Picker does his thing wherever the urge takes him, doing a full-finger digger when possible. Well, at least they are challenging the gay stereotype of us all being cultured, refined creatures of discreet grooming.

But afterwards I was with more civilized queer company at The Regent, a nice new Thai restaurant on 18th Street. Me and Bob and Waremouse had a nice dinner and all the waitstaff had good hair product goin' on. We tried to think up names for the blogger reading this fall, confirmed for Sunday, October 24 at our favorite bar DC9. It will feature a few blogger readings from DC, NY and elsewhere, to be followed by a Blowoff-like session of good music brought to you by Bob and Rich. More news to come on that, and sorry I missed the DC queer blogger brunch on Saturday!

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August 27, 2004


It looks like they caught the alleged murderer of the waiter from Annie's, some 19 year old kid who just kept on robbing even after they had beefed up police and National Guard patrols in the neighborhood. Sounds like he wanted to get caught, or is very dumb. I'm thinking it was both. No, it wasn't a panhandler that did the murder, but then again I never said it was panhandlers doing the murdering, right?

Regardless, there were still plenty of panhandlers around 17th St. even last night. I neglected to point out that the panhandlers are consistently in front of franchise chain stores, and NOT the local-run businesses: Blockbuster, CVS, Safeway, and McDonald's. That's because franchises don't give a shit about the neighborhoods they are in, and don't lift a finger to police their own properties, while the local businesses do. There has been a panhandler outside of the Secret Safeway off of Connecticut and Florida now for 7 years, and the management has never shown they give a shit. The McDonald's in Adam's Morgan is pretty much a homeless shelter.

Anyhow, just listen to gymnast Alexei Nemov, who says: "Everyone please calm down."
He's so frikkin' CUTE!  I just wanna smooch him all over!
He is sooo frikkin' CUTE! Cute lips and cute haircut and a body to die for. I just wanna smooch him all over.

Now that I got that out of my system, I'm off to Philly this weekend for another rugby match against the Gryphons. Match starts at 1pm, post-match social from 4pm to 6pm. I'm not starting, but may get to play a new(ish) position as a center, as opposed to wing, which I played all last year. I wouldn't mind playing wing this year, but shakin' it up once in a while is a good thing. And you get the ball a lot more as a center, and I took advantage of it last night with a lot of good runs. I gots wheels this year for some reason, and the running over the summer to look good for the class reunion paid off in the cardio department, judging by the slowness of the other grampaws on the pitch last night.

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August 26, 2004


historic marker in Pepin, Wisconsin

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August 25, 2004

please don't feed the bears

Dang...a waiter from the ever-popular mostly-gay restaurant Annie's was shot and killed earlier this week by a robber on 18th St. NW. The waiter was coming home from his shift in the early hours of the morning. Then I hear there were two more attempted robberies in the same area last night.

The Sunday before while I was running errands in the same area I noticed that there was a panhandler outside of CVS, McDonald's, Safeway, Blockbuster and the liquor store on 17th street. I got hit up for money at least five times, a record for that area in my book. And the brand new residents of 17th street were giving them money. See a connection here? The criminal element has clearly identified a new population that is spilling money left and right, and so they come. Sadly, it's the longtime residents who have taken the brunt of the carelessness of the new residents. It's the same concept as being in a wildlife refuge: don't feed the bears, and they won't hassle you at your campsite. Show people a source of income through panhandling or robbery, and they will see a source of regular income, through force, intimidation or murder. I'm not justifying the robberies here, I'm saying that the new yuppie population of 17th street should not give to panhandlers, because it ultimately leads to more dangerous situations.

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August 24, 2004

robin all grown up

GraysonThanks to my buddy Andrew for catching this one - a low-budget live action fanfilm entitled Grayson, about a corrupt Gotham City 20 years after the golden age of heroes. Batman is dead, and a woofy, built and scrumptuous Dick Grayson comes out of retirement as Robin to right the wrongs. It even looks like Superman and Wonder Woman are slaves to Tha Man. I'm not sure if it's going to be a real short film or if it's just a hyped trailer, but it looks pretty darn good for low budget.
grrrr....Dick Grayson preps for the Robin look
Tonight I paid off the last bit of my debt that has been riding my back since I moved to DC seven years ago. It feels real good.

