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July 30, 2004

...or else they'll get you too

Donald Sutherland in the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

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ray dragon

me this Sunday afternoonMany mornings on the subway ride to work from DC to College Park, MD, Little Miss Club Creature often deliberately sits directly across from me in the Metrorail car or shuttle from the station to campus, leering at me from behind her trendy sunglasses. I wouldn't mind the attention, except that I'm not returning the interest, and she just won't quit. At this point it's not flirting, it's staring, and it's rude. Oh yeah, and if she's interested, she can simply say 'hello'. A smile would be nice too - so stop the games. I don't bite unless asked.

So this morning she was trying her Sith Lord Mind Control Technique with me again from behind her sunglasses, so I decided to try something. I was eagerly reading my recently acquired copy of the Dungeons and Dragons supplement book Serpent Kingdoms, which features artwork of a Yuan-Ti Anathema on the cover. A Yuan-Ti Anathema is basically an evil intelligent gaint snake monster with horns and arms. Instead of keeping my book resting on my lap, I bring the cover up vertically for all to see. Missy le Cocktailique suddenly moved her piercing gaze elsewhere. Behold, the Power of the Geek.

And finally for Friday: Ray Dragon. Much thanks to Windreader for these. Y'all have a good weekend!

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July 29, 2004

zak spears thursday

I still have nothing pithy or political to say this week, other than that I'm having sex with a furry registered Republican again on Sunday. I will be safe and use protection, as I don't want to become GOP-positive. I got 8 hours of sleep last night, Chrisafer's birthday party is on Friday, and I'm looking forward to playing D&D on Saturday.

I think John Kerry's kids look like the Brady Bunch, especially Greg.

Do not miss Dooce today...she makes straight living sound interesting. Did you know wearing cabbage under your bra relieves the pain of weaning? I'll try it in my crotch next time there's a dry spell to prevent blueballs.

RuggedHunks Week continues with this hi-definition image of a cute pre-'roids Zak Spears courtesy of Obliquity. Does anyone have some good new post-'roids pics of him with his shaved head Daddy look? Now all I need is someone to send me good current pics of a bearded and fully furred Ray Dragon by Friday and we'll be set.

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July 27, 2004

i feel like halle berry

Jimbo, please let me out of your dungeon...OK, just got back from the chiropractor, and I feel like Halle Berry in Catwoman. Not quite a million bucks, more just like Halle Berry with that sexy catwalk, cuz my spine is so relaxed now. Back and neck feel much better.

Ohmigawd I'm going to see Cyndi Lauper at Wolf Trap next week. Ohmigawd.

Oh, if you have problems seeing all my entries, you have to minimize and then restore the browser window to be able to scroll all the way down. Don't know why, and sorry about the inconvenience. Any code geeks who can give me tips on how to fix it are blessed.

And I forgot to say God Bless Senator Ed Kennedy's fat cottage cheesey ass for having the balls to be the only one to defend the Massachusetts court decision on same-sex marriage and the dignity of gay couples. Of course, he's from Massachusetts, but considering how strong the mean Republican voices are, he deserves a bow.

OK, so like these pics aren't of Justin. They're more pics people found of Ryan Reynolds...IN CHAINS! Woo hoo! Keep 'em coming! OK, so it's now officially Justin & Ryan Week. I'd officially make it Justin & Ryan & Zak Spears & Ray Dragon week if y'all send me more pics of those too....
Unngh, uuuugh, no more Jimbo...I can't take it anymore...

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July 26, 2004


Good news all around these days (and it's about frikkin' time). My chiropractor appointment tomorrow is back-to-back (GET IT?!? HAHAHA!) with Chrisafer's partner Bubbles. Yep, it's taken this long to get an appointment in since I threw my back out, but I'm looking forward to it A LOT. Imagine cold spring water cascading down your spinal column, with the movement and suppleness of a jungle cat afterwards. That's how good chiropracty is for me.

Then some inheritance money is coming down the pipe, as grandma had a bit more left over than I knew about. This unexpected windfall will probably do away with the credit card debt that's been over my head since I moved to DC seven years ago. Right when it was about to be paid off in full, I lost my job and was un- or underemployed for two years. DC isn't a city to come to without some kind of financial support, but now I'll be able to live a bit more comfortably. When I was in the hole I paid a lot of attention to lessons in magazines and books on fiscal solvency, and this time the rest is going to go into savings to ensure I never fall like that again. We learned a lot during those two years for sure.

I don't know what I'll do with the rest, if any, but will consider a used car, but certainly not a place to buy in this insane housing market. DC just ain't worth a $600,000 spot in a crack-infested neighborhood, and the measly tax credit has not kept up with the rising housing costs, so I don't want to hear about that pittance again. I'll wait until things crash a bit, or just hold my cards and consider other options and elsewheres for now.

Had a nice dinner with Bob tonight, and we discussed a WYSIWYG-like blog reading for DC, probably on Saturday, October 23. Since the Annual 17th Street High Heel Race is the Tuesday after that, and a certain blogger may be in town that week to attend the race, it seemed like a good date. We're thinkin' for now a series of short readings featuring pithy and notorious NY and DC bloggers, followed by a social featuring the music of hot MP3 bloggers, and then the option to go to blowoff afterwards. Stay tuned for more details.

