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December 4, 2003

her visage

my'ra!Here's a pic of My'ra. I posted it for no other reason than that the photographer (Gurl) was able to perfectly capture her quintissential nature in this photo. My'ra plays in my D&D group. She likes to play fighters who kick lots of ass. She's also an accomplished Faghag.

I finally broke down and ordered a new PC yesterday...still accepting donations for just being jimbo now, but thanks to you all for the donations. Hey, I didn't get as much as expected but you can't beat a $128 rebate. I will post photos of it when it arrives, but it'll be a Dell OptiPlex GX270 Pentium 4, 2.80GHz, 512 Cache, Intel Gigabit NIC, 512 MB RAM, 333MHz, 64MB video card, 80GB Boot Hard Drive, MS XP Professional, with a CD DVD/RW whatever and all that. No, it's not a fabulous beautiful MAC (I DON'T want to hear about your Mac!), and no, it's not as good as your PC, but it'll play CivIII and allow me to blog.

Friendster still proves to be useful and interesting, even though it's still slow as shit. C'mon...if jimbo can buy a new PC, y'all can get a new server! Anyhow, it allowed me to figure out who that stunningly hot stud was who I was dancing with on Saturday. Nice guy...he even e-mailed me back! DC is a small town sometimes.

Also, some guy named Jim (not Mighty Jimbo) wanted to add me to his Friends list simply because he was collecting Jims for his friend list to be wierd. He was observant enough to somehow figure out (stalkers can be stalked too!) that I was the brother of one of his former coworkers in Portland, Oregon. Then it turns out my brother is on Friendster too! Very small freaky world.

Regarding yesterday's date...it's funny how your perspective is skewed in terms of digital vs. real when you first meet someone you initially met online. Like I was expecting this guy to be huskier and bigger than me, and it turns out he was like an inch shorter, and not all that husky (but still damn nice). I remember when I first started corresponding with my now-ex online, and he said he was furry, but his pics didn't make him look all that furry to me. Turns out he had InvisiFur™, which doesn't show up very well in photos. Most of the time, if I dig someone's pic, the real thing is usually better, like in the case of Bubba. And of course personality never comes though in a .jpg...you just can't beat the real thing when it comes to getting vibes.

Anyhow, off to a meeting. I get to sit next to Chrisafer at a work meeting! Ohmahgawd I get to sit next to the popular kids!!!

Posted by jimbo at December 4, 2003 9:49 AM


yup, i *do* have you on my blogroll...

Posted by: joe at December 4, 2003 1:58 PM

Thanks for showing me My'ra. Another African-American fantasy geek--and fag hag. Yay!

Posted by: Craig at December 4, 2003 4:00 PM

Funny, seeing the pics of your D&D group, and the truly lovely My'ra, brought back so many fond memeories of the years I spent working with my sister at her Games & Toy store in Middletown,CT. "Games & Stuff" While I only rarely indulged in gaming (I was always more of a hobbyist)I loved the gamers, they all had that certain look about them that told you right away they were special. :-) We were regular fixtures at the Arisia Conventions, in Boston, I tried hard to get together with the gaylaxians, but I wasn't cool enough. Good Luck with your new Machin. Sounds very nice. I couldn't make a donation to Paypal (we're in the ghetto too) but if you find it is unstable on the desk, let me know and I'll send you a copy of my partner's book to fill the space. The "jim" list is just weird. :-)

Posted by: Timothy at December 5, 2003 6:18 PM