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August 22, 2004

i got my korn on

Mom, Jilly and a spooky Jed on the McGilvray Road trailIím back in DC in one piece, albeit a bit worn out from the weekendís festivities. It is miraculous that I got there and back on time, as I cut it down to 5 minutes coming and going through the airports during the trip.

The weather was dry and unseasonably cool, which was just fine for me. I took a sunny roadtrip north along the Mississippi on Friday to visit a friend near Minneapolis, and took the Great River Road to get there. Along the way I found out I was approaching Pepin, Wisconsin, the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder! I immediately called up Chrisafer and offered a play-by-play of my experiences, but he politely declined.

My digital camera died around this point, but I bought a disposable, and pics are to come soon from the weekend. But I stopped at the historic Laura Ingalls Wilder visitor center and bought a great hoodie tee to prove I was there. I also asked if Nellie Oleson was a real person, and they tell me that the Oleson general store still stands in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. I plan on visiting this mecca of the bad girl we all love one day.

Made it up to Hudson on my roadtrip in time for a night out for beers at the Minneapolis Eagle, followed by a cool evening boat trip with my friend. The rest of the evening was very, very nice.

Came back the next day for my class reunion, which was far more fun than I expected it to be. Since I hadnít been to one since I graduated, there was a lot of catching up to do. Apparently there was some kind of schism with the local high school population who still lived there over the exorbitant $15 cover charge for the reunion, and there were a bunch of folks who werenít there yet lived in town, but we all caught up with them later at the beer tent at the KornFest grounds.

Iíll have to say most folks are better looking in their thirties. Some of my classmates were pretty darn hot, and I even told one former cross country teammate that she was a bombshell, and she approved of the review. Everyone called me ìJimmy,î which was funny. Most people there had kids somewhere between 1 and 4 years of age or so. I got one pep talk about being single from one well-meaning classmate. ErrmmmÖthanks. There were a great many names and faces I couldnít remember, and I often felt like Alzheimerís is kicking in prematurely. After the family time was over, DJ Merrimac started spinning 80s tunes, and the beer flowed. Iím sad to say I left before one classmate pulled his dick out, which I regret missing. I also discovered why I find blue-collar, rugged looking guys so darn attractive, as that seems to be what I grew up around. Goatees, tight beer guts and camo hunting caps all around. Grrrrr!

The group migrated to the KornFest grounds under the beer tent, and I saw all sorts of people to catch up with, including my childhood bestest friend JoAnne, who probably remembers more of my childhood than I do. Also caught up with the other folks who didnít make it to the reunion. Most were friendly or at least civil, which is all I ask as Iím sure the word was out about my orientation. By then I had drank many beers, and the shouting over the canned poka music was giving me a splitting headache, so I headed home after a tray of fine freshly fried cheese curds.

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August 20, 2004

molly was pissed, roofer woofers

I can't believe I made it here on schedule. Yesterday I slept in, took my time, hopped on the Metro an hour before my plane was to leave. Then there was a delay on the Metro. By then I had given up on leaving on time. But when I got to the counter after no line, the woman told me that I had better sprint my ass to gate 5 cuz there would be no rescheduling to LaCrosse on this day. So I ran, and I made it with 5 minutes to spare. I think my Caucasianness spared me the stupid searches through the gauntlets at National.

But then I was seated next to Molly. Molly was 10 months old, and had dark circles under her eyes from not sleeping the night before. Molly's mother declared that Molly had been up since 7:30am that morning. Molly looked tired and PISSED, and she wanted to crawl around. But No One Must Stand an hour out of National, so Molly had to be subdued. Molly didn't like that idea, which began the three hours of kicking and screaming for the rest of the flight, with only a 20 minute break when a boob (not mine) was stuffed in her face. I have no problems with breastfeeding, especially when it makes Molly shut the fuck up for a while. I got a vasectomy right when I got off the plane in Minneapolis.