And I found out tonight that Bob did the music for In a Fix, featuring Justin the hot carpenter. Bob promises an autographed shirtless glossy of the hunky man himself, but I'd like a whack or two with the real thing. In light of a slew of hot pictures of Justin supplied by PJ, I heretofore declare this week Justin Week. Besides, the only other thing you're gonna hear about this week in the news is that convention in Boston, that bicycle guy, and of course carbs.
Hey, Jimbo...hand me that hammer!
If any of you come across more screen captures of His Woofiness, send 'em my way. Back, front, shaved, scruffed, naked, clothed, it doesn't matter. It's Justin Week, so send 'em my way.
C'mon...hit me right here in the pec...HARDER!
OK, now nibble me there...yeah, that's it...

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July 25, 2004

tired pups

Miss PetuniaI had a great weekend at my friend's farm in West Virginia doing some fishing, hiking, breathing fresh air and eating grandma's home cooking. I discovered that bulldogs are probably descended from hippos, or vice verse. It was a great getaway for the summer, and the weather was well under 90-degrees most of the time. The cell phone was off and media contact was minimal.

Bubba and Ben from Beaverhausen have both been woofing about some Justin guy from another home improvement show called In a Fix. Recent pics of Justin have got me in a fix too. No makeover required for this hottie. I better start watching this show soon.

And the Washington Post covers our teammate's makeover from Friday's showing of What Not To Wear.

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July 23, 2004


Have a good weekend. I know I will. We will be making mojitos with fresh wintergreen from a nearby spring and sitting in the stream in lawnchairs pretending to fish.

One of my straight teammates from the rugby team is featured in tonight's episode of 'What Not To Wear' on TLC. He's lost a lot of weight for an upcoming wedding, and needs a new wardrobe. Not that he couldn't have asked one of us, thank you. We're here for a reason, people! Let us be your resource!

This morning I watched the ABC Today Show, and they were interviewing Alice Hoglan, mother of Mark Bingham, about the recent release of the 9/11 reports. Apparently the reports pretty much confirmed that some of the passengers were trying to storm the cockpit to take back control of the plane. Bingham is one of the dudes who may have helped storm the cockpit of flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field instead of the White House or the Capitol building on 9/11. He was also gay and a rugby player too.

It is kind of sad to think that Mark died to help save the lives of a very ingrateful bunch of rabid legislators who are actively working to ensure that people like Mark cannot openly serve in the military, adopt children or recieve partnership benefits for being in a long term relationship. Many people who are alive today due in part to Mark are screaming as loud as they can saying people like Mark are immoral and unlike 'normal' society, and yet Mark and people like him are capable of heroics, saving lives, and contributing to this country in many, many ways.

I don't need to say much more than that, other than Vancouver is lookin' pretty good these days. This is becoming a very sad country when certain contributing segments of society are so devalued.

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July 21, 2004

...and virginia is for haters

Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis (R-VA, 1st District) , the first female Republican from the Commonwealth of Virginia, apparently feels the need to prove what a cunt she is by meddling in the affairs of those in the District of Columbia. This intrusive meddling from legislators from other states happens quite a lot 'round here:

To define marriage for all legal purposes in the District of Columbia to consist of the union of one man and one woman. (Introduced in House)
HR 4773 IH
2nd Session
H. R. 4773

July 7, 2004
Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Government Reform.

A BILL To define marriage for all legal purposes in the District of Columbia to consist of the union of one man and one woman. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. MARRIAGE IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. In the District of Columbia, for all legal purposes, `marriage' means the union of one man and one woman.

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maryland is for mange

Tha Republifreaks are still after us, so don't let down your guard. "The Marriage Protection Act, endorsed by the House majority leader, Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, prevents federal court challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a national law passed in 1996 defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman."

So like, they want to ensure that you can never challenge any marriage law, as marriages are ONLY for a man and a woman. Right. It looks like another divisive proposal that they know won't win, designed to delineate between pro-and anti-gay legislators. Because that's an important use of our congressfolk's time. Frikkin' clowns. Get some real work done and stop trying to legislate your warped Christian values. Jesus would laugh his ass off if he ever met you people.

Speaking of ranting, Waremouse has frikkin' big guns - as big as his opinions. I saw John at the gym last night and he's got like these veins poppin' out on his biceps. (John, here's a tip: if you show pictures of your hot body your hit count will go up, and that will get more people reading your stuff. I know, it's whoring, but hey, we have to get the word out, right?).

Speaking of whoring, the Bush Twins are now out on the campaign trail for their Evil Dictator Father. Here's an excerpt from one of Jenna's campaign speeches:

"So, like, ohmigawd, I really, really think you should vote for my Dad, cuz like, I think he deserves another 2 years in the White House and like I've really had a good time here in DC and it's like totally sooo fun here in DC and then I'll like get hot security guards around me which is like soooo cool!"

First the Goatman, then the Snakehead Menace, there are now yet more freaky creatures in Maryland. It looks to me like a hyena/coyote crossbreed, or a juvenile black bear with terrible mange. What is it about that state that produces such odd creatures?