Upon arriving in MPLS, I went straight to the A&W for my batterfried cheese curds, followed by watching better than average-looking large men of Scandanavian descent walk through the airport. Wuuuuf.

Holmen has not changed since I was here a month ago. My brother is getting his roof worked on. I am going to offer to help the hot roofer-woofer who hammers away above my head as I speak. He needs to be hammering elsewhere.

I am currently using my brother's computer, since my mom's is FUBAR, as she has been downloading every prompt she gets from SPAM and pop-ups, thinking it was some kind of Windows Update. She had just bought a new Windows XP system, but now it already takes 10 minutes for all the spyware to load upon startup. It is already unusable as a tool.

We took Jilly the Wonder Terrier and Swamp Dog Jed to the Black River bottomlands last night with mom. Very cool nights here, and mist was rising from the backwaters as we strolled down the old road though the swamp.

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August 19, 2004


Mmmmrowrr...while lean and hydrodynamic is usually not my thing, check out South Africa's swim stud Ryk Neethling. Facialicious gold medalist.

Omigawd so like me and Gurl and Chrisafer and Ed went to our newest favorite smoke-free bar Halo on P St. between 15th and 14th, NW DC tonight. As Seamus had promised, it was filled with people I had never seen before, most likely folks like me who find burning eyes and stinky clothes abhorrent. We had a good time and I found I didn't feel like fleeing from the smog, which was nice. Me liked preppy handsome boy and cute furry hobbit boy, whose yoga Brit interest totally kept intercepting me when I tried to cruise him. Cute smoke-free boys.

Off to my hometown this weekend for the high school class reunion and KornFest! Ta!

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August 18, 2004

support your mature out gay olympians

Just read in ESPN magazine about Robert Dover, who's on the US Equestrian team competing as an out gay man. An Olympian since 1984, the 48 year old had planned on retiring before Athens, but returned to compete at the request of his ill parents.

And we must not forget Martina, our favorite former uber-lez Czech, also 48. In June 2004 she became oldest woman in 82 years to win a Wimbledon singles match by defeating Catalina Castano in the first round. In winning the 2003 Australian Open mixed doubles title, she became the oldest person to win a Grand Slam title at 46 years and three months, surpassing record set in 1924. In 2003, at 46 years of age, she became oldest Wimbledon champion, passing Margaret Dupont, who won mixed doubles in 1962 at 44.

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wobble-bored and square-pegged

Blearrgh...pardon my spelling and grammar today...the roomate was puttering around the house until 2am last night, his bulk making the floorboards squeak periodically, waking me up. If his insomnia continues, I'll have to put earplugs in on a regular basis. He just discovered the joys of online tricking, and is currently in the Kid In the Candy Store phase of late. Having been there already, I just want to get to bed at a decent hour. He has also been on an incredibly lazy streak, and when something breaks or needs fixing or cleaning in the house, it simply remains unfixed or unclean. He's the landlord, so this is starting to piss me off. And speaking of piss, it's his turn to clean the now rather crusty, sticky toilet. It better be clean by the time I get back from my weekend trip. I'm reluctant to even touch it to lift the toilet seat.

Sorry, I'm venting. I'm tired and grumpy. Now that I have my newfound financial independence, perhaps it's time for a move - to my own place. No way in hell am I buying, and perhaps I will wait until the rental market drops a bit more. It must drop, as I can't imagine it continuing on this skyrocketing pace.

I've also been disappointed in the friends department lately. For example, only one friend called this weekend, aside from my movie date. At dinner on Monday, Bob theorized it's because it's August. Everyone is Busy Busy Busy here in DC! Plus, I think I'm going through a change in myself and with my former group of friends. Some are pulling away, some I've grown apart from, and others I've found have not grown. These things happen, but are not fun. Perhaps the rugby season will produce a new crop of acquaintances.