A special shout-out to a rather low-down, Potato-eatin', sketchy-assed crackwhore of an Irish leprechaun for standin' me up for dinner last night! Seame on you!

I am going away this weekend to my friend Steve's farm. I'm really, really looking forward to it. A weekend there with the quiet and the cows and the fishing is almost better or at least as good as a week at Rehomo in it's own way. Steve is drama-free and a fairly good cook too, and there will be not one, but TWO bulldogs to give me sloppy bulldog kisses all weekend! Yes, and the quiet, blessed quiet. I've had it with leaf blowers, car alarms, cell phones, construction and frikkin' crotch rockets in my 'hood.

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July 19, 2004

wisconsin gay, dairy pride celebrations

creative wymyn celebrating gay pride'Round these parts, June is the gay pride month for queers. I remember back in college in Wisconsin driving to Madison for the gay pride celebrations, but I couldn't remember what month it was held, but apparently there it's held in July. I guess the snowpack is melted by then. Anyhow, I thought this picture was colorful. How come they wymyn are always so creative? All then men can do is drag and dance shirtless on flatbed trucks.

Oh, now I remember why they have gay pride celebrations in July in Wisconsin: because in Wisconsin, June is Dairy Month.

This weekend found me free of both classwork and HTML gigs, so my answer was to mostly be a vegetable, aside from a few commitments here and there and great workouts both Saturday and Sunday. Went way the hell out to Reston, VA on Saturday for a post-baby shower/barbeque thing for a fellow Peace Corps volunteer friend of mine. It was good to see the local DC returned volunteers, and I was surprised they had a party at all as most new parents tend to withdraw for some time. Saturday night I went out to the Eagle for a few with Bob, but didn't stay too long as Reston had sucked much of my lifeforce out of me.

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July 18, 2004

gurl gets her geek on

I was Gurlless this weekend, as Brian is off to Vancouver for Gatecon, a big geekfest for Stargate fans. I remembered Kenn lived there too, and since Jimbo Makes The People Come Together, Yeah, I introduced the two and they cocktailed. Turns out Kenn has been secretly doing pre-production 3-D artwork for the new Stargate: Atlantis series, so Gurl was able to socialize with geek royalty who helped create the imagery for Atlantis! I am envious and wish my travel budget was more robust. So Gurl, did you get to pork some hot Jaffa, System Lords or Michael Shanks while you were there? Furry smirkey Major John Sheppard is MINE, fyi.

Jake the kitty being lazy in the unused downstairs sink:
lazy fat kitty

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July 16, 2004

free martha stewart


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who were you before you were gay?

Yesterday I came across a thoughtful Waremouse blog entry that touched on something I had been thinking about alot recently. The 'mouse asks "Who were you before you were gay?" It's a good question for any urbanized gay man. Prepare for a ramble, and I make some generalizations. Of course I'm not talking about you, I only talk about me on this site.

In a lot of cases ghettoized gay men will shed a lot of traits we held before we came out in favor of traits held commonly by a community. We all like a sense of community, it makes us feel secure. We seek commonalities amongst each other. When everyone else is doing it, we'll tend to do it too. Sometimes we've possessed some of these traits for a long time, such as an obsession with Olivia Newton-John or a love for show tunes. Other times we pick up traits as we go along, often to the point of over-affectation.

(I have a theory that the bitterest queens are the ones who sold out most of what they used to be in lieu of becoming something they are not. They don't know why they are bitter, but getting back in touch with some of the things they used to do to might make them happier.)

As we develop our gay identities we might find out that we've lost a significant and valuable portion of ourselves in the quest to integrate into our exciting new gay culture. These days I go out to clubs, mostly hang around with gay people, and do a great many gay things. I don't regret this at all. I have always loved dancing and socializing. I like connecting and moving amongst people.

But things were a bit different back inna day for jimbo. I hung out with people that eventually became ferriers, wildlife managers, organic beef farmers and crunchy urban planners. Today I live in a dirty city and work with computers all day, just so I can be amongst purportedly well-adjusted, well-traveled, educated gay men.

It's a trade-off. Back in the Midwest, while the scenery was great and the pace more tranquil, the gay men I met were closeted, scared, married and generally unhappy. I didn't want to become a damaged, scared, hiding person, so I moved to the city, which is basically a big wildlife preserve for queers. It's a safe, affirming environment as most of our straight peers are understanding and intelligent. Here we don't get hassled much, and we don't have to struggle against an overwhelming hetero assumption. But it's still hiding in a way too.

This week I've been corresponding with this woofy daddy from Western Minnesota. He's been working for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for over 25 years. What moved me about his background was that he is what I could be, or once was. But he chose to remain in a rural environment, which has a cost of its own. He doesn't meet an awful lot of other outdoorsy guys nearby, but has an incredible work environment doing what he loves.

I'm not glorifying the hypermasculine fantasy lifestyle here, or discounting the urban gay scene. I guess I'm saying that lately I've been reminded of other ways to live my life, ways that are still possible. I've also been disillusioned with DC. It is a dirty city. When I visited NYC a month ago even the most ghetto parts of Brooklyn were cleaner. It's hot and expensive too, and I don't think I'm on the same frequency with the new residents of the city.