The geek gang is getting harder and harder to get together for D&D as well. I still want to play. Some have moved far away, some have always been, and half the group is undependable and sketchy at best. Two people in the group cannot be reached for comment as of late. I guess we are all in our 30s and it's getting harder to commit, but hey, I'm willing, so why can't others? Perhaps it's time to look for other people. I still enjoy it, so I don't want to quit.

On a higher note, last night at the gym I saw a guy who I got a little excited over last winter. Scruffy, big cock, athletic, smart, kind, funny, nice teeth, and highly adorkable. I don't think it woulda worked out in the end, and he called things off himself, but it marks one of the few times in recent years where I felt excited about another guy since I broke up with my ex. Not just horny, but emotionally charged about someone. I was pleased to realize that I could chat with him without getting that jolt you get in your heart when you wanted something to work but it doesn't. I could have a civil chat with him and it was nice. And it was good to be reminded that I could get excited about a guy, as lately I have not, and have forgotten what it feels like to get crazy about someone.

I had gone to the one gym in DC that has the circular squat bar that surrounds you, so you can do squats on the square wobble board. But the square wobble board was broken, so I improvised with the round one instead, using small 2 1/2 pound rubber hand weights as the fulcrum.

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August 17, 2004

don't settle for the lesser evil

don't settle for the lesser evil
so is House Huffenpuff for Nader?
compliments of CGM12.net
Collecting parody campaign stickers that are geek-related or in bad taste...submissions welcome.

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summer fun

Here's me at the beach a few weekends ago, happily reading:
it's a dungeons and dragons novel, of course
Photo courtesy of Chrisafer.

By Thursday I'll be off to my hometown for my 15 year high school reunion. It should be fun, and it's also the fabulous KornFest weekend, celebrating my hometown's former table vegetable industry. Hopefully I won't miss the big parade on Saturday.

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August 16, 2004

it's gonna get cold this week

Here's tonight's Yahoo weather forecast for the DC area the week of August 16, 2004:
the Yahoo weather forecast for 08/16/2004
Aaaugh! Day After Tomorrow flashbacks!

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aliens vs. predator

I thoroughly enjoyed Alens vs. Predator Sunday afternoon, and while I was leery at first, I was pleased with the computer-generated Aliens. I think this marks the first time we see either the Predators or the Aliens predominantly in CGI mode. It made some of the mobile action shots better, and of course the battles between both sides cooler. I especially found the Matrix-style stop-motion facehugger leaps to be pretty cool. My one gripe about it would be at how fast the Aliens matured from chestburster to adult, like in under an hour or so. I think it took a bit longer than that for Ripley's Alien to mature, but perhaps these were ready-for-battle accelerated-growth versions. The film also featured a nod to Bishop from the 2nd Aliens film, featuring the same actor as the human tech mogul for whom the android was named. And of course there was a hook at the end that could present the scariest Alien yet: a Predator Alien. I've already said too much - go see the movie.

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August 15, 2004

the joys of vertical gardening

clearly in violation of safety regulations
When you live in DC, gardening space is limited, so why not try vertical gardening? The only way is up in my case, and the vines have grown all the way to the 2nd floor of our house. I'm gonna have a bumper crop of ornamental gourds this fall due to all the rains, and I count at least 5 acorn squash.
it's an acorn squash!

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August 14, 2004

olympic sobbing

Yesterday I finished a draft of the newsletter at work I want to get out before September, and it felt good to hit that milestone. Except for the splitting headache and upper back pain at the end of the day. I think I really tense up when I'm finishing deadlines on the computer. Amazing how it went away when I got away from the computer and into the gym.

I took it easy last night and watched my favorite sports event of all - the opening ceremonies for the Olympics! My next favorite sports events would be the closing ceremonies, rugby, and the baseball world series, in that order.

I totally buy into the hype of the ceremonies, and was sobbing freely during the whole thing, like I always do. I dunno, maybe its the ideals of peace, competitiveness and oneness and all that that get to me. Plus the ceremonies are just getting so cool these days. I especially loved the Greek mythology that permeated the whole theme. Plus all the hot muscular Greeks that performed in the classical Greek characterizations during the performance. But what was Bjork doing there? While we love her dearly, she didn't seem to fit in with the whole thing. And did the giant Olympic torch look like a big doobie to any of you too, or was it just me?

NBC did a pretty good job of it, except that they SKIPPED KYRGIZSTAN DURING THE COMMERCIAL BREAK, DAMMIT! I noticed anyway. I love seeing all the traditional outfits of each country, and learning about nations I've never heard of. It seems like athletes from any country seem to always be really handsome, or maybe that's me. I see the racial origin of the unibrow seems to originate from Syria, Armenia and Tunisia. Olympic hottie to watch out for: woofy decathlete Tom Pappas of USA, who has Greek heritage.

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August 13, 2004

cute NJ governor is gay...

...or at least he sucks cock regularly. Another high-level politician comes out, or in this case I'm guessing he was outed. He was also married to a woman, and publicly opposed gay marriage. That's pretty fucked up, but as we're finding out over and over again this year, not out of the ordinary. Self-loathing, extreme rationalization and moral disconnect runs deep in politics. While the governor was was kinda cute, his mistress not so much.

While he's stepping down due to inappropriate conduct at work, I find it sad that this is all considered a "scandal," mostly due to his gay behavoir. It shows how far we really need to go to ensure that assfucking queers are not considered 'scandalous'. I think queers got pretty complacent during the Clinton administration. While the political and cultural climate now is harsh for gays, it does represent how a significant portion of society feels about us. Again, tawk to tha people about who you are and why you need the same rights as they do. People don't change much, but in most cases a little push is all they need to think differently.

I'm getting more automated, unsolicitied SPAM on my comments area. I have a wish: instead of defensive additions to my Moveable Type blog content management that prevents SPAM, I would like offensive Denial of Service bombs and heavy artillery to blow the fuck out of their goddamn SPAM servers. Or better yet, and automated method to determine the name, address and automobile model that the SPAMmer in question owns. Then I would pay them a visit...personally.

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August 12, 2004

tha DCCC

While we surely need to unseat the vile and deceptive creature currently on the throne, the Republicans also need to be flushed out of the House and Senate until they can get their party a little more rational and a little less fanatic. I might actually have been a supporter of the Republican party at one point, but they are so rife with religious bigots and morality police that I want no part of their organization.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) serves as the official national Democratic campaign committee charged with recruiting, assisting, funding, and electing Democrats to the U. S. House of Representatives. They also have a weblog where you can stay abreast of their current plans and activities.

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August 11, 2004

harmless geek hassled by security in big apple

This is a rare politics/geek category crossover...yesterday in NYC this blogger was pulled out of line to board his ferry for having this book in his bag. And again he was put under scrutiny today for having this book enclosed in his bag. The security professional deemed his fantasy role-playing supplement book was "inappropriate". His entries on the above incidents can be read here and here.

He wasn't wielding a gun, bomb or a sword. The man got hassled for having role playing books - which were out of sight in his bag mind you. This is just a taste of our future military state One Planet Under Bush. Imagine how it's going to get in NYC when the precious Republicans are there - you look at a cop the wrong way and you get put into jail? Wait and see...I'm guessing more than a few cases are heading to ACLU offices from NYC in the weeks ahead.

I remember chatting with some friends at a party in Kazakstan, where they told me that people who read Lord of the Rings novels were hassled by the police in Soviet times. People who would try to do geeky reenactments (live-action role playing or LARPing) were often put to jail. What people don't understand they will remove from their reality. Kinda like what's happening with queers these days. It all spills over into your back yard in the end.