One of my goals in moving here was to develop my sexuality and expose myself to relationship potential. The former has been developed in force, and all I have to show for the latter part of that goal was a fucked-up relationship of 3 years. But it was something I learned from, and showed me things I won't fall for again, which I guess met my goal albeit not in the fashion I would have liked.

But I've been bored with the gay scene lately. I'm feeling confident I no longer depend on it. But would I miss it if it wasn't there? Am I really independent from it? It's hard to tell, but I think I will keep my eyes open for other places to live once I get this graduate degree worked through. In a few years I may be overdue for a location change to see who I am in another place. Right now I'm very appreciative of the experience I'm getting from this job, which will be a resource that will make a future move a bit easier. But where to? Who knows, but it will be a new adventure.

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July 15, 2004


So like this morning during breakfast I chose to not ignore the latest Britney video on VH-1, and there was the scruffalicious and hazel-eyed Stephen Dorff playing her romantic interest. Together with Britney, they wrecked approximately 36 pieces of furniture in the video. Dorff was also the first in a long line of scruffy hotties in the Blade movie series, and he didn't play the typical shaved smoothie evil vampire either. He was actually a scruffy furry vampire, as some of them should be in order to satisfy the E.E.E.O (Evil Equal Employment Opportunity) Laws. In other scruffy actor news, Ben Affleck has a full beard now. GRRRRWooof!

Please support my rugby team and bid on this Rugby Jock's Game Worn Jersey on e-bay. That's Timmay in the photos. He's really that cute in real life.

The air conditioning is fixed at home, the evil Santorums at bay for now, so my mood has cooled. But apparently I am not alone in my rage. If everyday people are affected like this by the proposed politics from the fuckhead right, imagine working for one of these fuckheads? How twisted would your mind be? How many kinds of mind games would it take to convince yourself to to work for one of these fuckheads? What kind of rationalization does it take to continue to be a gay man who supports Bush, or even his fucked-up party? I only see total emotional wreckage in each case.

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July 14, 2004

herbie takes it up the ass

Yee-haw, you motherfuckers! FMA didn't even get past the Senate. Yeah, I know y'all were saying that, and I'm still mortified it got that far, but still. Its smiting is cause to celebrate.

And the pro-FMA press conference was scary enough to scare the pants off of middle America anyway, Dean Jones and Pat Boone being the biggest celebrities present. And the latter celeb wearing a tangerine sportcoat to the conference no less. My pet catfish had more style than that. Yes folks, that was a vision of the future without queers. Tangerine sportcoats. Just keep thinking about that.

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rose nylund -> ragnarok

Betty White as Rose Nylund Finally, at long last, I found a web site supporting my Rose Nylund / Ragnarok connection/conspiracy theories. The Golden Girls will ultimately release the Fenris wolf and bring about the destruction of this world as we know it.
the fenris wolf

the swedish chefThis conflicts directly with my former Wonder-Woman / Ragnarok theory, and I apologize to anyone who started a relgion based on that theory.

In either case, the Swedish Chef will be present at the end of the world to judge the culinary skills of the living and the dead.

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let's work

Union Station Metro
Wednesday, July, 14 2004 at 6 PM

Please join the Student Equal Rights Campaign and special guest Chrissy Gephardt at the US Capitol as we rally against the anti-gay Federal Marriage Amendment.

If the US Senate votes on the Amendment prior to the rally, this hopefully will become a victory rally! The US House is expected to vote before the next


This event is endorsed by or supported by speakers from: Chrissy Gephardt, US Rep. Nancy Pelosi's office, DC Councilmember Jim Graham, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the National Stonewall Democrats, the National Center for Transgender Equality, the DC Mayor's office, the Gay, Lesbian and Allies Senate Staffers, the Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance of DC, Virginia Delegate Adam Ebbin, dontamend.com, AVER and Maryland's NOW chapter.

To get more information visit: www.theserc.org.

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July 12, 2004

gwm seeks cac for ltr

Gay white male seeks temporary home with central air conditioning set to a continual 68 degrees for sleep and comfort. Home must have nice bed with firm, flat mattress, in a quiet neighborhood. No snoring, smoking or slobs. If you have non-human mammals, you must also own an operable and oft-used vacuum cleaner.

Our air conditioning fan died last night. When you turn on the AC, you can hear the cooling unit turn on, but the fan never kicks in, so it doesn't do much good. Despite my efforts to go to bed at a decent hour, it was thwarted by stickiness and hotness - not of my own but that of the temperature. I'm seriously wondering how I'm going to get through the day on about 4 hours of sleep. I can barely write.

This is the time of year that makes me really question living in DC. I cannot comprehend how anyone can live any further south than this. People should never have to sweat, only to shiver. This is the way of my people, and how it should be.

Had a nice time with Bob and Chrisafer on Thursday with the Dawg. He's got bigger pecs and arms these days! Let's hope his MFA studies don't get in the way of that. From MFA to FMA...I was cranky most of the weekend knowing that my equality was in question and on trial at the moment. Seething anger that I am being used as a tool for polical litmus testing. Barely-contained fury at those queers who work for the same people who would have them classified as second-class citizens. Jedi Jimbo doesn't like the idea of outing, but the Sith Lord in me is all for it. Again, lines have been clearly drawn...why can't they see they're on the wrong side?

Oh, more Bush loveliness...his administration seeks to delay (read: control again) the next presidential election for fear of terrorist attacks. This blatant cry wolf use of terror threats is really getting old. Remember when the Reichstag burned to the ground?

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July 9, 2004

jimbo's solution to the FMA

The big vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment could happen next week. To me itís not about the wedding, itís about the bennies and the legal rights. Have you ever helped friends with a wedding? Itís hell ñ and quite expensive to boot. My ceremony (Ha! If everÖ) will be short, sweet, with a big dance party afterwards and plenty of booze. And letís not forget the gift registryÖ

I digress. These are scary times for queers. And I donít care that people are saying this vote is not likely to passÖthe fact that it is up for a vote is scary enough, isnít it? But at least it has fired up discussion and awareness in this nation. But in this entry I want to talk about where us queers fucked upÖwhy I think this issue is up for a vote in the first place. Please READ rather than skim, or donít read it at all this time, please - especially before commenting.

Having just finished my Intercultural Communication class, I had my cultural radar scanners set on ëHighí last weekend when I was home in Wisconsin. In addition to spotting distinct Midwestern cultural indicators such as batterfried cheese curds and aggressive friendliness, I was also on the lookout for differences in political views and tolerance.

My middle brother had invited me and my oldest brother to a pool party. I sat around drinking beer and doing my best to adapt to this parallel cultural scene, but mostly watched and listened in prime wallflower fashion. The gathering consisted of the ëbeautiful peopleí of the LaCrosse area: successful, young, good looking Midwesterners, who represent the slice of the reality that exists between the east and west coasts. Topics of discussion mostly centered around coupling, divorcing, child rearing, singles life and scheduling the next beer drinking social event. Queers talk about similar things: tricking, breaking up, adoptee rearing, remodeling the home and scheduling the next cocktail hour.

But thatís where the similarities ended. After some thought I realized that while we all talk about the same issues, the lives of straight middle America and that of urban white queers are very different. We travel more, we spend more and we are exposed to more friction and mild hardships that these people never experience. The totality of our experiences are very different than that of the typical Midwest hetero couple. Not better, just very different.

We often get riled up and angry about the mean things conservatives and uptight religious leaders say about us. They say nasty things about us, we react and say mean things about them, ad nauseum. Both of us get ulcers and hemorrhoids about it all. The 5% on the left is screaming at the other 5% on the right, who screams back in response.

The 90% in the middle couldnít really give a shit. Our lives are not on their radar, and vice verse. Itís not an issue of malice with the majority of Americans, itís pure indifference and complete lack of awareness. Not excusable indifference, but it exists nonetheless. When they see a 5 second news blip on the nightly news about gay protests in San Francisco or New York, they have a momentary thought that ìThose queers are mad about something again,î and "Tee hee - two men getting married, isn't that cute?" and thatís the end of it. They think we want marriages, but miss the part about the rights they get with a union which they take for granted.

So what can we do about it? What can we do to get the rest of America to understand that weíd like binding contracts after marriage, the ability to visit a loved one in the hospital, and mutual life and health insurance coverage? I propose that while we listen to what the right is saying, just keep note of it, but spend our energies sharing our lives and the facts of what we really need to be equal in our pursuit of happiness and legal equality. The rest is all just screaming and a big politcal game for votes, until the next threat du jour. Spend your time sharing three to five talking points about what we are asking for with someone you know who does not live in the gay ghetto. Diplomatically share your life experience as a same-sex couple with your family, straight friends and coworkers. Itís a public relations and marketing plan, pure and simple. I know it may be very toe-the-line HRC in the approach, but I think itís the solution.

Somewhere our message is not getting to the rest of America, as they really have no idea and do not think very much about what kind of things we are asking for. Our message does not sell papers or television ad spots, so we have to do the marketing ourselves, person by person. Our community and their community must find a commonality, which is equal benefits for everyone.

Imagine and army of succinct gays and lesbians who are sharing their needs in a straightforward manner with their families and friends back home, instead of screaming and gnashing about another small but equally vocal opposition force. This requires that you be out and knowledgeable about the issues at hand, and that you deliver it with civility. Progress may be slow, but step-by-step I really believe we will get somewhere with this approach. Reason and truth will overcome illusion and fear in the end.

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July 8, 2004

hot bearded men with big guns

vanwoof.jpgAwww yeah...not only is the 3rd Blade movie coming out in December (Umm...can you say birthday party, anyone?) but one of the dudes teaming up with Wesley Snipes is a hot bearded ex-vampire played by Ryan Reynolds. Oh, he was in that Van Wilder movie! But now with the beard he's like ten times hotter. He may just bump off Sean William Scott off the top of my list for hot bearded young actors.