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walking with my crotch wide open

Owww...certain parts of my body are unused to sprinting while wearing a waffled runner's jock strap during rugby practice. Things are a bit raw here and there today. Plus, both my big toes shall soon re-emerge from their blistered chrysalis as brand new pretty pink digits that will eventually form hard exoskeletons of their own for the season.

Other than that, my first practice this season last night went well. I am thankful I have been running, biking and doing the stairmaster a lot this summer. As usual, we have lots of new players who outnumber the veterans. Many past players are still on vacation though. This year the new guys are pretty darn good, with only one rugby virgin at last night's practice. The rest seem to either have had football experience, or previous rugby experience. We have two new cuties from England, and one from France, and they are clever mofos. Oh, and we now have a sign language interpreter for our new deaf players. That was interesting to watch, and after practice I found myself looking at people's hands and trying to read as I rode my bike home.

So people have been getting sick here at work lately. I wish to avoid further intestinal discomfort, as I've had plenty of my own lately.

Jimbo: "So Greg, I was hoping I could come over and get those screen shots."
Greg the Grad Student: "Well, I'm in my office tomorrow, but I've had a bit of a fever..."
Jimbo: "Oh, no, no, that's OK, that's fine, just select four screen shots and e-mail them to me...no problem!"

I've been writing a lot of articles for work this week, and I'll have to say blogging every day has prepared me for speed-writing under deadlines.

Perseid meteor showers tonight/early tomorrow morning. Kind of moot in the District, where the haze and constant city lights make viewing celestial bodies far from optimal. I remember Hale-Bopp though...that was cool.

PJ got me on a Human League groove. They are highly underrated. I'm all about Mirror Man, Keep Feeling Fascination, and Together In Electric Dreams these days.

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August 10, 2004

Fay Wray as Ann Darrow

keep screaming!
Scream on, Fay Wray.

I still had the rental car from the beach yesterday, so I took the opportunity to take my bike up to College Park for a much-needed chain lube and tune-up. Much to my surprise, they were done with it in an hour. Now she rides as quiet as a ninja, with tight brakes and no squeaking. So I rode her back home from work, which made for a very tired jimbo, in bed by 10pm last night. Amazing how a good night's sleep changes your outlook.

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August 9, 2004

tina, tina, bo-lina, -lina

Read Geekslut today...scroll down for the pithy part. And then follow SnozzWanger's link. Both give good insight and data on or nextest problem in the gay community, frikkin' crystal meth. Oh, how we hate her.

Had a great bbq at my friend Keith's home yesterday evening. Buncha furry bear types were there, including this little cubster, who keeps vowing to update his blog. Don't worry about it! We also drowned a poor victim in blog talk, and the poor guy was bewildered and surely had a headache. Anyhow, talked to more than a few woofsters there.

I am planning on going to Alaska the second week of September to visit an old rugby teammate up there. The aspens should be turning to gold with that wonderful smell of the North in autumn. We'll go on some hikes and do some fishing and camping, and it will be good.

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August 8, 2004

jimbo goes to hooters

Our beach trip to Rehoboth, Delaware was blessed with unusual August weather - it was cool, dry and sunny the entire time. Not much else to report other than me and Chrisafer, Bubbles and Gurl ate a lot of crappy beach food, spent time in the surf, played skee-ball and went out and drank a lot. I didn't take many pictures other than Chrisafer's new Bedrock Pimp look, but hopefully he'll post some pics that he took.

We thought it would be a hoot to go to Hooters once for supper, as we heard the food was just soo good there. Our waitress Bambi was very good and she had a nice rack, and I tried to eat healthy and ordered a chicken cobb salad. But even the chicken on the salad was so greasy that it formed a skee-ball-sized lump of grease in my tummy that took a while to digest. Did a little shopping and the traffic to and from the beach wasn't bad either.

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August 5, 2004

CSS and fruit

First off, a techie question: I have to code HTML for Netscape (yeah, I know) browsers, and typical methods for referring to a separate CSS file are not being recognized on Netscape, but work fine on IE of course. How do you code to refer to a CSS file in another directory on Netscape, without having to embed the CSS in the HTML?

Second, a fruit question: I have acorn squash in the garden this year, as my neighbors have not blasted everything with hated Roundup, so I'm willing to eat my squash year. How do I know when my acorn squash is ready to harvest and eat? Color, sound, smell? To date I've only bought them from the grocery store.

Yesterday I went to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds Army installation north of Baltimore to tour one of our labs so I can write an article about it. It was pretty cool, and there were tanks and heavy artillery all over the place. High security there too. They have this big hydraulic thingy that simulates road action on big military vehicles. It uses over 8,000 gallons of hydraulic oil. Now that's a lot of lube.

As for the security "threat" here in DC and NYC, I have one thing to say: WHAT-EV-ER! We're going on three-year old information here? And it just happens to occur after the DNC and just before the Republican convention in NYC. Hmm...gotta make sure all those protesters in the Big Apple behave I guess...

But, the presence of actual security at the Shaw-Howard Metrorail station proves that the Shaw-LeDroit neighborhood has arrived. They care for us, they really do! That and I saw my first trannsexual prostitute on 6th and R. She was very polite and asked me where Howard University was. She was dressed much like Cyndi Lauper circa 1985 or so, and could have played prop on my rugby team.

Off to the beach this afternoon with Gurl and Chrisafer and Bubbles! Have a good weekend!

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August 4, 2004

i see your true colors

I am so tired this morning, but I had a lot more fun than I expected last night at Wolf Trap for an evening with Cyndi Lauper with special guest Taylor Dayne. Guess who was screaming like a girl and had her hands up in the air the entire time? JIMBO THE BIG 'OL QUEEN. We agglomerated with a cluster of other queens for one big giant metagurl raft of blankets on the lawn, and wine and cheese was shared freely amongst all. I was surprised at how many hits Taylor has, and she was just as fun as Cyndi.

Cyndi was very spunky as expected, and I recognized her guitarist as Cat Dyson, formerly of Prince's New Power Generation, and apparently everyone else too. Cyndi played her autoharp thingy a lot, and I had been forewarned that I would totally bawl when she did True Colors - and I did. She performed it unplugged-style with violin and guitar backup, wrapped in a rainbow flag during the duration of the song. I had never heard the lyrics like that before and it was much more powerful the second time around.

You with the sad eyes
Don't be discouraged
Oh I realize
It's hard to take courage
In a world full of people
You can lose sight of it all
And the darkness inside you
Can make you feel so small

But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow

Taylor Dayne joined Cyndi towards the end of the set for Time After Time, and she also helped close with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, encouraging the sign language interpreter to join in too. Earlier during the show, the interpreter had shown Cyndi the sign for 'She-Bop', which you can probably guess how to do.

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August 3, 2004

aztec temples, transsexuals, rain gods

Last night at the gym I spotted my first Aliens vs. Predator trailer on TV. I am so terribly, terribly excited. Looks like the old Aztec temples were actually little Alien farms set up by the Predators for sport. Sort of like those game ranches in Texas. Humans go into the temples, pods burst open, facehuggers come out and implant, and little baby Aliens are produced for the Predators to hunt. FRIKKIN' COOL! I'm a fan of the entire Aliens genre from back in tha day, loved Predator, read the books, the comics, and I like Aztec mythology too, so it's all Jimbo. They say it comes out this month, which I didn't know about. I am so there. I'm gonna see it like six times.

When I first tried searching for the Aliens vs. Predator (AvP) website, I typed in www.avp.com, which led me to the Association of Volleyball Professionals. Found hunky pictures there of course. Just wanted to point those out.