The face of the new 17th Street crowd (young, straight, overprivileged, dumb, rich, generally helpless) showed itself again last night when I went grocery shopping at the Soviet Safeway. As usual, many of the new folks need to have their cell phone conversations exclusively in the store. I lock my bike up to the bike rack outside, which is used for a variety of other things such as liesure furniture for the homeless panhandlers, and storage area for the street florist. Last night some yuppie scumbag tied his/her dog up to the bike rack. Not only is leaving your dog unattended asking for trouble in this town (pit bull treats anyone?) but lacing the leash THROUGH MY BRAKE CABLES and tying it to the bike rack is also pretty dumb. I unlaced the leash, removed my bike, petted the cute schnauzer, reattached the leash and went on my way. To Mr. Schnauzer Owner: you are dumb and your dog is smarter than you. In fact he said you were a dumbass when I untangled the leash from my bike.

Speaking of smart dogs and hot bearded men with big guns: Hot Diggity Dawg is in town! It'll be good to see his cute scruffy face and hear his hot understated voice again. Woofy, not quite adorkable...let's just say he's shy hot. Chrisafer and Bob are comin' along for dinner too. I've voted for International House of Husbands, but it may be packed tonight. We'll see.

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July 7, 2004

moving the death star

the death starDue to a recently completed museum project at work of student/faculty engineering artifacts to display, I seem to have become the owner of a solar-powered car stored in a very cramped lab warehouse. There were two solar cars, actually, and one just sort of ended up there annoying the other engineers with its bulk. When they needed space for their work, they call me to get it moved. This problem is getting rectified, but until then I get these desperate calls to move a very cumbersome and large solar-powered car. Last week before I left town, I moved it temporarily into a corner, and had to relocate it again today. But during the week I was gone, the aerospace engineers decided to build a small Death Star of some sort that's about 40' in diameter and very heavy. While it's not airborne yet, it does have wheels, and with some help I was able to move it out of the way so I could get the solar car put elsewhere. But it was no fun with the creaky back. Just so you know, they are building a small Death Star on campus where I work.

Today during lunch with Kia and Chrisafer, I continued to get their eyes rolling to the backs of their heads with my lusting for men of the dumb, ursine, and simian look. All I ask is lots of fur and barely enough brain function to support respiration and digestion. It led to the quote of the day, "If their knuckles ain't draggin', I ain't shaggin'."

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July 6, 2004

how can I explain...

Currently grooving to: Kris Kross, 'Jump'; The Prodigy remix of Jesus Jones' "Zeroes and Ones"
Wish I had a copy of: Outkast dance remix of 'Crazy Train' by Ozzy feat. Madonna

In case you were wondering: Anna Nicole Smith's star chart.

I got home all right into DC on Sunday, in first class all the way from Minneapolis no less due to a friend who I met at the airport. And thanks to the rain the hordes of tourists on the mall weren't so bad on the Metro. Due to the creaky back, at the Convention Center transfer station I was too slow on the opportunity to exit the car, and the doors closed on me. Then the train went into a dark place where I had to wait until it went back to it's Yellow Line circuit again. Hordes of conventioneers met me at the door, threatening to bar my exit yet again, but I took my luggage and plowed through them to escape and hop on the Green Line train. On the rest of the trip, I spotted a former Peace Corps Volunteer who was in my group in Kazakstan. I hadn't seen her in ages, so I gave her my card and hope to meet up soon.

That night I went to another groovealicious Taint down the street. A very cutely mod Beav was there, as was a very perky Chrisafer. Apparently I am banned from using metaphors, fyi. Ed finally came out of the shadows to say hi, and Chrisafer just missed him, so we went on a hunt to find him together and danced a bit. The music was great and very 1993 or so...everything from Souxie to some classic Erasure, and of course lots of stuff that never penetrated the Midwest while I was there in 1993, so it was like hearing it for the first time! It looks like the next Taint will be Sunday, August 1st. A picture of Ed, Chrisafer, Dan and moi from the evening.

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recent paper I wrote on blogging

Media Coverage Through Blogging and
The Internet in Asia and Europe/America
Comm482, Intercultural Communication
Section 0101, Summer Session I, 2004

This paper will explore how online Web journals, Web logs, or ìblogsî for short, are empowering a greater level of intercultural communication than print media, television or radio do, with the ability to communicate beliefs, values, behaviors and customs to a larger degree than other forms of media.

Media Coverage Through Blogging and
The Internet in Asia and Europe/America
Jim Bo
Comm482, Intercultural Communication
Section 0101, Summer Session I, 2004

This paper will explore how online Web journals, Web logs, or ìblogsî for short, are empowering a greater level of intercultural communication than print media, television or radio do, with the ability to communicate beliefs, values, behaviors and customs to a larger degree than other forms of media.

The creation of the printing press in the 1400ís allowed the flow of information to be freed from the restricted world of monasteries and libraries of the time into the broader hands of the literate public. This allowed a broader sharing of ideas and knowledge, which in turn enhanced intercultural communication ñ to a point.

Todayís global media coverage is an extension of this important discovery, making information flow even faster between cultures. The advancement of the Internet is part of this, and is being used as a tool by the media in tandem with print media, radio and television.

However, it is believed media bias exists between cultures, as evidenced by the differences in how the journalists of an Eastern culture report a story as opposed to how an American or European journalist would. Certain aspects of a story are not covered in the corporate media of either culture, either due to cultural bias or corporate interest. Even with Internet media coverage, the flow of information is still one-way, with the journalist directing the information to the reader.