Yesterday me and Chrisafer tried to show our mutual friend Cyndi the transsexual Aztec queen that works at the McDonalds at the university student union, but s/he wasn't there. I'm assuming s/he had the day off for some kind of Aztec holiday, since there's been so much rain lately. Was it Tlaloc's Passover yesterday? Anyone notice any babies missing? Anyone get corn kernels thrown at them? BTW: there's a picture of me from Chrisafer's burfday party on his site.

Speaking of fertility, my garden groweth like a Central American rainforest. I have acorn squash, and my gourds have climbed all the way up the back staircase to the 2nd floor. Does anyone know how to discern when the acorn squash is ready for harvest? Tlaloc has given me no visions on the subject.

Well, isn't love..primitive
A wild gift...that you wanna give
Break out of captivity
And follow me, stereo jungle child
Love is the kill.....your heart's still wild

500 bonus points go to Jocko who tagged that lyric.

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August 2, 2004

i got somnambulated

Friday was Chrisafer's burfday, a fun affair in the rec room of Larry's Lounge on 18th St., just south of the International House of Husbands. Naturally there were quite a few bloggers there, including Stebbins, half-a-'Hausen, Waremouse, Kia and Joe. Gurl and my soul sistah Mlyzzyl, and it was good to catch up with all of 'em for the week. But my head was stuffed up so I left.

Then the next day was Cell Phone Drama Day. D&D was to be played that afternoon, but one of the playahs had car trouble, and could not make it from Assburn, VA to DC in order to play. So that threatened the minimum geek quorum of 4 playahs. Another playah was bedridden with dramaqueeniosis. Yet another had a cell phone, but is still learning how to use it. And another was completely AWOL, and I wanted to get ahold of him to see if he was actually coming, as he had not answered any e-mails that week, so I call another playah for the other's number who normally has her cell phone fused to her neocortex, who was notably off the cellular network all day and could not be reached. I needed to see if there was a quorum of geeks, so I pretty much was on the phone all afternoon, which made me really, really cranky. It was very frustrating. Plus it interrupted much of my Saturday workout, which ticked me off as well. In the end, we had to cancel gaming, and I turned the damned cellular device off for the rest of the afternoon in disgust. But, during the workout I did manage do do some wobble-board core body squats in preparation for the rugby season.

However, I turned the cell phone on again that evening to make a few vital calls, and forgot to turn it off like I usually do at bedtime. I have this friend who will make phone calls in the middle of the night and have complete conversations with you at 2am or so. In this case it was 4:15am. The next day she will have no recollection of the late night conversation, and will repeat the previous conversation, this time conciously, to the letter. I mentioned his behavior to my mom on the phone the next day, and she said, "Oh, he's a somnambulist!" And I said, "What?" and she said, "Oh, he's a sleepwalker!" You learn something new every day. My Mom does crossword puzzles, and she can down and across you like no one else. Word To My Mother.

The next morning I shaved the beard off. It comes and goes, don't worry. It's too damn hot to have one in the heat of the DC summer, and any bearded woofers in this town seem to have burrowed underground for the summer.

Later I had brunch with said sonambulist, and she got her talkin' to. From now on she'll be turning her cell phone off and hiding it from herself in the drawer overnight. Then I had a nice workout and an ego-boost in the steam room. By then I was not in the mood to metro all the way up to Grosvenor for the previously planned trickdate with the registered Republican who smokes. By then I was more in the mood to kill computer monsters, so no, he didn't get to see my inner light.

The rest of the day I killed computer monsters in the Temple of Elemental Evil. I was very lazy, and didn't do much. My roomate asked me if I was going to clean the bathroom like I should at the end of the month and I simply said, "No." I'll do it tonight.

Then it was out to Taint, which was fun with tons of cute guys but my head was still stuffed up so the loud music was causing pain. The usual characters were there, but I headed home relatively early.

Cyndi Lauper concert tomorrow, followed by the beach this weekend. I won't be blogging from the beach, and only minimal blogging this week. I really, really want to get a rough draft of a work newsletter out this week, so I'll be kicking ass and focusing to get it done.

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