One recent development of the Internet since the late 1990s is the growth of the online journal, also known as a Web log, or ìblogî for short. With a blog, almost anyone around the world can write in a low-cost, alternative media format about issues, culture, facts, commentary and feelings. Until recently, most blogs have been maintained by amateur writers for personal expression or to present their views on particular topics. While the journalistic integrity of most blogs are surely in question, an increasing number of blogs are being written by professional journalists and cover issues with valid support from reputable sources, setting the standard both for independent sites and sites associated with mainstream media. It is estimated that there are at least 750,000 blogs in the U.S., and the number of blogs on the Internet is growing (CQ Researcher, 2003).

Most Internet news media sources present information in a somewhat static format, adhering to a print media style. The source of the news is usually from the print version, the text simply converted to HTML for the online version. The press release, article or commentary is presented to the reader, occasionally with related news items available for browsing. In most cases there is only a one-way presentation of information and ideas from the journalist to the reader.

Blogs are more dynamic, often allowing comments to be made by the reader, which could be construed as the beginnings of real two-way communication. Blog authors can opt to allow comments or block them if she so chooses. Readers commenting on blogs can point out incorrect sources or facts, provide an alternate point of view, or expound upon their feelings about a particular subject. The blog author may also choose to publish incomplete thoughts, which may then be completed or complemented by the readers. At this point blogs become a collaborative experience where the line between author and reader becomes less distinct. This poses a problem where the writer may also have to serve as an editor, screening out offensive or poorly written commentary from untrained journalists. Yet such ìrawnessî is also what is appealing to blog readers (Madanmohan, 2003).

Due to the nature of the content management software that maintain weblogs, they can be updated faster than a static web page news item could. In such cases when the news changes hourly or even by the moment, a blogger (blog journalist) can quickly update their article to reflect the issueís current status. As in the case of static news items, bloggers can provide links to their sources, related information, and to other blogs sharing the same or different viewpoints (Madanmohan, 2003).

Most blogging services are offered for free, as in the case of Blogger.com, or as part of an existing Internet service like America On-Line. Individuals with access to their own servers can install blogging software for personal use, and corporations can use their own company server technology. As long as an Internet connection remains constant and the server is running smoothly, authors can update thier blogs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.(CQ Researcher, 2003).

Free from the restrictions of corporate bias, a blogger (Web journalist) can speak freely and share information with other cultures to an even greater degree than a media source could. The blogger is not bound by fear of losing advertising dollars or pressure from oppressive government policies. The implications of these more intimate applications of journalism grant an increased potential for more focused and personal dissemination of information (Madanmohan, 2003).

The Growth of The Blog
Blogs exsited in one form or another through the late 1990s during a time of promise heralded by the dot-com boom and eventual bust. Most blogs were used as personal diaries or for vanity purposes, having been created and maintained primarily by tech-savvy Internet users with some talent for writing. A few professional journalists were using blogging technologies at the time, but visitation to such sites were no greater than public consumption of print or television media sources.

The explosion of ìnew mediaî forms that gave birth to blogs wasnít fully realized until the terrorist attacks to the United States on September 11, 2001, at which point visitation to blogs that offered minute-by-minute coverage increased dramatically. The public wanted to see current information, photographs, and reactions to the information they had witnessed on standard news sources during the day. Due to their two-way comment options, visitors to blogs could also share their intimate feelings and viewpoints with the writers (Sullivan, 2002).

After September 11, topical blogs proliferated in Europe, America, the Middle East and in Asia. The focus of such blogs ranged from topics such as American patriotism, anti-Arab sentiment, anti-American sentiment, human rights violations in the east, to the real experiences of a gay Iraqi youth writing about his life during Americaís most recent invasion of his country. Some blogs offer a voice to those in countries where freedom of expression may be suppressed, as in the case of a female blogger from Iran or an internet technology specialist in China. Such blogs are currently under the threat of Internet censorship in countries where culture and expression are often suppressed (The Age, 2004).

The Great Firewall of China
Where the Great Wall of China once stood to protect the Asian empire from barbarian invasion, there now exists a great ìfirewallî maintained by the current Chinese government to protect its people from foreign ideas and influence. The protections range from monitoring of Internet usage, blocking certain websites (including the Washington Post) that are perceived as a threat, and preventing or impairing citizen use of blogging services such as Blogger.com (Smith, 2002).

The Website Isaacmao.com features a blog written by an internet technology specialist in China. He maintains several different blogs written in Chinese with some blogs translated to English. In entries from June 2004 ìIsaacî explains how he plays cat-and-mouse with Internet firewalls put up by his government to block blogging services and Internet surfing of religious and academic sites (Mao, 2004).

Freedom of expression isnít an issue exclusive to China. In the case of the tortures in the Abu Ghraib prison and the US shipment of military caskets from Iraq, corporate media sources initially avoided publishing the photos. The first sources of the digital images of torture and the stark reality of US casualties in Iraq were provided by the participants in both stories to independent Internet sites and blogs. In this case media bias was not controlled by the government or religious interests, but by the corporate entities that controlled the standard news sources. Bloggers had nothing to lose by publishing the information, whereas corporate sites could have lost vital advertising support from their sponsors. (Edwards, 2004).

In the media hysteria that followed September 11, there were incidents in the US of journalists, editorial cartoonists, comedians and even country music artists fired or boycotted in response to their criticism of government policies. Weblogs in the US, particulary ones written anonymously, were immune to such pressures.

Blog readership generally has a focused intent. Each reader is searching for a blog with a particular viewpoint or information on a specific subject. Through blogs, they are able to connect with others with similar interests. This fracturing of the readership often goes ignored by corporate news sites as they lose their audience to highly-specific weblogs (Schechter, 2003).

The Freedoms of Blogging
Blogging has allowed more journalistic freedoms to both the east and west than ever before. Information and cultural exchange has increased in depth and scope. Even the co-creator of Blogger.com, Evan Williams, was not aware of the implications his creation would have on news and society (Madanmohan, 2003).

For now, most blogging services are free or relatively inexpensive. In the case of monitored or censored networks and servers, western weblogging services offer their applications to those in the east for free and on secure, anonymous servers. This allows the bloggers in countries with restrictions on free speech a voice and the ability to share information between cultures (Smith, 2002).

While the media is still quite new, blogs offer a promise of enhanced democratization of information free from the constraints of corporate interest, or government and cultural controls. Its seductive two-way communication format is appealing to focused audiences both in the east and the west. Today a reader can find bloggers writing about topics so specific they often need not resort to typical media sources. Most bloggers in the east and west seem to write about similar topics, albeit in different languages. However, their viewpoints can easily be compared and contrasted with a simple Internet search. In this way weblogging and Internet news sources offer an enhanced opportunity for intercultural information exchange, and in the case of blogs, a new form of communication.


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Schechter, D. (Ed.). (2003). Media Wars: news at a time of terror. Landham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

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Sullivan, A. (2002, February 24). A Blogger Manifesto: why online journals are the future for journalism. The Sunday Times of London. Retrieved June 15, 2004, from http://www.andrewsullivan.com/culture.php?artnum=20020224

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July 4, 2004

'the bottoms'

Last night I was cleaning up some stuff to bring home to DC from my closet back home in Wisconsin. Is there any question these were from the storage bins of a gay liberal eco-freak?
proof I was a gay eco-freak

And here is photographic proof of the existence of batterfried cheese curds:greasy and salty

I got the batterfried cheese curds at the Minneapolis airport's A&W Root Beer Stand:mmm...cheese curds

And, as promised, proof that anglo Caucasians perform manual labor in middle America.

Whoa, John Kerry was a five minute drive from my mom's house in Holmen and I didn't even know it. He was shootin' clay pigeons at the Gunslick Trap Club. Sorry this bearcub reporter was sleeping on the job.

Speaking of sleeping, I've done much of it. And eating. My back feels better though. I think a fat deposit has formed around my spasming back muscle, numbing and relaxing it like the fat has relaxed and numbed the rest of my body. Both of my brothers are more ripped than me, and it causes this gay sibling no end of distress and frustration. It's just not right that the gay brother is the chunky one.

I did get to go out on the rail-to-trail biketrail through the local stretch of the Mississippi River bottomlands. Locally, they are known as 'The Bottoms'. No, it's not where the local branch of 'SportsBuds' or the 'FratBrosClubDC' on Yahoo gather. I managed to get some nice pics of prairie wildflowers, including goatsbeard, blazing star, wild mullein, butter 'n eggs and a shot of the Burlington Northern train that rides along the bike trail.

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July 2, 2004

I see white people

Despite mom's 1500 bps external modem (remember those?) connection boosted by the alpha test version of Windows 98, I do have occasional Internet connection. Yes, they do have the Internet in Wisconsin.

My flight went well yesterday, and I was pleased to see that they are now selling batterfried cheese curds at the Minneapolis Airport A&W Root Beer Stand. I took pictures of them, so stay tuned. I also took pictures of the caucasian blue collar workers. Yes, in some parts of the United States white people still perform manual labor.

It is Riverfest in LaCrosse, and I may go there with my brothers. The Mississippi and Delta Queen riverboats are in town too, which is kinda cool. Real paddleboats.

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July 1, 2004

O to tha mothafukkin N-J

I got through my paper for class, but it's certainly not my best work. Doing research at the library with a crooked back and trying to focus ideas on paper is challenging when cracked out on muscle relaxants and painkillers.

'KA-BLAM!' 'RAT-TAT-TAT...BRRRRRRT!' Every 15 minutes or so someone lets off a firecracker here in the 'hood. I wonder what percentage of those noises are from 9mm guns. Just like back in tha Independence Day I guess.

I'm off to Wisconsin tomorrow for the funeral and all that. The weather looks nice, and I'll try to take some pics. Y'all have a good 4th of July. I'll be back by Sunday, and took Monday off for Jimbo Time.

THIS JUST IN: Holee shit! Olivia Newton-John is on tour, and will be up in Baltimore November 19-21!!!! My spirits are lifted. I'll be there even if I have to crawl on my hands and knees up the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

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